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Fortnite Fortbyte #58 Location – Accessible By Using The Sad Trombone Emote north end Snobby Shores

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hello everybody I'm in the letter word Olsen in his Martin welcome back to the channel and welcome back to fortnight's and today we jumping in to find today's fault bike and if you see in this particular video then it means that basically my gaming laptop that I wanted to do like the live version of where you can actually see the fault by has failed me so the laptop doesn't really work as well as I'd hoped so we're not able to do that but if you want to find this fault bike it's very very simple tool okay so what you need to do is you need to make your way over here to the northern end and I don't know what in the world has happened here let's go what's going down here geez alright anyway I'm stuck on a little ledge so the fall bar is gonna be basically around about here so in front of this sort of turned over cargo carried type thing and what you're gonna want to do is you don't want to use the sad trombone and it even says it right there actually which is weird because I'm filming this like numerous days beforehand but it's already triggering the effect so you'll do the sad trombone and then the fault bite will unlock you can collect it and everything's groovy that's very interesting that the the fault by actually kicks in early mmm anyway thanks for watching if you did find this video helpful as always be sure to leave a like on it comment subscribe ring the bell use my support created code in the store and as always in the description there is a link to my playlist which has every single thought byte found so far and will continue to have them added all the way through season 9 have an awesome one and I will see you all tomorrow bye bye