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Fortnite $1,000,000 World Cup Qualifiers! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers $1,000,000 tournament gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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what's up everybody typical game here with your daily YouTube live streams and more in today for you we have the World Cup online open solo week 3 it is the semifinals today that if you qualify if you're in the top three thousand solos I believe you will move on to tomorrow's tournament which is the finals and in that tournament at least for the west coast service the top two players will go to the actual World Cup in New York so we're gonna try our best here to at least qualify but I want to do better than that I don't want just qualify well do really really well all right I haven't played as much for day as I want to this week but you know what I think the skills still in here it's still in here somewhere so we're gonna try our best here if you watch enjoy us do me a big fat favor and hit that like button especially if you want like watching competitive for night and if you are know render you enjoy what you see you be sure to hit that subscribe button as well we're starting here in 50 seconds 50 seconds I got a coffee er I haven't started drinking yet I'm scared if I drink it I might I might go off on them Chad do I do it Chad do I do it I'm doing it actually don't I like drink coffee may hate the taste that weird I actually don't I I got my coffee just straight black though nothing else in it I just want to taste the beans the coffee beans beans all right that's all I want to taste we're gonna be rockin Scarlett Johansson over here Black Widow may there'll be a new Marvel skin that comes out in an hour who knows I guess we'll see ten seconds till we start I haven't really finalized the plan for this week uh yeah I came to the sleek weak a little bit unprepared but I'm gonna do my best that's it that's it that's all that's all I can hope for so let's do it confirm yada yada yada let's go all we gotta do is play smart man that's it that's easy right gonna do is play smart use her bent head use your head use your freaking head man that's all we got to do and believe in ourselves it's a process it's a process black widow I'm drinking black coffee the definition of all black everything all right this is our time to shine ladies and gentlemen the Tri hearts are out the soccer skins are here you can see them in their natural habitat actually haven't I've seen one soccer skin there is look at oh yeah she's the shock just shoot him shit up he must be punished ah jeez getting body I hope I hope he actually doesn't get it like that all right it's a big big map with lots of things going down volcano by the splode maybe retails gonna be gone soon maybe tilts it's gonna be gone soon lots of stuff going down loot lake where will we drop today where will we drop today chat I think we're gonna go with good old classic spot I think that's what we're gonna do the goodwill El Clasico so let's go for the station spot here and let's see if we can get a ball I think that's how we're gonna roll we're a scavenger but if this trap doesn't end up working which you might not we'll probably just go with some other landing spots we've got a really good landing here and there is three balls so I'm gonna grab the balls and go alright so okay so no chests here which is a bummer but we need to go find loot now see there anyone go back somebody dicto factories there is a Chesser get some brick wall rat it alright we have an error not bad I did up my sensitivity and I haven't played with him much so I'm a little concerned about that but not too concerned oh my gosh aloma so bad llamas don't have like pumps in them you know I'm picking up all that guys look at my gear right now it's pretty funny mmm oh man he's taking chunks in on my ball that sucks I should have shot it on though let me see what I could see from here I'm picking away at him but I really don't want to take this fight I mean the biggest thing I can do is try to just nade it out there we go all right I was really hoping one person would have a shopkin here oh my gosh really bro I can't build to say my life really rip how does he take the wall I don't understand how does he take the wall when I'm holding it I did I don't get it so dumb so fricking dumb man why was there 10 people there – he took two of my walls like that I was holding both of the walls both of the times and he takes them that's frustrating look I was holding it I was literally looking at it that's wild I love dying – bugs like that or I don't know his ping was better I don't know what it was I wanted to launch but that's really unfortunate really really unfortunate it's great that he just took it like that it's okay I play all these games tomorrow I won't need every game so it really shouldn't be based on luck or ping right like how is that even in the game where that stuff is based off ping or sheer luck how you supposed to defend against that doesn't make sense to me but that's okay let's brush that off now he's not a hacker definitely not a hacker that's got a play friend game man me going in there to get the loot was good but me getting sniped by that guy randomly across the map that was super unfortunate I'm at the pop this big um like the reason why I don't want to pop bakes like that just cuz I can still get 150 by a heavy sniper riot weird I don't think I've ever seen a single chestnut spawner we're doing pretty good now what we don't have is I mean we can get the mats the metals gonna be a bit harder to get but that shouldn't be too too hard we have the AR we have the shotgun no mobility unfortunately this is chest up here how on earth do I hit my ramp from that angle I don't know I want you I can max I'm brick right here I don't think I'm going to there's somebody getting he got tax shotgunned over there inside lucky how serious mi is the question all right we have decent mats we don't have the best wood but it's gonna be a northeast kind of game here we can max out our brick here oh it's always worth to check these I mean I don't have any extra shield which is a big bummer and have to take out somebody mid game or something there is a chess here sweet and nobody comes to the spawn because like why would you man I'm really out of luck with these these chess pawns though I've opened quite a few and haven't been able to get anything crazy out of them I'm having some trouble with the scavenging strat so if I continue to have trouble here I'm gonna do like two three games with it I knew I saw minis here even if it's one it's three by the gods happy with that I might have to go for this drop oh just wanting to get out of here yes okay well I got a chance here quick little grab it Oh yeah we got a launch pad which is nice she knowed if I can get to those other houses that'd be nice these balls heaven no hell which is like you know I'm not against that change we gotta find this one out just want to max out my math so I think I should be able to max out metal here too once we get some W key lunatic you know some W key a lunatic so we should max out on wood and then again metal metal looks like somebody's already taking care of all that so 22 so I can build one more wall out of that there we go see my match looking fine now we don't even need to stay this is dangerous here we can go ahead and get all the metal here though should max us out on that soon it's all brick which I like him for 7 damage we don't have the ammo we want either but he does it again why would you even risk that bro I don't understand there are weird let's start beaming some people how what am I getting a pic that I could actually use nobody else beaming with me he's got a heavy sniper well one more person dying we get placement self I have a lot of damage done are you kidding me are you kidding me come on man the frickin floor was too small I still had a launch pad I still had my baller dude the floor was just too small for me in that place the pyramid instead of a ramp oh my gosh why did that happen come on it didn't even place the the floor above where I've wanted it to sucks man still got four points how does it really dumb move what's a million uh it wasn't a dumb move on my part I wanted to get the mats but I couldn't it didn't place two of my things that I wanted it to that sucks that really sucks man I'm not even hitting anything in his pic accent what is up with my game fun that's wild it's for ballers take a chest and left please give me shield come on on man be nice to me once I don't think anyone else landed here but please give me a shield please give me shield oh my gosh yes I love you riffs I really do might have to just kill people for it might be what it has to be yes Mini's please rather struggle to get up this I can't I can't get up all right let's move we're we're we're I don't think even landing your excellent it be nice to loot that well I should have done that oh great the hell out of here bro annoying I don't know what she's just told my freaking ball no more quads oh my gosh she left the ball with 22 yo thank you yeah I drop the heavy sniper tough choice but yo whoever gets the flu know what oh yeah literally a billion matter your mother trucker my thing is no I have to launch bozo oh my bro why you go for such an insane play [Applause] and people are going off over their own you got snapchat a minute well chill bro I want to get as much ballers as possible one see if I can get a free rotate here lots of people so like oh shoot I should have looked up I don't know I didn't look up nobody took it with me though I wished it a launchpad got sucks but oh well really let's go baby that's what I'm talking about right there cool calm and collected bro cool calm and collected let's get it let's freaking get it man first two games were weird that third for a third game I felt like I was in the zone man third game I felt like I was in the zone that's it that's all let's get it felt good man felt good away dub let's go can we get some GG's in chat yeah you guys already spamming it try to take my high ground bro get down sit your butt down oh oh hit him like Kilimanjaro oh god I'm like oh and I'm with every bo7 kill win bro let's say let's go back to back that's it man snapped first two games were throwaways now this is a real stuff no doubt somebody got 22 key points on the first game though 12 kill win not impossible we got one dude here two guys here there's both my ballers it's like we're landing factories ooh why didn't I go I've never failed that this way we got zone I think I've never found a shotgun off spawn I don't think lucky for me there's no music in this room anymore I'm gonna keep the gonna keep the impulses no shotgun if somebody comes up to me on the other impulse away I haven't seen any evidence of anyone there yeah trucks still there pallets are still there me I think this is clear I've only gotten a case can you guys like vouch for me what's up with my loot table Oh chat what is this look it's a shotgun we gotta watch above us here yep all a case and my my kid inkjet batch for me please Samara won again yeah eat and my loot has been the most terrible I've had to kill everybody together loot yeah like I don't even understand how am I lose this bad I'm landing at good spots to bless me with the relay are yes STIs agree I want to pull out my medal before I go brick I can fill that later we're not like super inside the zone but we're decent it's rough out here in these four night streets yes Samara knocked two people down to their deaths by our feature bill and and I had I found two riffs off spawn last game I'm gonna be honest Gabe my loop besides those two riffs has not been that good and then they had another rift so I just ripped it for no reason you guys know I'm excited when I'm telling some arrow about my games how they went oh I got actually are a green AR let's frickin go lads I need to turn on the cooler though cuz I'm burning up here was our water so I got some mobility now everything's coming out everything's coming coming up our way man I forgot this if there's a loot table in here we can just see where the zonas I mean we have one mini we haven't been that good on shields and we haven't been that good on my guns off the bat Oh what are you be doing go do it oh don't get on with that route you should have never come how'd I just mess it up oh shoot why are you doing this Brown well I just fell through my rib did you catch it I'm getting screwed over here wasting all my stuff for that fire think I must come out that much better either got a point though so guys do you remember if I'm my quad where's my quad go how's it really sweaty client how are you getting me through this you're being really annoying breath what are you kidding me she's gonna stank me come on I can't be stuck down here I'm pretty much screwed here guess I don't have mass I don't have health okay I don't have anything bro I don't have anything man come on how unfortunate was all that I'm actually glad he killed me there so I could just go onto the next game geez I hit into everything with my snowboard I hit into littlest corner if I kept going I would have made it so hot in here one point that's not worth it my quad disappeared is unfortunate I mean we're 23 points with six games left right with six games left we're literally 15 points off number one we're top 1% at the moment we're relaxed we're being a bit too crazy you know play every game like it's it's for the end now and I think I'll be good I'm 144th right now my Aboriginal limbs is 3 it's pretty good listen you focus up here ooh what is this the divine wrap don't forget to use code typical gamer in the item shop if you're gonna hop any of this code Miku isn't a thing samara come on honestly I feel like it's gonna give me a disadvantage yeah gonna fit that one up chat to all the new members Chris Clarke Kaden Franklin Samantha Durham Rob Conn danger wolf and jennice Dyer thank you all for become members welcome delete enjoy those emotes if you wanna join as well the link will be in description below first guy didn't need to fight you it made no sense why stick he stuck around that long like he saw that it was looted he saw the chests were popped like what's going on in your mind it doesn't make sense if he didn't find me we would have been good because then I would have quad it out right but unfortunately because he did want to engage you know it turned into a brawl and that turned into me losing a lot of Matt's my only form of healing was one Minnie throughout all the factories that's like ten chests I opened I found one one set of minis and oh I found a big pot in the house there I just want this ache acres to go away yeah we're at 23 points to qualify on on West I think it was like 35 points so we ain't doing bad I mean we're halfway through we're almost halfway through with 23 points so I would say that's actually really good we're a top 1% at the moment he's got to keep up this vibe you know kind of a scuff landing we got one person lower than us I could see one yeah one two people could have got anything for that us and you not play dumb I'm not gonna go down there you know what that might actually be exactly what the doctor ordered so we got one guy here oh shoot he's gonna have shield though and Matt's he's gonna not want to stay down there though anytime you should be coming out of there let them up quite a bit and 475 shield somebody has lain in factories somebody has looted this let me go strap here too someone's looking at my rotation pretty please tonight connect down out Roosevelt not here don't hit me here oh great my loose cuffs like absolutely scalp apparently my pattern that's become known or something I don't know a bunch of people landing here and doing what I usually do all right we're gonna have to go full scheduler mode I wish had the scavenger / 4 modern warfare I've been there alright so somebody's here on the bridge this child I patted that strategy okay there is nothing oh my goodness this is definitely the game with the worst loot I've had most guff blue bending machine please have a big pot please please please yeah definitely Moscow oh man oh man oh man but I saw the balloons from the other side and it wise our quad there let me start landing like an actual Pio I there there isn't a single chest here are you kidding me bro this is usually three chests not a single chest here that's ridiculous I actually can't I actually can't believe this luck luck is at an all-time low right now I'm a random dude running over here – where can I find Lou oh there's a frickin big pot in here I'm bringing that up real quick at least you have a pump you don't at least I do have a pump that's been built on not a doubt I camera I can never remember which one breaks is this the I know you know this movie Tibet ooh this hasn't been looted chat it's coming around Milhouse oh my gosh there's a big pot up here oh shoot okay where's that med kit give his Mehcad there we saving this down for quite a bit we need to I'm just gonna make our time make sure our timing is impeccable oh yes sir all right timing doesn't even have to be that impeccable anymore we'll hold this for now so I have to pop that at ten seconds right if I can't loot in peace I'm looting in the storm the zones on the other side of the map honestly we came out of that a new man we literally came out of that a new man I stayed in the zone for at least the majority to loot who does that oh my god sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do if you find a medkit and you got Lou better believe you better damn Luke I had God bro I'll be low later dog too far away from the storm too far away from the zone so missus in that campfire we're out hurt there okay I'm super secure now no launch past though but I mean this turn this was the game that I had the most Scout blue right so like we're coming out from an all right we're nap the Reese peels build stuff the baller alone could be enough to get the late-game there a wait-and-see man it's got a farm everything up doesn't look fully laden Mia was littered by like weirdly yes a lot of stone just gotta play smart 200 sound would be enough to work with somebody's attempting to get that drop I won't bother I don't know if that was bloomer me but I can't miss like that get in with the first couple shots for sure got how unforgiving this gun is holy smokes everybody's close to three points nobody wants to die let's just make a run target up nobody wants to cheer I know and you've seen some risky edits oh my gosh she swerved right the last second all right again we have no mobility so we're gonna have to play this is a safe I'm gonna wait for this guy to rotate here try to get a pic if I can't get him just gonna ball out what are you gonna do oh he's gonna riff there something yeah he's getting beamed out of his mind dude I'm gonna die the storm what am i doing oh my I just lost so much health I didn't realize how close the storm was that's not good silly yeah I got the kill I knew he's weak-kneed he'll up oh my gosh no way I just did all that I'm not gonna get a lot of kills here but I'd be a top 5 attain good I don't wanna come right I have two riffs oh my god oh how did it make no noise I swear you made almost no noise when you land there are you kidding me I heard him gliding and then I heard like the faintest noise of him landing I could have played that much safer but I got what I got eight points that game so worth it only one kill though yikes five matches remaining 31 points not bad like III I don't want to blame the game cuz I think I did hear it but it didn't sound like he was on my lair it sounded like he was at least one layer up but top five top fives good top five is good so we got five matches remaining with an hour and thirty left which is good so we are one percents though 31 points puts us at a nice top 70 yep top 70 let's go chat I'm ready I'm fired up I say Jenny steyr Shawn Trey Jones Colin age and beast King 360 thanks to all for becoming members welcome to lead enjoy those emotes if you want to join as well link in the description below concerning how rough that loot was you played it well under thank you just appreciate that I think we'll be played that really well based on our loot but we've only got one kill each game except for this one obviously we haven't got a game where we didn't get a kill so I'm happy about that nice little turnaround game agreed Lucas pin dragon thanks for become member dude shout out to all the new members enjoy those emotes if you wanna join as well link in description below yeah I had the mats too just I had the master just play cool I did I could have played low ground there fairly easily to low ground low ground might have been the play the high ground played with that many people left it honestly wouldn't even be worth it right plus you can get shot down so easily I I think I personally play that wrong at the end but it worked out bum-bum-bum bum-bum-bum bum-bum-bum i got top 5 there all I need to do for tomorrow's get top 5 and maybe like three kills a game if I get top 5 every game I win like I'll be in it Samaras dancing I wish you guys could see come on what do you call this dance move wait how's your video do it I thought you're saying number one that's called he's stuff make sure you guys go check out some areas vlog after this they're youtube.com slash Samara red way I got her something special yeah ye I'm sheep ah yeah you I'm a sheep yeah everybody tuning in I usually don't do that I want you to believe me okay I just want to find like a stack of six minis and not have to kill somebody for it that's the dream that'd be like sipping mai-tais on the beach you know I don't even know what a mai tai is but people say that what do you like pina colada dude can i aim please not one person went to the ballers now let's see if anybody went fax someone did it go fast all right we're gonna have to scavenge right there I don't know what I did to deserve it but my loot okay turn it up okay yeah I'm gonna try to take this fight and see what's up yo I need X off to come watch that Brown you know somebody's a little hurt no shield for you he had a gold pump how can I go up against people with this loop chat what hacks off that and say he said I watched it grow how did I state myself so he found all that good loot when no shields I feel his pain except I don't find the good loot I just find the no shield part all right I just have no mobility which you know I can't complain with my weapons I don't have a REM oh that's also wrong no erm oh no mobility decent weapons tool Tom look I got a piece of frozen John Jeremiah my loadout what's why I can't grab that Goering ammo crazy Spitzer comes off of that he'll leave me playing days gone tonight maybe would you guys watch it late at night my ball is an apex predator right now the only reason I did that is because anybody having a bush late-game becomes a huge problem like massive because they can get a free pump shot off on it that's no fun I'm sorry did I just hit you all for I hit them all for the bore damage I only have to aim higher yo if the board was him how much damage what I would have done there I think it would be dead honestly I'd like rocketed him okay can we just talk can we just talk bleep you look so fricking flow I missed it dying here would be very tragic yeah beatbox all frickin time you already know imagine be really gonna be busting oh that it Oh break out bro oh shoot wasted a mother oh shoot rose collapsing you kill oh we definitely killed him Safra and I also didn't know if he added so that dudes nutball friendly that's how supposed to work interesting well I think only one guy's rotating out here I have to go to the bathroom so bad I can't long ago right now who's this guy I hear a guy beaming from like over here but I don't see him I think he's at that Shack that shacks not in the zone there leave Leave leave dude my building just leave I don't want you to build oh he's right over there have Samara take over some air just ball around how does that pyramid go outside I like 100 million dollar tournament by the way not able to see anybody unfortunately he's in the zone you wouldn't move neither then we're gonna do now any mobility is gonna be the ball I'm saying like the World Cups in a 100 million dollar tournament this itself is a million dollar tournament somebody's on the quad long you can push why can't I my edits are so slow nowadays oh please don't shoot on my ball oh my gosh oh my chill bro kids are excited oh hey oh hey I got Emma oh wow man I really do want to get out of the ball and kill people but top ten is a placement right I got him Oh No Oh Connect dude go connect oh my gosh okay let's go mad sit sim that's all what's up with me keeping riffs when I win bro I want no riffs bro one risky one two wins is all I need possibilities okay I'm gonna hit ready I'm gonna go to the bathroom back can we get a yogi whoa at the current moment we are top 15 top 10 we might be top 10 let's keep it going man all I want is dubs sit dub city whoo all right that was a big game 17 points we have four more games to play one more games – oh the math doesn't work out no I definitely can't play them all I can play three number eleven nice I'm number eleven chat let's go number eleven baby happy that turned out the way it did man will be definitely qualified right I don't think there's a doubt that I qualified now no I went into this thinking I probably wouldn't do that well cuz I haven't played in a bit but bro either everyone's easing this division or I don't know it's just not worth it the W key people it's fun you have to waste one game I don't want to waste one again I'm gonna see like if I naturally lose a game that's fine I don't want to purposely push and try to lose a game to people other than me see you ballers that's a shame Oh see you guys later oh this guy's going real know what see see okay I'm gonna let them do their thing this kind of roof doesn't actually have anything one of them is gonna want to leave hugging in a pump I might be able to take both amount slurp would be great I guess shield I go I don't even need a pump I just want to can you pump there you go let's try this meet the pallets we're gonna have each other at a stalemate near them wants to die I'm sure and quite a bit didn't break his heel so he had 200 me he has to stay there he's hurt so am i Oh what should've fought this is in the metal cube yeah I've kind of screwed myself over here see that item or right leave come on bro oh shoot oh man I did place double ramps why she had 50 help I didn't know that I could have got like three edits on him but I messed them all up all right I got to play all these out I was silly of me man I tried to do a a ramp floor but I placed two ramp spikes and I knew I only had 20 mats so all right that's my only rush game I guess the rest got to be real slow real calm and collected right now with 46 points that's puts me at 18th place my limbs per game aren't that great but my placement per game is pretty good I have 30 placement points man yeah next game move on we're good I actually might not even have time to play these three games because if there are 25 minutes a pop if I win plus Q time that's about 30 minutes of pop I'll only be able to play two so I'm gonna do my best in these games I was really just scared of him hitting me with a one shot cuz I think you had a pump or he had a blue tack I don't nobody was smacking me I should have been more confident in myself in that fight let's be honest I'm far better at late game than early game or anything you waving a meter oh my gosh all right please don't stream snidely ox Pendragon and Brandon skully thank you both for becoming members welcome to leave enjoy those emotes if you want to join as one link will be in the description below beef pork tenderloin I'll read all the super chests in just a bit Jessica that was a very kind message thank you for that my landings have been scuffed there's two people lower than me man I'm not gonna get a ball again that's it gonna have to go facts and this guy's gonna beat me to it or is he have up here there's stickies this guy's gonna beat me there yeah I expel whoa chill goodness can you get out of here in a second I I don't get anything but a arse I don't know why I don't know what I did let's just say ours everything I've always looted and this game is just a arse oh that's cool you're gonna be gonna be dumb and make dumb pushes like that this guy definitely has a shotgun and that's the problem how does everybody take that whoo can somebody explain that how does he take my wall please anybody nice bro nice just taking my walls bro I don't even care how does he take them Chad I'm freaking serious bro like every single wall heat up ha like how is that skill at all so freakin dumb how every wall I'm holding with turbo build he takes is it cuz I have 40 ping I don't know maybe sad that this game you have to have full ping to actually operate was that the same guy from the lobby and I looked like it that's so disappointing like there's there's it's that's not skill based though was that Falconer Falconer must have zero paying dog like I probably I probably wouldn't have won that fight anyway but cuz I didn't have a pump but geez bro how is that fair like I'm just holding walls and I'm mayor falconer used to scroll down to build I don't know whatever it is this sucks I just like it's annoying to die like that and that's happened like three or four times in this tournament today like I'm not mad it's just disappointed you know alright well we got to play this two games out definitely getting a ball this time right this guy's a psychopath barely just you had to pump the whole time just pistol in people what's up I assume they both had no loot that's why I ran at him like that I made a really risky pet play by what I did I feel like nobody's here sure this way yeah I'm glad they made the bush translucent as well such a big upgrade to it it's like it's like an item you should always put on now if you find it before it is literally just a troll item okay so don't suppose an in soon I can't care that rather take three big butts oh she no no no no come on man don't do it don't do it don't do it botch man I got nothing on this ball now you got to go to the zone brother why you do that oh no no no please you don't want to do this shot my ball for everything a new bollard Oh yeah why is my character running like a grandma I want to attract attention yet oh shoot wait if you shoot me through there I've quit or night forever also be very impressed look I hope nobody took offense that because I was just trying to get some points I'm just trying to get I was trying to get out of storm surge bro alright soon that's all nasty to people over here pretty sure he's gonna make a cannon play here I always get a balloon oh yeah he's in the cannon better shoot bro she's cannon shoot it he's not gonna shoot he's gonna wait till the last second to shoot huh there yes yeah no damage mother just trying to get storm damage or um you guys know this dudes building out of his mind he's make frictional losing it I know I don't want to be here honestly just how's the bush you got that get that look going for it I really don't want to make enemies here but I hate these trees so much she died today stops devastating man there's a lot of damage have six boogie bombs as well let me turn off the cold once you have to chill here for a bit last two games got to be big you rose up to my base that'd be perfect a lot of damage 32 BrahMos down the beam you know I have no availability with sex but sighs that I get some okay oh shoot y'all are psychopaths talk about us sometimes it'd be like that y'all are great thanks for coming to my TED talk by the way scared the living daylights out of me I like nomads left oh my gosh I got 13 but I really got scuffed no no frickin no launch pads or anything ah well we have time for one more game so let's do it couldn't really use my buggy bombs unfortunately I kind of thrown the bookie bomb I guess I really needed the kill on the guy that had his back to me but I switched my shotgun too fast and I didn't even get a shot off but I just had one launch pad that would have been different 100% so much Matt Soyuz rotator literally used all my mats throughout it or if I got that kill I could have got his Matt's like I didn't even need the launch pad I just needed that one kill plus ice I smacked the guy at height 495 and then I slid down the hill by accident all right stuff to analyze and get better yeah a guy took the killed through those phoner all right so we already qualified for finals for sure I want to try to get top ten the top ten placement would be a really achievement for me so my uh my building abilities and my my aggro plays definitely need some more work I think that's just from being rusty but the IQ is there you know so I'm happy about that just one baller there you go I didn't grab that nobody's gonna go for it oh wow what a welcome surprise 90 not bad games apologizer so facts is not taken I can't hook on to anything apparently Launchpad is it this is the second Launchpad we picked up in there I'm actually impressed oh wait hold on there's two chests down here what is it mine again where is this creative mud imagine I want to create a man oh my gosh I chugged ugh I've no doubt I can win this last game I have two launch pads and a baller my wrist canards been cranking them 9 news can't make the stuff up you honestly can't make this stuff up p90 or chug-chug I haven't decided I don't know what trying to pick demon fighter seven five four hey God esteban gonzalez and days z chad you offers become members welcome to leat and enjoy those who knows if you wanna join as well link will be in the description below I guess the alarm or a rock it being the elusive bomber off he's chasing me didn't like that I shot his ball my whole Stratis play for late-game are you nice Swiss all my meds let's say we're the Nexus own pops is gonna be important and Lok you want to get more mints but I have a Mahler riffs launchpads should be good now I think the worst part is waiting wait for everyone to die out which house will act Road just leave it just drop it there's a dumb fight you're either gonna take a lot of damage we're all gonna take a lot of damage it's 50/50 at this point that's it leave it oh my gosh bro what is up with you like how annoying can you be drive to school fund that sleeve it come on it's a dumb play I did he's a lot of wood here let's drop it guys gonna try to go for this night somebody else anybody else want to be in this guy he literally has no shields nobody wants to be Mamba I put a wall can you go for the quick high ground playing a second I'm leaving the ball urbana main exit and I'll do it yeah next time I'm doing it I'm 15 points no come on I should just build whatever 59 is in bad place 10 fair uh I only got one kill man I should have gone lower I played way too high well you know what we tried we didn't do our best but we did really really good and with 59 points that puts us uh that puts is like top 15 so not bad let me restart the for night let's see where we are actually I know it will change but I know I had two launch pads I tried placing down a launch pad when I fell but I should have either placed it before or built and place it after good eye ground play I pumped him for so much but he pumped me something from so much from low ground which is so weird yeah we got two wins out of ten games not bad should definitely got lower quicker oh the problem was I was dealing with people landing on me that's the big problem let's check it out Avengers some reason it doesn't show us that's weird definitely had a lot of points though we were pretty close to a great performance there we just need to get more kills end game and honestly we just need to work on getting the end game it says right now that I have 53 points yeah my average illumise wasn't that great either my placement was pretty good though so we'll see when it updates I I think I'll probably end up top 50 or something maybe top 50 top 50 right now is 53 so I have 59 points oh well well we did really really good we qualified for tomorrow 100% how many points did you need to qualify here you guys rate this to qualify on any West you need you get to go to 3000 I'll be back guys so to qualify for any West you would need I'm gonna go with 30 points qualify for any 28 points apparently but we did really well we got like 15 we got 15 Samara good stuff why not good stuff yeah might win tomorrow though I want two games well my kills per game weren't that good I had two limbs per game average what Wow kind of violent Calva mika let her tell him thank you what tell him tell him we went over this we rehearse this but he's trying to get her to me outlook kept repeating her but alright jack well we killed it there we did really well people are in their last games 59 points butts is that 25th there you go 20 minutes somebody sent me a screenshot of this hey number one tomorrow guys but I don't know what what should I hold we're doing betters I don't know somebody screenshot whatever looks the best okay meeting this that there we go that's too bad though 25th place if we place 25th tomorrow I'll be a little mad at myself though oh oh it shows only two games the only two games I got over one kill I won the game that's nuts bye I need to work on that for sure my 1v ones need some work oh you know some people who like the same K even looks like he's got the same thing going on a Rangers Ranger done this in turn might end up beating me he's only two points away yeah you know what it's either you get it or you don't that's what it is right now anyway 25th place not bad tomorrow we're gonna come at is stronger if we place 25th tomorrow we get $500 but we're going for number one or number two because we need a qualify for the World Cup five all five for the World Cup own will lose it you vlog it I mean like if I get 25th it's possible I can get number one – right right like I just need a couple games to go my way and we'll be good Gucci Gucci oh man how about if I just got like if I got a win either say I got an extra ten points where would I be at if I got the win at the end there I would have been top five all right all nick marks holding the front over here he got three more points to me now I'm 26 just send me the 25th one who cares if I lost one rank all right that's gonna be for this one let me go ahead and read super Jets and stuff Daisy thank you favor become a member welcome to Lee enjoy those emotes wanna join as well like the description below shad to a bunch of people who dropped some super chats today kidding franklin tg4 life love your videos Thank You Man appreciate that big shout out to you James burns $25 best of luck I have to head to bed due to have worrying working the midnight shift but I'll catch you later you're the best thank you James big shout out to you man appreciate all your positive comments they really really helped out today so thank you guys Zachary took heavy thing for that heidi perez de brazza diego aloha thing for the con where's James Lane Zachary to talk i've galactic TV just want to say how much i will love your content noise cheers pc new video premiere been here since 2013 bro big shout-out to you man appreciate that your real one big country 6 637 void clip it Andrew Neil er I'm a huge fan love you to most my bday and even samara real ones keep up all the good world we will come back tomorrow Braun wish you a merry merry bday and mix them up happy birthday Ben happy early birthday I want to review a real a birthday Timon you gotta come back and chat Andrew you like Joseph thank you Tristan D belly mania Jason Buchi face snipers Samantha Durham great vibes Rob Cohn danger wolf AOS Adrian King Jack facesniper wooden will samara lightroom i have no idea you can have to ask Tamara she upload a vlog go check it out youtube.com slash summer everybody drop a like and watch it faze sniper destiny Hicks should I do a superhero or cactus themed classroom superhero superhero destiny No Limit crazy hive shout out to you they're just like tutorials out there Rubin shadow to you happy birthday dope you have the best birthday ever you got a TG Mouse padding glasses for his birthday Rubin that's awesome dude best birthday present ever shadow too you know hope you great one sounds like you are though Brandon rile shadow – thank you hard luck so far TG but I'm rooting for you see we came out on top guys came out on top we could have could have done better but honestly we weren't too far off from being in the top ten or anything so man yeah 69 points we'll just put his top five we were close we were close doing really well Emperor Cobra Chris Chapman swag gamer Connor only Shaq Lisa David some of your doing amazing sweet isn't that a another kim kardashian reference or is that the other one the older one what is that kim credit her mom so what's your mom say Kris Kris Jenner isn't the guy girl anyway TCB Tristen thank you for that Jessica Walters appreciate that just showin streamin was not disappointed by the win well played but watch it for two years now love the streams Jessica shout out to you and you tuned in had a real good time fairly because we got two doubles you really time for them game with Hernandez custom gaming zombie and tips on building a bigger stuff camp be consistent do what you love and have the quality there man all the best dude it's tough costume gaming thanks for that Hannah oh here's my free soup chat you got a son who Thank You Hannah ynw Denny love you screens can watch since GTA 5 months that's what's up yeah do you Denny check with the 5 and 2 platypus love you also you're awesome no jokes just love you stay awesome Thank You Chow qu big shout out to you brother and thank you for that just rust with the tens the high ground playing those two wins was awesome Andre you are the brain so much fire and I think that's a pepper spiciness I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow much love new TG elite ladies TG elite now and always jess shoutouts you always appreciate your positivity thank you so much for that yeah hopefully we kill it tomorrow cuz we did really well today so big shout out to you that's gonna be it for this one though I might stream again today so be on the lookout my dude days gone so uh no guarantees but stay tuned yeah this is really funny I can't wait for the finals tomorrow I want to go to world we're going to New York on Tuesday I wanna I want to already start booking a flight back so I can go to Worlds well we're gonna have to get through all these people to be numero uno it's gonna be hard but we can definitely do it and I believe in myself and tomorrow's gonna be a lot of fun so again if you watch to join us hit that like button subscribe for new and if you wanna cop some of that Firebirds head on over to typical dot store thanks for watching hope you have an awesome day and peace out