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First Yuumi Gameplay WORLD! All Mechanics, Combos REVEALED! – League of Legends

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First Yuumi Gameplay WORLD! All Abilities, Combos REVEALED! – League of Legends

hey guys what is up and welcome each and every one of you to a new League of Legends videos so today we're actually going to be going over a yumi game playing out some you mean gamer that came out off of a chinese of website or our chinese video where i'm assuming other content creators or something once through the chinese headquarters and played you me there and it's actually made a video for it similar to how I did it for Nico before you can see the icon for you me down here is obviously not the real icon I guess it's a contemporary icon which tells me that this was recorded at Riot Games but either way they have a bunch of gameplay so this is essentially the first gameplay in the world that came out of you mean that isn't like a trailer or something like that so we're gonna be going over this together checking it out seems some gameplay of uni you may see what she can do and how she plays and how she looks and everything and yeah let's get this party started guys if you know the video don't forget to hit that like button share with your friends all that good stuff but let's just get right into it so looks like they're out there obviously playing give me there obviously playing a you me support so let's see so they're also talking in what sounds to me like Mandarin right I obviously don't understand Mandarin my girlfriend is Mandarin so it sounds like it so you say you me went inside you start with his w first wait yes his WN is he has a w and a Q now I can't tell if that's because she actually has that ability hold on a second is that because okay yes is w here B also has a point Q so shot let's say she I think she like automatic gets her W level one and then you also get another ability level one so you get two abilities another one I kind of tell that's actually what it is or if that's what he just decided to do a riot because you can technically knock you know Auto lovely character if we really want to get her free ability if you really want it right so I'm not sure which one he did I between those two but either way he has W Q and E right now so as soon as he goes on top of the twitch he's there blocking out some stuff here because it's usually some developer stuff that they don't want to show so he goes on the W with the twitch and then he stays on him he gives him a bunch of extra resistances right and then he Q's he saw that you saw the cube following the mouse right which is really really cool that's actually pretty sweet he goes on the Kano with the W just chillin with the cane so we just did the TR to the twitch that's a lot of fun man that looks like a that almost looks like a super Opie version of her cons or each other they actually flashed healed and W the twitch came character display you mean nice nice nice nice so he's chillin he's walking and twitches invisible goes right on top of the vein the vein pops our ultimate as well the human goes inside gives twitch the extra damage and whatnot I think he missed his cue entirely because his cue wanna cool down he looked like he healed there as well but it look like he completely missed his cue he didn't get this cue off at all which is interesting how long is video so there's the cue you can see right now forget the cue you follow around with your mouse where ice washi fires it off and the sees mouth of his mouse the huge following the mouse which i think is kind of funny because it's almost similar to I mean the champion is a cat and she's following a mouse alright it's just the classic cat and mouse game which i think is actually pretty clever oh wait how did that not hit the vein wait wait let's watch our own time record alright is it me or does that look like it went literally right through the vein that's positive how did that not hit the fame it can he like choose who it hits can eat shoes to go through champions not that shouldn't be possible that doesn't make sense that should have hit the vein in my opinion unless there's something I'm not aware of where you can almost go through a Champions if you don't want to hit that to happen and you're aiming for a specific champion I doubt it for whatever cuz that looks like a one literally right through vein like there's the ultimate okay again he hit at least three charges or three like waves of it and it actually stairs in the person here which is cool as well so the one thing I kind of worried about this ultimate honestly based on how strong them is in AP ratios is Silas kind has a pillock style so that ultimately we really OPI oh look at that you're just constantly dumping between every single person he doesn't which the twisting up died so he obviously comes out because of that he takes our shot but luckily for him he's actually still okay the cue looks like a lot of fun though the cutest a lot of fun but he of mine shouldn't have that many actual damage abilities right I'm she has their passive which is like an enhanced auto attack the cue in the ultimate that's all for demonstrate okay coming in she's invisible on the couch that's actually like and it keeps going it whoever you use it from like her position it can keep changing right so it's not like a stone ultimate or something now where you use it and it stays there you use it and it keeps coming out of wherever a you me is so it doesn't stay in that specific location now Dana's going ham on this you me over here but the gala coming in the also coming out as well so that's actually okay that's a lot harder to dodge and I expect because I thought initially when they said the bill to me you know does it essentially what it like seven so no waves or something like that I thought it stays on that specific location I don't know that it keeps following wherever you're going as you me the fact that it does follow you is actually pretty big it's really really sure actually so I'm really worried about Silas using that ultimate that sounds if he could be pretty old because he actually builds ap right another question of course is like any other champion that kind of does this kind of things right like for instance a channel where twitch is admissible and she attaches herself to twitch is he is she also inadmissible as she I'm assuming she doesn't give away his position right because from our screen she doesn't look like she's invisible sure there's no excitons of her showing that she's invisible so either they see here and then they're wondering what the hell's going on and they're assuming it's with twitch or they don't see here which is the smarter option and that's how it should be so I'm kind of curious how it looks like from the enemy perspective oh oh that's clever which they are there's aq flowing around Oh almost at this rock oh it's pretty funny oh my gosh she looks she'll sec she's actually quite a lot of fun to play in team fights especially I will want to see like five defies that's a pretty bad ultimate I think he expect them to engage defied by the presidency the United the Q again the figure after this Q flies around for at least one second right it does extra damage and slows okay he's going on the galiyev because the gala was a little bit closer your deal and the Q which is good man he got double sister which is pretty sweet let's see so notice what he's maxing he's actually maxing his first which is the heal he put one extra point into W maybe by accident or something and then he's maxing Q I'm curious like how much how much of this is he actually doing they know how much how much of this damage and these kills how much of that is he actually contributing in terms of damage right cuz know it's hard to tell actually I'll be honest it so though the hard stuff skip through a little bit trying to see the teamfights no ash Marcia teamfights let's get through this of it he's chilling lots of way that's actually insane rain check look at that very quickly look at the range on this W pretty good range man that's like as big as recons range in Siam what it feels like so she has the massive up there coming out the least in either the Q but she's gonna be looking for any place she can though she's just dumping between all our allies throwing in some heels again don't forget whatever she said I'm on an ally with her W she does give him Thank You Indus she does give them extra like you know stats in Suffolk RI which is very important it makes them do a lot more damage and stuff to try and protect them she has her heal ready I won't see how much this heals not a decent amount not not a crazy man but enough oh he misses the cue okay yes the Ottoman though did that also an action of absolutely and we take ulis like that is so much stronger than I thought it would be I'll be honest with you look at that look at that thing oh my god ultimate I mean the damage isn't crazy cuz it means not really building any ap you know so JP Ashley that's actually decent amount maybe because the veins used heal or ever that was yes Altima gets ultimate he's doubly under the eye on the touch I think so she's invisible goes back in the gal gives me a little bit of a heel goes back in the twitch while the twitch is literally in the middle of their whole team's he comes out and he's dead right yeah he comes out and he's dead you never zalta min there he had his ultimate there could've been a format ultimate that could've been actually pretty game-changing so that kind of sucks that's gonna continue and go for it over here what else is there so they're fighting and they're just destroying them right now they're just straight up destroying them this which is just getting still strong I mean twitch is already so powerful as like a scaling kind of late game you know just one beat on champion if you have you mean just sitting on him and giving him extra stats like that that sounds pretty good one that sounds like it could be really hard to stop unless you have like a really good assassin or something oh oh oh oh oh keep going oh my god how many charges is the phenols meant fee like there was just it was just wouldn't stop the gallery flies in the ultimate even though I kept going it actually surprisingly didn't really do that much and that specific teamfight which is surprising actually I'm not gonna lie seemed like it was a good Altima that's why they say if I would just watch no stop oh she's going on the camille giving her actually damage it feels kind of scary to play this chairman sometimes because you go on a champion that's been the deep right like deep into the into the back lines at camille or Gallio and that you're a really squishy support it's so like you're pretty much in there with them even though you're technically aren't targetable right so it feels kind of scary because if they just happen to do boom instantly down without you being ready for it you pop out mini or WMC I'm assuming goes on cooldown so it's pretty scary stuff Ashley funny nice nice nice yeah it's fun an ex-fighter here let see what happens here okay on the milk also put Oh gets the loosen that's about it though again he's following Camila right so he doesn't have full control of the ultimen there cuz Camille is technically coming out of or kubera Camille this has to go on is surrender this is a play they have so this one is with misfortune sounds pretty good misfortune as well because you got misfortune with the W right you give her a bunch of extra stats in the ad and whatnots and then misfortune pops at ultimate boom misfortune ultimate plus you meal comin oh that sounds insane hello right there hey that sounds actually ridiculous with a lot of AoE damage coming in there essentially in the same art as well Anson's hughes ultimate is so fast if she fires are not just a tad sooner you'll force him to get snared which a misfortune ultimate is just gonna shred up melt them completely I want to see how her passive our attack goes off she used the trash name ECM Seattle so it's kind of hard to tell what it looks like right there right there that was that I think that was it right there it looks like right and it goes a cool no no way not yet yeah I was Carnot's how hard to tell it looks very similar to her regular attack animation and whatnot yeah there it is I think that actually might have hit yeah it did hit it did hit the Fuhrer actually she got snared from that as ultimate actually looks insane like Cersei it looks incredible only because it follows I don't know it follows initially I assumed it didn't my god it looks so good the key also looks really really good and it looks really really fun actually at some biggest part it looks super fun to use but feel like the funnest part of the shipment by far is it gonna be just using the W to just keep going between all your allies and teamfights I think that's gonna be the funnest part for sure also know what they're saying so if anyone understands Mandarin by all means translations I see the final two point something they just they just skip the final teamfight nice they skip the final teamfight wine what I won't see the final teamfight see what happens but I guess we're not going to see it that kind of sucks oh I'm lucky I got something back to the first gameplay very quickly just for a final teamfight I know end the video here alright the final team fight Nico goes in on top of the Camille standing there giving her she D goes back to the gallery populated swish-swish concessionaire downs as well and then at which props is ultimate and chest popping off flashes into the whole team but he knows with me go he is safe the decent kicks them out but it's not gonna be enough because the Leeson is already long as he's on the retreat which is falling for the flank and please sit actually flashes over the wall where the switch was invisible and twitch finishes him off as well too so yeah I don't know man some pretty cool stuff you can do with this champion huh this is actually the first gameplay in the world that came out actually showing off this champion as well so yeah I don't know you what do you guys think let me know down below in the comment section if you enjoyed the video don't forget to hit that like button but thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you tomorrow evening where I will upload my own gameplay of you but until then guys have a great day thanks for watching