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Firestorm Gameplay and Impressions Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V Firestorm Gameplay and Impressions. Battle Royale makes its first appearance in a Battlefield game. What are the mechanics, is it any good, and does it have legs? Let’s take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

hello guys and welcome to Firestone gameplay and first impressions so what you're seeing here today is gameplay and highlights from a recent capture event that I went to in Stockholm a couple weeks back and I want to say that I've got to play for around two hours and we did solos and squads and what you're seeing here is my first solo win in firestorm dropping into the game here and what we're gonna be doing in this video is just going through some cool moments and I'll be explaining some of the gameplay mechanics and impressions really just what I think about the game so I've dropped in here and as you can see the map is just absolutely gorgeous and one of my biggest takeaways from playing firestorm just for this limited time was that it was so nice as a bf5 player to be able to play in a new environment a new location be surprised find little coves where loot is hidden away new firing angles positions and just get lost in this big beautiful environment now what you saw there was me applying a armor plate to my list and I'll explain the armor plate system a little later on in the video and you also saw me finding a artillery barrage back there when I climbed up the ladder so there are lots of callings in this as you can see you can just fire off the artery barrage there I didn't expect to get a kill with this but I just wanted to see you know what kind of damage does an artillery barrage do in a frostbite engine battle rail game it just destroys everything around it the radius is quite large on it to almost kill myself here didn't get the kill on the enemy though but we'll see what is next vehicles big part of Firestone armored vehicles – this was one of those butt clenching moments where I saw stag pound and I've got no anti-tank at this moment in time so I had nothing to deal with that guy so best course of action was just to hide and here this is a vehicle break out so at certain locations on the map you can find these and within that bunker is a vehicle but it takes bloody ages to open the thing up so it's a risk/reward thing where it makes a lot of noise so if anyone is nearby they will hear that but if you get it open there's your reward and I think that can be a tank down there too it's just I count there's some fuel the vehicles have fuel in this game and you've got to keep them topped up otherwise you're gonna run out of juice and you won't be able to drive them you can find a safe in these breakouts – in the corner there might have awesome loot in it unfortunately it doesn't fit so what I've got to do is get out and open the other side don't really want to do that to be honest with you because it was probably players around but if I want to get the vehicle out then we just have to so there I go on the other side opening up door number two and I think I get attacked here yeah got stuck a little bit on the wheel there almost died but we managed to get in the stack and just sit back recuperate and then we break out can't see the guy immediately he's around somewhere because I get a Panzerfaust in my ass nasty I'm gonna make a run for it now some of the vehicles in fire still work differently than they do in the base game and what I mean by that is that certain tanks for example or squad based vehicles so the driver can only drive and if you want a fire you need a squad mate in there on the cannon or on the machine gun a bit of a bounce idea there and here I'm refueling because I picked up that Jerry can take ages to refuel but obviously that's quite important we're getting towards endgame here supply job came in have a look nice shotgun so the weapons in this game are different rarities if you find a pink or a gold then it's gonna be better SPECT out you can get bigger backpacks you can get level three chest rigs which allow you to apply more armor plates to your body so that's the loot system that they've gone for in this game there aren't any attachments for the weapon it's rather the rarity of the thing that you find on the ground and you may have noticed that the base health is 150 in firestorm and every armor plate that you get adds 50 health so there's no damage mitigation it's just adding health to your body so I managed to find a v1 in one of those supply drops and the v1 is the rarest item in the game at the moment and you can hear it coming and has expected it's gonna make a big boom so I picked up the kill on the infantry guy there and it's just me versus a tank not something that I've done in a battle rail game before I have to admit and the only anti-tank I've got really is this the a tigran aid pistol start shooting at me you see the flames encroaching here get a hit on the guy there quick reload and that's it disabled so got a chance and I called in a vehicle just in case but the dude jumps out and we got the victory there it is that was my first ever win in firestorm only three kills but I mean it felt good it was exciting got my heart pumping at the end there I think the outro bit could do with a bit of gravitas but yeah there it is now we're playing a squad game here I was playing with study and Adam and Tommy from the two hungry gamers and I've got the swim bargain here it's an amphibious transport vehicle with a machine gun on it very fun picked up Tommy they're my squad mate and this is right at the start of the game so we don't really have any loot but I thought for a laugh you know getting the schwimmwagen see if we can attack these dudes on the bridge here this is a real thing actually built this it's very cool but we get up on the bridge and I found a vehicle calling and it turned out it was another rare thing this time a stump Teager and we decided you know can you get crushed by it the answer is yes you can get crushed by vehicles but a myth-busting there I don't know why I called it in on the bridge just just roll-off I think but yeah stunty get basically fires a bathtub you'll get many rounds with it though but this one you could actually fire as the driver you can find vehicle ammo too though to replenish it I mean it's it's tricky to get that thing out but here we are running away from the storm and the firestorm is horrific in this game when you're in it you just don't want to be there you actually set on fire and this is really cool animation as you can see him flaming away there some madman's here on a tractor there's gonna be so many memes created with this thing it's a one Caesar unfortunately but you can ride on it like you can in vehicles in the base game have you ever seen a tank and a track to go to war together well yeah you have now I suppose but we started to engage another squad here so much fun man like one thing to take away from firestorm is that there were probably more only in battlefield moments in this than there are in the base bf5 games it's just fun you've just got this massive map a huge sandbox to play in tanks helicopters which we'll see later vehicles dropping in the ones exploding I mean this is your typical firefight and all like this of course it's not always this chaotic most of the time it's just guns but because of the vehicles thrown in there and all the different lutes you just get these beautiful only in bf moments that a great fun I think I started to get hit here quite a bit terney squad had quite enough of this don't figure now Steve it's a lot of anti-tank in the game I don't think tanks are gonna be a problem really but unfortunately at the moment in certain vehicles like the Sturm Teague if you get blown up it doesn't knock you out it just instantly kills you so you don't have a chance to be revived so I'm hoping that they update that I'm pretty sure that they will now one thing that you may have noticed is that the map is big but when the round starts the firestorm is already in a random location so one round will not use the entire map as you can see I'm bringing up there to demonstrate and I think this is for pacing reasons this is only a 64 player battle royale will they try more in the few maybe but now it's 64 solos and squads at launch and they're going to add duo's I think in April they said but when you start the game you're forced to jump within the allocated play space and to be honest with you from the amount of rounds that I played I liked it the average round time I think was around like 18 to 22 minutes and I didn't really notice any downtime or lulls in the early game or mid game it always felt like there was something going on like a squad fight or you could hear someone opening a breakout or capturing an objective and you'll see that soon the down player there may have noticed yet his knife out you can also shoot one magazine of your secondary whatever it is while you're downed so you can't defend yourself a bit and we'll talk about that a bit later on it's how the loot looks in the game I think it needs some refinement it kind of pops out the players when these big 3d boxes and they look nice but they're not great for usability I think this is a case of art design overruling fun and gameplay design it would have been fine if it was just a box on the ground like they're doing apex where you get a 2d list of all their items but this is how they're doing the loot in this game inventories on the right of the screen there again a little bit clunky I think it's gonna take some getting used to but after a few rounds we started to understand it a bit more there's a pink system in the game not as elaborate as apex and you can drop ammunition you can split ammunition and you've got a total pool of ammunition to which some people like some people don't like you can see splitting the ammo there and this is one of the objectives that's appeared and these are located all around the map every now and again a new objective will come up and if you capture it by doing this you know just as you do in conquest then an airdrop will be called in and in the airdrop you've got loops you see this is one it starts to get a bit messy right with all the 3d boxes everywhere but criterion and dice who are working on this game they were taking our feedback on board so I expect that they will be plenty of updates and improvements to the game got a little squad right here with the guys in the bond that's the last kill unfortunately there was another dude I think from a different squad firing at us down there no new weapons in this game as far as I could tell yet all of the weapons were from the base bf5 game which I was kind of disappointed by I suppose I was expecting to see some new weapons but maybe that will come down the line enemy tank they're shooting at me and really yeah I've got a back away from that run back to my squad bandages you can heal yourself here takes a little while to get back up to full of course you've got all your normal grenades – nice sniper rifle here didn't have a long-range scope right though and I didn't get to use it unfortunately because the tank decided to rock up on us but we made the call you know let's try and take this this dude out I think there's a full squad in there a nice shot there with the Panzerfaust on the side and then the tank decides to just crash through the building mines on it squad bailout and I go down bleeding out now if you watch what happens here so I've got a liberator as a secondary how many shots you get before you reload on that one and the enemy just cross towards me hearing starts melee me to death I think that's going to be more annoying than anything because it's gonna mean that when you're down and there's another down player next to you you're more than likely just gonna get thirsted straight away or you're thirsty other person and there's no respawn mechanic in this game like there is an apex and that's a really nice feature of Br so I think people will miss that but this is more of a hardcore PR game I suppose than apexis helicopter here the flat now poor you won't believe guys it is so much fun to have a helicopter in bf5 you don't understand how much you've missed transport helicopters until you play this and you're like damn they just create so many cool battlefield opportunities and their transport vehicles in this game look how awesome that thing looks of course it's a four-seater sue look at it it's gorgeous isn't it beautiful is no guns on it but you can sit on the side and you can sit in the back and use whatever you want really you could be empty tank and infantry you're a good shot it's gonna be difficult use this to get around the map just taking in the scenery here flying towards the new zone and here I think there's a roadkill squash whoever that was had a really bad day sports car look at this what is that I think that's the fastest ground vehicle oh so if you won't get for me to be fast that's what you want nice and red those are you gonna stand out like a sore thumb maybe you just want attention [Applause] this snowy area – it looks great kind of different biomes if you move around the level I think there was an enemy helicopter over there but more than one at a time can be up in the air couldn't really get a shot but there's potential here isn't there for shooting helicopters out of the sky using dynamite all sorts of stuff those bf moments that you can't do in the base game really you could have that here big explosion they're not sure what that was didn't get to see but we found ourself in a squad fight here and this is tank – it's gonna get spicy and you guys know how I feel about VR on frostbite it's something that I've wanted since pop G first came around and I was hooked on that game and it doesn't seem to me that this is just a pop G clone and I think the introduction of the vehicles is an interesting aspect having played it I think I've changed my mind on it what will the meta be will it be a problem well we'll have to say Dunaway attempted to kill that guy with a shotgun first rather than switching to my own one but you all make mistakes don't we got the finish there and all the loop peeps out of him there are a few noticeable areas on the map that's one criticism that I have of the map though that it doesn't really feel like an arena so to speak and what do I mean by that well if you think of other battle rail games like hub G for Knights apex in pub gee you've got really iconic areas right like you've got the chinky you've got Georgie you've got the big bridges in fortnight's you've got areas like tilted towers or retail road the new volcano area that's popped up with the pirate ships and while this graphically looks incredible I didn't really get those individual iconic area vibes from the couple hours I spent playing the game but maybe that's just because I've only played it for a little while and it's gonna take a bit to experience everything and for the memories to start forming from the gameplay and this is another game where we dropped at the docks area I'd say it's one of the more interesting parts of the map from what I got to see an experience so far down the guard but then start getting shot up and just another note on the armor that I wanted to mention so you get different tiers of vests one two and three now they will allow you to put so many armor plates in and you can find armor plates dotted around the level and if you kill someone and they've got armor plates on them that they haven't used you can pick those up and use them of course you can but if they haven't got any unused armor plates on them when you kill them there's no way for you to get that armor back so it would be cool if that was an option rather than just banking on do they have unused armor plates maybe if you kill someone then there will always be at least one or half of one armor plate so you're not always in this constant war of attrition with other players because you want to incentivize people to fight right you don't want a situation where everyone is avoiding firefights because they know that they might lose all their armor with no way of getting it back so I think that's something that the devs need to look at right wrapping things up Easter Egg time there are a couple of things here there are for sure related to Easter eggs and appear on the map with this something now there's no story of firestorm so to speak it doesn't explain to you at face value why paratroopers are dropping into an island and why there's a ring of fire and everyone is killing each other but apparently the story of firestorm and this environment and what's going on here and this soulless thing is here if you want to find out about it and this weird soulless thing in the Ring of Fire this is definitely something I bet that there are multiple versions of these scattered across the level and you've got to activate them somehow and it reveals some thing I don't know what an easter egg information there's an air of mystery and pseudoscience here it's cool I like the vibe that they're going for with this stuff it feels very phantom program and I know for a fact that there's gonna be some mad easter egg stuff in firestorm and I'm really excited to get stuck into it all in the lobby area there's something going on and there are a couple of doors that look like they might open and also these cans which are scattered around the lobby area and they're definitely there for a reason because some of them are hidden in alcoves and behind boxes on shelves I'm thinking that if you hit them or shoot them in a certain order then that's going to either do something in the lobby area or an able the next step or something when you drop into the game so I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this stuff and uncovering what the story is here because it feels a bit freaky at times and I just love the vibe wrapping things up guys I think I've explained most of the stuff that firestorm asked to offer there it's gonna have looking for group matchmaking so if y'all have any friends you could squad up I don't know if it's got a reconnect feature if you crash or whatever reason I don't think it has that at the moment will it in the future I don't know the spectator mode when you're dead I can't view your teammates in first-person kind of annoying I think there is a spectator mode for the game too so if you just wanted to watch a match or film some cinematics you could do that maybe potential for eSports competitive there if they add RSP in the future if you already own ba5 it's free it's just going to be updated and added to the game as a permanent addition that's great but on the flip side we all know this should be a standalone it should be free-to-play and really it's gonna live or die on how regularly it gets updated is this gonna be a game mode The Criterion and dice actually commit some devs and time to and keep it regularly updated with changes to the map new maps new content vehicles weapons a battle pass of some sort I don't know we haven't heard anything about that stuff so it does feel a bit like they're just gonna leave it as it is and I think that's totally the wrong call because they could have something really special on their hands here but it could be and I'm just hypothetically speaking here the dice are working on their own standalone battlefield battle royale game and this was a bit of a testbed for that to see does it work how does it feel but I just hope that they don't just leave this as it is and they are committed to it because it's so cool to play battle rail in bf5 on the Frostbite engine it's something different and as I said in the previous video on firestorm I hope that they do some kind of firestorm edition of the game it's a lot cheaper or offer free weekends to get people playing this it's not to everyone's taste of course there are some battlefield players who just don't enjoy battle royale and that's absolutely fine but I say why not both I mean I love battlefield I love conquest everything that the game has to offer but at the same time I'm a fan of these new emerging genres and I think that firestorm is a good fit for the frostbite engine and I definitely had fun here but I just hope that the update cadence is good on it and there are a few gameplay things that I don't agree with but it's just subjective and the loot system definitely needs improving because it's just a bit clunky at the moment the inventory in general take a bit of getting used to I'm sure that we're going to get updates on that though but there it is this will be available on the 25th of March to all their 5 players so try it out see what you think and based on what you've seen and heard today let me know your thoughts down in the comments below are you more interested or less interested in firestorm now that you know more about it and you've seen some gameplay and details and of course there are plenty of other content creators who went to that capture event so don't just take my impression of it me personally I think it's gonna be hot for a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into it when I can play it on my own PC as I said I just hope that it gets updated more often than not and that's all for today folks if you enjoyed the video give me a like if you didn't dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one