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FIND The MURDERER Before He KILLS YOU! (Fortnite Murder Mystery)

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murder mystery in fortnight there's only one murderer he's got a sniper and a heavy shotgun the murderer has to kill everybody but there's also a detective the detective has a handgun and a tactical shotgun the detectives goal is to only kill the murderer and then there's innocent people huh so sad their job is to not get killed pretty much now before we start please use coat jelly in the fortnight items store ok fortnight is reset my account I've got 12 supporters ah please use Co jelly I need to water my plants but I don't have any water alright and if you enjoyed this video leave a like at 50,000 likes I'll upload another murder mystery video let's get started public up saga man so what is the murderer right there I am proper scared right now but guys exactly exactly so we're gonna be fine but we don't know who the detective is but what if one of us is the murderer oh no it's not me ok it's not me I am an innocent human Tory yes 3 to say together I want to spread out what if what if he does and then kills 3 par 3 ah Josh don't you think that's something the murderer would say well through all three know what at what Jordy what Jordy said I'm always playing just to play this both with us there was a shot there's a joint the murderer is killed somebody can well now I know it's not one of you guys that's the detective the duck down here detective detective can keep us safe please tell us did you see the murder you need to start interview people he can't talk but he can do a masculine I'm crouching I can prove the I'm innocent I'm innocent – give me a polite okay oh wait he accidentally gives me the gun I asked for a bullet made I don't want no God I'm a human being Wow the shot came from this way how do we know that this is not the murderer hey just do it just take him out take him out detective ask questions the same cool dad if you're not a murder he's not a murder see murders wouldn't do this sense I have a responsibility after the tech 15 investigate guys all right you you have the gun oh he just killed somebody really guys everyone here take the bullets cuz we now know take the bullets do my best Oh who's this guy this guy he investigate him he's coming up real close ask him for your bullets Josh give me your best emote whoa the murder is in a house in the house are you sure you can't stay away we need them emos everybody can do the default mode of course no say it because then they could everybody this one okay only we know the murderer doesn't know this emote all right so what we do if we storm the house and then when I say do the mo whoever's not doing it they must be the murderer that's true let's go in let's do it three go hopefully nobody gets shot Josh that guy who was in front of the house was really suspicious okay okay cake guys guys come over here to the back wall everyone line up on the back wall on the back wall why to everyone prepare your emotes yeah somebody just come back I see him are you sure I see it keep an eye on the door we know when somebody will come in so Josh you can just go out and kill him it's that easy right now we've got the dwell in the windows I'm really trying but Josh you're the detective with the gun you have to protect us you have to go out and be our hero hang on a sec guys did that person just run in the house hey no you I didn't I wasn't looking you do this the special dance no one else do it do the special dice okay he's safe he's safe but what did the murderer is walking now with the sniper job oh my oh my god somebody just died you're a terrible detective go out there and be a hero I'm a detective not like a special ops like soldier if you have a gun do you not think defense yes me don't leave that house idiot I'm not going to go outside what if I lose the gun outside and no one can I'll get it after you or I will I mean it depends on who's there first what if we have a special task force no come back come back inside come back inside we do a special talk force of media and Jordan yet he won't know who is who good idea good idea Billy get over here Julie I am here front door okay wait ready no I'm kidding this is me that was Geordi Joshua dies now oh my goodness come on Josh where is he oh my god this is him I started but he didn't die this murder is so good but he just died he's dead guys we lost I mean we're dead but yeah we did it okay not me okay I'm a human being I am at the guy in red clapping code code by the way that is not how it works and there is a detective here I just saw a guy he did just try and murder someone ever stare him I'm so confused wait Jilly yeah I don't know is how doodie really wants us to think that that guy's the murderer judge your honor is trying to point me out okay well it's it's one of you two I'm pretty sure about that now okay Geordi now prove it here it I'm throwing Geordi the detective is right here detective – your time detective almost just shot someone attentive is out his shoe in anyone well I'm not a murderer whatever happens they try to murder someone with a pickaxe by the way maybe that was Geordi wasn't about it yet think about it that would be billion IQ is this Geordi no that's not me how do we know imagine if you could pull off a billion I keep moving I actually think that the murderer is somewhere hiding in the bushes looking at the crowd of people and is literally aiming oh I just knew that was going to happen to kill him come on detective I saw him do your detective work the extra kick dancing in front of him I saw him with the sniper detective but how do we know you said he's dancing and you're dancing James running away only way that it tastes is gonna figure someone out if they start killing people anyway they just have to give up their license yeah pretty much detective just do your job alright don't do it can we be a little bit suspicious of people running out bushes really what's everybody's but whenever Jordi's in the crowd no murders are happening have you realized that shorty I think clearly murderer but I don't know who he is inside it's this guy no that's not true this is the murderer there's no way no he is still alive this is the murderer this guy right here you guys are idiots I'm dead believe oh wait it was so dear me wait what it just happened a gag leave the worst detective right now who is not the detective do your job already maddie is on a kill spree lying I'm pretty sure it's crumble Cobb he's pretending like I said I'm dead okay I'm spectating Lily that's like the Newbery right now detective – your job come on detective be honest detective you need to do some work otherwise because I want to become the detective you'd you're not doing anything you already been the detective okay jellies don't want to be the detect cuz no one is being figured out here wait how did he drop be silent anymore cuz I'm dead or is this guy gonna be see I want to see this murderer get caught murder corty where are you tell us no he's so lying he's such a liar Josh are you the detective now no no no I'm standing right here used anybody because I'm not allowed to accuse anybody of being the murderer everyone's just following the detective he's genuinely not allowed to say anything while i'm spectating the murderer I know exactly what he's about to do with what is he about to do is it cuz you're him it was actually you guys I wonder who it is I'm looking at someone and he looks suspicious alright three or like everyone right I'm doing I'm doing the secret code name I'm doing this secret code that probably the murderer goes to buy now by the way before killing already is there a detective in now yes there's a detective he's revealed himself wait a minute someone just died again these guys do your detective work alright well guys everybody back up everybody back up you to everybody that brought everybody's hide on the back wall no no you all he's trying to blend in toss another one another one go go away from the windows get away from the window wait a minute somebody is going to get shot okay you shot that guy right there on the stairs too suspicious Josh I don't like this I don't want to know Josh you're the detective here okay Josh there's so many cool outside the question is why are they outside who is lose my thoughts did he have a gun out you know Josh I'm pretty sure the murderer was behind Huck I think he had a gun out well you guys are undefended now good job oh wow great the greatest detective in the world getting shot from a no what's going on people they you don't know okay you don't know hey I'm just saying where's jelly by the way there's a mine next to the guy playing golf okay me too I'm this little bridge here Geordi I'm Phil and I do the dance from a Geordi the three of us can reveal ourselves yeah that's me okay see you on the bridge when you said you were jelly I was on the tree what do you mean for true said you weren't your bitch yeah so don't you right now what are you big doggy do your job Eddie I'm the tasted okay Jenny you in the house this is real case Jordy is trying to blend in party is trying to blend their jelly you follow me with the gun okay I'm telling you Josh something suspicious is happening I just did already this with the cart he's lying he's lying George is me the card in five four three two one go Josh you have to kill someone I enjoyed you that one there this is me I'm doing it Oh kill me okay wait wait I'll do the star power right now okay I do trust him now who was it it was it was from over here on this side jelly where are you jelly I am right here Josh look the calc I know okay everyone else stay away being jelly coming in Joao be your co detectives without a gun come on wait a minute I can do my job I've been up from that you and me are good because me you can't pick up the guns of your murderer so that's good Tilly that's a good way doing it I mean I don't know what Geordi is he's lying that's too many people why do you think Geordi so obsessed about proving himself Jeff I know recording a video Josh all right so listen IFT oh this is him this is him I saw him I saw him I saw it when I shot the wrong guy boom he didn't die you idiot jelly let's compete in your niche jelly do you have to drop my gun now even though we didn't die no no all right why should I aimed at the killer I saw the killer – but he's blending them use alternate push together everybody spread out everyone spread out everyone spread out I'm sticking with you how do you know it's me though because I'm looking good boy good boy I am just so terrified this is a mess that's too many people all right so you confirm that this is you please how do I know that Geordi is not the murderer here he's about to kill me Josh he's about to kill you I got rid of the detective responsibility I'm doubled up all right prove it to me the best way he can prove it jelly is why if someone dies while he's in your company okay just chill here gently I'm probably gonna get shot anyways whole time but everywhere the thing is no murders are happening yeah right when you live just alright Jordy listen to me listen to me Jordy I'm gonna give you some bullets all right I need you to give the exact same amount back when I say to now Julie you made a big mistake I mean Jordy is so the murderer I was proving it to jelly and then he come murdered no all right Jordi's doing a little bit of an investigation here I'm looking outside making sure the murderer isn't over there good job man oh man oh man are we still doing this I'm out of it I'm gone oh are you gone why are you gone Josh I don't like the big clump of people the beginning I don't like dying in my area what he doesn't like dying no I do not like dying Jim no I don't like dying either why don't you like diamonds because you're the murderer that is suspicious I'm watching TV reading my newspaper at the same time because I'm gonna murder I swear I just saw a gun outside you're in the living room Josh why nice house Josh that's a nice house all right show me show me around Josh I'm waiting Haley I'm here I'm crouching in front of you oh I stay out of my house I have you some respect everyone but jelly was not invited okay so jelly could stand up okay this is not good jelly this is my TV and this is where I also we just walked in the house this is just I'm people are remoting about my permission people are entering without wiping their shoes in the front door like it is so rude this is so rude you know what I'm moving out I'm selling it and moving across country by every why Josh that's just proper sad okay well I don't want any involvement with people who buy your house how much 3 bucks 20 pennies you owe 20 bucks where's the murderer taking this time today whoa someone just died okay yeah I was really close it was a bit convenient I'm in front of your house I left I sold the house to Jett eva 20 bucks yeah it's my house now we need the detective honestly I think being not revealing yourself a detective is one of the small things to do but it I'd actually be a really smart thing we don't have a detective so the murderer can just go and kill whoever they want to kill right yeah but nothing is happening though I really wonder why there are no murders happening this is a nice murderer and that's weird to say okay why is it as soon as I find a new house murderers are never nice daily what do you mean are you the murder yep with the murder ain't murdering Josh how many bullets did you spawn with I had a hunter what about you I like 740 has bullets you don't spawn with bullets yo murderer could you start murdering some people that's your job okay people are dancing here anything it's this guy it's right here I'm dancing he's from distance say this I'm shoot with a sniper from 23 meters away it's this guy all right really but how are you so sure about that because who is the detective wait a minute it was not him did you die oh it's Jordan a murderer by any chance what do you was straight-up accusing us so hard somebody else killed why were you accusing an innocent person you thought you saw Rudy screams suspicious and jelly is a murderer you know I'm not the murderer murder mystery it's the flippin detective we this is a this is a mess but there are no murderers happening though like both the detective at the murderer suck today what if the guns are just laying around somewhere later guys there's still no detective there's still no detective I have no idea where that happened guys another one another one this murderer is actually going crazy you're right I I don't know where the detective stuff is I think the detective is takin a big L today is it out of the map soup undercover and is is actually a government spy who wants everyone to die but also managed to call it sounds a bit much Josh another murderer just happened literally the wars that people in there are dying people are dying where are you oh boy so many people that I can't wait I just died great boy she seems right there jelly is the murderer he pretended to be spectating me Tilly a you mother no I am NOT the murderer Jenny it's literally Jilly nobody spectating me I am NOT the murderer I can actually not the murder alaya jelly Josh just died no he's just in the bush Oh murderers going crazy man time for new round and new chances you know it hasn't happened yet guys the murder hasn't actually killed everyone yet in one round they haven't actually everybody spread out I'm spreading out like peanut butter and jelly or not like peanut butter and jelly that's delicious yes the murder is somewhere among us murderers summer among guys do you think it's a red ninja I think it might be infinitely are we gonna be helped any point guys like do you want less and less yeah where are you guys ok people dying guys sorry guys everybody go to the house go to the house everybody just died but we were meeting up at the house jelly you weren't here when they even think that happens no I wasn't there all right sure that's suspicious oh my where did that happen where did it happen dude it's right under us you're the detective get killing wait what no everybody stay here there's only one way up here it comes up I kill them no back Rudy behind Judy guy it's guys then behind me yeah guys guys nice I'm here I'm nobody shut the wrong one I shut the wrong one I shut the wrong one he lost my job he's here he's here he's here he's here guys what is going on guys definitely not me guys what do you mean okay Bailey it's so suspicious I'm getting lost the Jordi's not that Oh dead no I'm not dead I just – wait so the meta right my mom's not here um I've got my paper I'm here I'm out you know what see you later there's too much going on whatever I mean who's the detective now guys I don't know not me I lost my job you know rest in pieces should we all meet up at the house guys wouldn't I be able to meet up at the house something that the murderer might say like no that's not true we could do dances and everything everyone me up with a house everybody give it the house detective go to the house right now and kill the books a daycare everyone who thought it tasted go to the house right now chili how was your day so far my day is going really well oh my day is going really really well there's nothing to take to go to the house everyone else come back to that tree come on okay guys I'm gonna reveal myself I am the murderer come and get me no way really yes I mean the murderer has a little problem do you guys want to know about the problem what's the problem jelly I can't use the sniper for some reason that's coming coming down that hey friend craving the murderer should start killing some people jelly bellys now said he's the murderess he's gonna be playing the long game George and jelly country pal course so let's stop it okay you snipers I told you about my problem I don't actually have the sniper I I can't use it it's a glitch Oh yeah it's a bitch yeah so the murderer can't do anything let's get okay everybody yes great idea everybody run around in the forest but then you're gonna run out on with me and I'm gonna kill you Jilly's will he next to me any by the way I think the detective is trying to like buy it himself among us and then wait until jelly shoots one of us out that's fine but the murderer should be killing I'm a bit skeptical whether that should be you know legal the merge the murder he literally killed her at first I think if the police were no slice I told you my sniper scope is not working man glitches are the greatest I love it if you enjoyed this video make sure you use my supporting creator code jelly in the fortnight items store