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what's up guys nepenthez here and welcome back to another episode of the draft to glory with no team of the season announced this week it seems like I hate all of these formations I'm not even gonna lie it seems like we're gonna have a week of drafts I guess basically you know the draft of Laurie come on give me an icon oh I might take that parrot don't put him at left forward ei man put him in a center mid he gets more chem as Senate me look look when you put him a left forward to chem he'll get four chem with links if you put him a centre mid he gets six chem seven chem with manager I don't want to take up that left mid spot but I want to take that Parris it's called anyway yeah so no team of the season so it's probably gonna be a draft heavy week here this week guys so if your own during the draft to Gloria you want to see more drop a thumbs up on the video of course and if you're not already subscribed and click that Bell so you're getting notified every time the video goes live oh my god I know for some of you guys this isn't big I have Gareth brows 92 rated team of the anomaly card and it is probably my most dominant cards I've used this year outside of Draft obviously in draft review some of the primer icons and tea Madeira now over outside of draft it's been my most dominant card I've never had to chance to use this card and I think that this car might well be one of the best cards in the game he has the insane jumping and heading obviously the insane pace he's great agility he's great passing shooing and dribbling in general and he's just absolutely a monster in the game this year and then in at the right wing spot Luis Figo can go in there why not so there you go not a bad front three oh I wouldn't mind using Paris H in the midfield to be fair he's got decent enough short passing and vision he's nice and tall which is good five star four star medium medium work race with really good stamina he'd make a decent center mid not look I'm not like a world-class sentiment but it'd make a decent Center me so hopefully we can get a Neymar or Godwin gets we can get someone to throw into that left mid spot that left-wing spot and bring Paris H down and this is where it all drops off for us again no sería cards it's nothing I really care about this is a graph called isn't terrible I mean I know I can't link him anywhere do I even take let's take Santi Cazorla the thought no let's take vas just a little bit better more well-rounded give me Vieira come on there we go Patrick the error in there we needed him we needed that link we need to be at alike put this team together some way and we needed a monster midfielder and that's exactly what Prime moments Vieira is with those insane physicals the pace has boosted now is parsing boosted as well he is an utter machine are we gonna get team in here Marcelo we're not I wonder who's gonna be here Jordi Albers okay Alex Tellez is okay as well Alexandra obviously is okay as well if we then got a you know a Syria midfielder or Patrick Vieira we could link those together one gonna say Jordi Alba decent card very very fast obviously it's his UCL card we could have ass over the side now and get another link to him giving him a little chem boost and then our first centre back I want to take this screening are for this Chiellini screen er would work best if we bring bring Paris hitch into the midfield he strong links him with the to icon links Paris edge will be on full chem screening I would be on good chem but we would need the right right back we would need can sell oh if we took Chiellini and then also got cancer those yeah Paris edge would still get the link so we'll take Chiellini there and we'll pop Keeling into the right-center back spore and in the left center back sport gonna take Lepore for two reasons number one he's strong links to patrick vieira if I need that option and number two he um he's not bad defensively he's very good he's a little slow little slow but his defending stats are very good in goal we are going for Lev Yashin very nice indeed good for the chem good for the rating and then out right back can we get cancel oh I'm gonna take hasar that version of can sell oh and so there you go we get ok chem here we kind of just needs the right left wing and the right midfielders to finish off this team in goal doesn't matter anyway we were never gonna take a shin out of gold really now if we can get a couple of with centre backs we can we could take Sergio Ramos obviously strong links to Gareth Earthman to Gareth Bale he does strongly to Gareth our mighty strong links to Jordi Alba we could bring vas back in and that's that one done so let's do that we'll pop him in there and then we'll swap vas and Van Ginkel around and we still need to replace Van Ginkel Chiellini not quite on perfect Kim obviously parasites on 7 chem Gareth Bale on 7 chem the perfect player for us here realistically would be Vinicius juniors ffs Cod that is kind of odd hopeful hmm Paul Walker is a good shower might take car Walker because even though we've got Chiellini in Paris H because of the icon links down that right-hand side we could go Premier League down there we could even take Trent Alexander Arnold and go for the poor and Trent there if we get a different Premier League midfielder or put Paris it back up a left forward or maybe start him on the bench bring him on into that left forward roll I'm gonna take Trent let's do that let's pop him in there we were on 88 chemistry let's see what we changed to swap him around pop him around that's still 88 chemistry and if by doing that that puts up to 94 chemistry there so way better chemistry not necessarily a better team but we've got store lot of positions to fill in and a lot of players to come and I'm gonna take Neymar 94 cam he will get subbed on or Van Ginkel or four vas heritage will get dropped down into the midfield and name was gonna go up into that left forward spot and then our next pick is a dead pick we could take bruiser bitch though his brother Mitch helped us but I put him there he does he gets us one more chem point it's not bad that is not bad not that I really care to start him either i won I want a bear player to start and has odd they're strong wings Van Ginkel not bad I keep saying that's not bad don't I take as odd we could pop hazard there that loses a lot Kim that puts us up to 92 Kim 93 with vas in there doesn't really help us for exactly what we need is cuz the the if what if I swapped those guys around does that puts more than I put us up to 94 chem but that's better all around it's just not ideal because the two fullbacks are just off chemistry so if we can still get that that right midfielder not right mid for it the right midfielder the correct midfielder um could take Coutinho and swap it all back again let's do that let's swap it all back again let's put Coutinho into the team let's get hazard out and we can sub on hazard or Paris it will pop those around who put those around and that puts us on a hundred chemistry and then we you know obviously vas and Van Ginkel are definitely the the bad players in the team now we can bring on Neymar and Paris each into that midfield I might even put Coutinho down into the midfield he's a little small for it you know doesn't really have the the strength and such but his passing so good that he would work as a midfielder anyway there we got five more spots now advise to see if we can improve the starting lineup of this team the first pick is not good we'll take Fraser the second pick is not good we'll take a Dan the third pig come on hey man what are you doing here Silver's two more picks to go give me something here we go come on it's not really something is it I mean I could take but I want that song I'd want a better version of somewhat a Philippe Anderson he'll be another another sub if we do get can celos better right back cards I will go back to using Chiellini and put heritage in the team as well but this is the last pick now an app that those reserves were woeful um Oh forsberg not bad 99 shooting and passing good dribbling terrible stamina but for a super sub he would be fun to use in games where it's not super-tight and so it's only a 190 it might be a 191 if we put in a Dan / Frasier but I don't want that down / Fraser really it actually doesn't even matter because the first subs are gonna be named are in Paris hitch and the the second so actually I might bring on forsberg into that midfield will bring on Paris hitch from forsberg as those initial – sobs and then I'll have Neymar to come off for Coutinho later on in the game it's a good draft it's a good mix it's a really nice hybrid draft what do we need the chemistry so we got ego Lepore and Coutinho so French manager who's the poor Marek there boost no one dem in boost just yeah shin depends who I want to boost and I'm gonna take a boost full report they were gonna pop him on 8th chemistry it is a good draft I will be honest out of the five formations I didn't like any of them and I have this is the that my best of those five I haven't had good results with this formation in draft I actually died vividly remembered not winning draft with this formation um so I'm gonna give him my best shot we're gonna get the subs on it is a nice team it's a fun well mixed team and we have got what in my opinion is one of the best strikers or best players in fee for this year in 93 Gareth Bale let's go and see what we could do guys and get into the gameplay alright guys as we go into the gameplay the first opponent will come up against it's got a four triple two squad a really nice squad with three brilliant primal calm moments to the headliner cards in forms and a carnival Bella in but just generally speaking a really well balanced well-rounded squad and this opponent was really good you know like in in drafty I think draft is the most casual mode in FIFA right now were kind of no Draft is the most casual mode in FIFA right now and so it's very unusual for me to come up against somebody in drafts it's like a very high high level of FIFA but this vibe was one of those people we end up scoring the first goal of the game with Gareth Bale for lack rocket as the scoop the volley the goal puts me one nil up eventually we got tuning up off the halftime kickoff as well I scored off of I think his kick off in the first half of my kick off in the second half and that was the difference in this game today now other goals or to nil was all it was it was a scoop volley and an alto Nardo cross and that's that's why this game at the highest levels just isn't isn't really fun to play nor to watch but we do move on to the second round we come up against another B Squad primers Ronaldinho and in azhagi the Champions League Gareth Bale the team of the year for an other than that just a brilliant squad outside of that you know he's – fullback so probably his weakest spot also Martinez in there is not necessarily fantastic with things weighing well in this game and again Gareth Bale got the first goal of the game the last time around and this time around again not necessarily a scoop volley there the ball popped up and I just used the right thumbstick to just tap out one more time to get the leverage to have the good shot who went one that up just after hot time again we come here with a fee go cut it into forsberg who gets a great time shot from the top of the box to slam that one home – Neal – Neal soon became three nil ball comes down the right-hand side here I think he was waiting for the cross again because I had already crossed so many times so he moved his keeper off his line and I just started that one home with Bale to make it three nil my opponent definitely definitely uh made a fight back but it wasn't enough he got one goal here I thought my defender should have probably had that loose ball we just run straight past it and then three one was the final score for that game sending us home on into the semi final obviously the semi-final in the last episode is where we lost after coming off three draft wins in a row I believe so you know today is very important for us to make sure we at least get to the final we came up against a 433 – really nice score generally speaking I don't know why he didn't start Willie and left left wing and run out Dini oh the other side I think that would have been better for chemistry all around and what was mostly interesting to me is that he didn't sob puncheon off the field until like the 60th minute like he literally stayed used him and played with him but as per game 1 and game 2 the first goal was once again scored by absolutely brilliant Gareth Bale big header there the Magee T spin into across to the far post Gareth Bale gets up and heads it I then steal the ball off of his free-kick in his own half off of an offside I think it was Namor gets into the box another L Toronado and this time even Pettis is there to get his second goal of the tournament and poppers tune a lot and my opponent Connor claps a little bit here I then score a third goal with Parris itch and what Parris hitches third and the third in the game and it's just I don't know like if I concede that I'm fuming his goalkeeper should just be catching that I don't know how he's managed to fumble that into the back of the net my opponent didn't make it 3-1 the ball in tomasulo's who shoots and scores off of the free-kick but straight off a kickoff as as we love to school the kickoff goals he steps up just a little bit too much with his fullback gives me a bit of space in for Neymar again it doesn't stop the elta Nardo again and gareth bale was there again and we end up popping that one into the back of the net and going for one up just after he pulled it back and we end up winning 4-1 with a ragequit in the semi-final so a really nice win to send us into the final and then talking about good players again you know the first-round opponent was very very good and the guy in the final was also very very good and he came in you'll see in a second with a 3-5-2 team now I know a lot of people like a very favor the 35 to this year they think it's one of the stronger formations I personally don't think is a very good formation because of the crossing meta especially when he has like Marcelo out there in that center back row I know he has like decent enough jumping and heading because of his team of the year boost but he's just not tall enough and so I was always gonna hopefully be able to take advantage of that and take advantage of the fact that he just couldn't really stop my crosses and as per game 1 and game 2 and the semi-final into the final it is once again Gareth Bale hitting us in front with the first goal of the game a beautiful little drag back on the top of the box slams that one home it wasn't even a time finish and we eventually got two goals up bail and Viera think playing lovely little one to one there he goes back to Bale who gets in behind the running fake shot into the box cuts it to Figo who scores to make it to no and that was all the goals for that game again a brilliant opponent in round 1 and round 4 but we come away with a fantastic draft win here today after playing to top top quality FIFA players so I feel really good about that but that is guys the end of the gameplay let's get in to the packs alright guys so a draft win again I love this team this team was a lot of fun to play with I tell you I was impressed with forsberg he scored some goals he got me on the action and I was really impressed with Paris H he also scored some goals who got in on the action Coutinho played two salmon not some Neymar came on a fair few times this is pretty much what the team looked like in general put a bell at that right forward spot is just far too important for this game with the l Toronado not the OLT on our dough with l Toronado crosses and velocity flip cross is having name while crossing it – bail is so much more important than having Neymar crossing it's a Figo fee goes relatively tall at 5:11 but his jumping and heading is just really poor with his high-low work rates though he's just way better suited to a striker position Gareth birthing has high medium doesn't he a high medium but because of that jumping heading high he just he just dominates in the air man and even pedis it as well with his six one and very good jumping as well I don't know what chem stole he has on what does it boost so doesn't lose his jumping but yeah very tall with the jumping he scored a couple of Elton Ardo well you know he scored off of a couple of Elton Otto crosses that's pretty much what the team looked like in game game number one was really tough he was a really good opponent we only won two nil game number two and three were a lot more comfortable and then game number four that guy was brilliant I you know he he was just a really strong player he missed a couple of chances I missed a couple of chances the match that's what banging even and on another day I would have lost that game but we got our win here today guys what do we get for our rewards yes come on it's not the best rewards it's not the 45k coins at the 100k pack but that is really really nice a 15k pack a 35 K pack and a 50k pack 100,000 coins worth of rewards from today's draft the last we get some good rewards can we now also be rewarded and pack something there's I think seven new man are the matches in packs although one of them's bronze if we could pack some new guys as well right chambers is gonna be selling English players are still crazy expensive right now because of the SBC and also Southampton players are also crazy expensive so we'll hold on to everything else for the time being sport fitness maestro can go and in Morales I mean we'll be lucky to get 500 coins for him right now but that's a good start as well guys getting the English player is very nice indeed we then get a mega pad it's interesting that ei put the rare players pack before the mega pack what do we get out of this no walk out can we get boards no we get an English player in here then please oh we get rüdiger that's why it saves me having to pay for him for the Chelsea SVC once we go around the Premier League again and we also get another English player and Rose town's end over – Kade will pop him up for two and a half K and try and get some coins back for him no Southampton player here though and then we'll discard all of the trash and we'll have to list up on our own time the other stuff CDM to see em is quite a nice enter for two strikers quite nice as well guy Utah and Ryan I'm gonna keep or when I do the Premier League s BC again he battered Gwen can go or a ban Pena can go he's just packed way too many times and Kevin Morales can also go and that leaves us guys with our 50k pack now regardless what happens here we made we'll make a lot of profit hopefully we can get rewarded from our 50k pack though can we get a walk out no at least give me boards EA ok finally so we do get one ball player don't be an a3 goalkeeper Dutch tender-back the free okay nice it's an 84 rate here player very nice indeed will hold on to him and tell where there's an SBC that jumps the price of 80 falls up there you know on a low point right now Oh 284 is very nice so the free and William Carvalho also loads more League SVC cards that I didn't already have which is very nice he'll send up – what was he selling for right now I've K I'll wait until they're 8 9 K I'm not gonna get rid of him just yet and then serve you can go so there you go guys we actually got amazing rewards today finally we didn't pack anything good out of those rewards but the rewards themselves are absolutely brilliant this is gonna be the end of the video thank you for watching and I'll see you next time I'm out