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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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today I play fair prom ease I take the tempo rogue archetype and I see how it has a bunch of parents in it already and I'm like huh Captain Hook tusk is really good a few summon parrots so we added even more pirates to it and addled a burgle theme because henge clan burglar is a pirate Wow already six and one with it so let's win some more stop mad man is this deca meme it's six and three how dare you call it a meme you're a meme we'll keep hand very spooky here comes the buck one raiding party thing all that prep evil miscreant isn't worth it hmm so awkward my hand is so good just gotta play something about it oh it's time for a magic trick what's going on here I do you think it'll pass I think so strong pass from the temporary gun turn five give me a quest here we go splitting image oh that's bad isn't it kind of that give me a quest what is going on [Applause] incredible I'm pretty sure you were cheating somehow and got beaten by a buffoon unbelievable is this deca meme Gus I am an old buffoon jockey preparation without anything else hmm probably not though it is one of the higher Mulligan win rate cards but you probably should only keep that a few also I have this raiding party okay so I gonna use baddies good news we have hooked us bad news some bad news that means we're in Johnny drug course there my hand is too full name just playing it trying to play a tooth off spell here that's pretty good okay so vendetta this guy if I the other guy this guy's try to learn from the token druids Oh an inch to not draw any of the parrots I believe so I still have the to dread Corsair and the cursed castaway in there I think I want to return my si:7 hey lights out even with this crew which isn't like the well that's about average value for this deck actually expecting the triple push push push no wow he's gonna be a lot of damage boo boo six nine fourteen seventeen twenty seven damage okay Stallworth Saturday oh my god the rat trap hahahaha oh my got all like three little three eight eleven seventeen 23:35 it's a lot of damage it's just do it No they're one short so we're probably in a great spot crappy good one from probably most want the evil mistress easy just out value him well this guy's [Applause] let's see the rest of my decks pretty trashy unlike her that cards pretty good if he doesn't have exactly the second bro hmmm that's something to prepped and then I get in place I have an agent with it I go first I actually think it's a full Mulligan oh so tempted to keep all three it's like it's like you just go from full mullet and go from full Mulligan to keep all and this I can because the preparation backstab is pretty good against the hinge clam thug but then there's like nothing Dennis i7 agent is the other problem issues issues everywhere here we go no Sam that's pretty awkward you have the burger lovers but we didn't get a verbal generator and the only Burkle generator that works is hinge clamp like alright forgive me awkward awkward I think I just play underbelly fence is a two minute two three four croc list is a fine card right well we're spending by the way I found out something when playing this deck earlier if you preperation wing blast it actually does nothing very uh unfortunate way of finding it always lost time good to see them waggle waggle again this is like I'm like it'll be a pretty good hook tusks we've got the expensive pirate still in here I only have three left I haven't even a string of rigging parted yeah it's the right drum both drug Corsairs and I've drawn one hinge clamber glades and I've drawn one Hirst castaways I have drawn four pirates to my normal Jules holy that was so bright destroy a minion some one-on-one patience essence because it's that I guess I've planning a plane cobalt about you but I love backstab right next I was better like a faceless Lackey oh lucky you power so I have the board and when I play Captain Hook tusks I will super have the board combination is continuing don't draw a pirate don't draw fire really what okay underbelly offense can pretty much never be better now and River Krakus but the smells I've cast her very good and I'm sure that's near to assassins contract and this hasn't contract is stronger I cost three little waggle pick seven zero serial faceless and then you'd rather join my side right edwin vancleef oh I'm actually gonna keep hook tusks against the hunter will get to turn eight against Tanner for sure oh my god wait what yes I'm thinking – I coin si:7 agent the shimmer fly I don't have like a good follow-up – mmm bye just a dagger I have nothing to really play on was a tough one I think I'm set to raiding party for just parrots on three but hopefully I draw something good oh you go hard though that's different to ensure is running weapons insane nice draw really good draw some of the best bosses and do i Vendetta the now as much as I respect River crackle esc' it's not worth dealing for damage too an expensive one oh my god what a champion okay how many parts that have left in the duck green-skinned castaway burgle burgle Corsair course there six I think I don't want to take one damage so I give up the chance to deal – and take one and I'll just steal one and take zero oh man well deadly shot Opie okay pirates left in the deck one two three lot of power kind of low he's only got two cards left so we don't have any health game so we need to beat him up very fast last cards unlikely to be another one of those all right got one chance at me this deck seems like a worse version of the meta deck it's just being carried by the strength of raiding party evilness grinning prep hey I've played Captain Hook tusks a lot of times and she's been very good I mean the entire theory of this desk DAC is that Captain Hook tusks is so good that she's worth warping the usual tempo road deck is that true who knows that's what we're experimenting with I did consider running ticket scalper and that's type two but I think ticket snapper is a really bad card to draw and there's two rating parties in the air so no ticket scalper you see it's like the scientific method here hypothesis running Captain Hook tusks and more pirates in a deck and including the Virgo package because of hench clam thug will make the deck better than usual tempo wreck and then materials need a computer or phone I can play hearthstone you need four legendaries do epics or rares thanks dusk how many parts are left in the deck we have one two three four I mean obviously you have to run hench clan burglar if you're Ryan Captain Hook tusks and you're running raiding party and I think raiding parties too good to not run if you're running hench clan burglar I feel like you're obligated to run the berbil stuff so it's a natural hello journey something something that was a very slow tempo I play evil miss grant or do I play blink Fox evil miss grant against am now I have a 3/4 guy so I should play blink Fox I think the three three stat line is it's better than a one five right now holy face that's a board in this game Captain Hook tusks will probably be too slow he set the pace when he hit me in the face with this waggle fake 22 it's kind of expected I'm all over there oh wait either done on purpose wait I have lethal because of that one two five eight nine eleven twelve thirteen nineteen twenty three oh so clever I mean it's like cousins lady minions but sadly I needed the one damage okay