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FIFA 19 | Tottenham vs Liverpool – UEFA Champions League Final – Full Match & Gameplay

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FIFA 19 | Tottenham vs Liverpool – UEFA Champions League Final – Full Match & Gameplay

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and ready for action the date has been marked on calendars for months now and the stage is set here on the Spanish capital for the UEFA Champions League final hello everyone I'm Terry gray joined the country as always by Lee Dixon and we're just minutes away from kickoff here at the Estadio metropolitano it is Tottenham Hotspur checking on Liverpool well it's an absolute pleasure Derrick to be here very very lucky indeed to be broadcasting to millions and millions of people let alone watching this fantastic game I'm sure the players are a little bit nervous as well with that audience looming in the background tuning in on their televisions it's gonna be a great night I'm very excited to be here hopefully we get the game at this tournament deserves well it's not just speculation it is reality now Tottenham Hotspur in the final of the UEFA Champions League we well if me and you pinching ourselves I'm sure the players are well that's the job of the coach now settle the place down before the game juice football you've produced all season you've got great chance of winning it introducing the Spurs stop together peace begins this game and go till the other way male plays with Jan Vertonghen at the back Christian Eriksen start [Applause] the goalkeeper covered a lot of ground in danger [Applause] periwink now let's see what he has in store for them corner kick man for spurs taken short is he going to punish them here he's gone but might be regretting that now Lee oh my why pow so many question running George go one man to beat [Applause] oh it's a brilliant moment a moment [Applause] we're going to see the replay the goalkeeper won't want to see this again he gives the ball away still a bit to do to be fair thought is his fault under one again and chop them with the advantage sadly your money now and they deal with the threat this time better for me now beautifully timed trivia sama kay [Applause] it is to be a throwing Alexander Oh No mohammed salameh the harmless cross gobbled up [Applause] now she's okay [Applause] taken away from son intelligent threaded Basia [Applause] it wasn't far away from the target li no it was decent really really decent chance for the lad they'll keep pushing away to try and get that equalizer give it away by toponym [Applause] regaining possession for his side cleverly [Applause] well he's got plenty of space on the flank here and MANET in the thick of things the header that was frankly miles off target well technically that was awful Ericsson Christian Eriksen now trivia now now son now Harry Kay uh TV [Applause] it's mystic good heavens well what a chance for an equaliser Derrick at this level you don't get many chances and that was one of them well they've jumped in front Lee that's the most important thing your assessment so far there has been a decent half the Tottenham coach still has some work to do at halftime ball retention has to improve a little bit in the second half if they're going to dominate possession could be key wonderful Mohamed Salah now but thinking to dispossesses opponent [Applause] Roberto Firmino there's a slide rule pass visionary well let's see that again always look at his technique absolutely brilliant he's got the power he's got the accuracy and now he's got himself a gold go cancel that one of these Ericsson jelly alley winks and it's song [Applause] trivia now all available suzuko and here's jelly le and he favors the inside roots tonight by the bar back in play here halftime back into the second half end in this battle for Champions League glory money [Applause] chef Dan Shakira has it mr. Saleh James Milner the throw in forthcoming give it away he's been the standout for his side so far don't you think Lee well there's never a bad time to score a goal but just before half-time can be crucial and he's got his team back in this game what can he produce in the second half run it superbly to take back position [Applause] here's milna Liverpool obsessed with finding a forward gear county put it away [Applause] – lotta pressure on the opposition and that time [Applause] well let's see from the replay the keepers got no chance it's all about strike [Applause] he does everything right head down in it now having fallen behind sort of responsible that elicit from the Spurs team song Nelly Ali now okay authoritative challenge Shaqiri half an hour remaining then goodness he was right on top of the situation to get the ball back for his team [Applause] she's a girl Harry winks there now see Zuko and son just possessed here and fastening with the Velvet Touch [Applause] truly magnificent piece of goalkeeping there well it is his job Derek keep the ball out the net but I'll give you it was a good save now she's okay he's been a bit unlucky they will now make use of the substitutes bench on the way round trippy and are now song [Applause] periwink sir now elevator now Harry K Alexander Arnold it might be perfectly set up for the cancerous out you know so it's going to be a goal kick here suppose to make a personnel switch now now on the bail Christian Eriksen now [Applause] it's a highly promising Liverpool attack Sheldon Shaqiri has it tired it's so well to intersect went to the noses at front thinking of the camp leadership the Liverpool players have to focus on not making any mistakes in order to protect the slender lead if a bit of magic from the opposition gets them back in it there's little you can do about that so on Eric dire and tottenham make progress but what can they produce from this position though they had to read it and get there and did Eriksson well he's given us away trivia night Spurs have lost the ball on just the one minute left in normal time here and the referee is added on two minutes of stoppage time beautifully timed and here is son [Applause] England's most successful European club had done it again [Applause] well some might say back to where they are brilliant night capped off with William the trophy commiserations [Applause]