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hi guys and welcome back to our FIFA 19 Sunderland rota glory career mode now in last episode again we still remained very positive we are still unbeaten we managed to get a tool draw away from home against Wimbledon he was a very frustrating game Wimbledon were bottom of the league they'd lost their opening four games of the season yet a couple of errors defensive areas and goal keeping errors we only managed to get away with a draw but then we did go into the karabell Corp and we won on penalties against Cardiff which is very positive indeed and then we simulated the last game of the episode Ian's Oxford in which we did win as well so we're gonna be starting this episode with a game in the checker trade trophy a competition I don't really care too much about but whilst we're in Ligue 1 and once we can qualify for it why not try and win it so I'm not gonna seem like this game I am gonna play it against Newport we'll get a few of the lesser we don't use too much we'll give them an opportunity in this game as well so this is the squad I'm gonna choose and go with against Newport would have a rotating goal James Flanagan Ozturk and love across the back we have one more on the left this town with Robson and McGee rock in the middle with Gooch on the right Embleton is the cam just behind a striker Sinclair so I'm hoping this is good enough hopefully there isn't any upsets here it gets Newport having managed to get away with a morale-boosting win for the youngsters so let's get into it and here we are guys away from home under the lights taking on Newport I'm really looking forward to this kind of game actually we've got a few different players who we haven't seen too much of the likes of Robson Embleton as well more than you did get or now in the last game that's why he's not playing today austex in there as well although I was not 100% fit which I don't quite like what the only other option was Jilla bhaji railing now that's just nothing guys and away we go come on lads good stuff came in ahead for make' Ock with the strike and there's not enough power on it nice football though a few guys I've noticed in the comments you asking about the timed shots and you've seen the bar coming off to be honest with you guys I'm not doing that you know I'm not trying to do the time shot sometimes I'll accidentally press B or shoot a couple of times just accidentally will get a bit excited I don't really use the time shot much I probably practice the more we into the career mo but as of right now I'm not really using it and like I say I've just been doing it by action a couple of times which speaking is Embleton can he finish he can it's a fantastic little food from Emerson the keeper did get a touch on it but he could not keep it out of his goal what a strike that was for Embleton lovely little build-up defensively not fantastic from Newport that's a great little run in swinging behind the defenders to pick up the ball and just drills it into that top corner lovely stuff Elliott lad get in make you want make your own sake chops Embleton again and we'll turn our are those shots and sometimes as well guys when you do see that bar for the sound shot every time that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm doing a tam shot it's just allowing you to know that there's the bar press B again if you do want to go for a tan shot and here we go again can I get that first econ yes sometimes it'll come up just randomly even when I'm not going for it but you know sometimes it doesn't good stuff here is Robson this time and he said the post and then it's come straight back out to Sinclair who's made it to lovely stuff I don't even press B to shoot for Sinclair then it's just come back off in pretty much just enough an hour gone and it's to nil I'm loving this it's a real good run out for the lads but Newport they've been absolutely shocking to be fair great effort from Robson and it's gone straight back into the buffer Sinclair that'll do lies that'll do Embleton has been absolutely class so far I'm with just hit the bar Embleton it's been absolutely insane he's only rated 57 the last game out I think that we played Molyneux on the left he's rated 58 and he was really really difficult to control with that his touching the ball was awful he couldn't really pass or do much with it or shoe but Hamilton everything is touching tens of gold so far in this game do you bring forward now get it oh that's yours Ozturk well Ain it's also been very impressive Oster to be fair would have given him a shout he's definitely not doing himself any harm as of right now I'm definitely preferring not strict eluvians in fact again that's lovely football go on walk more you're faster than him you're fast at him keep going a lot more keep going his Scottish are now he actually did try and do a Tom shot there for the first time even that did not go well I think games like this you can probably forgive me for experimenting with a few things well there goes the half-time whistle guys I can't really talk too much why this game it's been very very easy Newport I've been really poor too much of a threat apart from the odd cross punch the box here in there other than that they haven't shown anything it's a pretty simple game and it's too new I'll time come on what more still want more he's got this one in the middle camera op Singh at their first he can and how on earth do you hit that wide is offside anyway bought these first time shots ridiculous and that wasn't even a sound one either I find that when you hit it first time the ball just goes anywhere is ridiculous really Donal laws been caught out down this side here getting to him get into him get it away surely what a save those from right when the car knocking at the black post that was a class save that from Reuter wow their fifth chance the game really Newport there's a decent one as well that's a great ball for goose chase down this ride knocking in decent Balt gonna get there first he can our what a safe that is water save great football as well on the counter but now here is what more he keeps it in gets it was no one really Gucci get it in loud good ball surely already hit the post I'll tell you why it's like it friendly this game Jesus what boys can't squaw he's got to got the first goal a couple of episodes ago and he just can't score since he's at the polls two or three times or at least the would work two or three times in the last couple of episodes I've got one last chance it's like three or four on to here and it's a shot drilled straight at Roy – they've definitely improved a little bit in the second half Newport but they're gotta fall town which will I'll say that two nil Embleton is perhaps slightly fantastic to be fair as his Robson's and claire been very good up top as well all in all the very decent performance I'm happy with that I'm happy so guys next up we are gonna be taking on Fleetwood who are currently fifth in the leakage could see just a quick recap over the league we are three points clear ahead of Burt in Rochdale South End and Walsall obviously with fluid as well making up the play-off places but I think I'm gonna mix it up a little bit in this episode I am gonna simulate this game against flea wood and then I'll play the game after that and then I'll simulate the game after that one as well so at least we're progressing a bit quicker as well so this is a squad we're using against Fleetwood Reuter in gold law of Ozturk Baldwin a viedo Gooch McGee Rock power McGuire whack and majeure own alien actually just got played of the month which is absolutely fantastic but we have been hit by plays going away for international duty as well that's why Roach was in goal and McLaughlin is nowhere to be seen McGee D's in there either but anyway let's get into screaming its Fleetwood and see how we get on please please get as a win and we draw one or which isn't you know it's not too bad a result I'll take it magic gets himself on the score sheet as well and yes well I gotta sit got as a equaliser in the 80th minute ten minutes from the time so that'll do I'll take it I know some people are you know massive fans are simulating I'm not really either but just quick in the process and if we all if we do end up doing really well in Ligue 1 and we're winning most games you know it can throw up a few surprise results it makes things a little bit more interesting but for now I will continue to Train Gooch and majeure Oh sugar I press the wrong one sugar and never use the word sugar to me like all Gooch improving on a few things their budgets done 66 and and Gooch on 68 it's good as well he can actually train sprint speed as well which is quite good and that is what Gooch is looking at in his training but next up guys is a pretty decent game to play against Burton away from home and it's a top of the table class with only one point ahead of them so this could prove to be a quite a difficult game now this is a lineup I am to be going with against Burton up Romanian as well because he has been playing so so well I want to have included him so McGee Rock will drop to the bench we are McLaughlin and goal Xavier doe Baldwin Ozturk and Matthews in the middle of stroke is coming in for Lee burns caused a stir again he's been absolutely excellent he has a really poor wrong too tall got Gooch on the right McGee D in Phil McGuire on the left because he's been very very dangerous when he's been on the pitch power is in as the captain today Mike is the center forward because he has seen a little bit more dangerous than honeymoon as the cam but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna see these plays again it's just for right now White has been playing pretty well in that position with magic of course both the top Sinclair will be on the bench because he has been absolutely excellent and called upon recently so he'll more than likely get shot with some point throughout the game but for now let's get in to the match and here we are guys away from home we get second place bird tail it's a top of the table class as mentioned earlier now this is when things start to hot up when a few games have been played you know who's gonna be sort of around the top end of the league and that's exactly what we're aiming for I'm aiming to be the champion we've only conceded three goals so far this season two of them being against Wimbledon and one of them being in a simulated game so defensively we've actually been playing very very well a victory here it will be absolutely immense come on lads well they known I in play with Amalthea get it out while it's a great ball out for Gooch I can see much of making his way in the middle but it's been deflected but what a gun for him as well go on go on white well my help him out he does find out nay in coming forward think across gold surely majeure what an effort that was if that went in guys I would have screamed like a little girl what what an effort that was nice little dink there Oh guys why did not just go in why didn't it go in Burton really haven't impressed me this opening 20 minutes out of that or would you play very very well or nine is dominating in midfield though what's good chance now here for Burton coming forward come on come on get to him taking a while to get over to him lads the shores keeper get it away well Ain still got it though there to the box get in to win come on too much room too much room away they'll do well in power it's a good chance now for burn again don't let him come inside good chance and his smushed it away over the bar this is a proper stuff for the table clutch this now nil nil at half time it's not been a the best of performances but burn have just been very good as well we've really contested each other here but interesting to see how Burton approach the second half I think the lighter goes on with no goals the more they were push plays upfield and we are absolutely deadly on the canvas out with the tactics with the tactics sorry that we have been using so hopefully they do start to press and push up a little bit further because then there's bound to be goals either way there we go again Oster is absolutely class I'm telling you well I can't go out this in real high I think it's Town spring Sinclair ROM because this really isn't working right now what on earth has happened here guys something really dodge is going on I'm telling you why he's walking midfield and this powers on the left what on earth is happening I don't know whether it's just as 10 outcome currently playing the 10 our trial but I'm sure this is glitched a few little things I've seen ridiculous Wieck is also in the midfield powers was our left winger but anyway I'm going to be bringing on Sinclair I'll put him a bit further forward I'll talk magic or glow with him as well maybe if it will allow me to do so I love it like that with two-strike is but we'll have mud you're just a little bit behind so that is it come on lads I'll go attack in it's really weird that how it just changed the squad for me basically megiddo go on get in report was about pops surely taking off the head of o9 at the back post they shot quality working really well do that dink in come on couch cleared away on this far as Matthew's the right back he strikes wand and but leaned over the bar I really really want this win guys really on this win it has been a pretty scrappy game in all fairness or the balls been played over the top is a really good ball as well for Aikens get it out get it out our shores Matthews they've still got it good strike blocked off the line for a mistake what a block that was from our sake I think the draw would probably all in all be a decent result for us but as we speak McGee's coming forward and look at what she's slowing down just it's it on it's been blocks they're so slow so so slow I think that might be something we need to look at pace oh so annoying saw Dale coming down the right good ball as well get it out they've still got it and thank God the rush the shot and that's gonna over the bar what a game this has been in terms of it being you know end to end just get it in this time I did he's gotten has got in with five minutes remaining and it's Austria who gets sick getting Jesus Christ what a game this has been I didn't expect us to get a goal with all the chances that gone back in for both sides to be fair it had goalless draw written all over it and Ozturk rises and buries it into that corner oh I'm so happy I am so happy guys getting he's been absolute cluster Daylesford and that just sums it up very nicely with a goal at the end please don't concede now and there goes our full-time whistle guys we have come on top in this top of the table clashes so really really tight one nil win but we've got the three points Jesus now wit that was all we are still top of the league of cause Burton have dropped down a couple of places and watch Dale have taken it their place but we are still three points ahead at the top of the league now we are gonna be simulating this game against Rochdale in real life we are playing watch Dale tomorrow and then you probably confused but this episode is being pre-recorded and breaking the fourth wall a bit there but this episode has been recorded on Friday and I think this one should be out on Sunday yeah I think that's about right think anyway so yes it realized for playing watch Dale tomorrow so hopefully we do get ourselves a win but we will be simulating it today in this career mo Oster course sticking in the side because it's been absolutely excellent come on lads and we win – one that I'll do a viedo and Gooch with the goals and Henderson only gets a small consolation for Rochdale – one victors I'll take it yeah I'll take it so guys this is where we are going to leave that episode as you can see we are currently five points clear at the top of the league South End are now in second with 18 points we have Bradford Rochdale Burton and Wickham making up their playoff places with Fleetwood sitting just outside in 7th we have Blackpool in there who are eighth and that is where I'm from for those of you who don't know and at the bottom of the league we have Bristol Rovers Shrewsbury Gillingham and Wimbledon Wimbledon still off just only on five points but they have managed to get themselves a victory finally but if you have enjoyed this episode guys please smash the like button for me it'd be massively massively appreciated and subscribe to the channel if you're not already to become a fully fledged member of the Sony army but for now you take care and stay jamot