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caterer cheap and safe course within ten minutes from the cheapest place on the market follow the link in the description and use the code Krusty for a huge discount and if you wanna buy cheap game codes and prepaid Xbox and PlayStation cars g2a is the place for you check the link down below how's it going guys my name is classy and welcome to another FIFA 19 row to Glory episode on my channel with recorded Tarot is out of ten games in four champions so far so it's time to finish our journey let's go and before we get into the upcoming matches first of all guys I'm gonna open two pucks I just completed two swap deals and species unfortunately I couldn't collect all swap deal players cards and I didn't complete the base icon SBC if you completed the base I can SBC let me know in the comment section down below did you manage to park a quality baby icon so I'm gonna open the first premium go players back in afterwards the rare mega pack the first one is not a walkout maybe that's a bore down no that's not a bore down I'm gonna skip it guys I think that's Seiko I don't know no that's Cola scenic pokey let me send the players to the club let's open the second pack rare mega pack can we see a walkout maybe now maybe now no that's not a workout okay okay at least that's a poor down German goalkeeper oh that's Lana 84 that's not bad at all guys 84 rated goalkeeper and let's see the rest of the players man drew keys in the same pocket around 5k let's check for some duplicates leno 5k Carrasco around 2000 okay let me send a pledge to the club and I'm gonna complete an SBC let me show you so guys the a is busy and talking about ace Young Player of the Year strolling 96 ready because he's got incredible stat so I'm gonna try him out for 20 matches I'm only gonna use untradable players I spent exactly zero coins or I think one thousand I just bought one player I think to complete the SBC and I'm gonna use him in four champions for twenty games I'm very very curious guys to find out if it's worth completing his SB sent his SBC is worth over 1 million coins so in today's episode I'm gonna use to link and afterwards I'm gonna share my thoughts on this incredible card so as I told you guys so far so good we've got 19 remaining matches and we're still unbeaten hopefully I am gonna keep it up guys I'm gonna do my best to record only wins in today's episode now before we get into the upcoming matches it's time to show you guys my new start in 11 squad so we've got strolling instead of um Papa guys I'm gonna use em Papa as a super sub one second I'm gonna swap tavis for and Papa also we've got Walker as a rifle back so strolling is gonna play on tanked a mystery also whoa Walker 84 is a fantastic car boys it's only worth around 30,000 but it's one of the best possible rifle by cars in FIFA 19 ultimate team also powered is on the bank so let me show you guys sterling stats 99 finishing 99 shot power 99 long shots over 90 volleys over 95 penalties his god insane stats 93 jumping 99 stamina 81 Trent and 65 aggression 99 acceleration and 97 sprint speed his cat is a stud guys I'm gonna fire a lot of shots from outside a penalty box because this cart should score every single one of the shots man so this is our team that we are gonna use roll out striker Xavier along the left wing strolling central attacking midfielder neighbor right central attacking midfielder ballot plus they say Syrians Alexander over on Van Dyke and Walker and the back DVD here Engle so guys I'm gonna use tolling for ninety matches if I like him but if I don't like him I'm gonna use him just one or two games guys I don't know what to expect from him guys 4 stars skill moves 3 star wait for his cut a three star weak foot and I think that's a problem also he's very small very short and honestly I don't know if he can win the one-on-one battles with defenders we're gonna find out in the following minutes so without further ado it's time to get straight into the upcoming foot champions matches fingers crossed and let's see what happens so let's see the first upcoming four champions opponent for today's episode he's gonna use roll papa Munir he's got military back alongside forum voila people called when gold a silver left winger but and pretty sure that he's gonna swap him for someone else after minute one let's go Oh horrible finish from Van Dyck that's football de Van Dyke and he's got insane stats let's go Cristiano Ronaldo water save em save you how did you save that call – a man really how did he saved up Cristiano Ronaldo of target now let's go I'll save you and that was an assist given by strolling finally we opened the scoring guys I think this is the lowest rated squad with face so far this week in link and I barely score ago guys but thank you so much baby who's able you're just priceless please kiss yellow let's go while Morris is given by sterling guys whisker our second goal let's go sterlink aho off-target make his extremely extremely fast Cristiano Ronaldo Mahan his guru is an absolute ninja when I use court or he was conceding every shot on target look at his court woman van Dyke and that's that's not free Neil okay let's play Neymar again big save from the goalkeeper look at baby of Xavier guys civilizing is simply broken can I score my one-on-one with the goalkeeper but from outside the box from an impossible angle that's a perfect execution into the top right corner anyways three Neil and very very happy we just recorded our first win of today's episode I'm very happy with Sterling's performance in our first game guys guess he didn't score any goals but he gave two assists let's get straight into our second match so it's time to see our second opponent of today's episode he's gonna use Sun a certain puppy socrates van Dijk was blunted by the very hand go he's got a very very well-balanced quad weight great players everywhere on the field guys and I really hope that we're gonna beat this guy ref red card it's a yellow if he thought it was going to be alright he press the pause button because he felt he's gonna play the rest of the game with a man down I hate it man I hate it when I cannot select my defender and someone is doing iniesta skills one after another I hate it it drives me crazy man ah drives me crazy it drives me crazy the link let's go let's go player of the year strolling keeps us elite come on told you guys he's extremely extremely fast Cristiano Ronaldo come on let's go man connectionless guys should I play one more extremely slow gameplay man so guys I think this is gonna be the last match of today's episode sunny agüero strolling in front positions he's got Haji 89 Roy's a very very good squad I don't like Vito though I used him a couple of times in drafts as a central defender I don't like him Cristiano Ronaldo the crossbar come on Cristiano it was your ball man strolling Cristiano no come on Angie target man picks a from no airman no this is too much man this is too much and the target with Van Dyke I'm dominating the game guys I cannot score any goals and be disappointed but this is FIFA 19 I know if he's shot if he takes the shot is gonna be one year no strolling his weaker foot is a problem guys I forgot he's got the frist away foot should off torrent and then take a shot Stoli please stolen let's go come on all you need to do guys is put a ball to his stronger foot incredible finish by strolling and we opened the scoring él sabía gameover gameover within three minutes guys we destroyed his guy and four shot in the game guys this is his fourth shot in the game and his course with Jordi Alba so guy is 14 weeks out of 14 matches in four champions that's an incredible achievement let's go so guys 40 waste out of 40 matches in four champions that's an incredible achievement but I'm gonna stop right now because I don't want to concede losses it's 11 it's 12 p.m. on Monday guys gameplays don't want to talk about the gameplay I just want to finish my matches to tonight after 12 and when gameplay is gonna be much faster most of the players have finished their matches after 12 and that's the reason why the server's won't be that much overloaded and I will be able to enjoy the rest of my matches regarding stolen guys honestly this court is incredible two assists in the first match he scored the winner in the second game he scored the opener in the third match this card is very very good and if you apply finisher chemistry stout card to him guys you're gonna have all of his shooting stats at 99 men incredible absolutely incredible card but don't forget that in two or three weeks from now he's gonna get a team of the season card with the same rating man 96 team of the season maybe maybe it's gonna be cheap the cheaper I'm not sure guys it's up to you if you want to complete the SBC right now keep in mind that you can also complete his long version like me use him for 20 matches and afterwards make a decision thank you all for watching hope you enjoy today's episode and if you cannot wait the next one smart the like button below and your boy Krusty will catch you later bye boy [Applause] [Applause]