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Dual R-99 is INSANE in Apex Legends

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I’m getting Déjà vu


Clementine Oh Clement down Clementine that's from Avenger yeah something like that I got double all 99 just straight off the bat Tony whoa that's like two of the thing back the guys swing whack it is wet gold backpack I'm sent told the supply ships are great supply ships are great how did you never do that cool hey I've got a present for you bread there you go you never know oh wait shit we gotta go tot this way I think I've got the best startup except for the fact that I'm playing a few and this guy what seems run my boy run I I resemble that comment by electric shock come here come here I got I got Sophie baby baby electric electric take it it's so bad at the game time what are we doing don't know I think he's good let's go to the market told you oughta buy some shoes in here I'd love to buy some shoes huh turn empire help me zu bread I'm doing a finish seriously yeah there's a lot of violence happening while I did it but I know cool cuz you're a cool guy the guys running away he's running but I am faster wait go holy window here down no Todd you go too fast wow you actually killed people though I'm so proud of you did I know yeah another backpack facil what are you kidding me Nora and a prowler except you're gonna go double a 99 he's he didn't even take the backpack i won why did he want it cuz he wants me to have it Shannon Oh what do you need dude good fast I want to be out of here that's true but you seen any better armor than this one that I have hey electric you should give you a purple Amida toddy quest don't do an electric you need that I cuz he shit how to loot a gold backpack hey he wanted me to have that okay what did you say electric her oh he's like Santa Claus oh no very much not like Santa Claus but I want a present oh there's a guy right to your left I give a shit no you do let's get him yeah going right towards you Sam do you see I'm done do you see him that guy now that guy here I come gaining down the street dead letter there's death today oh no I forgot I'll go to AMA I'm struggling on I I'm gonna cut that fuck sake top I ain't gonna cut that I need it go for you Todd he probably grabbed he goes backpack fuck he's got the gold backpack Todd you know what the gold backpack to carry you just died straight away of it hey I got rid of that guy Zama that's true and if I was there he would have died you don't know that he's really good that's why he's running away it's alright what as good as me take the clock so I had to jump on him well bring you back here Todd okay we're gonna win this one because you are a killer how many kills you won now from that I denied turn me to count too many to count the game glitched and it doesn't show any hey Todd take everything in this box you cool gamer yeah it's not cool when you say it it's epic what'd I say get over here there's a guy right above me Todd eQuest on there poor fucking areas been compromised when I get up there do you reckon you climb oh I just want to tear it inside this for now like an idiot hi I'm scared tough because you can do whatever you want right but it's like yeah who watches the Watchmen I have to watch over you that's right exactly – yeah he's playing apex getting much server I'm like dr. Manhattan of apex oh my god like zoo bred evade this wait hand I got a pic I think I dropped my lung bow with all my stuff on it and yeah I don't have anything tight help oh I missed all my shots that's all right you can try again can i yeah there's no reason to not try holy shit that is not a good position go boys go did you just try to fucking kill well something like that oh I see why it's that decent now just dead they're all they're all dead an illusion I don't think they've seen run run run I don't think they've seen us oh yeah what makes you think that tot know you're in the building he always self taught D quest yeah please do it no no no no no no big shield battery first no please now beats your battery not have to cover you like this like a fucking idiot yeah you look like an idiot what looking left and right constantly yeah come on I claim this fortune I love for Tony it's a spot oh oh oh did you kill the last guy no you didn't you suck okay let's go we're gonna go we gotta go you just cut chips Todd you can take the body armor there I don't want that body armor there do it do it leave it okay well I that other body armor you served me worse more people Oh Dickens hold what the Dickens what in the Dickens go around here what the Dickens tuck get him for me touch please and I gotta do my shoe battery and your little trick its lifeline I thought I already killed them what what do you mean that's strange under how many tip lines although cop from oh my god he'll be self quick quick quick before anything else no oh please I'm skip I'm trembling of fear you're the scariest guy I know Todd Howard of video games that's me and I am Todd the brave boy Todd the brave and the bode there's a digital no there's not it's turbo charger yes good shot yeah yeah I want an extra snipe um the last guy I think I don't hurt him I'll take care of him maybe I'm gonna hurt him so bad no no we could we could be friendly with him I don't wanna help brother I wanna kill me think it's the last guy their time they see there he is look he's trying to run away our game so how are you it's okay it's okay it's what oh my god it's a master pop look at them guard it's insane how much time heal yourself yourself some people go to battle [Laughter] that was the worst I don't wanna talk she must've given one shut yeah and I showed him the cochlear I am if your name's thick why would you go right you gotta go gibralta hey let me tell you a little bit something about me okay I could do anything because I'm the champion yeah when a champion squad have you ever been the champion fixing biggest consistently the champions oh wow there's never dr. champion also did you notice biggest level 68 well we are the champions squad so you could technically take us down you killed us thick you killed us you didn't think you cut the champions good yes she wants to go there this is a 2v1 yeah it is hey man I am proposed nice one I will grab those guns there yeah I will go past them and grab these guns oh my god I just hit them I just killed the champion gonna tell the talk contains coming over that's a champion done where's the champion I killed him he's all the dead dead dead dead hey he just gave them a purple armor dori team it will get you it's okay if you gave them purple armor it's not okay if you're an infinity stone which infinity stone okay that's good that's what doc yes such dark just what the fuck how's that even possible no not just oh oh I felt you pick me up dude I'll game so hard on their parade fine hey you know I would have gained some then use any um Infinity stones I mean a yielding items yeah and the bodies there's none there's already what oh hi almost got sniped whoa whoa whoa I was gonna jump down for shield they're pushing at us quickly grab your shit up here Kota you see any Gators around yes well you can say ping them oh they came in on my right a little bit oh that's almost dead toddy question is he yeah ahead same with me I'm fine hey you want to finish him I'll give you one chance one finish okay free free of charge told inside this house come on in oh that was good that's a good finish oh well I'm a rock and roll guy I always got a wingman that's a bit of a surprise burping it bad where are they they know you right away he's not here so you think will appear me seeing him shit I don't think so but they have to come up here because their zones here yeah but they can live in the zone I don't know about I think we should probably get exterminate him Tunnel you never know I might come back twice as strong just like you that's true I always come back twice as strong wait he did respond ready over here talk talk to her Tati respond them all three of them I knew it I knew it again let me she was farming more kills oh they're going this way what oh my god you saved my life I didn't shoot him I don't think so Wow great job thanks man enemies have been here yes how do you know this it's our friend I'm a detective and they picked up a gold knock down shield that's what I did I do know that I need one med kit so let me write that all right time to kill see how they're calling that dropping down drop now oh it will be hopefully but it seems like we were into a lot of combat here and oh no just like one here one hit just one hit yeah I just I just was shooting different people to you oh right oh I don't one I can do this Tut just believe in me believe in me touch pull oh I'm bringing you back tub I stay there and let heal up top you did an actual valiant things I'm bringing you back okay thanks man see that was rational decision-making on my like I will sacrifice myself but remove both flesh shields I was so close to killing him as well I screw it up at the beginning uh-huh as in like get out of the game it said I did 99 damage to him or some shit oh yeah anyways I knew another oh no you know okay Connor it's okay I just crouched for me my baby fuck you I was gonna push him into the edge it's okay Connor we could find my own 99 somewhere somewhere out here how that does not give me shit all right Connor do you give a shit died you damn shit you give a shit right come on Connor let's go Oh what what an asshole he put them in the pink just then see the fake do you get a 999 again one's a wall odd ones that break the enemy I don't know what's the difference what does that mean it's just like a skin Oh Toddie cool stay inside this house good idea till I figure this killer lost him yeah oh those people right there start don't let them don't go outside please please no they're looking at an art taught taught taught them right sure they never sold me oh and someone died out of bounds two people died out of okay now that is the last team essentially as a solo guy in that three men oh and they automate work we need a door let's get these guys over here well shit he's coming over oh shit that's it I got shot by the other guy from a different team sure how much did you damage him I don't want to talk about it why is my team so good I had that bloody havoc the guys raising me what guys raising me and a guy other guys right downstairs oh my god what a baller shot caller cellphone that's got the green skin like me uh I thought was you for a sec oh that's why you'd item yes your no no it's cuz I had the heavy cat and I couldn't shoot oh but you ever have it yeah with no turbo charger yep beautiful 1 P 2 V 3 are you getting him in here oh he's ok here now place over here is your bread oh he's nice I've been sniped yep real bad do it no he's going me son of a bitch look my hero much you're here one guy left we could be nice G tilde would you just me yeah hey so you want to tease the last guy I taught this a mastiff in here you can Mastiff him let top one do you want to Mastiff him it's fucking hilarious ok we just watch and we like you know intervene if something really bad happens where see yeah um I'm exactly on 10 kills by the way again I've just had two of the exact same matches I don't take pills – it's crazy where are they let me know thanks our pan oh that's good oh he's on the building there in top on top of it you me to give you a zipline to it yeah okay always gonna crave up good luck he's good double sniper I'm coming for him he's going off sit yeah we gotta get him I seen Oh go for it go for it I'm getting some massive deja okay I don't hear nothing about it if that was one kill by you I'm gonna be very upset let's see [Laughter] – why