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my name is Thanos and we have the Infinity Gauntlet we have six Infinity stones we're here in gta5 people don't like us we don't like I buy my friend we just threw a bus at you we possess the Infinity stone with a lot of different abilities and today we'll be using all of them at gta5 lats oh my goodness this guy is strong Thanos is if that was his a big boy he is so strong when he has all the Infinity stones he can just run through anything in anybody and it just look at this just look at this look at this guy nobody can get in his way nobody can do anything he won't destroy anybody in his path let's go come on boom look at that look at this look at this guy alright comes you know what time it is it is time to use the Infinity stone first of all this car let me just punch this car ah I think I'm what was that what just happened oh my goodness okay you know what let's look punch this taxi with a charged punch let's see what happens to you taxi oh god the meteor I just came raining down oh my goodness Venice you are insane you are literally insane look at this meteorite arraign we can pull meteorites down from space where look at that guy oh we could pull meteorites down let's wait until the police arrives or we can pull meteorites down in their face oh yes all right what's up ladies can we just throw a little meteorite at your face and that's not nice Ella copter why would you shoot any helicopter sometimes the meteorites hit the building so we just gotta throw a bunch of them until one of them 8zs and if they're police officers we throw big ones at them oh no to keep it's ticket we're still learning how to use this thing big meteorite incoming let's walk away hey yo this is so nice we didn't even get on top of them Wow donna's you are very powerful what about this what about this car we are in a jury we think you could get away from us did you really think it can away from I son so obviously we have all these different stones one of them is a time stone we can we can run in slow motion with the time stone and everybody else is still moving in real speed look at this we can hit it and then we can run around it and then push it back this is awesome but what we can also do is really go into slow motion this is super ultimate slow motion where literally nobody stands a chance look at these guys look at these guys they have no idea what's happening they have absolutely no idea what's happening and in the mean time before they turn around we can get ready and throw this thing at them oh snap let's throw another on easy look at that card is just flying around where is the sink where is this thing thinking I think I hit a building again it does that sometimes and now let's go back to normal time normal speed it just run into some people I'm so sorry look this guy's still frozen they think we forgot to unfreeze him let's help him out there you go buddy let's explore the next stone this is the seal steel souls that probably the soul stone look at that we just took that guy's soul oh my goodness you're not going damn it you're in our stone let's go and draw from this guy oh oh you hit a strong soul you had a very nice soul sir can we take it from cars new cars have souls I don't think so I don't think they have souls oh oh no we took it from the who took it from the pilot that's nice take it from everybody in the car bye bye guys you said no chance against the soul stone we will eat all your souls away speaking of taking souls away we can also turn stuff into stones because we can we can do anything we're literally Thanos look at this guy and it's just completely into stone oh my god okay what about the Hellion bye bye helicopter you're so now and everybody falling down from it it's don't dude look at these dude and we crush the snow dude this is this is nasty this is nasty how many people get we turn into stones I would love more turning everybody into stones this is awesome but I now know why Thanos loves his gauntlet so much what are you do really really trying to fight us buddy nobody sends it John's nobody sends it John's against Thanos everybody's just so the helicopters don't do oh nice and obviously we have this charge jump we can jump really really high look at that and then fly around like this turn out our things in stone I know I know I'm pretty crazy I'm pretty creative to look at this dude bye bye bye friend do your stone now what's what next what's next burn victims into water okay we could burn third people into stove we can turn people into water we're literally evaporating these guys look we're liquefying them in there the victor they chose evaporator okay that this is how I would love to clean up my room just be like a fly you know gotta clean up my mess and applied this is all clean out this is all oh hello there buddy your water now your water than this why did Thanos not use this against the Avengers you should use this against the Avengers Anna's right next turn victims into animals what look at this oh we can do any animals into stuff too we're literally turning everybody into an animal or right now this is awesome even the vehicles are turning into animals look at this just a bunch of dogs running around out what the hell there's a killer whale here let me help these guys out and there's one with dead dog full of sight well what this is epic this is awesome bye bye my friend bye bye you are now a dog yeah he's a dog let's turn him again you're now a boar you're now another boar you're now a dog you're not a dog you're a little dog there you go we have another ability we can add teleport cart crashes oh boy look at that we can literally just teleport cars into these people so we're using our black hole to literally just teleport cars into their faces what were you thinking what were you thinking look at this let's do this a few times what is this helicopter really tried to attack us I'm gonna teleport cars into you look at this guy look at this it's just a car coming out of a portal okay well this is a funny ward but it's not that strong let's create a black hole oh my god we just create a black hole somebody just got to lead it the see these are the first images of black holes that's a big big black hole everything just gets absorbed in the black hole we can just shoot black holes that people own oh wait is this simple it's this black hole stuck here oh okay well they seem to evaporate really really rapidly which you know small black holes they can do that you know then the Hawking radiation going and stuff like that look at these black holes this is beautiful oh stop snap and we're stuck in a black hole guys we're never coming out here just kidding we're that also we gonna do anything stone power shoot what oh boy look at that this is this is a nice this is a nice power shot look at that all right we can do so much more for example lift up these things and then throw them away and then throw meteorite at their face are you doing buddy you're a dear buddy but of course what status was really strong even without the stone even without that gondola I mean even without any of the stones face we can also jump into the sky and we can obviously punch people too can we charge up a punch can we charge up a punch and just go for it oh my goodness a kite just wait let's try to punch his car as far as we can BAM nice and pick him up and throw them away and jump and a whole flam won't smash I mean smash BAM well I was enough playing around time to end this let's go through the portal Oh No okay that was bad step that that whoops still learning the portal okay let's go through the portal there we go alright nobody will find this beer and cups think I can hear Ironman is on his way The Avengers stepped you know the guys that remained oh there he is there is who wasn't joking when I said Ironman was here so I heard man wait wait he's much stronger I thought maybe I could turn him into stuff oh boy Ironman and his buddies can we send a black hole his way he dodged a black hole this is bad this is that you know what you know what we're not gonna fight him we're just gonna snap her fingers wait what I meant stop straight that's not my fingers my Iron Man Oh No are you starting to feel funny let me snap this again for you oh no iron men are you slowly evaporating oh boy we killed everybody everybody in the city is fine everybody is perished let's snap it one more time for good measures anyway scalps that was that awesome GTA 5 what an amazing Lud make sure you drop a like if you enjoyed it bye bye make sure you use code cops in fortnight supported creator the code gets reset every two weeks so make sure you're still supporting me now go and get yourself some awesome skins toad comes