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CS:GO WTF Moments #69

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throwing a grenade oh my god only device left standing but he will finally deal with this a hitman bombs gonna go down and I got it very close device on for the ACE if he wants to pick this round up putting one taps angel down it's certainly doable sadly possible flashing round two bullets left in the air and he'll cut down the last man device a surgeon you will get rid of one man at the very least Macker is good to trade and equalize this out that bomb gonna go down with sex disperse it next quick often gonna go down people yo yo pseudo toda la penita Ilana hello friend there is an awesome promo campaign on the well-known csgo fest feel balanced now and it will receive very cool gifts for example three cases or counter grades the promotion ends in 31st of April however all bonuses will remain with you after that so now is the right time to play at csgo fast and there are plenty of ways to recharge your balance Trilok on csgo fast calm these are the Polish seguro connector CT connector [Laughter] Gajan exactly where he is and he does not know where they're coming from URI gets closer and closer by the second his teammate using an AWP but chain just looks to try and play the time here's the tap on the bomb and they have no idea where he is James just waiting at our lobbies James doesn't get the kills but he plays it perfectly what a crazy Brown for more oh you just had too much warp on the first half man I hate too late now brother more practice if you had Elizabeth was for niconico is he gonna aznable's girl if you ain't first out that you're thankful oh my god that was fun geez