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CS:GO Major Tournament Begins! Katowice 2019

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Katowice 2019 BEGINS! This time we have a viewer pass, pick ems, steam.tv? and a great lineup of pro CS:GO Teams, the best in the world compete for 3 weeks. GET HYPED!

Join us at twitch.tv/warowl for my coverage of the games, and a nice chat room.

hey mr. Worrell you're really late with this video and everyone else posted it when the update came I'm fine now won't go over the details again cuz you already know well greetings I the wor L greets you and welcome to my favorite time of the year CSG Oh major time starts Wednesday goes for over three weeks three weeks of counter-strike games don't get sick of that this year we're going back to Katowice the spodek arena is a legendary location for counter-strike Katowice 2014 for me was the tournament that really showed the true potential of professional counter-strike we got a million dollar prize pool we got a bunch of weird teams and we got each other baby I'm gonna be streaming a number of the games on twitch.tv slash war owl throughout the entirety of the tournament it's a lot of fun we did this last major it's like hanging out with friends and watching the games together when I'm not gonna be streaming the games myself I'll be hosting the main stream so you can have a cancer-free chat experience there's no randomized souvenir drops this time but don't worry people are stupid enough to continue to spam exclamation point drop even though there are no drops I also predict we'll see a drop in the viewer numbers on the go TV side of things I figured a lot of people just left BOTS afk to harvest the souvenir drops and then sell them for like 10 bucks here's all the info you probably already know there's a ten dollar tournament pass this time that you don't have to buy it gives you access to the pick'm challenge the badge team sprays woohoo victims is the same but it's not point based you just have to complete challenges like get five picks correct and when you complete challenges you level up your badge every time you level up your badge you get a fancy souvenir case Steam TV there's a steam stream in client ok I'm sure that Chad won't be carcinogenic I'm going to show my support for America inside of the chat this is an American Counter Terrorist shooting a terrorist while waving the American flag there's an owl eating a cookie you bullied to me you bullied me for my pickups predictions and you hurt my feelings man let me tell you the proper way then according to everybody else to do the pickles challenge so every single predictive model every single so-called expert that I have seen has predicted these six will move on to the next stage the three zero spot is a trap makes bad idea to put good play add a grammar so let's say that fnatic is the team that you think is gonna be 3-0 so you stick them in there it's bad idea why they might go 3-1 and still pass and you will get zero points for your fnatic pick there's a much higher chance that fnatic makes it through then fnatic is the 3-0 team and you only need five points to make it through right so these last two slots you can play around with some people like g2 kind of a wild-card you don't know if they're gonna make it or not that's kind of a good team to put in the 3-0 it's kind of a throwaway thing right so the final just put whatever team you like some people are out like runner goes this time of year I'd like go Vanguard man I like that in Tyler who guys they seem cool like them Vegas but some people are I've been for use but listen back to bullying we got our 0-3 slide and it'll go V we gotta be rough male isn't these last four teams that's where you get zero three slot okay so twin strike man they've done it before hey we got Greyhound I don't know where they are to be honest BC prediction Australis is the favored team to win I also think liquid and MIB are have a good chance especially now that MIB are got the band back together maybe they won't get 60 note on dust2 this time na vi's biggest strength is simple one of the most gifted counter-strike players of all time if he shows up they have a chance maybe he can bring he Co is like a emotional support pet or something the challengers stage is a complete toss-up because it's a bunch of best of ones with weird teams who normally don't play in the same circles the Swedes look good with their blond hair the Americans look strong I'm written for NRG to be the breakout team this major but I'm incredibly biased because USA USA USA and can in Bulgaria vitality has a lot of momentum and ends has a lot of hype I'm not sold yet this major is a chance for them to prove themselves is that North No North didn't qualify oops I'll stop being toxic na experts are predicting furia the Brazilian team to be the Dark Horse of the tournament but I'm predicting a vanguard the Kazakhstan E team but the final boss is always gonna be a Stralis