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CS:GO is NOT for girls

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respect all females!



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the Fitnessgram Pacer test is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets harder as it continues the 20 meter Pacer test will begin in 30 minutes line up at the start nurses office I shit myself [Laughter] who picked office fuck who pick yet fuck you JC you picked office yeah this map is literally the work you all's hi Murray's riddled cunt all right what's the best map I'm listening I'm all ears literally anything but office shut up Elena just give you AI 5 for that one thank you I like how I haven't even like introduced myself to Elena or nobody's telling you to shut the fuck up you caught on quickly a lot of aggression laid out you fucking bitch I think this is myth oh I never done meth he's breathing you ever considered trying that not breathing thing again I'll try it out oh he's going right nice and easy don't stop until your vision starts to tunnel JC don't stop hold it hold it hold it JC did you just say foldable samsung fridge that's that's the fucking door retard [Laughter] chicken alfredo Casey I feel like you're the kind of guy that would try to slam a revolving doors I've been playing a lot of faces over all warmed up watch this [Laughter] oh shit I got to pick it up now oh yeah she's she's a girl did midgets her epic wait Eli you know images are you know right oh he's just Asian same thing oh so are all midgets Asian in my book is Peter Dinklage Asian yep more like Peter Dinklage it's the old guy watching Seinfeld laughed so hard that he actually had a heart attack and died I'm gone God mr. serious man is okay all right I'm time I pass on it through he's good thanks vena do you think shut up and kind of hear this song it's song it's go go burst truck cuckoo bears chomp don't let us down please we really need this seriously it's a big deal nice horton needs a hearing it it sounds like someone's on life support every time [Laughter] sign language horton hears a tinnitus induced ringing by dr. Seuss Gordon Gordon mrs. parents fight the mixer a summer whippin angry while your parents are you your parents okay to talk about getting a divorce Gordon Huddle's in the corner and rocks back and forth while humming the Minecraft soundtrack while his parents Gordon is a piece of shit and life just not going here in KC on know who I was gonna guess she's like one of the richest people in the world right one of the richest Americans at least yeah he's pretty rich I'm like aren't like the top five richest people fuckin fuckin American uh I think one of them's Nigerian he's offered me money a couple times but I didn't feel right about it [Laughter] guys knock knock did you just say hello knock knock knock knock fuck off right uh I was wondering why he was I'm an airplane these roleplay servers are fucking weak here to be experiencing some minor turbulence right I got behind you there's a Bowie and for Seth Oh dick too hard don't stand too close you might think I am a creep out this way it's musical numbers that's right Smitty you got that right for this is just from the 30 minutes that I know you but I'm pretty sure I know exactly what your future is not gonna have a talent for that so what's gonna happen is you're kind of in uni right now you studying something and you don't even really know if you enjoy it and after three or four years you're gonna graduate go into a job that you kind of resent but see you know you're trying to keep up a show oh yeah well it will get better as I move up the the the the chain so to speak and then as you get further and further or perhaps stagnate you're gonna realize how meaningless it is it's not really making enough money to justify the time you put into it and drugs are just a natural thing to kind of head towards at that point so you start slamming the drugs maybe you're in a relationship you start neglecting her or him know don't want to constantly presuppositions and next thing you know you're in an abusive household with a person that no longer loves you this resentment all around you and drugs that your only friend now I'm not saying drugs are a bad friend you know drugs camp you know they're they keep you good company you know they make you feel alright and you just keep taking more and more of the drugs and then immediately you die and I mean that's like a great thing to pursue I get as far as I'm concerned against me later they completely well I mean the main thing is me I mean you know what you distance for so just just have fun mate you know just just fucking enjoy the hell other than that experience you know one of those duties in school if you like gives like careers about IQ no really that was dark Hanley shit anybody else my cock is granite okay my mom says that's what our countertops made out of I take my countertops for granted no no way you guys oh my god my countertops marvelous is this really what it's come to countertop jokes women assertive so condescending here's the mother fuck you disabilities are hilarious don't upload forever [Laughter] oh my god oh fuck you you fucking cunt fuck off that was why this native tongue