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CRAZY ENDING!! – OpTic vs G2 – ECS Season 7 – CS:GO

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CRAZY ENDING!! – OpTic vs G2 – ECS Season 7 – CS:GO

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and not so Isis rogue at the top there but will likely get that fixed give up the numbers advantage when you're on that T side and they're trying to find a way to keep the CT rotation on a for as long as possible so they can get the numbers into that B bomb site shocks is not gonna find anything just yet but life is there to distract remember longer giving shocks a lifeline but can't quite find the kills does get some additional damage but in swings Kenny now to see if he can finish them off as shocks and soften them all up but it's not looking too good here Val 42 2 versus 4 but these players for wrote they're so weak it's good absolutely burn on its heads uptick just a misprint don't worry about I'll take my go for desperation pushes for this sake even though you not with a deal in hand to begin with did I actually eliminate the two optic players so try to get down snap you will take out Kenya and the hall and then Jackson CT spawn that's gonna buy a lot of time for optic and snap you reposition himself to smoke but desperately M&A savvy no way oh my goodness that is salt you don't have to try to revisit himself really question here but no configs gonna shed shot him instead the team and lucky get pushed back nice Nate's Nico taking out lucky little poor repeat by lucky trying to garden shock see answers back Nico's real low HP but optic they're making way to the bomb site they're slowly chipping away one HP that snappy man feels bad lucky guinea headin a K well snappy all live and he'll be sitting in second mid still I think in the same position actually is the bomb goes down to his feet sharks pushing that but he still can take him down he's done so much damage already shocks oh he's done so much for g2 and now this one player and pause looking like this should be a guaranteed rate but shocks doesn't peak in time there perhaps a missed coordination coming in and that could completely foil this retake attempt a manic he's got the C's head out this is looking all quit he knows CHP slow now down to the final frag a panic push doesn't go for the push there but he will drop his own incendiary should cover he's gonna commit to this shortly smoke comes out from snappy and that takes I'm gonna cop the bomb he will get the kill but a sea of time for this doesn't have the kits and he's got to fall back that was mercy for GT famous okay yes take it out Nico so like this multi just waiting there kind of burst on the side good re coming here from GP they have three players here but the excuse which way will they go config picks off the first one as can you swings wide around construction and that's off do that the speech shocks goes in off the sound of the bottle well the old classic G to double opt site you're tired of it trade sees the rifle support and lucky msl is gonna be careful it's okay to lose one player that double latte with a double colon config point-blank round right here Jax transfer into smoke unsuccessful he's three miraculous headshots this is this is the classic humans classic of defaults you can go for on this map coughing picks up kill as this middle you know they've been going beef nine rounds in a row pretty much and a bit that X rotate go down to through the smoke em Nixon hindsight play the lurk roll yes not in time to catch the smoke with across oh my goodness what a flick on refresh they take out the bomb as well now it's one on three snappy Yanks thank you're gonna have to a lot more g2 if you want to take this banana for me nicely done by Kenny okay seem like you're right now because she too has two players Saito shocked sighs peek dry he takes him out no luck he's in a really bad spot and lightnings gonna strike twice I can't believe it what is going on config man configs live there are problems and the bomb goes down three versus three off the plot no come on come up fire then he was weak though but configure cell life so it's still looking pretty good here for obviously getting close snappy with a nice flick shirt on to Jack's harmonic he's coming in by herself and snap you are taken down Vic to UK entry winner you know so she to go an aggressive hit Jack straight out middle okay well gee to have all the map control you could possibly want can't do the same throughout 15 rounds in a row change up your default oversell have a Depot where you have heavy odds I would have expected them to go down there that would have been two versus three for conflict to play out but there you go seven to eight and the mid push comes in hello weren't expecting that were you and look there's the cover from sappy and life is troublesome now 42 will feel like anything's possible true snap he will be the first to spot this one out but he'll be smoked off and so there was a player up on the boost and there you go good cognizance there from g2 to deal with him although you'll be traded out to Jack's there's like he goes forwards and he's got to be able to get these kills shocks it's gonna go for the pawn surely there'll be some action here from refresh like he goes for the creative peak now down two shots one vs. four he's got no Kevlar and it's not happening it's not happening 30 seconds to go G to start pushing in our neck he's not looking in good shape at this point and looks like he will stay alive Kenny s is coming to life with that deagol and all of a sudden big problems here key to making this force by work quite nicely and oh god CT side sitting on top mid with the flashbang fast-pace fights one in the cubby can he finish him up yes he can and that's two quick kills they msl will be able to spot one rapping tour see a bomb site trying to beat him to that punch that area forcing takeover B but snappy already in banana control he's watching and I saw the perfect position as well he's absolutely nailed this one surely is Jackson he came to him and really really good stuff remember so he'd be anywhere in the bomb good remind myself to make a hero play like that tre Samba Donna's pretty favorable for uptick for v3 they saw plenty till it's he left as well plus oh my god they go in for another kill that is nes is still alive for the AWP it's a nice short ways to trade I'm gonna cut a grenade in his hand couldn't trade it out yeah what the hell's happening here this is absolutely ridiculous with other two man Oh God you know two more maps to play possibly after this archway seems like I've just having a hard time holding the the left side wrap missed a bombsight Niko reposition himself in the pit spots two players one in halls and and porch area a the skin fire the shot balls I please stay alive somehow bacon kills and a far-away just know that angle on that's bull bang oper you gotta know your angles looks like banana take is a take is the key ken yes elbows config taking him out take initiative straightaway for active play don't batana taking a player pasta SPO you can be coke he's got warning that they're going this position all the damages do line up for a Mesabi just get taken down by Kenny what a half round from Kenny yes and the guy the balconies held back a little bit longer waited for g2 and there he goes to wrap porch and balcony because you pretty good in the pit position config opens things up on the defense MSR chimes in and lessly the defense is firing off an all cylinders hearing has like it's really failed to this push from T to optically holding very nicely 13:13 and was the money at where the money at drowning something next round and therefore by next round all it at this point by next row but hey guys push up club meets our neck he's gonna make it work trades out confit that's a big pick to have happen and they also pick up a gun for it for their troubles awkward on the bomb site now for MSL oh no it's all good it's all card from I think I actually hate hugging on this map because paint g2 are moving back towards bananas is their autumn around so far we begin to top bits Jack's guests the kill the trade comes down as well from Nico double thing coming in from the ak-47 and what makes this way to us be Emma so it comes back towards a and she do then they take the harder website this is why refresh performing excellently for his team so far ins they gloss the bomb there's no time they've gotta run in and try to do what they can can yes with a shotgun or perhaps took him to see what he can find but there's no on TV found and it has gone desperately wrong desperately rush so that's a great shot he's not been connecting everything with their ideas that objects okay right here takes him and now G to a porn is last round Mike before optic just like that you know news holds event Kenny ass coming in with a second killed around oh actually hang on they've got you can see their loss bonus Oh the walk was arch was the trade conflicts looking for it is against Kenny though Kenny you know it has a worse angle he's got the worst angle it's taken out by shock call this Molotov and just like that on the optic falls when they had a two person advantage just like that thrown out the window why not it's not over just yet the one will be plugged in the side but you've got AWP on lucky leases no I'm Kenny as far as opteka concerned I'd be happy about that but snappy in through porch for the pop flash looking to get the first flick can't find it it is refresh now they're all so weak gets himself the first one two more players to find as time is up the yes it's it it's the next one we fresh is on for this one more player to go starts to get really close to now for shocks and refresh what a clutch all three kills and we're going to overtime ladies and gents was Pitt my goodness your bomb site not ideally but still time yeah an optic his head be so many rounds in this game g2 is probably good having no and feel how they're gonna execute here smokes are coming down flashes coming around like a flash he does get 100 gets the kill on two kills exchange from both teams g2 coming on top with three on two snap time I complained smoke decides not to backs off need to plant the bomb first refresh no gonna be on flank duty they had to try to get a pic here you don't want too late to passively with too aggressive possession done get two kills in the spawn what is going on here refresh two huge kills and now shocks he has to make plays AWP picks off the fresh water and snappy with the great exchange and just like that again what is going on Kenny on that angle it's going a grass isn't tithing it's just terrible though the site will be pushed by optic lots of fire those being laid out by the CTU's how much damage with it dude lucky playing first oranges flashbang cut it can't find the head shot of the cset sharks now creeping around the side he's got to fight something and he will find his end Niko and now GT fight desperately the bomb rotates back here can't see happening like an uphill battle for a manic take some out optic beatin g2 in overtime and EK always ready he's ready hello jumping is good enough for a trade at the very least and they will now be able to make their way into the bomb site not a bad for qur'anic things we can really dodgy now here for optic but can they stabilize No doesn't even matter like you take out refresh well for the team of course boys often oh okay there you go he's got some three off the deagle just play around that barrel oh okay just not a kill yet for GT and they won't get a kill fighting for position jogs doesn't realize refresh just dots off to the barrels and once again it's successful and looks like optic have a good reader this movement now there's haven't hit the shots pink is made but GT will progress optic here run a Fite fresh taking on a minute by the elbow area now g2 does get the bomb down Kenny s as snap you won't get one kills each Kenny I sent a one on toothpicks off snappy it look like it's about to get pinched here I've to get back off Ken yes we'll take the shot pick up the a Kade not successful is configurable Flint from cat taking out funny ass you know as you said keep it simple and you know they take long you take care big pushes again in tongues I don't see if doing those get two kills right off the bat okay yeah it's a change and then config on fourth kill can t get the ACE no he con very crisp I'm in this map wait I think more common source then maybe 1.6 cuz the doors are just so flimsy so wide he gets to sit to people ops and tagging through the wall which makes it hard for G to take this bomb site plan yeah saying I'm oh it's definitely the name of the game but he has to have some of these shots but it hits something in oh no MSL too many misses there snappy looking to save the day in th e some good damage yeah there we go and my neck is the last man standing he's much healthier not in the Sparty's is he ready to get across so he can't lisanne HP's too weak I don't know if he's heard that's a thief smoke he definitely didn't if that smokes going there snappy oh my god no way he wins this one a manic Peaks the corner config he's been hitting shots that's what he does he'll be a little bit slow to the tracking aim their shops will thicken down with refresh how much doubt can he do being attacked all sorts of positions in Eco in the back from CT able to tap down one accusing the tunnels and MSL takes him down so a missiles hitting some of the harder shots maybe there's a chance at both playing from the back of plateau so I will go very well or very badly not good it's a repulsive out and it's definitely the latter you thought you hit the sky just go through this I don't know I guess that that's not bad b1 slice open and look oh my god that was that was beautiful Kenny yes can he hit this one no whoever said nicely done he makes it work there you go two key clutch shots there right into a loan once again Chiti don't seem content in lane I'll take half this the flashback to in good way oh and go but this force is G – it was just rushed towards B refresh is all alone it's pretty shocked see look in the middle and itself trying to be loud and been charged but gets taken out by shocks make it throw flash betrayal made that is pretty sexy stuff indeed he is owning them on cap that's what you want to see GT looking like they're gonna salvage a 510 1/2 here and there's Nico goes and makes the best highlight of his career it's the Scout no careful r1 b5 defuse no kit there be a sight to behold that would be something today might not be the day chunk down to 25 HP Kenya's cleans them out they're gonna go out long so it's very interesting here two pockets of T attackers and they're getting shut down toward middle but they've got the a both side that's what counts and this allows could've faked a plant for cat Nico picking out a mimic on the rail Kenya so changing the kill break taking out lucky and now one three Kenny solo HP he knows how to manage his money to do that but still market look oh no they lose long straightaway stocks spread out one way back to the car Coptic don't have to keep pushing the issue here though find body that's was lowered off they know they have to make stuff happen shocks this kid I lit up there by the car it'll be any let's say there's no flashes I wonder if there would be one but I kind of like not throwing flash he's not giving away your position too early to tell and it causes a back to having the peak a weird awkward angle from the window and just like that optic we'll plant the bomb and be get good post plant can you ask there's no kit no armor it's good to know these things when you play your opponents so the g2 here is good actually dealing with a be split we'll see if they can make it happen though you can see shots go through the spoke bit too early perhaps as always for on shocks and now he's dead jazz comes in from the back that push on long paying off but now the neck you see the drop players hit was happy ball so I can't hit the aerial shot as lucky does the damage there from the beginning of the slide the front of the slide should say as in herself pulls out the AWP and he's turned it on org is now picked up to what we supported the last one coming out of the tunnels he's got the a good gun for this flash goes out it goes for the committed peek but Jack's ducks behind the box in time to avoid him SL but the timing saw about the timing and Jax is gonna make it work it's gonna take over a while very strong play on this map fresh is walking backwards not getting a bit lucky though push his titles and kill snappy snacks there's not shocks under water Tom taking it over KS miss will shot sit back here as obstacle which is a smoke nice bond that is not what you want to make and that actually you will help them recover the fall but there are problems as well Jax picks up another one Jax takes some damage but well they actually get to kill him how are they gonna resolve this Nico will take a nominate but that goes Jax again being a nuisance and pots a nuisance gets himself three and indeed so it's risky but they're looking for it myself but cannot take up the fish and config taking out two and a map-like does tuna then was to people that money sucks money sucks but they're getting the kills in g2 falling apart here at the seams okay man so push it behind the Molotov okay yes style it's a shot but doesn't get the kill an object goes up one person advantage configure though with really low a tree huggers gonna be funny oh my goodness almost getting both time but refresh smell the Cologne on Jax no shocks has to make it play five on three changes sit back the site and get spam to smoke and already it looks way too easy I thought I'd be a little more than that that's way too easy