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CRAZY DONATION TRAIN! You Guys Are Awesome! (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

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Big thanks to all my friends, viewers and moderators. Your support makes all this come together and work!

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lost be honest it's just ma'am where we go oh Alcantara thanks again Joshua for the generous donation and thanks nothing for the $50 donation emojis aren't working MP it might be because you just became a member again you might have to like sign out and sign back in YouTube on whatever do one enemy with us but I can see straight because there is a fold off like they're way off well this warehouse had a lot of meds huh what the fuck I need something to throw at someone at the very least tt vest on me get on that over I thought I thought I thought to myself over the past couple days I'm gonna give third person a man another chance oh my god it just lets you down so much it's so random like even when you're right I'll Center on him even when you're dead center on because sometimes I think you know what i'll soft him it's just that my name's not that good if i keep it no those bullets went everywhere but one contact on out in the field kenta guns do you have bud okay hey if you need if you need the loot is probably beginning of the game everybody yeah someone's coming from where beside a building can't hear him he's up top there's two there's two there's two over there one is up higher on the hill wait where are you guys even aiming it I'm so confused knocked one nice see you're not we are in zone top nope he's right on top the hill where that guy jumped off of the three is he's got an ape just hurt my knees that's not your Nate he threw a nade – you fucked me out twice yeah yeah yo sup he still ups and there's one one back to the right more I knocked out nope I put more hits on the guys I knock another ones down another neighborhood watch that goodnight watch that grenade there you go yeah yeah boys fucked up as level 3 votes how'd you guys get over there I bet I've been running around this wall the whole time trying to figure out that's the quickest way to get bathroom I don't think you can hey we're in circle – no no fucking yeah really [Laughter] hey I got over the wall to find the SS on this asshole with a bunch of rounds Dave just for you I $55 from girl boy holy shit William another big bottle here fpp aiming and have fun hey thanks bro 55 60 from Willem and a $25 donation that I somehow didn't see hold on oh damn $25 to nation from zetton that says win this one I will do my best second was $75 and Willem was 55 dollars and 60 cents damn you guys are you're crazy I'm not even doing good tonight thank you so much I need five five I've only got three extra yeah twelve rounds and now I only have 37 I don't I don't know if anybody in the stream caught on to it and that's why you're giving money or whatever but I am not in the best moods I'm trying to I'm trying to kind of like hide it but I've been in this lake I don't know lethargic or weird kind of mood today I'm just not caring like how I do I don't know why maybe that's why I'm soft and it's so much better you feel making me feel a lot better about my day even though I never even said anything was wrong you guys are awesome thanks for those generous donations yeah usually usually when I do bad I'm like I'm in such a weird mood usually when I do bad do you guys know how I am I'm like all pissed off fucking yeah huge douche bag I know exactly a huge huge douche bag that today I just have any material I'm like why am I not caring whether or not I do get it it's in a relaxed mood look know it's not relaxed there's something off about my mood it's not a good mood it's not an awful mood but it's not a good mood if you know what I mean it's like it's like and I don't care type a mood you know holy shit we actually have zone I don't feel like doing [Laughter] fucking silly bastard hello I've to eight times to eight times be advised yeah but I'm advised thank you Villa buyers thinking huh huh I know I know over I will let you know as soon as I find these oh no you're not allowed to have a sniper area forbidding it ooh that's a grip I need that uh dropping us three times for a grenade picked it up down there are many times Oh God at the six times god dammit I'm not to do here boys I take that uh she turns up an injury but first I don't on me I honestly don't know what to do with all this shit Oh Oh twenty-five dollars from atomic atomic Annihilator a town I'm just gonna call you atomic cantilever I like all your atomic Annihilator that sounds cool good luck get a chicken dinner atomic man thanks I'm 25 thanks I have to drop my $5 but I know where they are and that's awesome I really appreciate that bro thanks for the 25 bucks I'm not even asking anybody to give money I never asked for donations but the fact that you guys give them just makes my day you guys are awesome very supportive stream today and I appreciate that guys I appreciate that I really do appreciate that I stream to try and entertain you guys to have fun myself and even when I'm not doing good I hope you guys still find enjoyment in it and I can tell you about me because of the donation so you guys are awesome thank you very much everybody for the mountains I need to drop to first AIDS dropping to first though hey I don't have any needles can I have one of them alright so I know we're three first aids are and there's five five and two first dates on me right now I'll be able to take you guys back to a bunch of shit that I just can't have them I'm coming I need a level two helmet as well and it'll rash level that exists I got a little bit snacky snack Oh wake up something coming in behind the next building over orphan – over upstairs buff and the time kinda like forty dollar donation totally said forty dollars price from eighty three CJ well what's up Angie 3 CJ West let's go boys we love the stream hey thanks man I appreciate the support man that is awesome it's good to have you back in the chat man 83 CJ Wes let's read off all the recent donations for anybody that might have missed something we got we got 83 CJ West with $40 that's awesome you're the man then we got Willam grab a beer with 55 60 is awesome and we got Zen with $75 it's crazy something you are insane and that's just Dave follow me about like 10 minutes man you guys you guys gonna make me cry with all this these donations that is awesome thank you very much guys I'm coming Gary average why you need a new job I was kidding I don't know what's going on tonight everybody's so generous it's crazy Davi Dave on me but there's some first aid some ammo and then follow me again I just I don't know where like I've got three first aid six boosts and a four app guys so there's an 8x right here next room over sorry I need that 8x I just found an SKS I'll become I'll be coming to you shortly oh yeah here it is here's Nadex I don't have yeah pick it up yeah I'll pick it up I don't have any pick it up there's one more upstairs and a 6x dang it's not rightful yes yeah it's right here bro I'm on it again orphan did you hear man I wouldn't helmet – hey I just got a level two thanks man dropping two three times I got you I don't need that bullshit yes that's all I need dave-o so colonel hackworth with five five six a five-hour energy is what you need I don't like all the caffeine in those things whatever they do and I think it's pure caffeine I don't know hey Colonel hacker thanks for the nine five six hash which I'm not even wearing my five five six that oh thank you very much colonel Acworth I appreciate that man you're awesome I need an extended Meg Ronnie my god I work IT too bro I do I work ite – I need a level three backpack ten dollars let's see what she says for being awesome in the front of the server you made my day with the note and teach I love you average day thanks MV I'm glad you enjoyed the t-shirt you deserved it we love you too MV thank you very much for the generous $10 donations make sure you send me a picture opener of you wearing the shirt that's the first shirt I ever sent a red dot on me and nothing else so make sure yeah I need to drop three grenades thanks for the 10 bucks someone grab these grenades please oh that's why right you are you are assuming that people have inventory space I mean I have a little three bag so I can grab some shit can I have your level 3 bag thank you MV appreciate that and thanks again colonel hacker still have four grenades Johnny have ever done a pistol on I suck too bad to do a pistol on the gameplay I can barely do a fully decked out m4 and awm gameplay hmm yeah this games too fucking hard to do that bullshit it's really true I'd rather do something like that on PC where I can actually have more precision when I aim and fast yeah I can have precision when I aim on here but it's I feel so sluggish with it and I mess my aim a lot up a lot because I try to aim like I'm playing on PC like really fast and my controller just shoots across the screen like no excuses just treat them way better on a board taken there's whimpers – with a $20 donation let's keep it rolling always enjoyed your channel and playing with you and never DC donated you Kyle Austin what's a $10 effing with twenty five more dollars Kyle I said what 10 bucks nothing with $25 say too much money I'm doing rebus whimpers – at 12 – helmet on man I lost him with $10 nothin with $25 bringing his Zevon's donation total to $100 dang dude thanks guys that's awesome Kyle says everyone don't forget to smash that way people getting their tax refunds man thanks Kyle last one for now every time I'll be on some time soon we wanted to try blackout again some time with you as well as pub G I was looking for you on Wednesday and Thursday but I figured you got busy so I left you alone I was busy with some other stuff to remind me to send you some pictures of the little gaming PC me and my brother bill is pretty awesome thanks for the generous donations whimpers Kyle's that then you guys are awesome dwarf in gaming with a $5 donation hashtag make it rain Jesus Thor Fionn your wife was just screaming about you about paying the electric bill what's he gonna do when she hears about this [Laughter] that's the money away they need extended mags for both guns over hey you guys are awesome thank you very much for the donations level to Buster darling did you loot the restrooms I don't think I've ever had that many donors Illumina once before it's like a record breaker Oh sad low average one day I'll be as good as you and Jules thanks man that's awesome three bucks I'm sad low he's my favorite he's my favorite in dual stream you guys you guys should there's just something about his voice that just turns me on it turns me on I don't know why I don't know why thanks for the three bucks said the good to see you man tremendous slaps donated $7 just watch your last video the jig is up and left my pots off keep overcoming that effort thank you seven bucks tremendous clouds I appreciate that man this is crazy this human is thank you so much for the donations everybody that is crazy and thanks for the 7 bucks man I really appreciate that bro I don't understand what's happening here there's another $40 donation from a 3 CJ with hashtag do refunds hashtag let it ring thank you so much 83 CJ weds it's good to have you man and then a $15.00 and 56 cents from cinemas oh I know you man what's up sinem Asian cinema is an amazing X animation X thanks Jo I appreciate that 15:56 from sin amazin X $40 from 8 v CJ West any cash account worth of donations I don't know why you're giving me this money but I appreciate the support guys somehow somehow you guys picked up on the fact that I wasn't myself today even though I made it rain that is awesome thanks guys spooky so are you gonna get that care package $2 this is a donation this this donation this donation train going crazy tonight so might as well thanks 50 man I always see you in the comments of the YouTube videos you're a great guy I'm glad you enjoyed the content man thanks for the $2 thanks for the generosity man I appreciate it spook G centum Asian 83 CJ West you guys are awesome thank you very much yeah it must be tax return to attacks returns until I started doing YouTube you guys donate so much money I have to pay it back damn it stop give everybody bike coming in oh that's perfect he's doing a drug like Stephen Roberts with the ten quid time to deliver some freedom to have the deliver some freedom thanks Stephen Roberts I appreciate that man that is awesome you guys are making my night I don't even this crazy man I'm starting I'm starting to starting to go all right so this is this is insane fuckin crazy what is even happening there you going for another vehicle thanks rather do something my god that's that's crazy and that's the last we heard of Gary over that's the last year to me I'm retired after tonight's stream oh yeah I'm retiring we're calling it quits Gary said oh shit uh there's a vehicle pulling up on Gary where where is Gary why is he so far away why do you think area so far away donations going crazy yes thank you very much dippin grace shots dude thank you they stop they stop behind that Ridge soft marked yep there's three and thirsted the dude I have one stop Gary I see him yeah Aaron to your left come down the hill I hit him hard I knocked another one he's on Gary I say somebody just shot your Gary I might've just say yeah yeah I smashed them he's gone for the res he's gone for the rest delivered to freedom we just delivered some serious for you this yeah there's some serious shit here boys that was awesome another there's everything we could possibly need everything is enough to pop a smoke I killed this guy over here so I do yeah I killed everybody did I kill everybody I got two of them I have four kills out well at the beginning you killed a guy we have we had those two those guys at the beginning yes we got more vehicles for our roadblock yeah this is fucked up boys yeah buddy extended mag over here somebody was saying something about needing one yeah I need one I need all the five yeah pretty good actually I've got 364 yeah I hear vehicle Oh why did it hundred dollars I why Kyle why did you just give me $100 let's get back to our you're a fucking maniac Kyle thank you dude I don't even know what to say I rain on your parade had at five five six in there too oh I see that five five six of my rain on your parade great firefight give a shout-out to Alaska what I thought everybody thanks for the hundred dollars from Kyle Kyle man you know it's been really fun playing I'm a battlefield on PC with you and for the past couple days that's awesome Oh Corner Charlie Conner shally $50 I have been loving the streams and content for a while now good games my man oh my god Kyle Austin Conor chao-li rain that's amazing you guys you guys are awesome I don't even know what to say I know it's pretty stellar on your parade five five six chaos and $100 Conroe channeling $50 I've been loving the streams and content for a while times my man hashtag duel train bro thank you so much for the 50 bucks beard rebuttal five six seventy five ish you guys are crazy man guys I am low on sevens so I can drop you some you're stopping you forty contact run in 30 he's not I don't see him for some reason still don't still don't see him yeah he was right by the road he's oh he's from all the nations a lot but I'm serious thank you you guys here yep in the hallways in the hallway back there there in the middle the floor so crazy with the donations guys thank you how awesome just randomly throws 100 bucks in what is this dude do what is this to do print money to you guys are we in the final circle everything shit hastily that has a longer range scope checked out people down there see if there's anybody the assassin mando $2 just giving away my life see I appreciate that man $2 from the assassin Manny holy crap wow thanks guys fucking made my whole year that isn't Sam I'm glad you guys love the channel man showing some support that is awesome I never asked for donations I love it Voyageur says hey average what are you Bachman misses with all the donation money today we're gonna have an amazing Valentine's Day I got reservations at McDonald's drive-through it's gonna be come and he's bringing the Jalopy you know we're doing for Valentine's Day for Rio we're going to the zoo we've never gone to the zoo together so we're gonna do that during the day and then at night we got reservations at this place that does dinner and a movie it has a special menu you order dinner and watch a movie at the same time it's pretty cool that's awesome really what movie we don't know yet we don't have reservations we have we have put money on a gift certificate kind of thing or something we still have to call them I got you so these meatheads must be on our side of the road oh my god it's kind of go to ruins kinda that'll be a fun fight this is completely insane we have fucking circle I mean if I'm moving that way yeah I'm gonna boost death that was kind of ballsy running out there alone though you know they couldn't fucking went into the ruins do the people the people are behind us and you know should we stay guys right let's go this way around 3:10 yeah let's go this way around can we go this way around and still get in I don't think we should look at the look at the layout of the terrain I think they're probably in these fucking apartment sir oh I see when I see one of them do I see it's on him where a nice one it is off mark but like right in front of us at the warehouse or I knocked on my Noctem nice is he is he you know no he's not okay no no he's knocked I'm going up there Doug no no a final circle final circle there's another Nate just came in from 60 we got good position here we got a good position here still no still no fuckin kill on that guy still no kill anybody ever that's it must be where he is just killed someone to kill him er down killed him I think fuck to left I'm gonna go ahead and advance off of this little flip thing yourself dad we can't move away from the guy building and just get him around this corner as long as nobody's around this clan another five five quid from Shaun Kotler keep it up average loving your streams like a boss thanks Shaun I appreciate that man Oh Northwest right here right i'ma throw a grenade on him he's up grenade out wish him farlow so oh that must have racked him that had to hurt him two of them over there guys yep be careful be careful in the rocks Gary do you right yeah yep there we are that's on back you are back here I got my last Grenadier one dogs back we might have to get on top of these rocks guys we might have to get on top of you drag the win this I'm gonna try and try and find a way up there here you can get up over on us we're not helping yourself I'm up over here I'm up over here he's hurt bad he's hurt bad no I'm not oh great I'm trying to get to you guys you guys are outside zone you're outside the zone is there a way to get up there over there oh there's one dead right here nope there's no one up there I just headshot him how do I get up there with you guys we're not sure right yes dog colleague that was awesome holy crap that was in say I feel like I feel like that's the perfect time to end the stream because I honestly don't want people giving me any more money that is insane I don't know why crazy and we got it that is the perfect stopping point was it was it's been a rough stream at least for me you guys have been doing good but it's been a rough fucking stream for me as far as kills go but that chicken dinner with all of us being alive that is that's the teamwork right there that's what brings it together and and the donation train going crazy what the fuck was that about are you serious somebody said the people paid the money and the people got a show I was on the other side the rock sugar you guys and I found a way into the safe zone but I was like shit what happens if they're over there I'm over here and the blue comes and we all get stuck in different places so I was like fuck I'll run through the blue and get to you guys all right when I got there Thorin creamed the last guy here use the barrel that was awesome stream guys it's really fun I'm gonna I think I'm gonna think I'm gonna leave the party say goodbye to the stream and probably grab something to eat okay Gigi's boys Gigi's that games Dave Morphin that gave a stream GG boo boo all right boys I might be back on I don't know you better get enough for the night alright see ya later star phone all right later everybody damn guys thanks for uh seriously now that I'm not in the party I just want to say thanks for the donations that meant a lot just even the people even if you don't donate it means a lot just that you're in the stream and watching you know I feel like today was kind of a weird day a couple things happened today I didn't want to mention it just kind of put me in a mood where I was like not really wanting to play but I did anyway I'm so glad I did you know because you know I get messages sometimes people saying that the videos and stuff mean a lot to them helps them out when they're having a bad day just some of the funny stuff that happens and that's awesome so I really appreciate you know you guys showing your support with the donations with the likes just being there in general you know it's big shout-out to my moderators for doing such a great job you guys are awesome I know sometimes a chat gets crazy and it's it's hard to moderate sometimes but you guys always always come through and do such a great job awesome Steven J Robo idiot especially you guys you're always here big shout out to you guys who know what's up man I see you in there that was a crazy last game we had especially with those doe nose but big big shout-out to everybody who showed their support through donations I never asked for donations it's it's not really a thing that I'm into I do youtube not for the money but for the fun and the entertainment and just because I like to do it so being able to make money on YouTube and play a game that I love and not having to be the best of it it's probably the best thing in my life so thank you very much for everyone showing their support that that was awesome so just since there were so many donations I'm just going to go down the list and do some shoutouts for the most recent donations that came in and yeah let me over there laptop over here all right so from most recent we got a Shan Shan cult ler Shan Coulter thanks man assassin Manny Conor chao-li Kyle Austin I rain on your parade Stephen Roberts spoop G sin amazin Seth donated five bucks and somehow I didn't see it Seth thanks for the five bucks man did I not see that come up holy shit I feel bad down I didn't even see that come up 83 CJ West shad low orphan gaming Zeppelin Kyle Austin whimpers whimpers 2mv Colonel hax worth eighty 3 CJ West Willam Grabel our Joshua shanks Justin cruelly jiffy Julie Jules and Chris count and Chris Keene price is wrong donated five bucks and let me check those were the super chaps from YouTube let me also do shoutout for anyone that donated through stream labs and that was two donations we got atomic Annihilator 25 bucks tremendous ops with the $7 thank you everybody that was awesome you really made my night even though I was in a weird bad mood I'll be looking for that pic of you in the shirt MV that's gonna make my night too and yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow definitely gonna do another stream tomorrow there's a new battle royale out that's totally free I don't know if you guys know this it's called apex legends and it's free on console and PC I might stream that tomorrow I was gonna thinking about streaming it today but it just came out today and it's kind of buggy it was having trouble with the friends list and everything so make sure you check out that free battle royale apex legends and hopefully I'll get to stream it tomorrow you guys are awesome thank you so much for the support I hope you guys have a great Monday and yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow hopefully later everybody