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COFFEE WARRIOR Feat. Barista Lynchen! | Rise of Shadows | Hearthstone

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PSA: Barista Lynchen may or may not actually be played in these games.



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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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I've got a great idea for a deck but I need a certain card won't the gods of hearthstone plus meal on this day I think I'm gonna get her right here I bought exactly five because she's going up here on the fifth back okay okay all according to plan and here she comes there are geniuses it's a sign it's a Sauron so today we're playing coffee warrior so welcome to coffee warrior I realized through playing a lot of matchups that spell breaker would be really good against the latest development of all these mechs going out there seems really good I wanted to put two of them in but the second spot slides in barista lynchin I noticed that a lot of these cards in the deck have battle-cries on the town crier militia commanders like an example of two cards that column were together which had battle cry Omega Devastator dinah medic so she's pretty good value if he can just add one thing back in your hand almost a little bit like a second copy of spell breaker too but I don't think it's that unlikely that I have one battle cry already on the board and then I play another and then I play barista for sick value so the removal of the eternium Rovers will hurt a little bit against druid but I think that the matchup against aggressive decks might be good enough that I can forego the eternium River sad cut but got to cut something now I don't have a turn three play so turn three all Omega assembly I guess as usual with warpath Sandro how can you possibly lose this mashup I even up there and get that Matic is so good in this matchup get him Yeti so I swipe swipe valley nice now i Saboteur hem molly only has parking age of our goth on the board at the end of your turn cast the spell you cast this turn I think it's pretty soon oh I would hate to go up against 5e8 tutus house it's dynamic I might mean that landscaping doesn't get cast okay the warpath warpath warpath ain't bad then there's pretty much as good as he'll get for a bearing dead end it's a lot like for Steve does it okay it's actually a little bit of a tough situation lower than I'd like I do have a warpath in a brawl looks good if I mints down to a few cards but still one more PAP and one brawl only deals with one four seed and I'm a fourteen at best that worst a little bit more a little bit less if he plays the force 8 here I think we go with Dino Matic it'll be warpath chilled slam Dyna medic that guarantees kills like all except one good thing we have warpath just armor up maybe weapons project sure I'm glad that I'm flying warrior guess I'll use the brawl against for state yes I thought about it I thought about the collider according to plan boy I love flying warrior right or if it's summons stuff I needed this to kill stuff well good thing that didn't have it wreaking to hundreds they just keep coming and coming to warpath sobral fair and gettin they like whatever well you got to get some amount of force present so you don't just always easy almost order wait actually it's bad for this to have gotten bombed because now I can't super collide them c5 poke poke that's pretty good and I was thinking men and sir selects to have only one weapons projects and one Harrison gents but you know the two comes into your hand exactly like that often in that my remedies are only natural sadly most of my battlecry errs have already been used a little too late for coffee I found that a surprising amenities taken jury games actually go all the way to fatigue drama card oh four out of five hard to good for you so I actually think I silenced the lifesteal so that the loosened Bart just doesn't come back it could also punch this have loosened Bart come back and then strong I think it's right to silence this man I don't think he can never heal one realistically there's a lot of dreamlike Guardians in that time it's like in the long term it's going to be pretty hard that [Applause] I'm lucky on the Town Crier dress combo counter Oh maybe if they were like oh he's almost out of card all right against hunter I actually queued up against so many mech hunters and Mike hunter is such a bad matchup and I was finally okay once let's put a spell breaker in the duck hopefully the extra answer gives me a few better chances the boy is hunter pretty tough matchup I almost wanted to put to spell breakers on the deck but it is really tough to find one more cut thinking this matchup by now thinking about demolisher I think the only good news is the aggressive version of Mike honey and it's a little bit easier to deal with than the value-oriented mech hunter and that's a fish opening the official oh wow a face not the face I really want to use that as iliacs is more healing that we got to take advantage of that current I think right now he's spooky I actually do have the health to spare I should bro why can I find much of a better one [Applause] and I actually should tell the Goblin bomb before the magnetism happens when the things aren't attacking you with charge magnets are lowers like painful each time Oh painful each time until a bomb turns out to be more painful not to kill the bums there's not that much burst in that deck so think we're good first namely lies and keeping the necks on the board and then you get charged with the magnetized 5:7 hmm I can't afford this one five eight nine this would be a good time for a master plan this is better than that right now yes long as I keep the board clear most burst damage to expect would be the second unleash Plus maybe a goblin bomb so for six damage first okay that's unexpected yeah maybe that goblin bump yes just driven to the bomb toss I guess okay then oh my god [Applause] thank goodness unpowered steam but and you are the champion well now we get one more add back slot for a quick