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CHEF NOMI Priest is AMAZING!! | Rise of Shadows | Hearthstone

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This deck is AMAZING!

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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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it's hot it's know me priest you cycle a bunch of cars and then you play know me and then you seance know me and then you play know me let's go stop that man another sweet hand I'm sorry I have the eye game audio left this is a really good hint can watch out not there ever drill with him so good hmm Topsy acolyte to go in oh okay let's see two six five six phone nope too much ah that's on fire it's on fire oh dear God okay so bomb Warrior is actually near impossible to win according to the stats control Warrior is kind of close to 5050 but maybe it's only 50/50 because the priests don't realize that they have to specifically say Allen's chef no me twice oh boy yeah okay that was a chance to instill into the game I can use Northshire to draw one card right now but I think I want to draw more than one card I could turn in the regenerate also cycle urging thats worth it a lot of cards but nothing that draws cards I usually have a legitimate choice between silence and Topsy the silence gets an extra punch of damage in not that much more then I think we'll kill it to avoid grave horror victory question mark pretty sweet touch burn my topsy-turvy I think cuz one more char clerk gets me to pop off get it soon will already pop off of this many zeros acolyte of pain is also looking for my Pyromancer I have two four ways in the deck to you start drawing massive amounts of cards there's seven six six ten I need to not draw a card with Northshire cleric okay [Applause] I'll draw one card that's for two zeroes in the duct not guaranteed to go into it but I'm pretty likely now I am guaranteed our children's occurred everything is set up perfectly and then we got the classic chef no me and the sounds and the chef no me and this sales and then hope that the opponent does not manage to win because they can still win and it's as good a position as I can negotiate in oh not using the brawl this time does he not have a single precision for the choosing this turn to light using the brawler I think you're just choosing this turn to not use the throw the supercollider being outs really bad for me too I can't place chef from them you'll have four of these we've got a warpath so that's his answer one more path to brawl maybe [Applause] we're expecting a brawl here and then I guess we just have to hope that the last brawl is in there well yeah that's the way to beat this duck has control we find a way to clear one check no mean way but if he doesn't have an answer here then I win and there's three cards in his hand and ten cards in his deck so the odds should be in my favor good luck oh my god oh yeah yet they hit the two out of five okay like love the Northshire in the parrot shield opening it's also strong deterrent to a corn man okay we got him to coin a power of the one so recognize the threat slow em down straight that I'm getting all these act leaded panes early but I'm gonna have a major draw problem later the early game will hopefully just get me to the action here it's worth sailing my acolyte of pain here different where to survive it's the classic where's my auctioneer oh nice nice well it works out do I want to sand the evil cable rat here I think the answer is yes and Sturken drip get it done evil cable around we're playing at five minute it's worth silencing but it's worth to damage now oh my god you actually traded it in the two hun okay do I go off with auctioneer this turn yes yes got the other auctioneer so I hold the silence we should have helped to regenerate the nice thing is he's obligated to kill my auctioneer so he can't just guess girl squirrel sold the forest unless he's about to yeah well then you were obligated pass I like it probably silence my pirate a good asset actually hmm it's like the worst and I've gotten well there's only about three cards you're looking for in the mall again so it's not that unlikely some luck at any of the 3×3 cards I mean 6 cards they have powered chilled Northshire cleric acolyte of pain at least the Pyromancer is like almost something I'm looking for like the fourth best card you got there I don't want to play cleric on turn on yes next coming this hand is coming together miss thing kill that happy noble dodging kind of okay I can use the topsy turvy to draw a card I can use the Cylons to draw a card well it's more useful topsy-turvy er silence it's someone injured this is more of a hex target solved Kiwis Kiwis that's a new nickname for powered shield pee-wee's I actually want this to die why shouldn't Lhasa scheme it just silence generate this guy wait wasn't that a crap I should have top-seed [Applause] so he little rolled the the much more for guessing is trying to get the big bad arc man cards are flowing at a really good pace to skip that initial hand good initial drunk laughs that were selling sing no that was actually about the sounds this but I you probably do run hag of this scheme hmm I think that doesn't get silenced well order well no it's fun draw an auctioneer I have regenerate lizzle scheme to circle healings seven six five four three divine ahem two bachelorettes counting how many turns I have left st. the other divine hand for the gadgets in electioneer number two I can actually make a little bit of you said of divine him i think so ii auctioneer is going to now four cards left in the deck natural draw three so I need to draw two cards of gandamak chénier okay so no matter what I draw I've got it I need to draw a card I want to occupy a circle but that's not possible but we're into the classic Nomi seance pattern and I've got their turn 10 so that's pretty fast okay as hagath as number one but we'll hang at those two and three make it in time that's slightly better case then against control warrior because how because scheme only has to be drawn they also need to have had it be in their hand for 5 turns do I have a way to kill the a silly snake that's Nate I do not I mean I do but that's a really bad way of killing it all right final wave oh wow that's so close oh no quiet just wait a turn