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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 has been LEAKED by Early Access Players (MW4 Revealed)

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 has been LEAKED by Early Access Players (MW4 Revealed)

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the healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is his last day on earth but I think that's a luxury not a curse to know you're close to the end is a kind of freedom at DoD five seconds weapons away as their faces faith for my memory those memories are all that's left but the pastors have taken everything my initial strikes on the predator feed here's all sides of the neutralizer what happened he killed some the sand rocks here stained with thousands of years of warfare where he plan on doing what you taught me to do kill them all hey what's going on guys welcome back to the channel my name is Dax bot I hope you're doing absolutely wonderful today thank you guys so much for cruising by the channel and check out this video today I just want you guys to know that I really appreciate it if you are new to my channel make sure you say what's up in the comments a lot of you guys have been watching my videos and are not actually subscribed to my channel yet so if you guys are enjoying my content make sure you hit the subscribe button it would be greatly appreciated so if that being said let's jump into some new stuff that we're gonna be talking about first off I want to clarify that call duty modern warfare 4 teaser trailer clip was a concept made by wolf Phoenix I'm going to link Wolf's Twitter as well as his youtube channel down in the description if you want to check out some of his other concepts or work that he's done in regards to called the view monitor for but the reason why I want to share that clip was because I wanted to set the tone for what this video is about what we're going to be talking about today and what we could be seeing coming up here in the future in regards to call duty and modern warfare 4 so with what we've seen the last few days we've gotten some intel possibly some leaks that modern warfare 4 is 100% going to be confirmed even though Activision and Call of Duty have not officially stated it yet before we talk about that I want to rewind just a few months back to the Activision earnings call that is made public to all of us that we can tune in and listen to information about what's going on with Activision you know in their updates I think they do it a few times a year but what they kind of talked about with the new Call of Duty in that last earnings call was just three brief points but it was confirmed that it will have a campaign mode it's gonna have a large multiplayer mode and there's gonna be a new co-op experience Activision was also said they have high expectations for this year's game and are extremely excited for what it's going to represent and they also hinted that call Duty would be returning to its franchise roots what the the franchise has been rooted on and kind of built on and it happened to branch out from there so I feel like even just hearing that I immediately think a call duty modern warfare series that would mean the new game would be called duty modern warfare for fast-forward to this week later on in 2019 we have the NFL draft it started Thursday night the reason why that is relevant is that there are several NCAA which is also college football players that have been posting on Instagram and on twitter using the hashtag Call of Duty partner and in those posts they mentioned that they play the newest Call of Duty game now that is relevant because even whenever I went and did that live broadcast with D Aaron Fox from the Sacramento Kings basketball team even whenever he posted his promotional tweets basically saying that we were gonna be live broadcasting on Twitch and all that he was required to use the hashtag Call of Duty partner on his Twitter post and Instagram posts that I was tagged in so I know that it's something that Activision does require whenever they partner up with these athletes and stuff basically saying you know it's kind of like the same way people have to disclose that it's an advertisement or something you know it's like these guys are partnered with call duty for these events they got to go check out the games play it early so whenever they tweeted about it they had to put hashtag call duty partner in their post so with all that being said we saw their posts as you can see here on the screen I'm gonna share with you guys these guys posted that they played the new game they said it was really cool and that's pretty much all the information they're supposed to be able to give us you know they probably signed some paperwork saying that you know they're not gonna talk about or announce the game early or anything like that they're gonna have to wait til the official announcement before they can really talk about it so the reason why I added that last part and they're not supposed to talk about it apparently yesterday whenever Nick merps was live-streaming some fortnight which it appeared he was you know at the event playing with Marcus Mariota who is an NFL quarterback you can hear Mariota in the background talking about his experiences with playing the newest game he pretty much says that he's played the newest game Nick mercs asked how he liked it he said you know he liked it a lot said that his favorite Call of Duty was modern warfare like the original modern warfare and he said he really liked the new one and if you'd listen real close it sounds like he's ghost to say I played the new one for but right as he starts to say for Nick Merck starts to talk so listen here and let me know what you guys think what's your uh you got you got a pain call duty you got a favor call boom the mono Warfare's you like it every time you play it every time anybody plays a new Call of Duty they go crazy over so like I mentioned you have to really listen closely to hear what Mariota says right as Nick goes to talk but it literally sounds like he says I played the newest one for so let me know what you guys think down in the comments I won't know if you think he was gonna say that he played modern warfare 4 but either way I really think with all of this other stuff it pretty much seals the deal that call duty modern warfare 4 is going to be the 2019 version of Call of Duty that we're gonna see I'm really excited for that because the model fair series were some of my favorite games in Call of Duty so I'm really excited to see what they could potentially bring back with some newer equipment hopefully they'll really you know meet expectations hopefully they'll even exceed expectations I know I'm optimist it with a lot of this stuff I feel like even black ops 4 it has you know a lot of great features with it but you know some of the things could have been a little bit better such as like the leaderboard tracking the stat tracking being able to see combat records you know just some of that stuff I think that some of the specialist equipment and specialist abilities were a little bit of an overkill it's a lot of a lot of focus on the specialist I would like to you know maybe see that dialed back just a tad but overall I think black ops or might be one of my favorite Call of Duty's ever as well so I've had a lot of fun with it I'm looking forward to what they can do in the future with a you know revamped modern warfare game I think that would be something really cool to see I think that they should also hopefully they can focus on dialing back to microtransactions a little bit I feel like that's gotten really heavy and black ops four and I feel like it's turned a lot of people away it's kind of discouraging to see I understand that the business side of things you know a lot of it doesn't come from the developer it may come down from Activision you know trying to push sales trying to earn revenue generate money because that's what business is you know but as customers and as fans of the game you don't want a lot of the cool features in the game to be locked behind a paywall every single time you know every single skin or every single weapon camo or something like we like a reason that grind we like to buy these games to play them and I hope that you know there'll be a good focus on that a good balance you know like there's gonna be microtransactions there's gonna be something they're gonna look four ways to make money like you've got to expect that at this day and age like digital micro transactions are going to be a thing in gaming somehow some way forever now until you know let's the law changes it or something like that like people are gonna make money where they can I just hope it has like a fair balance to allow people to be able to grind the game have fun with it and still get their feet wet as well and get you know everything they can in the game but anyways that I just want to cover this news today with for you guys let me know down in the comments what you think and if you're excited to see call of duty modern warfare 4 be sure to like be sure to subscribe and got more news for you coming and I'll catch you guys very soon for another live stream or another video I'll see you guys next time you guys can also do me a huge favor and drop me a follow over on Instagram you see at deck spot here linked on the screen be sure to drop me a follow on Instagram I've been posting a lot over there I'm really trying to hit 10,000 followers on Instagram so do me a favor and drop me a follow on that thanks again for watching