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Call of Duty Mobile Nuke (World's First)

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before would you hop into this video you guys need to take a look at this picture right here because you choose playing games out here man so basically long so if you I'm not gonna read the picture out grab it is it enough apparently anymore man you actually need to hit the bell to be able to see like my videos all the time because if you don't you just subscribe a lot the time you won't see my videos and you sub box you won't get notified you use a lot of stuff just won't happen people still miss videos that I post so if you guys can help me out man of course if you do want to watch the content make sure you hit the belt on the channel I'm not just saying it because everyone says it if you do hit the belt hopefully you will get notified hey so I spent a while on this video let's be real I've been I've not uploaded in like four days haha it's because I've just been chilling I really have it I've been working on this video I've kept it quiet I've not even tweeted about reacting brothers by the way I'd like told anyone what I'm doing we've been sat here you guys can probably tell by the title now up inside here focused on getting better at college EE on mobile man because set myself the challenge of getting a nuclear oncology mobile that is not easy at all you guys can see I've got it on my phone right now you guys can see right here there's there's the whole ps4 on my phone you guys can see bang bang you can control it with your phone right there rubbish sat here for days like fully folks and trying to get better at ecology on my foam and trying to get a nuclear so I was picking of different ways I could do it and I figured out a way and you guys are gonna see it in this video but yo I'm so happy I finally got it does like a focus on over content now I'm sorry I've been missing uploads but this is a banker I hate rust we know for a fact you haven't seen anyone else do this no one else has got a nuclear while she's using the phone so if you guys can do me a favor maybe share this video around drop a like on if you know that'll be much appreciated as well and subscribe if you are new around here we're still trying to hit 200 files and subscribers I'm gonna be learning a lot more often here I wanted to upload of course I was fully focused on getting better on the phone because I it's not easy it's just not easy at all yeah I who recorded a clip show you me play from the phone I'd say like the first day and I start at emptiness trying to get better on mobile I was trashed I still on trash I did not get better at all but I said if right here is essential I will be seeing man like it's not the best this is exactly what I'll have to play off of to get there Nick it's not gonna be like the easiest yeah this is who I put myself through to get a new case not look at this it's not the easiest to control album also be holding it like if so I can top like that shoot I'll be basically playing clock so I locked my finger away I won't be shooting I'll be building something this one time a lay it's weird my image change my settings to the point where I can actually maybe stop with X what I have to do I'll change my stink layout yeah Michael sticking me for this so I can stop with export my name ID that might be it might be a little bit yeah I'm not too sure I'm not too sure but yeah I just want to show you guys for do you show you guys that we're gonna play some games while she's on my controller but still playing on the phone this is no I did at all to get a new just to clarify that this was like a guarantee like phony I was only using the phone like the buttons on the phone but there is a way you can connect your controllers right you can still play on your controller while using your phone I didn't do that for the nuke you guys will see I'm gonna do that right now if I still a challenge in itself to be fair and after that you guys can see the phone new commands you know I mean we still are hey do you think some people have a dirt javi come on man how can you not subscribe actually being there I can still use my controller that's a thing you can do know a lot of people know how to do this there is a thing so say if you wait say oh no play whilst you're sitting in the bath or something again the nuke is just with the phone legit sigh hey like this play is all types I'm not how long it took me to get used to that but sighs we did with cards like me play with the controller before getting an e just playing on the phone and I suppose we like the whole segment before I go like full on just phone file cruelty grace oh my god did I again after getting me actually just a phone loke this is proving to be a little bit more difficult just because when the delay is crazy of course when you play oh yeah look at look you see the perfect matchmaking when you play this straight on the phone you can feel the delay a lot more and yes I'm using a tie-in I couldn't see him I actually just couldn't see it if you feel a delay a lot more user controller and you trying to phone the phone so I don't know it's proven to be a little bit difficult it's kind of like in as well like you need an order for this to be perfect you need some crazy crazy good internet you know I mean and my my internet isn't that crazy I got your sis for that thank you I ain't as good don't get me wrong way it's not like you know top top top so guy there we go you're Spoony I look like a complete noob right now is weird are there are what the flip is going on we've got a bad team clearly but I can't really help rod is a guy right here that's one see that should have been an easy kill look flip let's try this again I mean this yo this would be cool files I exciting the toilet or something you know in the barf no I'm saying but me really I've got the perfect I perfectly finds out just chilling here no reason apparently because now I'm using a whole phone are these still spawning here yeah this is probably a lot more difficult than you guys are thinking bro did he just grapple I came and so everything everything looks so squad not this like is crazy bro chill out chill out chill out please you say in all types of different stuff however know what language you speak in there trying to get streaks that's all I want flip flip flip in this those one in here as one but the problem is I can't tell when they're gonna spawn flip because I can't really look at our mini maja coming up off we got Bo there's why oh my god whoa someone kill me there we go is that streaks we got shrieks we got shrieks I would assume they're all in here all right anyway satellite here's the actual nuke man you guys should enjoy this again make sure do drop a like on the video man it took me a while to deal if you'll notice that I found a little bit of an easier way to do it regardless I would still say it's impressive you guys can give it a try yourself and see if you can do it especially with some of the updates that the meetings made a lot more difficult to do that I yeah enjoy that buh-bye broke so me so many people out there man no Jimmy no awkward this is absolutely wait yeah yeah [Applause] Oh bro nah nah we could low we could low-key up now I think we can do it Marmite where it goes bro yo yo just got to pushing out run a 20/20 23 20 seconds left but they all need to they all need to stall though right now yo yes we have to get it we actually show you guys this you see this this is real look I come on right the flip you talking right you're clear of all by all mine are you mine no one's good enough no one's done that bro people still are gonna call this fake I don't care I don't care look it's so real is unbelievable you see this it's real how I bleep in nuclear man bro I don't think I don't think you guys understand how long it took me to actually get in I don't think you guys understand I haven't been uploading let me go let me go back to the lobby I haven't been uploading it for a while it's because I've been focusing on my master in it just so I can get the new feet guys I knew I wouldn't be able to get it in like a normal game well even if she pulls out with the worst lobbies are bidding I still managed to do I don't know how but let's back out to the lobby oh come on my man I see in this video hope you guys did enjoy smash the library trust me mind if you want to see more like just run the videos like this trying things that people haven't tried before definitely let me know in the comments and by dropping a like on the video for sure I want to try you know different things like this the new operations coming next week as well so we'll have a bunch more content but yeah hope you guys did enjoy right I'm not playing off my phone ever against this was most stressful like past four days or whatever it's been talk all that but y'all I'll see you guys in my next video