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Call of Duty just went dark… Modern Warfare Reveal Coming Soon!

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Call of Duty just went dark… Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reveal Coming Soon!


What's up guys Jimmy arkaos, welcome back and this week is Probably the week. This is probably the week that we finally get to see What all the hype is in regards to call of duty modern warfare? Allegedly, that's what it's called. That's what the leaks are saying this video We are going to do kind of a wrap-up we're gonna do a synopsis if you will of Everything we know up until this point and I'm gonna explain to you and well you can see it on the screen. Why? All arrows are pointing to this week being the week we get the reveal for Call of Duty 2019 We're gonna put the whole blackops 5 drama Sledgehammer Ravens soft Treyarch all that. We're gonna put that on the back burner We'll talk about that in a few months. Now. The focus is on call of duty modern warfare We're gonna reference it that because that's what everybody's calling it. So that's what we're gonna reference and I have to strongly advise you guys Follow my channel Make sure you check out the channel throughout the week. I'm going to be covering Absolutely everything for you if you've been around for a while I want you to think back to the old Call of Duty Kaos days. Just just encompass yourself in that and that is what you're going to get so make sure you guys have your Notifications on and follow the channel and also follow me on Twitter because that is by far my most active Social media platform and thank you for all the lovely lately guys. Seriously. Thank you so much Now we're over on Twitter. And as you can see Call of Duty the official Call of Duty Twitter account Hey Call of Duty. Could you could you follow me back? Ok, I could use a follow maybe I don't know follow fort in anyway, they have gone black as you guys can see on the screen here They don't really show it. Let's see if they say tweets it replies or anything. Nope. They're not saying anything But oh, there it is. There. It is in the bio going dark not going black going dark which tells you right there This is the week. They're not gonna go dark and then that give us some kind of reveal two or three weeks later This is the week people it could be today could be tomorrow could be Thursday. I don't think it would be Friday or Saturday It's kind of weird. Usually Call of Duty reveals falling like a a Tuesday or a Thursday I think there has been a Friday reveal, but I don't remember but if I was gonna put my money on it I'd say Tuesday or Thursday So it is right around the corner Which also means we're probably gonna start seeing leaks flowing through by the time this video comes up I'll cover anything valid for you guys now. Let's go over to Charlie Intel really quick Let's go over what we know and then let's also look at one more Leaker that has been putting stuff up after the fact of everything. We got so Call of Duty 2019 is reportedly call of duty modern warfare where people were like, what do you mean? How does that work? It's not modern warfare for we already have a modern warfare. What what do you do there? You've got a call of duty modern warfare. You've got modern warfare – modern warfare 3 How do you have a call of duty modern warfare in a lot of people are saying it's a soft reboot? maybe I Don't know The best thing I can grasp with that is think of god of war the original god of work and then think of the 2018 God of war same universe but Rebooted reimagined maybe that's what they're talking about when they go with it So Jason Schreyer Kotaku's reliable reliable Reporter has said that it is call of duty modern warfare and he laughed about the fact of how they title their games long Sensation who were gonna talk about more than here in a minute said called duty 2019. It's called call of duty modern warfare I'm not joking. And then this guy said are we treating this like a franchise reboot? Jason Schreyer said a soft reboot. Now. I touched on this a little bit if this ends up being true I think it's absolutely genius modern warfare 4 would have been a hit But what if you set up the platform in the world to where you could do? Whatever you want. I said in the beginning if modern warfare coat 4 comes it needs to be a prequel or set between cod4 and modern warfare 2 you have to have an excuse to bring back all the heroes and the antagonist you have to have an excuse for Makarov to come back and Shepherd and Ghost in so and if you do belong to warfare 4 that's passed the other three you don't have that excuse unless you do some Flashback missions, but I truly thought to be the most successful It can be you need to be able to encompass all the heroes bringing new heroes to but every buddy is attached to those Characters so that could be what we're getting now let's go over to Twitter and let's go over to my boy long sensation who has Kind of he's kind of gotten himself the the tag the badge of being a respect to leaker I mean he really has which is cool. I've no longed for a long time. So let's go down his Twitter timeline here I can't even change my Twitter logo. That's funny here here here. Okay, here we go Let's see what he says it. Once again. This is all taken with a grain of salt This is not confirmed by Activision, but it's fun to talk about. Okay, actually, let's start down here See if he says anything else. Hey retweeted me wouldn't be upset at all If this made it into call of duty modern warfare, check it out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah face off mode Come on, bring it back. It was so Great. It was absolutely great. Okay, I'm looking for stuff here that He talks about this was a remaster to clarify this as a new game new story new and old characters and more It'll all make sense why they are rebooting the series in five days, so that's what he says right there call of duty modern warfare summary reveal is May 30th, which is That Thursday that is Thursday. It's what he says a lot will be revealed Not just a trailer campaign will feature modern-day terrorism. That's That's walking a fine line soft reboot. Thank God of War Spider-man etc a lot is changing this year for the better for COD in its community and this his clown I say clown in the best way this dude dropped it like two or three weeks ago and nobody even Nobody even realized it. Okay. Now let's go up. He had a couple tweets here that he was giving us some more information All right, honestly, if everything I'm hearing is true then this year will revive Call of Duty think of everything you thought Activision Call of Duty would never do and They did it. This is me saying this is a cod fan. We're in for one hell of a year so many different levels I know this title will revive Call of Duty is said every year. That's true Everybody drinks the kool-aid including me But this title is so different on so many levels the core game the DLC the eSports even the overall business model of the game Everything it is going to change now if we are to take what he is saying with anybody It's exciting to be a cod family once again This is what happens every year with all of us most of us at least so we'll have to see how it little thing He says is modern warfare. 2 remaster came a campaign is in development recently. Got a PEGI rating And this guy says it just simply has to come with modern warfare 2 remastered. Doesn't it get the troops assembled? This other guy says that if they do that, they're dumb. They're not dumb at all. Well who wouldn't want a modern warfare 2 mastered? Remastered campaign. It's one of the best campaigns ever I know people are thinking multiplayer, but why bring a multiplayer with your new title? Just to split your player base. Okay, why not? Do the campaign where everybody can relive the nostalgia and maybe do the multiplayer later throughout the summer? I don't know we did get a couple other rumors some people were saying cross play is going to be in this which if that is the case, that would be Absolutely phenomenal, and that would be a step in the right direction. So many questions we need so many answers How was the DLC model going to be that is one of the most? Important things we can get is there gonna be any advance movement at all I highly doubt it. If it is modern warfare, are there gonna be specialists? I hope not I truly truly Hope not are they gonna bring bait things back from the trilogy face off modes? Overpowered killstreaks stuff like that when we get multiplayer information tons of questions that we need answer We do know that some of the og some of the original Infinity Ward guys that worked on the old-school games came back to Infinity Ward that has to be a Positive it has to be a good thing. You guys let me know what you think as always I will keep you covered Follow me on Twitter make sure you have your notifications on for the channel because if you're a fan of cod and you're a fan of the the Revived channel that we are we are back to being a Call of Duty youtuber I can officially say that if you go back over The last month and a half two months of content Call of Duty takes up at least 50% of that or more along with the gaming top 10, so I'm back and it's gonna be fun if it's what I think it's going to be we're gonna revive some really cool series and stuff That you guys remember from the past. Hope you guys have a great day season