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Buying everything in the Battlefield V Store

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Battlefield Currency has arrived, but are the new offerings any good and at fair prices? Most things can be bought with company coin, but EPIC’s can not. Let’s take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

hey guys hope you're all doing well today we're taking a live look at the new armory and store update that's come to be f5 so they've just released a patch and there are a couple of new things that I wanted to walk through with you guys also about the bowings the battlefield currency that has just been added into the game so just some initial thoughts and impressions it kind of changed the way that the armory looks as you can see there are some new things in here and up here there is now battlefield currency and that's a virtual currency that you've got to buy with real money if you want to buy certain things within the armory as you can see here the sandstorm skin here for the M 1897 you can purchase that with company coin or with battlefield currency if you go to the store there's various levels of this that you can buy now I've purchased 12,000 so that cost me 70 pound I bought that with my own money I'm being gifted this or anything and that's given me 12,000 battlefield currency or points would I buy anything currently here with real money if I wasn't a content creator covering this game at the moment no probably not I don't think there's anything that interesting or compelling here that would make me want to spend money on it of course that's subjective that's your opinion it's up to you if you like something or not but there is that's the current offering I think it's quite underwhelming and I'm also a bit disappointed that you can only buy epic skins with battlefield currency so at the moment if you want this guy or if you want this skin that looks like the scout from Team Fortress 2 you've got to spend real money on that but we'll dig into that in a little bit and here is some of the new weapon skins so what I'm gonna do is just go through this one can only be bought with real money I'm gonna purchase that and then we're going to go through and buy everything else obviously if I can buy it with company car and that's what I'm gonna do I don't like the look at that at all that's a really weird skin but I've been banking company kind of a just because I mean just not really being anything to spend it on this one I remember this from like pre-release screenshots or something for the stand it's kind of cool but again only battlefield currency will get you that one chrome finish this one's okay don't mind this use the company coin for that so some of these are new and then finally the Sun storm here I don't know why anyone would want to spend real money on that look at it that's just ugly but yeah so that's all the weapons skins so soldier skins epics pink can only be bought with battlefield currency I think this is a mistake I think the elites that we talked about yesterday in the video which are completely new characters that have their own voice lines and like squad animations and stuff yeah fair enough I'd pay real money for them but this kind of thing I reckon that this should either be available for a much larger amount of company coins say like I don't know thirty thousand for an epic skin or it's on a rotation or something so once a week you've got the opportunity to buy it with company coin or if you want to short cut that or just get the epic skins now then you can pay real money for them if you want to yeah that's where we are right now I mean some of these are kind of cool like I really like this one this dude is that a metal he wears a gas mask but also carries one on his hip that's a real money one the jackal let's have a look at the other Pink's here final countdown I like that red beret but there is a another skin that was unlocked in the chapter rewards I think that looks very similar to that I can't remember what it was called face paint here see I don't know why you would like it's not really that interesting is it but that one you can only get with real money who's gonna buy that come on like did I just yeah this one's sort of interesting but again it's only epic real money for that and yeah I get that this is this is a choice right it's up to you if you want to spend money on this stuff and it's all cosmetic but I think the problem here is that people have been saving up their company coin for ages and there's not really been that many interesting things popping up in the armory and then when they do this update and introduce points if you want these epic skins you've got to spend real money on them I just think maybe if they were epics available for company coin and coins that's more reasonable what do you guys think I think you need another tab here that says like custom animations or custom narrators weapon charms vehicle customization squad screens at the end just something more than this because I just don't think people are gonna spend money on this obviously I have but I'm only doing it for the sake of this video and the thing is you can't see these skins in the game either right like it's a first-person game so you can't really see you don't see this that's why they need to put an emphasis on more interesting weapon skins and animations melee takedowns squad revives that are custom I'll jump into game maybe and show you what a couple of the new gun skins look like because in first-person they look a bit different but yeah I'm just really underwhelmed to be honest with you is that all of them now so let's have a look at some of these in the company a little close contact blood spatter never hurt anyone right these are the new ones tornado alley final countdown so as far as I can tell there's no way to equip the set in the customizations you could do once you've bought the thing because there was an equip set thing there but I don't think you can equip the whole set from this screen which is a massive oversight and that's gonna be really annoying unless I'm just being done this is the STG but they one that we just unlocked is it really that unique enough I don't know I want to inspect it man but function isn't in the game yeah it's a shame let's have a look at that long reload yeah really underwhelming let's look at the medic weapon the stand cool cosmetics paywall damn hallway yeah here's the step a bit more interesting that one isn't it just the fact that it's quite a different color scheme there you go bit of leaves on the front so this is the chromed finish for the mp-28 I like that shiny glued set for the lee-enfield yeah there it is I don't really want to do or say much more than that just a quick look at the store the first coins offerings I suppose that they've added do I think this will get better yes I hope so and I think that dice need to really increase the scope of what they're doing here because if this is it and we're only gonna get like two elites a month or every couple months or whatever it might be I don't think the MTX is going to make much money on this game and from a business perspective that's bad because life service supported with MTX can work great in other games we've seen it in fortnight we've seen it in Rainbow six siege but I just don't think there's enough imagination here but let me know your thoughts down in the comments below guys if you enjoyed the video give me a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one