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BIG Battlefield 5 Update adds Elites, Firestorm Improvements + More

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Battlefield V just dropped a huge patch with a tonne of great additions and fixes. Included are elites, new rolling mechanics, new firestorm changes, camera shake slider and more. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

a new week and a new battlefield patch and this one brings with it some interesting updates to firestorm base game and brand new cosmetics in the form of elites around three or so weeks ago I created a video talking about the brand new elites that were on their way into bf5 and they are now active and available to purchase if you want to buy these then you have to dip into your own wallet unfortunately because they cannot be purchased with in-game currency how much are they going to be well the standard price for them is 1500 battlefield coins coins but for the first run they're going to be priced at 990 so what do you get for your money well these elite characters have a unique look that fits in with their personality to go along with that they have their own exclusive melee weapon their own unique voice lines and even a custom best squad animation it's important to note that these elite skins are just that they are cosmetic only and offer no upgrades whatsoever to gameplay there could be a small element of confusion here because of the elites in bf1 as they were upgraded characters that you could pick up on the ground but that's not the case here these are visual only the first two and I say the first two because we are definitely going to be getting more of these down the line or Seamus Byrne and Ernst Schubert Seamus is an allied character and he joined the Irish God to get close to the action he's got that kick in the door attitude apparently Ernst on the other hand belongs to the axis faction and is more of a calm and collected character of course this backstory matters for nothing when you jump into a game and play with them however you choose it's just a bit of character building and maybe some memes will occur down the line now Sheamus is unique melee weapon is the lever pipe it's pretty chunky and then Ernst has the k98 bayonet I think they're pretty cool interesting first edition for elites as cosmetics in beer 5 and I've already seen quite a few people running around using these models so obviously people are buying them that's just a choice though it's up to you so let's talk Firestone for a second there have been a few changes when it comes to the brand new game mode that are worth mentioning first of all the end screen is something that I've definitely said needed work since the get-go the it was such an anti-climax when you've won a game you came first go on buy it really well like that it needed to be much more of an event and in this patch there's been some real improvements in that area now there's a much nicer animation with a V for victory and a better transition into the squad screen I'm not gonna say it's now all fixed and perfect it still needs a bit more drama and gravitas around the get foot it definitely looks better and it's a good step in the right direction so that's good to see what's one of the biggest changes in firestorm is it tweaked the amount of armor plates that you can carry previously you could only hold three armor plates which is fine for the most part but you'd often find yourself scouring the floor for armor plates in the mid to late game trying to find more because armor is so important and if you kill the squad or a player all of their armor on there this would be shredded and usually they didn't have any plates but with this update you can now carry five which I think will make a big difference and this means that if you've got medium armor and max plates then you can replenish it to full twice or with heavy armor you can replenish it fully once and then have two plates to spare it's going to be interesting to see how this changes up the meta if at all will this mean that players late-game are always going to have armor now who knows but what it does mean is that there'll be less down time searching bodies for armor plates although that could be further improved with changes to the loot system which sadly are nowhere to be seen and just yet do I say that they are working on it though there was also an interesting point in the patch notes that said improved net code for bullet trajectories to prevent tracers and the actual bullets from being out of sync when playing firestorm as well as other net code improvements that could previously cause inaccuracies between the client and the server now I can't pretend to know exactly what issues that caused but it could perhaps explain a few odd moments that I've had in firestorm some of the changes include extra xp for playing firestorm which was definitely lacking compared to standard multiplayer for the time that you sink into a round also dead bodies will no longer look like they're alive and twitching something that could really confuse you from time to time and also give you nightmares oh and this is an interesting one and something that you may not even know dice have fixed a bug that allowed the players to bring a gun from the lobby into a firestorm match yeah imagine that thankfully it's fixed down players also have more health 300 HP instead of 200 so this has been designed to help the thirsting situation when someone goes down and you instantly just finish them off in squad maybe it won't completely change that but it will definitely give teammates more of an opportunity to collect themselves and think about how to get a downed friend back up by using smokes or taking out the enemy first again on me to play a bit to see exactly how much of effect this has and lastly and this applies to the main game as well as firestorm no longer will you be fully dead if you've died while in a vehicle it's incredible to think that this was still a thing but say you're playing firestorm or any game mode for that matter and you were in the gunner seat of a half-track let's say if you got killed that was it for you you're gone but thankfully that's no longer the case instead your body will be now pushed to the side of the vehicle so teammates at least have a chance of reviving you and getting you back up I think that's a nice quality of life improvement and speaking of quality of life I mentioned in a previous video that dice were changing the way that the combat roll worked when you vaulted from a large height in fact they now have made it fully player controlled so rolling was tied to vaulting and that means that if you vaulted from let's say a window in a building you were going to do a roll without ever being able to stop it the only way to prevent it would have been to not do the vault animation in the first place jumping never caused the roll only vaulting in this update though the player can now decide when and if they want to roll which means they're no longer tied to vaulting you can trigger a roll simply by pressing the Crouch button assuming the fall is high enough and just to be clear though if the full height is going to be deadly a roll is not going to save you this isn't a superhero movie after all so if you choose not to do a roll while you're going to lose HP because a landing roll reduces fall damage by 40 HP to balance this out the animations have been improved and shortened and it's pretty noticeable I'm not too sure about this just yet if I'm honest it's another key that the player has to hit which for some could be an issue more than for others but it could also offer up some interesting player choices and depth so I need some time with this to see exactly how it pans out and one thing I don't need to wait for to know how well it's going to feel is the camera shake slider yes in bf one eventually we had a slider added that allowed us to control the amount of camera shake that happened went explosions were going off around us I'm not sure about you but I put that on the lowest amount possible as soon as it came into the game which I think was 30% in pf1 but that slider has now made its way into beer 5 and it allows you to control the strength of the screen shape between 50 and 100 percent 100 percent being full strength of course the default value is 75 percent so if for some reason you like screen shake at the maximum value and go ahead and turn it all the way up I will definitely be turning it all the way down and you can find that setting under the advanced gameplay options there are a few changes to healing as well for example the reintroduction of the healing effect that will only be visible on the edges of the screen when the player is currently healing from any source so either a passive or pouch and the current system is said to be less intrusive than previous versions and to be fair I think it is and suppression will also no longer delay the activation of passive healing on to some vehicle changes and tank turrets heavy and medium tanks have had their base turret speed increased and alongside that the power of the specialization that gives you faster turret speed has been reduced from 125 percent to 115 percent now dice said that they felt that the base turret speed on the tanks was perhaps too slow and most players were choosing the turret speed specialization because they felt that they had to and their hope is that by improving the base turret speed players will be offered up more options when it comes to specking out their tanks and in other news the Blenheim now has 500 and 1000 pound bombs instead of 250 and 500 and that should make it more of a match for the Ju 88 now last of all some weapon changes and camera recall bear with me when firing weapons are now allowed to go a bit more off-center so the true point of aim will follow the weapon and it's not fixed to the center of the screen this may sound familiar because it was mistakenly listed in a previous patch note but it's only just being changed in this update as well as that the way dispersion works when firing smg's and ARS when you're aiming down the sight has changed the second third and sometimes fourth bullet for slow firing weapons are now much more predictable cool whereas the laser bullets are less so the idea of this is to make sure to burst more effective while making a Magnum a little less effective and this change was also listed in a previous patch note but it only just made it into the game today all of those changes that I just talked about are a significant amount of bug fixes and small balance tweaks to varying UI elements and game modes way too many to mention I'm not going to bore your socks off some good quality of life updates as well as some brand new cosmetic items for players to buy if they choose to but of course as with any BFI patch its introduces a few new bugs and one of the worst offenders is that when you're shooting at people and hitting them the UI is telling you that you're doing more damage than you're actually doing and some people thought that they may have sneakily increased the time to kill but dice have come out already and said that this is a UI bug nothing has changed with damage or health values or anything like that and they will probably do a hotfix as soon as possible to amend this fingers crossed with that said I'm gonna leave it there guys if you've played the new update let me know your thoughts down in the comments below if you liked the video give it a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one