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Best Champions TIER LIST – League of Legends Patch 9.8

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Patch 9.8 is an excellent patch, with changes to Camille, Zed, Jhin, and Ornn, as well as other changes to Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, and Support.

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This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.

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hello summoners and welcome back to another Pro Guides patch rundown my name is Christophe and today I'll be going over all the changes that were made in patch 9.8 I'll cover all the details including a tier list for each role that was made by our in-house analyst and partnered pro players there are a lot of changes made this patch which raised a ton of questions our tank junglers coming back is Zedd being gutted is kale still an insane carry don't worry we got you covered and we'll answer all these questions in this video but remember since the patch just did the live server please do keep in mind that these tier lists are purely predictions we encourage all of you guys to comment below and say if you agree or disagree with specific champion placements also as a reminder they'll be an updated tier list video next week where we use fresh statistics to give you guys the most accurate tearless available so if you don't watch that video make sure to click subscribe and hit the bell this is a big patch and there's a lot to cover so let's get right into it let's start with the top lane kamil used to be one of the most oppressive junglers in the game which led to several nerfs to her kit even though the steel shadow is very dominant in the jungle a lot of these nurse indirectly affected her role as a top laner and Koster to disappear from the meta entirely in order to put Kamil back into a decent spot the nerf to her base attack speed will be reverted this patch kamil will remain in our 8 tier for top lane this patch due to buffs being very small and almost negligible fewer has been doing decently well in the top lane and will now be even better due to buffs she'll receive this patch her W will now have its slow stun duration increased followed by a sizable damage buff during all stages of the game next / e will have its mana cost reduced to allow her spam the ability more often although these buffs are great our analysts predict that fiora will remain as an a to your pickup and will also be a solid pick for the upcoming patch nor has been getting a ton of buffs recently but still isn't the lane bully that he used to be it's been very hard for him to keep up with the high damage and mobility of his counterparts such as riven & fiora which is causing him to struggle in the meta gnar will be receiving a huge buff this patch to his ultimate cooldown which will now be a 30 second cooldown at max rank although these buffs are great we do predict that he'll still only be a or borderline aid to your pick at best we'll keep a close eye on them and keep you updated in our mid patch analysis video next week so look out for that four champion who's supposed to have a week early game and an insanely powerful late game kale right now is just too strong early in order to put kale in checks you'll be receiving several nerfs this patch her base ad armor and attack speed ratio will all be decreased followed by a nerf to her passive which will now exclude bonus skill points from her level 16 power spike this means that those elixir of skills you pick up from klepto mansi will no longer speed up her god mode power spike despite these nerfs kale will remain in our s tier for top lane and will still hold a solid stance in the meta Warrant used to be a very dominant top laner but still been struggling to see play ever since his rework although he's been picked up a few times in competitive play he's still only borderline a b-tier pick for soloqueue due to the removal of his shield in order to help Orin be more useful in the top lane he will receive buffs to his unique item upgrades that he provides fortify our Cape frozen fists and infernal masks will all see buffs this patch and Orin will be moved up to our beats here for patch 9.8 Renekton has had a solid stance in the meta but will become even stronger due to the few buffs he will receive this patch his base health attack speed and armor growth will all be buffed followed by an increase in healing on his Q these changes will make Renekton a powerhouse in the top lane and we highly recommend you pick him up sometime soon Renekton will remain in our a tier top lane for now but we'll see if he can make the push to s2 your next week next up is singed due to the recent nerfs on dark seals cinched has not been doing so well in the top lane in order to help him out a bit he'll be receiving a few compensation buffs this patch firstly his base health regen will be increased by a decent amount followed by a buff to his W slow his II will also have its mana cost reduced to allow cinge to trade more efficiently in Lane since we'll remain in our top lane beat here for now but has high potential to make it back into our a tier the top lane to your list only sees a few changes compared to the one we had in our previous patch although there were a ton of balance changes made to top laners our in-house analysts predict that they won't affect the meta too much and you can enjoy playing your comfort picks from last patch starting from the S tier we have kale Riven jax-ur got hecarim and vladimir for patch 9.8 our analysts recommend you pick up kale in the top lane due to her ability to 1v9 a game at level 16 kale received some heavy nurse from multiple patches but it appears that she isn't going anywhere her win rate is still insanely high in the top lane and she'll remain as a powerhouse pick moving forward we'll be releasing a detailed guide on kale soon in our new series pro guides Pick of the patch so make sure you subscribe if you want to see that in the next coming days all right let's get on to the jungle for all your jungle mains out there make sure to check out pro guides calm where we offer a great course with knight blue if you guys want to increase your rank as junglers this season go take a look I promise you won't regret it amumu means it's time to wipe those tears because the sad mummy will now be broken in the jungle just kidding the sad boy has been sitting at the bottom of our tier list for far too long but the balanced team has finally decided to give him some love his passive curse touch will now have its pre mitigation damage increased by 3% followed by a cool-down buff to his Q bandage toss all of these buffs aren't enough to move amumu to a higher tier our analysts do expect that he'll have a significantly higher pick rate than before he is naturally quite strong in lower ELO's his team fighting presence is very good and he has a lot of CC however amumu will remain in our jungle sea tier because he's still unable to keep up with a carry jungle meta shadow assassin Kane has always been overshadowed by his counterpart Rost in fact picking blue Kane in ranked has sometimes been considered to be trolling by a lot of players due to just how weak it is in order to bring some diversity in Kane's transformations blue Kane's a shadow step will have its cooldown reduced to 8 seconds at all ranks Cato we moved up to our s tier this patch and you're probably wondering how Cain can move up to our s tier when there was only a small change made to his equal down well it turns out that the cinderhulk buffs weren't implemented into the rift last patch but they will be hitting the live servers in patch 9.8 with tank junglers coming back into the meta red cane will be an extremely good pick due to his percent damage and sustain try mount your next few games and let us know how that goes down below Master Yi's been a favorite by many players in low ELO but rarely sees play in higher ones although he's an s2 your pick for gold and below the wheel jube Bladesman is only a borderline a to your at best and platinum and above in fact 9.8 Master you were receiving a small buff to his ultimate which now allows him to move through units while his ultimate is active Master Yi will be moved up to our a tier 4 patch 9.8 since money's been on the brink of making the push to s tier and she'll likely make that push this patch for W winners Rath will have its percent damage increased by a significant amount which will increase her dueling camp clear speed and ganking potential sejuani will be moved up to our S Tier four patch 9.8 although trundle has been getting buffed numerous amounts of times in the previous patches none of them were big enough to push trundle to a tier in the jungle in order to bring him closer to his prime Trento will now have his chump bonus damage increased by a small amount followed by a slow increase on his e pillar of ice shredder will remain in our beat here for the jungle this patch but he might make the push to aid tear if champions like sejuani zach and gragas start seeing more play cinderhulk was supposed to be buffed in patch 9.7 but it seems that the coding team forgot to implement it into the game cinderhulk will be buffed to its intended amount in patch 9.8 and will see drastic changes in the meta the jungler tier list has pretty much been reverted to our previous one at the start of patch nine point seven it turns out that our analysts weren't wrong about the tank junglers coming back and it was actually a mistake on riots end where they forgot to implement the cinderhulk changes in our nest here we have reksai Jarvan nunu sejuani kha'zix and Kane these six champions are a notch above the rest we'll give you the competitive edge you need to beat your opponents and ranked some notable a tier picks for this patch are kindred hecarim and Karthus who are on the brink of making the to s tier kindred will be extremely good this patch if tank junglers do return due to her percent damage with blade of the ruined King combined with her e mounting dread for patch 9.8 our analysts recommend you pick up sejuani in the jungle the bus made to her kit this patch combined with the buffs to cinderhulk should make her a nastier jungler once again as we mentioned before we will have a detailed guide on our picks of the patch featuring sejuani jungle so make sure to subscribe if you want to see that in the next coming days all right on to the mid lane at the start of the season Cassiopeia was tearing up solo queue with her oppressive play style in the top mid and bottom lane due to how oppressive she was cast received a ton of nurse which stacked up and eventually made her a tad too weak in order to compensate for the major nerfs she'll be getting a mana cost buff to her II twin fangs Cassiopeia will remain in our mid lane a tier 4 patch 9.8 Zed received some major buffs a few patches ago but it turns out that he's just a bit too strong right now he is one of the highest ban rates in the game and is a very good pickup in the mid lane to put set and check his Q razor shuriken will have its damage reduced by 10 at all ranks followed by a cooldown nerf to his W living shadow Zed will be dropped to our a tier 4 patch 9.8 but will still be a great pick up for this meta the mid lane tier list for patch 9.8 sees a ton of changes compared to our previous one in our s tier we welcome two new members Zoe and Morgana Morgana is currently dominating so lucky with her GOP and Glacial augment style and many high elo players have been finding lots of success with her she's actually considered to be one of the most broken mid laners in the current meta by many challenger players so make sure you give her a try Rhys has been moved up to our a tier 4 the mid lane due to his play rate and win rate increasing by a decent amount recently for patch 9.8 our analyst recommend you pick up GL pyaari mid the slows from geo PD combined with glacial augment make it really easy for you to all-in opponents without allowing them to react will include Ahri and our Pick of the patch video coming soon so stay tuned on to ADC ever since the storm razor rework jin dropped from s tier status down to a borderline a b-tier champion a few patches ago Jin received a compensation buff on his Q's damage ratio but it seems that these buffs weren't enough to keep him at a competitive level in patch 9.8 his II captive audience will have its duration increased by one minute followed by a buff to its recharge timer in later stages of the game lastly his R curtain call will have its damage multiplier increased by a small amount Jin will remain an hour a tier 4 ADC and we'll have a decent stance in the meta blade of the ruined King has been a bit too strong on champions like misfortune Vayne and kale recently so it'll have its gold cost increased by a hundred this means that you'll need to stay for an extra wave before you based your power spike but it shouldn't be too big of a nerf right now the only champion who's building storm razor is Caixa in order to bring more diversity into a t-bill storm reason we'll have it slow and energized effect buffed this patch there was only one major balance change for a DC's in patch 9.8 so our tier list will remain very similar to the previous one an S Plus tier we have Vayne who's been sitting all by herself at the top for multiple patches now in our S tier we have Sivir Caixa lucian jinx and a new member caitlin misfortune has been dropped from our str due to the nerfs on blade of the ruined king but she should still be a borderline as to your pick we'll talk about our Pick of the patch for the bot lane later on in this video so make sure you watch till the very end here's a small hint it was recently picked by TSM in the NA LCS finals on to support Nautilus received some big buffs a few patches ago and he's been doing pretty well in the meta however these buffs were not enough to see play in competitive matches so he'll be getting even more buffs this patch his passive staggering blow will have its route duration increased by a small amount followed by a buff to his Q dredge lines damage not also we moved up to our a tier 4 supports this patch our support tier list sees a few changes for patch 9.8 in our s tier we welcomed a new member Sona it seems that her play rate is finally high enough for her to make the push to s tier and she's a very strong pick this patch next up we welcome Nautilus into our a tier due to the recent buffs he received and it'll be a great pickup for support mains it seems like shielding and healing supports are still at the top with the exception of Loulou who seems to be struggling in the meta for patch 9.8 our analysts recommend you pick up a dual partner and try out the brand-new Opie tarik Plus Sona combo in the bot Lane TSM has recently played this combo in the NA LCS finals and it was so Opie the tarik started getting permabanned in that series all right let's get on to items due to Bilgewater Cutlass getting a price increase by a hundred texts at gunblade will also have a compensation buff by reducing its cost by a hundred the total remains unchanged and will have a net zero impact on the item bramble vest and thornmail will have their grievous wounds duration increased by three seconds per proc due to just how much healing there is for ad carry's right now all the life steal from wits and blade of the ruined King and blood line make it hard to do a significant amount of damage to ad carries over time but the buffs to thornmail should help a lot kuda grass is the most common rune used at the bottom of the precision tree in order to bring some more diversity it will have its adaptive force and bonus gold removed however it will receive a 1% increase to its bonus damage as a compensation buff the howling abyss is returning to League of Legends make sure you check out the official patch notes for more details on a ram changes Galaxy Slayer Zed kDa Evelyn prestige edition and the brand new Invictus gaming skins will all be released this patch so make sure you save up your RP these skins look awesome that's it for our patch analysis video 49.8 who will have a Pick of the patch video coming out on Friday which will include Kael sejuani Ahri Tariq and Sona so stay alert for that if you enjoyed watching this video then please leave a like comment and subscribe to our channel to be notified for our next video if you guys are interested in getting a higher rank this season then please check out programs comm where we have guides with your favorite pro players and challenge your coaches you can talk to 24/7 thank you guys so much for watching good luck in your next games and we'll see you on the rift