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BEST BATTLEFIELD 5 STREAM MOMENTS! | Battlefield V Stream Highlights

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Battlefield 5 moments right from the stream. Hope you enjoy!

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I'll notice today that the both militants are fooled so we can't make a third one and after that I don't have to do anymore then the platoons are full and giving away server numbers yep a little bit so many shops staying at zero business I should not start with a trick or weapon that's kind of a mistake when my hands are cold I just cannot use these weapons some reason my trigger fingers is not now warmed up yet although this it's not too bad of a start [Applause] [Applause] holy freakin crap there's so many there let them have it don't let friction let them have it already happen though I want more I want more like two I guess that the real Cyprus I'm not exactly sure what of this but I feel like this kind of speech once once your aim is warm go yeah I'm gonna die maybe not no we've got him we got it Joe it up a K I love sweet sweet they spawn there right you make it look easy I know man I started with this gun at the start I've been playing with this gun like all day so maybe that's why we're playing call of duty er what is that even well what's a call of duty clip right there I should just make a montage with me trying to act like I'm playing call of duty again eh my man bank in the building how's life sir how was yesterday it's I liked it all right again probably will get pushed again where is that guy like that oh so sorry dude you don't get much liquor you're the best Wyatt what that's all I'm talking about someone like Kevin in there this is same server earlier on cuz them nuts yup [Applause] music oh yeah true that gotta get warmed up oh that was freakin that was like I'm still going I'm still going watch out there above there there too oh well I don't know what happened but I stayed alive somehow I locate miss squatting up though but this audio thing has just been so freaking annoying no it's not yeah yep yeah probably