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Battlefield V versus Black Ops 4 | It's not even close!

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Battlefield V and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 go head to head this year. Which one is better?

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what is it guys I'm your flanked and battlefield versus Call of Duty a rivalry that is as old as time itself that might be a slight exaggeration there but still every few years battlefield and Call of Duty are competing for the first-person shooter fans hard-earned money and this year we have battlefield 5 being released alongside call of duty black ops 4 now pretty much no matter what I say in this video I'm going to make about half the people who watch it matte that's just the nature of making a battlefield vs. Call of Duty video and actually saying which one you think is better you're going to make some people mad and that's a good sign for both of these franchises it means that there's still some very loyal fans of both of these franchises that have been running for a very long time now I've gone back and forth throughout my gaming career so which I prefer battlefield or Call of Duty but I'm in a unique position this year I can almost guarantee you that neither black ops 4 or battlefield 5 will be the primary game that I play this year I will play them casually from time to time whenever I need a break from the sweatiness that is Rainbow six seeds but I believe I can look at both of these games objectively right now because in all honesty I'm not necessarily a fanboy of either of them so with that in mind let's get into it which game is better this year call of duty black ops 4 or battlefield 5 which one deserves your hard earned money if you have to choose one or the other I think right now the clear winner this year is called duty black ops 4 and it's not even close now why do I give the edge to black ops 4 and instead of battlefield this year well for me what it comes down to is the fact that right now black ops 4 is a complete game that you can go and buy for $60 and it offers pretty good value for that amount of money battlefield 5 right now is not a complete game if you go and buy battlefield 5 right now for $60 you won't have a complete game until probably about 6 months down the road battlefield 5 is doing their games as a service model which is great I'm a big fan of this it keeps the game fresh over time new content and that VLC is gonna be free for everybody that's a great step for Battlefield games instead of having the premiere premium pass or whatever this is good but the problem is that instead of releasing a full game and then releasing the DLC and the add-ons for the game down the road what they did was they took a full game and they broke it into pieces and are releasing that full game overtime and right now if you're buying battlefield 5 you're not buying a complete game in my opinion and you would honestly think it would be the other way around remember this is the year that Call of Duty scrapped the campaign black ops 4 includes no single-player campaign whatsoever yeah it still offers a better value in a more complete game at release then what battlefield 5 does now let's take a look at exactly what I'm talking about here if you buy a battlefield 5 today here's what you're getting you're getting a multiplayer with 8 multiplayer maps 8 you're getting six different game modes in multiplayer and you're getting a campaign I guess you could say a single-player campaign with four missions I completed the first mission in about a half an hour so let's be generous here and say you have three hours worth of single-player content at release that's not much it's not much at all guys now let's take a look at black ops 4 right now at release black ops 4 comes with a multiplayer zombies and black out the battle royale mode in the multiplayer you're gonna have 8 different game modes to play that's not counting hardcore and you're also going to have 14 different multiplayer maps now it should be mentioned that four of those maps are risk ins of previous Call of Duty Maps but nevertheless you have 14 Maps you can play at release and more choices as far as game modes as well even without campaign black ops 4 looks like a much more complete game than battlefield 5 does right now if we take a look at the battlefield 5 roadmap you can see what they have planned to release over the next several months this gets us through basically March and all this is gonna be free to every player who buys the full game that has to be mentioned and that's great I applaud dice and EA for doing this okay but look at what's coming next month ok practice range they're releasing the practice range and calling it DLC now if you're releasing the practice range launch it could mean one of only two things one that you took the full game and broke it into pieces to try to provide the appearance of value over time or two that you were so far behind in development that the practice range was not a priority for you to get done before launch either one of those is not a good situation in my opinion and I attributed it more to the former I think that they've just wanted this to fill a space in their planned DLC roadmap model I'm honestly shocked they would list the practice range as part of DLC on their roadmap but anyway you look at the next set of content that's going to be released January through March the return of Rush that's a multiplayer game mode that has been in previous battlefields at release but yet this one it's coming as DLC and then in March you're looking you're getting the battle royale game mode okay that's called firestorm I think it's a huge mistake that this game would wasn't ready at launch this would have added a lot more value in my opinion to Battlefield 5 right now but yeah that's going to be coming in March so that's what the next few months of content looks like for Battlefield 5 and if you look at it there it looks like a lot of stuff but when you start digging a little deeper it's all stuff that probably should have been included with the full game at release now it absolutely positively has to be said the backups for we'll be releasing some new maps over time as well but they're actually charging for those maps but then zombies and in multiplayer and if you basics you dollars for black ops for right now it does not get you all the content that will be released for that game over time and that's gonna divide the player base I much prefer the model of battlefield over a black ops for that has to be said but black ops 4 was released as a full game and you're allowed to charge for DLC that's not a not an issue as long as you offered a full game and a good value for $60 at launch now with that said you can have all the content in the world but if it's not fun there's not high-quality content who cares and that's where we get into the more objective part of this argument what's more fun to play battlefield 5 or call of duty black ops for the only opportunity that we have to compare two apples with these two titles is the multiplayer do I prefer the multiplayer of battlefield 5 over call of duty black ops 4 yes I do III think that the multiplayer of battlefield 5 is actually pretty darn good I'm really enjoying it I think they made a lot of positive steps to you know progress the series in a good direction I think that Call of Duty Black Ops fours multiplayer is not very fun for me now this is just my opinion I know there's a lot of people out there enjoying it a lot of people that I didn't expect to enjoy it are having a lot of fun with black ops 4 multiplayer for me personally there's just too much cheese there's too much garbage and multiplayer I think it's a little bit too noob friendly and too random for me and I think that battlefields multiplayer is pretty well done I'm having a lot of fun with it the maps are absolutely beautiful I think that relying on squads and teamwork is is a good thing the attrition system has been balanced pretty well and I'm enjoying that aspect of it so I do think that the multiplayer of battlefield 5 is better than black ops 4 yes I will say that it also has to be said that the campaign aspect of battlefield what's actually there the four missions the the war stories is really cool they're telling the war war 2 story from different perspectives throughout different missions and I think that's pretty awesome the way that they do it there's not much there but what is there is of high quality and I think you can say that for battlefield 5 as a whole what is actually there right now is high quality and is fun and I think if you're a fan of the Battlefield series you're going to find battlefield 5 fun what's there but how long will it keep your attention with this little content and the fact that the stuff that's coming over the next couple of months it's mostly stuff that you're used to in battlefield it's not really new content as much as it's just stuff that you're used to in battlefield that will be injected into this game the only new stuff that we're really gonna be getting other than like Maps it's going to be the battle royale firestorm and that's not coming until March now on that topic of battle Royales you have blackout which is Call of Duty's version of battle royale and black ops 4 and I cannot believe how well they pulled this game mode off I never guests that they would have pulled this game on mode off as well as they have blackout is a ton of fun and I'm not the only one enjoying it there are a lot of people who are having a lot of fun with blackout and to be honest with you that's why I give the edge to black ops for comparing it to battlefield because of blackout if it was just black ops for multiplayer and zombies against battlefield 5s multiplayer and campaign I would give the edge to battlefield 5 so if you have zero interest in battle royale if you do not have any interest in playing blackout whatsoever keep that in mind because if that's the case with you battlefield 5 might be the better choice but the fact is that battle royale is the hot game-mode right now the majority of gamers out there are interested in battle royale and the fact that battlefield 5 isn't launching with their battle royale is a huge mistake in my opinion and one that really makes me scratch my head because you would think between the two Call of Duty or battlefield battlefield had the shortest distance to go to pull off a good path l'oréal you you would think they already had a lot of the key elements in place or revive system big maps vehicles all that stuff was already there why couldn't Battlefield pull this off at launch I will never know and it was a huge blunder on their part and I think it's going to cost them some of their player base I really see a large portion of battlefields player base going to black ops for this year for two reasons the blackout game-mode and the fact that blackout light ops 4 is optimized well on PC at launch you could say right now that black ops 4 is running better on PC than what battlefield is I know that there are two different games the the graphics are way better on battlefield there's a lot of differences there but the fact is that it seems to me right now at release that black ops 4 is better optimized on PC than what battlefield 5 is and that's crazy to think about so that's really what it comes down to at the end of the day I think that the content that's in battlefield 5 is good I think they've pushed the series in a good direction in a lot of ways but there's just not much there and if I'm thinking about the kid who's getting one game for Christmas I have a hard time recommending battlefield 5 to them over black ops 4 just for that reason in a year two years down the road it may turn out that battlefield 5 is a much better game than black ops 4 they have the foundation there to do it right now but at this time I think the nod has to go to black ops 4 ok guys that's gonna do it for the video that's my opinion on the matter let me know what you think have you played either or both of these titles which one are you enjoying more which one do you think you're going to buy I'm interested to hear all that stuff down in the comments let me know if you enjoyed this video please make sure that you like and subscribe and I'll have more coming your way here soon