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Battlefield V – The Re-Review

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The last time I reviewed Battlefield V, it didn’t go over so well. A large part of that is because I neglected to actually review the game as well as a I could have. So, 5 months after the game’s launch I’m taking another crack at a Battlefield V review…

Battlefield V now has more content, including Firestorm… so let’s see how it fairs now in this Forge Labs review.

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one of my biggest fumbles in this YouTube world was my review of battlefield 5 I'm not at all satisfied with how that video turned out and clearly I'm not the only one the problem with it is that it's not really a review of the game it's nearly 30 minutes of complaining about EA battlefield fives marketing and sales figures there's little to no substance about the actual game itself and I feel like that was a disservice to my audience I regret that and I want to fix it oh shit here we go again haha like it says the worst like this is how far can go up in the stuff park and go right oh hell yeah I'm so excited to die now oh it's a dead people here there's no way we'll die in this thing let's do it where should I go just bring us up hold on what did I say I can't believe you did that over the past couple of weeks I've been playing a lot of battlefield 5 with friends and like I said in my original review I really liked the core gameplay experience it offers there's a combination of reasons for that but I think the biggest is the movement mechanics and most shooter games at least most non-enhanced soldier shooter games the range of inputs for a character is pretty limited in addition to aiming you normally can just run walk crouch jump and sometimes go prone however in real life body movements are far more complex than that have you ever gone paintballing or airsofting and while being shot at your body does some weird spastic movement to get out of the line of fire or maneuver in a way that you don't normally do because I know I have when I was younger and I went paintballing for the first time and I heard that initial crack of a paintball hitting the wood behind me my body freaked out and like a scared animal III crouched ran out of the little bunker that I was in faster than I think I normally can run and in battlefield 5 you can do that kind of you're able to run while crouching I'll be at slower than if you were standing but you can still kind of sprint nonetheless you're also able to do other non-standard shooter things like while being behind cover instead of standing up like a total dumbass and exposing yourself if you press the aim-down-sights button your character will slightly peek over the edge to shoot at enemies it's a smart mechanic because that way not every piece of cover needs to be designed to be the exact same height across the map there can be variation between multiple things like window frames barrels and cars they all don't need to be the exact same height to accommodate the Crouch height of character models you can also dive through windows and snap onto ledges to climb up in short the game feels like it has enhanced movement mechanics and it feels fluid in the same way that some futuristic shooters do I mean it's not quite titanfall or apex legends and you're not gonna be able to use jetpacks or wall run or survive massive Falls but it feels more responsive and flexible than the standard run walk and crouch in most shooter games don't get me wrong I'm not saying that battlefield 5 was the first to do this or anything like that I'm just saying that controlling your character in this game feels good as all there is some drawbacks though for example when you're reviving someone you're forced into this animation where you're completely vulnerable to enemy fire if you play as the metaclass you're able to revive your squadmates much quicker but it's still relatively frustrating to be forced into an animation sequence each time that said I understand why it's this way it sort of balances out the fact that you're bringing back a player from the dead but there must be some middle ground speaking of dying in the game I still love the bomb slash artillery strike slash explosions tremendously I swear this game has given me gamer PTSD I've gone to bed hearing the explosions and seeing the bright lights and hearing the gunfire you know what maybe you shouldn't make this joke I really like the explosions in this game they're downright beautiful and the audio my man that's some good sound design right there battlefield 5 is by far one of the most immersive games I've ever played there's moments where the game feels scripted as if it was a gameplay scene you'd see at e3 where you know there isn't a chance in hell that it would be in the actual game but in battlefield 5 it really do be like that sometimes not to mention just how downright gorgeous this game is a couple of weeks ago in Nvidia graciously sent me an RT X card to check out ray tracing and Mamma Mia that is a spicy meatball I don't understand what the hell ray tracing was when I first heard about it but I kind of get it now I'm gonna keep it simple for my sake but ray tracing is a graphics rendering technique the best way to explain it and I used a Linus video for this is if you were to look at a spot of light on your wall and then follow the angle to where the light sources that is essentially ray tracing most modern games and games from the past have used a technique known as rasterization where the game code instructs your GPU to draw a scene using polygons the game that attempts to approximate an image by taking those 3d shapes and translating them into a 2d image on a screen then uses shaders to guess what the lighting should look like based on the shapes themselves it does a decent enough job about guessing how the light bounces and that sort of thing however ray tracing takes it to an entirely new level and makes it look more realistic and act like light would actually act on those specific objects in other words it makes the lighting in the game more realistic and as a result makes the game look better if you're interested in ray tracing I'm gonna leave a link to the video I used to learn about it in the description by Linus he does a much better job explaining it all I know is that the GPU that Nvidia sent me makes battlefield 5 look amazing the game's beautiful environments and unrelenting only in battlefield moments remind me of when that used to be the primary focus in the game's marketing I'm not gonna talk about it again but dice fully embrace the battlefield 5 charm with their firestorm marketing [Applause] and speaking of firestorm one of the largest complaints I had against the game in my original review was that the game as a whole felt light on content at launch due to the whole games as a service model that's being adapted industry-wide now I was unhappy with how the game felt more like a calendar than an actual game itself I don't like the idea of buying a game only to get half of it upfront and then having to wait for the other half over the course of a year or presumably until the next game and the series comes out I don't like being strung along like that I drew an analogy to a restaurant in my previous review if a restaurant served you half a meal and told you to come back to moral for the other half you would rightfully be upset and not enjoy that restaurant that's largely how I felt about battlefield 5 I really liked the food I got but I was upset that I needed to wait for the second half of the plate so here we are five months later and more food is coming out and the game is starting to feel more complete the biggest and most obvious addition to the game is firestorm oh my god Jesus Christ oh my god I don't like reviewing battle royale games all that much because it's difficult for me as someone who doesn't really like the genre but that sort of summarizes a more general problem with public perception of Battle Royale when a new BR game comes out people don't review the game itself but rather talk about whether they personally like the genre or not over and over nearly everyone I talked to tells me that they cannot stand battle royale it's almost shameful to admit if you do as if it makes you lesser for enjoying it but yet BR games continue to dominate the industry and seemingly everyone still plays them what I said at the beginning of my apex legends video still remains true hey so do you want to check out this new free game yeah maybe what what type of game is it oh it's a oh so simple really that we get and that's kind of how my friends and I crashed into firestorm we were all apprehensive about playing yet another BR game but the fact that it was set in World War 2 was alluring side note isn't it kind of strange that we're now playing battle royale games set in the darkest time in human history firestorm doesn't do much to innovate the BR formula it's pretty standard 64 players playing jump big circle loot survive it's the regular deal well I shouldn't say that there-there is things that are different such as calling in vehicles and speaking of vehicles tanks that's kind of new you can also call in supply drops and there's bombs and that sort of stuff there's a few things that make it stand out tanks love that destructible buildings love that dynamic air strikes and bombs love the shit out of those watch out bomber bomber oh fuck oh fuck in the phreatic oh right into it oh my screen the amount of explosive sheer hilarious and oh shit moments I've had in firestorm is unmatched to any other BR game I have played I think this largely has to do with the staple battlefield gameplay and how well it works for battle royale but they could have probably called it battlefield royale anyways the destruction is especially fun there's nothing quite like launching a flak cannon or a rifle grenade at a building and seeing it come crumbling down and getting a kill hilarious Oh safe oh wait there's another team over there Oh again or being on the other end of it avoiding Windows by crouching so an enemy tank doesn't see you and level the building you're in blue I was 245 I hit him oh by not suit me being soundly through right Eric down get out of here get out of here just get out get out of house they're blowing it up they're blowing it up I'm running I just died so I didn't make it it's these sort of experiences that have made firestorm very appealing to me and I obviously need to talk about the storm part of firestorm I am so glad that dice decided to shake things up with a circle it looks so goddamn cool it's such a nice change of pace from the regular blue wall that every other PR game seems to use and over here you've got a goddamn qualifier which which what do you think's worse what do you think you want to avoid blue Mountain Dew rain or a wall of fire I don't know I don't know which one I want to avoid more honestly I don't know I mean just look at this look how cool this is like you see the fire every scroll it back this is a terrible way I feel like I'm videotaping I am videotaping my screen what does this YouTube 2007 you as you run through the map you see this massive storm engulfing everything in this path and it looks beautiful and like it lights up the whole map you see the smoke rising when you get close to the fire it just like spits out embers it looks so cool it looks really really cool there's so many great effects in this it's it truly is such a good looking game and I think that the fire is such a great addition I'm so glad that's not some Gatorade raining on players who are outside this is good this is good I like this nothing lights a fire under your ass then quite literally a fire storm chasing you across the map and about the map I like that it's set in Norway and that we were lucky enough to have a authentic Norwegian playing with us to translate I'm gonna go I'm gonna jump here for us frig at three Gaston was like no no it's alright it sounds weird for me to freak out in pretty important no I don't know hey jump yep wow I'm learning so much by playing for giving the authentic no oh my god there's so many of it oh we should go up here maybe yeah let's forgotten this place but unfortunately I don't think the map is as good as it could have been there's only several building designs that have been copied and pasted throughout the entire map nearly every village is composed of the exact same blue yellow and red buildings the interiors are always the same – which makes the locations on the map feel less unique there's only a few points of interest and most of them feel like they've been done before the Pluto dig site reminds me a pub geez dig site the factory area reminds me of blackout and the farm fields remind me of every other VR game however the general terrain that composes most of the map is all right most areas seem to have decent variation that lends itself nicely to firefights and as for the size of the map yeah it's pretty big but the zone will immediately cut off half of it at the beginning of the round so it's technically only about half the size which is actually okay because it would be way too big for 64 players and that would make for a pretty boring first half of the game everyone would be able to land in their own village and fully load up before even seeing another set of players secondly it sort of makes each round dynamic in a sense because you don't know which half the map you'll be playing on given the Norwegian setting there's some decent variation in play areas between snowy mountains two islands two dams the map doesn't entirely feel like one single theme that said I would have loved to see this set somewhere like Stalingrad but Norway's okay it's very well possible that dice may introduce a second Battle Royale map in the future and I really hope they do because I like it which is weird because I don't generally care for battle royale games but right now I can't get enough of it I still feel as though that the amount of maps in the game is underwhelming and most of them with the exception of Rotterdam feels somewhat uninspired I'm sure there's going to be a Russian or even Japan update in the future but not having that stuff in the game five months later is still a little bit disappointing in the five months since I reviewed the game there's been plenty of fixes and updates to the game mechanics and I believe some new modes were added like rush but it appears as if that was a limited time event which is something that I don't understand that developers do anyways battlefield 5 it's a fun game it's enjoyable because if it wasn't I wouldn't have played it nearly as much as I have played it and I'm currently playing it it it's my main game right now and I'm enjoying it I can't really say it's a bad game I think I was a little harsh and off-base with my original review and I genuinely regret that is it a perfect game no it is not there there are plenty of issues and I still have a lot of grievances with it but it's not as bad as I feel as though I was making it out to be you can still have fun with the game and still enjoy it for what it is especially if you get it on sale or have yays premium pass I'm not sure what it's called if you have that and you have access to it it's a fun little game to mess around with friends and I think with time it will hopefully and presumably get get better I suspect that the future updates and if they do Japan and Russia and that sort of thing that they'll very likely be free dlc at that point yeah jump into it because that's gonna be fun I just wish that stuff was here now or at least more stuff now and then maybe less stuff later is how I would like it to be loaded instead of a little now a little bit more later and a little bit more later on anyways that's that's it that's that's my spiel on the game so there it is my update review to battlefield 5 hopefully you enjoyed it I'm Sean thanks for watching maybe like this new setup format but I might try it more in the future this was just a little editorial video nothing crazy I've got another big one in the works like the halo one that the reception on that has been it's been phenomenal thank you all for that it is tremendously motivating to see that sort of support I can't wait to do the next one I've been sprinkling Clues out on Twitter if you're not following me there I'll have a link to it as well as in the original Halo video for my next big review the clues are there maybe you guys can put it together and I'll see you in that video you