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that uh yeah different guns the sites work differently with different guns like a pitcher for the Sturm queer is horrible but on the stg44 it is easily the preferred site and the reflect maybe it's a the reflex for the stern where what's nice but it works horrible stg44 Alan's ex million in iron sights or the three-time scope yeah our sites are good let's get that oh and the queer with the magazine oh that's amazing oh yeah like I extend the neck no just has a magazine just seven how to load the bolt through the top it's one of the gummies yeah that's one of the gun trade yeah I don't think I pick that one that's a picture too oh you better fix it oh there's so many Oh Oh dad oh one more surgery Charlotte Charlotte Street oh there's something on the street you're a bunch with n by alpha just like in the street looking down just gonna take the battlefield people make battle royale worthwhile can't wait I know I think it's gonna be good oh yeah just the way to well I'm I'm hearing you drop of the kit so you're not farming for so and if the storm hits you you die instantly that's great yeah it's a good giant fireball so many bad guys the heck with it let's doing this I like your outfit thank you look at my helmet oh wait you like my helmet grab the goggles on top of my helmet oh wait you have like a hat shirt oh it's the wrong wack their feel them and how they only sandbag they've been building up here you down just don't on Gorsky yeah oh sorry hello eight-way I spawn I butt out and the site is that Oh lost charlie again oh he's scared watch I'm in the street come with him charlie okay with it you're right they're ready honey well here in there get hit all right okay okay I'll make it that's good so much behind a mystery he did Oh who's that nice thank you vanilla restroom spot owner shuts you did better still in there though to my right sound Adam yeah that Lander our 13 ray sir I think we're clear now yeah look there it's a brown head to the back freak do the screams in this game are great I'll sit down you smoke there guys Oh lay them down teammate alpha yeah come on buddy getting up come on come on come on come on I can't get you there I got you so just let's Frank that's clear well yeah oh yeah we're getting image calling it a comeback Oh shucks in ideas dead I'm gonna go uh beer see brother Oh oh yeah oh okay what I guess she's me from oh dude I'm wrecking them right now is recomm destroy their faces ha ha good enough to win that's very nice another dunya nice you know the best part is an inch what's happen that was just our warm-up round it's not gonna get better for them you why does anybody play anything other than domination is easily the best gameplay I mean they're all fun the mass action they're all fun cuz it's battlefield actually I did feel what's actually enjoyed contest it seems like they there's more constant action it's like the plays are tighter the rest of the flags are a little more right – thank you me now watch your left oh I use ours I'm going I guess I've been this here right your left oh I'm gonna build our little fortifications oh we are guys are left on the hill I got him Thanks tell someone else I know got a month's in the head you want to build this out for you on removable eyes fill this up so continuous ninja are you dying ninja I've been dying oh it's alright to go over the middle top or take the left the left row minutes I think they accomplished something with that all I did was make us mad the shooting in this game is just ridiculously awesome whoa my shoes nish oh yeah that's the best part about this game play that's so much better than anything else right now oh I'm just laying right on the rock oh look at that turd all right I bet camera really blended here that's yeah gorgeous creamy white feeding me nachos yeah he dead oh do I love another one he's dead you left again the right that's it he's dead don't try and get him up medic silly goose I hope that dudes still laying there nope he's not it took surely do what's our team doing they joining got three people we're outnumbered hey up the hill whoa Bragg got me three minutes killed okay thanks teammates are going up there middle oh man I'm building like crazy joining a second get in this place build uh-oh watch the hill watch the top of the hill oh yeah bunch of old ones dead oh it's fine up yeah I'll be shot from the left hang on yeah bus coming from the left marna up on the hill out but don't throw tangent long distance Oh it's oh-whoa-oh what bins yeah lost me again I am one day nice buddy let's guessed it I know you're fed up oh I thought yeah get him in this the elegant way yeah see this right I'm still dead ooh pants or bust there's so many what am I supposed to do so many why okay everybody yeah names I'm starting to wonder how I'm raising my kids if I'm doing it right you wanted your wife like cuz he wants to play call of duty instead of battlefield oh you could have battlefield but you don't have battlefield so I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing yeah I mean I thought with you I probably wouldn't hit him very very hard but yeah yeah I think physical physical pain is one of the great disappears Oh add there oh there's somebody coming over the hill okay I'll my buddy grab him Charlie we can turn this around in so we can do it in Belfast that's very best I'm gonna go left for the candidate after the stairs tell me the other here ditch huh oh yeah plumbing oh we got it Oh miss come that's embarrassing oh come on manicure you do it but you got to get up though you gotta get up Thanks I got alpha again I think we've got a cap this and go hang out on the middle he'll get the DS oh my gosh so many out there hey no I'm not killing oh it gets an inch I'm gonna get you medicine I'm in the fire let's okay so get this no problem yeah surely we just hold down this middle Hill I think Oh nope oh geez I'm hurt I'm hurt real bad at ease Otis oh geez no that's all right we're all right come on will you do it oh no we didn't get it soon another that one spot that one spot yeah let's close game right there lucky they were they outnumbered us have that game okay stop drop and roll I hit the dirt does help when you're on fire in this game just like battlefield 100 now I got the right headgear on that's what I'm talking about oh you got the same one oh yeah it's really cool they a silver dagger we're having this I thought I changed me just paste it with a special oh no thanks uh yeah battlefield V is back black ops core is awesome battlefield B is amazing way better best shooter out there I am easily the best but try this I'm buddy so tie another one you daddy daddy did Oh stava happier I think it's full right now but it'll but you get him this Oh behind your net come and medic Oh light em up they have the medics didn't diminish that semi-automatic reference to you yeah the classes are actually better this quite a bit better in my opinion the medics have more appropriate guidance for their class oh there's a nothing that's just uif take takes literally adding missing can you edit you're just a currently I don't know oh my not so much of the Helen goes 14 companion website how about you know that we does wonder why he's really hurt he's dead he's not hurt he's dead Oh oh geez yeah that guy hurt me doesn't look like it built please guys just sign your painter I be anything I'm doing here ninja I can smell it we're but we're building your left or something there's been somewhere that a friend it wasn't this room come and dad you're gonna be alright oh he's laying down dirty rotten ninja bleeding real bad you're still laying in the exact same spot yeah shoot that hurt no no pencil yeah on accept that's disrespectful what he didn't instead we're gonna come sniper join us they're on the other side of this building honest I guess you think that all dead guilty you think it's kinda cool too [Applause] writers Bravo he'd be in the truck right now ohto right to the right oh yeah there is Oh watch your part right all right he's almost dead nice thank you thank you so come on don't give up niche oh where you at did you bleed out yeah yeah I'm almost out of ammo all right god hello very good oh yeah someone's here that fits oh yeah let's get head shots and I finally got the mp40 it's amazing does it yeah I just booted two guys so you guys there's one edge it's unlocked two for the soul class like the fourth one like a single shot that things for you off the m1 they went ice around the edge that's what we're gonna get Oh [Applause] single parent I thought the first time was like an automatic oh I'm trying to fit oh wait did you guys round over back out and pick me up no join us I can't doing of you doesn't give you the object because real it but you ain't you the Nutella no I just joined rid of it that's right victory you're in squad unit yeah I'm in the queue number two let's switch it around someone quits yeah inge how if you like red dead it's oh it's just they were scary that kind of have played it weird I'm like bored out of my mind of this isn't the multi player coming out for it though pretty soon yes I once in I bought them all out and then or after an hour that – what a retard you bought fall out that's not your cell again yeah dude yeah check it out or fall that dude one of my favorite games ever was Bioshock which is very similar to fall out no franchise was a franchise amazing I mean bow shock yeah look Bioshock but I want to say it's a riddle that follows maybe kind of I wonder why that if you like Bioshock I would say pray that's right pray pray was awesome right yeah I never I've never played about chocolate Ray was awful did I still think the most fun I had with any campaign type game in a long time for the show that's fun oh yeah by across the bridge man Dasia we're at way out this guy's still alive can they get up in these house light knows I'm like is he still alive I don't know gonna get away I think now I'll need the one by a oh oh it's time to build up Bravo it's time to get this all fortified hey we can go through that window just bond with teammates what's going on that's weird still one more guy left no build that peace bombing in trying to stay out of they switched bonds fellas need ammo there you got ammo guy yeah tires what's that coming to you that's that it uh I got something by someone else do the auntie Mahina bravo Bravo ski then incoming wear yellow mark the left – left yes like 40 that Billy on the corner of there hey why this hard one thing is born on your teammates I don't know spirit IQ should just let you back out or did you come back yeah yeah a long time like I'm you can make it a regular hourly 15 get above us fire way that it your own fire I just jumped out the box we push this here before you this yeah oh you're clear you're clear you're clear I got him a few more stick right there on the left Oh to the right oh oh come on just hide in the corner drive on my body come on let's go all right right yeah Cielo one got by the stairs so long the right wall oh yeah I don't know where I got hit from oh I saw it so we're on the left come on tar you shred right by me bro I miss that for health teller and that they're way up top yeah dad come on Pisco I get my oh my gosh okay I jump on the other side is RIT I blame it on the medic semantics fall now your fault I yeah the other side of the barrier edek I'm heading back towards the middle I need I'm hold my button thank you medic what the that was dead oh that was that – gotcha niche with you what I know Oh something's I'm very sorry it was really wet today was like a hurricane out there they're going in hmm yeah she's that doesn't matter yeah boy you're a dude oh I'm going out right shift head now for the British coming babe I probably I know you get a blow that whole breath why don't we just hold silly builder forget about a that's why I said earlier and you guys aren't rushing over to Charlie whoa that guy's barrel actually hit the tip of my nose yeah do they are everywhere another one I'm on the deck right thanks I got him he's dead pick her head again Oh blew it off watch your left he's dead I got him yeah got one problem are you kid there should be kappa a kappa a we got that voice ice destroy these guys oh you're right does it alright give that thank you that was really quick yeah are you throwing I hate go pick up – did a hiccup well won't you die a few more times Bee Gees I know right I know right and he heard focusing batteries I'm a swish of them tired of the square right now I'm gonna go to the stern where I can't get that last you get out of this up creep no I'm a soul I might I think I'm gonna start – answer a little bit I accidentally picked it last night it was really good you're a terrible sniper dude I got five head shots in a row five the first time I figured out it's not very nice oh this is a stern where map no this is a queer map yeah it's definitely weird map this is an mp40 map if that guy looks like a little midget dude remember it's Bravo come on ha ha you're funny it's got like a little cabbage hand like you stupid hammer film it Bravo is key to this map what are you doing over there look yeah they're getting it – dad he's flanking around right no sighs OH yeah I knew it I knew he was over fish gonna be right yes looks good yeah smoking it out come on time I can't believe why are you just letting me bleed out this whole time dude yeah you're the worst I've ever seen I told ask you like five times yeah yeah tell me you were down I was saying it over and over we're gonna I'm gonna get a ninja up on my left fist go bleed out come on Mitch you'll be all right buddy thanks Matt I hear footsteps really close oh yeah I miss him okay what's better the Lewis or the Brin I haven't even started using the support class at all no idea we're here the last video where you work possible yes I work tomorrow oh yeah time we have four was on here planet do be games it's not a ninja just playing those other games this is roommates guy in a little Hut next to me give me up please I'm coming he's in the little pick him up he's in the hutch in there hit it we gotta get Bravo oh it's over I'm not gonna say what's up I love you that's part righty-o we can build up I'm building down on your knees oh yeah we just put some dirt up everybody knows bullets Hey look at the ground and you build something you press down on the white outline where you can build a bell ring that your tool right on the trigger or whatever it should be like a little hologram of it hold your trigger now you noob you said wait there's a white outline of something oh hey zombie dude it's there the whole time you can't see it don't give up oh my god I'm in cover time gimme that yeah I don't know they got all the way around this yeah Velen not aquaman was gonna be done but it kinda looks good you're lying he's like the worst superhero ever but I mean lucky bad so worst actor yeah oh very good sniper thing yeah hit a play another look nate up with that animal pushing this pushing this little hill and you get help thank you this is sweet little spot here alright see where you could build oh this is a good spot right here yeah just just a little bit of dirt it's cover and the rock up there Oh through this month come on oh I thought you're down oh yeah we've evolved you hold the head voice give me a head ooh for tenderly I'm growing impatient thanks me have some ammo do please I yeah oh oh I shot that dudes head off right behind you piss you down oh dude I didn't they just go they gotta kill you you need to pay attention every army medic all right lady yeah oh there's oh hey I'm so scared dude I'm danger-close I'm danger-close health on you be help on your side here that don't help and clip hanging doors or scaring me window losing Bravo gonna be hi there oh no disco sandbags against this they learned I'm gonna bleed out and spawn on you with it is my back trying to focus double it up oh yeah you smoke that dude hello oh they took our alpha back Oh Julie actually I got like two kills and almost no revise oh I'm coming down there I see the boss I know oh yeah oh my goodness but what the hell oh yeah I got some pants what what do you eat oh I should probably have a couple I don't need to me at the own thing now this is this term queer map binge right here I agree get that gold good almost it's almost completely one more that's pretty hard to get like ten offensive kills in one life okay yeah I'd be hard for you ah Peace Initiative stock oh oh that's kind of grating on this little bit no gentle one in there so scared there Oh him it's pak40 Arghandab die no thanks dance with me gotcha oh by the big gun oh the big gun gun is it come be grabbin Charlie grab a Charlie man back to alpha gonna wrap the street an inch go ride the street let's got your left Oh Frank you want some do it it's like a freight train right now good guy keep it guy yep yep yeah I'm ready I don't know how he live coming oh oh my gosh I'm gonna die getting you I need life shoes you get up time budget I come on man you're leaving me oh let's go turn around Fitz go Oh some rat don't worry don't worry some random addict yeah thanks buddy are you with oh he's up there always on the obstacle team little better I fell down in I see him I got him I'm coming get up Fred yeah you did good doesn't matter okay losing Charlie I'm going back to Charlie Charlie are there cats out there catch up I've had a charlie with an inch I'll make a little hole in this roof for us all right this we've got a guy in the house nice job at 210 oh no you got my lap I got hit oh my god and all that all that all that all that all that all that going back to Charlie Oh Oh got one Oh mine is for you back brother brother flying Oh don't die no die I'll spot on you outside outside I think you could get a good niche you did real good oh come up the stairs goes there all right my biz well I'll get me up yeah I'm on fire oh yeah fire the wall where are these freaks they came up they just came up got him sandal my house you freaks oh that was an accident oh let's not talk about toxic rebirth let the fun begin friend especially with this game it's amazing Oh get some battlefield you can play with us oh he's in the little shed by the ammo box ammo box alright one blow shut up he's dead go it is coming in you getting a pistol all right there's still one more first thing nobody said oh we gotta get out the back oh don't let the river okay there should be oh yeah oh dude there's so many over there at that yellow house busted up yellow house coming all right man Oh [Applause] I'm coming in you can make it oh yeah this guy right in there one dude inside with me just to do this you know get them gonna be gonna get him oh yeah you got him I steered you work those guys I get a flag back Oh charlie both dead nice say oh my god are you inside or out I'm just outside along the red wall oh man destroy these guys nice round inch oh thank you thank you thanks for the Rivas good dude destroy these guys oh I like this mouth have you seen this one with the the like storm to say it normally goes huh I don't know should I do some snipe in this round ninj or just keep going with the salt what weapon are using well what then we'll use that salt oh the stern where sniper I'll just use the infield when you start with that oh yeah okay we're at least I'm in that well as ty keeps getting me some ammo yeah I can leave should feel right back what is it 16 verse 16 yeah they're switching the swaths of our passwords such a good decision yeah I just don't Brock you see oh yes I don't know the right side little crack Oh first shot headshot Oh what oh geez right above you did go behind me hammer come on oh thanks I need ammo when he can't I yeah there was a kind of that horrible oh yeah oh nice it's amazing Oh three of them three of them on this corner all dead all dead nigger uh oh wait yeah to our left I can't I'm figured out the leading yet how far out believe them and tricky Oh scary dude cuz you've done be friendly what's the matter with you do that ammo crates perfect oh I guess night oh yeah yeah thanks thanks buddy I think we need a new it's empty almost empty hey horrible shooting by me I'm sniping imma stay alive so I can spawn on me but crying I'm literally right next to you and cover dude are you you're not in cover wait yeah oh I see it sorry I thought you were the other I'm so sorry I'm literally never revived again tonight hey okay it's not like you're reviving me anyway okay sighs Vidya I'll get you up you get dad's got a boo yeah you put another emigrate ah are you oh I love that destroy this taro and I could are they still in that same spot then just a writer and rebel along the wall right behind this wall you get off my camping spot you little freak I'm sitting here there's a guy right here behind the cover Oh on my mark ha I need ammo yeah yeah – shot his face whoa – I got mines all over the place here they're coming up – oh can we get another uh ammo when you can't I please buddy underneath you and I got together one day on here with this Oh get up to you take it out it's what's behind us here's Amma oh my god thanks buddy that will eat your right Oh eat your right I just panel box is already empty now oh he's hiding in the corner right here oh right on me til I get shot my face off Oh edek visco Ellie please Ben get off me well there's only data that guy's terrible he missed that he shot uh-uh I can't kill my hand over the head twice and it didn't kill ya he just brought over that far left like by the clip you like I did runner up are you nice edge thank you it's just a trauma and they're just pushing far right got together all over tobacco Bravo – badder like on the back side over here oh jeez there's one way back in the corner yeah you just can't be back there's just you oh there more back there another one oh we kill each other pain scares this one oh there's so many day take three of them around they come on do it again oh don't be be happy between a and B they seem on the map is up here this to your left sky like way out to the right there no over the last Charlie are they still spawn room killed well going back to Darlington you just say no what wrong what so I'm talking about only what yeah they try to make it a comeback but they didn't are we turn yes the big statement licking his Halfmoon and after I was worse like two and a half times next nice one good call on the infield inch can call 20 an hour very nice is it a it's a semi-auto and field no bolt-action brother three years what to do this round well not this auto devastation probably the salt what have you been doing woman hmm as soon as 8 p.m. going Bravo oh yeah this goes dead already I'm coming dear and actually I'm not coming yeah don't worry about it just ever again just sit there be dead clothes inch those should be like oh right off what quit shooting cuz I feared he was dead there's a guy right ok don't have to oh nice oh you're dead do we want to press a oh yeah right yep no is the letter about library oh boy what a camper oh yeah that's the right thanks buddy see for out terrible see for oh very good run you're right Oh Lois you got me second floor where you're trying to god I've gotta be 980 yeah another he's dead thank you no I'm not medic medic station around there up above well it's a teammate or never sit dies if you're heavy that ain't right you are here Oh punching the windows up left come on in let me reload and heal I won't buy the ones on it yeah I won't buy the window oh this guy clean them up maybe Oh Charlie you're out the price yeah they're trained here I see oh wait you're left in SA up we're coming attack the guy ever there's about this go to read Brad way just in the same train yeah let's him on the rich and the trang carbo Charlie take it an institute open cross he did a nice do a bunch just came in Oh got 100 there's their buggy one kill them the buggies all right I'm gonna clear it out I'm gonna grab ghetto you fill down it's fun of me there's at least one more so up there I can't shoot through you another 1/4 his headshot super find us I got ammo dad drop behind me left I don't even know where they're at I'll be I'm not in killing me oh yeah and be Passover that with some vinegar I was going for real and the guy was I in there watching me buddy okay think that there's some lot over alpha whole bunch take our team in to shoot these are like a record double use Express secrets going twice evangelist Barriss I know medically track what rank was the mp40 biscuit I've against the second and the third gun you unlock okay what was that all of this I thought awesome down to like that the next proficiency am I going to get kills with my five point they are my boy again to kill a down but always but I never thrown I don't have a ton admins like this big one is each level late late morning I think I let her before it doesn't really get that bad like once I got the STG like before I really knew what else rate 20 now I'm on about 13 Charlie Bravo Charlie Charlie there you go bud right here go through that mess with the would build a little of it a little bit thought the transfer this all right hey guys I get it in the middle to the right as we fly it oh yeah to revive it like that oh shit I'm in fisca thanks ran you get it buddy oh yeah I got him I'll be in the burn get the shotgun well that oh my god he's just right there when it all over yeah get it rock got it there's something that part is up second floor yep the more has I did that was an accent got jumped down there for them ago shooting someone else yeah probably the barn you get him yeah they're in the church the stand the suit oh I'm down on the stairs over you got you I'd be really hurt edge let's see Andy around are you serious ever met the desecrating takes a worshipping Nazis oh thank you Charlie go down charlie there's a guy down the street and all that kind of black find you they're in the barn then what going back over there so much folk think I cannot kill that guy down see on it detected this like that it's animation he's going out far right on it yes yep another down the street down there Oh be careful careful it's so many points as medic you know at the claim your stuff before you can unlock more suffering no weapons or anything both sigh mitts yes how did you get 4000 points going 3 and to die Emma I was shooting people just not getting the kill like I'd see Peter Funt me the 90 everything else is she just not give you a kill for 90 she don't know how that I personally get a treat applies that make sense that you throw stuff to me like it there's the heels and then there's this resupplies I got the best of both maybe when you throw them a thing they already have maybe maybe it doesn't count sit I don't know yeah okay I've misread it maybe who cares do you ever think of that okay maybe I won't revive you anymore we'll find out it's a first casualty ready making students when we get to this Hill Drive you can just drop with my ammo box a great oh yeah negative okay or don't they spawn making its 5b huh they got out Oh on you guys emission way up there earlier the body's rolling down this now I'm down on that or down the flag get your kitchen it's rice look at you popping that smoke beard it's awesome yeah yeah Oh Oh I need some ammo Dively but you get just slide off coming back Mickey the hill I need ammo I have no okay I gotta have up and right for the house Oh Frank Oh inter-team he's not that he's not – pretty good oh come from the middle out there oh that's bad frag oh there's a snow for this sir what should we go for it's the red suis charlie yeah your feet be cold in this no running around oh yeah oh yeah I shot in the back oh I think it's just all right eh on the back no front finishing the marker on the back some reason I'm down right next it is okay thank you yeah yeah a house oh the right okay oh yes thank you it's kind of real to us yeah take that Ghana now got the guy in the house chemical punch coming over to the right throw by a okay up there watch over that yeah yeah marked it danger pest oh nice shot I hit him but he'll still we're late all right oh there's a bunch of alpha right now cutter like for taking off no thanks Nance thank you for the Emma oh hey I just spawned oh my dead body I'm getting a break bragging and I have I forget yet don't bother oh yeah we're up Charlie behind it like I'll get you ready yeah I think if I can see anybody here right now oh oh dynamite what I can't oh no I'm so surrounded like that you're really good at this Charlie assess all these by the play always running close someone took your head up and left and you're now stay left and we look yeah it's time to sing a little bit to get used to it just knowing the angles and good spots oh yeah this sniping map oh yeah what did what were we playing it ended like this but it was like bigger it was this man I know was like fighting over a game oh oh I wanna think it was conquest they just cutting its refund now copper has like five flex I think sometimes leaves three oh yeah now you see were lovely very classy no just wait playing oh she's doing health starts mugwort they're all gonna be to our right knee level 34 from Charlie ask of attorney sir they're all coming from oh there are so many it's funny I don't even know where to shoot out of so many I need ammo stay alive die in the fire stay alive stay alive respond can you even touch it yeah you got me one is right next to an inch under the plane stop that guy someone watch our back names won't come behind it okay hook it up pick me up he's going above you love you in the mountains then the bushes trees up there all right now is not good another will do if I'm up in the tree oh one guy on the right down oh good you drop some ammo yeah the other hanger injury you die I'm right right what somebody else patent [Applause] hmm right on the table that out freak losing Bravo Oh with us it fastest what the heck are they running from Charlie probably oh yeah all right there's someone here right behind the sand bases still got one on Bravo with it is one of the Florida House bunker thing you're right okay write that I got you I'm get you up now so you get high come on oh oh there's bunch I'm coming Oh rocket thanks dad Oh down no ninja all right and if all right step ever for the rocks one side and pin down over there right there on that right there yeah that's good dead I directed 800 keys I was reloading all that was my pistol cease clear oh are you bet and Bravo crazy can you hear me yeah hurry hear me talking yeah like an underdog means I can't move can't really look like look it here goes guys this is stick can you read a boy it's start button go down to redeploy I might be like yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep Oh good bears jeez wonder what squad made that happen oh hi he died so many times clear all those ones Wow I think my dad Montana yeah you guys got me realized a couple times maybe less than a half off well I certainly didn't die 12 times an inch I just sleep and I didn't rewrite all you told NZ very bubbly just regular people cath attempts yeah I think you got me once baby once 21 in one oh wait now I got I didn't bleed out at the end of the round yeah so it didn't count but when you made fun of me it was hot make it funnier so disagree with that and now I paying at sixty tails and this works I need message crosshairs I'm next to you bipolar fans I'm gonna get you even though you don't deserve it you're getting it ah yeah thank you thank you as part of the conspiracy now news and you're dead oh shit oh shit oh there should be no get out back no way back there hey it's um I shot be up on the top and the trains shame me Tina thanks dad welcome guilty I'm sneaking Charlie on him come here come an inch get your buddy did you good dude I can't tell where that sniper you get up there oh no you're not it's alright it's alright well honey data yeah brother Charlie I'm late it I'm Thank You charlie here what do they do no oh you smoke that medic trying to get his buddy up oh yeah they were like laying around all three of them oh my god can we go up from here anybody give me Oh Elmo animal-type leave fun where to go you didn't drop it yeah but it's there hey I'm gonna go down that left street with me that's right I'll get some Donnie say no one eh yeah find you let's go yeah Emily Birds what are you guys doing here they're just lying out of the ground Oh up there you're so far away from there carl swagan frantic Charlie Charlie taking it already the one down the left your ass knowing that I left in the car that her what was that just $3.00 a little lovely oh yeah you get in how do you drop some Rambo's they kept yeah again free crazy another one on the bridge whatever hurt oh right on me freak nevermind you go to the right there's two min yeah okay – reviving you would stop me from burning it Oh holy moly I thought Oh two for two coming in oh yes got the ring yeah I don't care go for it no cage with you no no no mama they've been get popping these tea bagging know oh we almost like that yeah that's going honey the sniping on this baby oh forget it that's a piece of hunter on the other team okay this is what was he getting all his points with are they you hired me back on field it's 50 than that yep we're gonna watch but French Oh dance if instead snitch getting the hang and the sniping ooh necklace I don't even try the other scopes see what I can do here they get unskilled oh man see I don't like the you like the weird a my horizontal with the lower vertical line I like the regulatory process which one the hesitancy yeah I use a long-range but how it has the what's record it'd be just good I'm using dude I'm sniping it's it's just as good as a sniper dude it's the Turner smle with the aperture on it how do you like it what classroom use the six times go that's too much no Mitch you said use a long-range oh oh I just put it on it it is gonna go well are they switch it up um never get die though wait I'm gonna fart right yeah uh yeah they're like probably after this round or maybe another one do I have a tough time with this go let's just hold it here hold here Bravo yeah we got to build this little thing up hey can you put a healing back then a single petal another one his heads off dude that was nice you didn't need that another one right good all right oh here's that dog to do this thing is lethal force amiable just one right in the middle of beat Oh Oh down enemy now coming I'm covering then don't see anyone yet thanks niche shake Cyrus bye guys pushing me to the right over here coming all right another one another one right the tree another one you're right in got him nice mark Oh another one to the right cover you can get me up yeah got him I'll tell you right now – uh-uh no there's this big snap still work I got a boat Hey there's ammo right here in the middle I had it one push it up you freak there we go oh yeah oh he taken in I mean they gotta stop pushing eventually cuz I'm not going anywhere doesn't matter I'll get it okay quick I'm a little oh yeah yeah this game up are you making leave my sniper perch or a big this is just go bad I mean they're gonna be at charlie I'm sure real sit behind them go to Charlie and we'll come up behind them oh yeah funny Oh get scared I'm getting scared they're on Bravo see what happens oh hey Emma I need help so bad I'm coming thanks bitch thanks thanks and the river they're dead they're dead they're dead whoa right right uh Bravo a little house taken Bravo oh you did shine it back I don't know what's our teammates you shoot us or what yeah sadly come on Charlie I don't know not that quick did the right on me oh that hurt reload that thing oh I got me good niche what I get it there's sniper yeah of my first dad oh it's gonna be my two let's I guess we all right you're right you're right sniper weird all right brother right and no more smokes don't you shut up you shut down the show behind you behind you I don't play okay you good look we take Charlie yet we got one push oh I'm coming in and they guys still alive he's still alive I know but he's hurt bad I'm hoping these are the healings hang out Chris take it that guy said oh I think you're dead they gonna round all the way around shit I think there's just me behind us yeah oh my goodness hey nice man thanks man you keeping me alive though little Arriaga the mp40 again I don't have easy it I mean I like it in general I like it stock this stands better but if you bet and before it is better faster moving while aiming down sights oh yeah touch with you thanks baby I got a guerre m95 3000 that's good one let's go app right three times wait well Matt this is it okay there's the same doesn't have any different scopes oh they shouldn't gave me anywhere they shouldn't have done that alright that was the others know that that makes mistakes worsens it white and I I'm like stuck here oh there we go uncle Charlie oh how they it started thinking out already package I think takes that crazy aunt shot in the back this is the one dude gun for striker in and out Adam thank you Oh Oh got him – thanks oh yeah Oh two guys two guys on top of that there pal what their bow over here but brother oh are you mark okay you several of them down man I don't know might as well try it I mean the snipers [Applause] go get abducted feel again there's nothing hard on the top of the hill look now oh geez you just broke my glass yeah oh yeah whoa run around the building is yeah day to find a good perch steel umbrella so that oh oh oh we should just let them keep Bravo oh yeah whatever I market one guy sniper yeah barely candidate they're coming out all right got me good got a real good ah yeah yeah somebody gunplay Thanks Oh what here this map is hard to sniper he was far laughter you just can I can I can you ready cuz I just got everybody same on the bridge oh I'm down right above your ninja that Maddox almost dead right there yeah that's right dude there are bodies everywhere coming in thank you although I'm trying to get this guy that I don't know you freaked out on me oh right his face oh yeah sure all right there's a bunch of my off hard left all right way out there I go one back there a medic sir bad dude you're back there oh mama I'm down okay no way dude zero sergeant powers 88 thank guys coming I can't believe that guy's name surgeon powers 88 did you see that Fisk oh now guy in first place our squad hold the start button Adam it was just one test you oh dude look down there they're like ants [Applause] one right in front of me special your guy trip Matador feels awesome where's Cisco have all their ov above us above us above us thank snitch oh it's fresh oh they're pista I'm looking I don't see any of them all going up to alpha man take alpha about 1% yeah there's something right there did ah behind a alright I'm getting off muevete an Twitter what do you watch another games – I think we're gonna try and see if there's a good copy of venom oh ha ha camera so far it's been poop that's not gonna be a screen – realize have you seen there already came out on October dude I guess that's only last month still the true plus I can't take ballistics getting so bad anymore I just got I gotta get off all right I don't know if I like the queer or the infield better just don't know have you used to Tommy again I'm not it's an assault absent or no yeah the Thompson it's in the game yes it's either assault or medic when the two it's like the last thing you look I don't know man queer infield we're gonna we're gonna get a shot here Oh didn't mean anything ever but no oh yeah oh yeah [Applause] come on saw a hit shot that was what / be Vanessa thank you oh man yeah hide in that left corner yeah that's it oh I shoot nice shootin that shoot unless you get work so I said hey Mia well let me spot-on you on there the other guy down come up that same stairs [Applause] I'll be on this black thing nice more than oh yeah not to the right need mo winces yeah you're right I read his head real good or lose the charms right here ninja there's like coaching under Islam charlie now that now that way oh yeah well this is gone lost being I'll get way above that leg back behind me [Applause] coming in like watch out there together oh man there's guys guys everywhere Oh Oh out Oh [Applause] [Applause] other people are working there oh my goodness sometimes these freaks Oh do the infields better I don't have any weapon traits on this yet pass right then what killer came to me this is one of those units all you turn we're doing up there somebody else in on it Davis party all of us yeah all that I targets alright alright alright my god no one's coming they get them tired again you little freak okay Oh what well that's a rocket can't believe I'm blind for the person driving brave dang it house row so got the W though yeah and the best blood they're all right boys that's it for me good games do you two already yeah see ya