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Battlefield V has a new gun worth unlocking

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Battlefield 5 just added the LS26 and it is a strong contender in the support class. Big fan of this one, let’s take a look at it and new parkour mechanics! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

there's a new gun in town in bf5 but is it worth your time while the weapon is called the LS 26 and it's available for you to unlock right now via tides of war if you didn't get last week's gun the commando carbine for the medic class you can also now purchase that gun in game using company coin not everyone has the time to do the weekly challenges so the option is there for you if you need it but back to the LS 26 though it's a new LNG weapon of course fitting into the support class actually a finished rifle with its full title being the lotty Celeron TM 26 it was able to fire in fully auto and semi-auto something which you can utilize in game if you choose to in terms of weapon stats well it's got a 600 rate of fire and 20 rounds in the magazine of course that isn't a lot for an LMG but it's not the only one the FG 42 also only has 20 rounds in the map don't be thinking that you can upgrade this via specializations either because an ammo increase is not available here where this gets quite interesting though is that in real life the weapon was designed with both a 20 round box and a 75 round drum magazine but the latter does not feature in the game but first I thought this might be for balance maybe they didn't want an LMG with such a high ammo count but the Lewis gun can be upgraded to ninety seven rounds and I have to admit that the LS 26 is very accurate at medium ranges so perhaps they thought a 75 round mag would have been just way too much for it and yeah I tend to agree for all we know they could have tested versions with a higher magazine count but decided it just wasn't good for balance but I think this gun is pretty decent either way a 20 round magazine is actually plenty to get through multiple enemies at a time in VF v and to be fair the reload time is not that long either I mentioned earlier that the gun was able to go into both fully auto and semi-auto in real life and you can utilize that in game 2 so tap firing at range is pretty effective but honestly at medium range this gun becomes really enjoyable to use it's fun super accurate for a start which is one of the main the gun in real life I've seen a lot of people comparing it to the be AR from battlefield one and I kind of see where they're coming from I suppose if you compared it to a BF 5 gun it would probably be on the same ballpark as the Bren in terms of its stats roughly I quite like the Bren personally and in firestorm it's especially good that being said the LS 26 does have the Brent Beaton when it comes to rate of fire but with 20 less bullets in the magazine maybe that evens itself out not only that but let's not forget that the Bren has a huge obstruction in front of you at every moment that massive magazine the LS 26 is kind of like a Brent turned upside down I suppose overall I really enjoyed using the LS 26 I have to admit that some of the LMGs are a lot of fun to use is it better than the Bren though I'm not sure but it really is a powerhouse at medium ranges I tried it out with iron sights and with a three-time scope I think that I preferred it with the three times variant for the most part it offered up a little bit more distance but without the specializations on it the gun can definitely bounce around a bit at longer ranges which is emphasized more if you've got a long-range scope equipment now this gun in real life was used during the winter war which was a conflict between the USSR or Soviet Union and of course Finland and it began when the Soviets invaded Finland in 1939 three months after the start of World War two so you've heard it's a pretty good weapon how do you get it well you'd be glad to hear that this week's assignment is actually pretty straightforward and quite enjoyable and thankfully has no real restrictions that force you to play certain games it can actually be done pretty fast first things first though you need to capture two objectives not much explanation needed there any game mode will do the trick including firestorm and then you need to either earn 1500 school in any game mode or kill down or squad assist 10 enemies while attacking objectives to be honest you're pretty much going to be working on both of these at the same time anyway for the objective kills anyone that's been going through the weapon assignment should be pretty familiar with these game modes like front lines or breakthrough are really good and remember don't have to be on the attacking flag providing the enemy you killed is the top route of the assignment Men requires you to get 2,000 damaged with assault rifles the middle wants you to repair a tank for 150 health and the bottom route needs you to either revived or be revived by a squad mate 20 times again most of these are very straightforward and will just happen naturally from playing the game either players assault or medic and you'll get the kills and revives in no time repairing a tank and conquest also not too tricky and then you need to either kill down or suppress 20 enemies with an LMG or complete 5 squad orders the 5 squad orders can also be orders that you put down yourself so if you're not in a squad that's playing ball just jump into an empty one lastly kill all down enemies or revive teammates 40 times sounds a lot but not too much this one you'll get it just by playing normally there are a couple of bonus ones this week one is to suppress or kill Percy enemies with the new gun but the other is to get a downed kill or driver assist in the colibri helicopter in firestorm probably gonna need some willing teammates for that one unless you hop in a chopper and just dunk on someone Mario style so let's talk about these specializations the spectra for this gun I opted to go right right right and then left mainly to get a bit better accuracy this leaves me with improved ADF speed less horizontal recoil improved accuracy when stationary and finally less vertical recoil the left hand tree mainly focuses on hipfire improvements and while they would be really useful in some situations I really don't think you need it with this gun because that's just not its ideal range in my opinion when it comes to LNG's if you want to get aggressive on objectives you can have let's say the FTU 42 which also has a 20 round magazine but a much faster rate of fire with the LS 26 though you can absolutely get kills up close because this thing does pack a punch but medium range is where it really shines the last section of the spectra is one where some people might differ you have the option of less vertical recoil or improved accuracy when moving in truth I usually go for the improved accuracy because vertical recoil is something that's pretty easy to control but when this gun is specked out it can be a little bit bouncy at longer ranges so a little bit less recoil is absolutely worth it in this now wrapping things up there are a few other interesting things with battlefield this week first of all grind is gone and I know that it's somewhat divided opinion when it was around some people absolutely loved it loved the chaos others just hated it it wasn't for me I'll say that much but if people enjoyed it that much I have a feeling that it will make a comeback the limited time modes that we have in the game right now don't always stay away for long look at squad conquest for example that came and went a little while ago but because a lot of players liked it it's now returned into the game and it seems like it will be sticking around for the foreseeable future grind on the other hand seem to be something that a lot of players got behind so I can't say I'll be surprised if in a week or two or a month grind returns and stays for good squad conquest and grind oh they couldn't really be any further ends of the scale either one is a small area with 64 players all fighting over three flags and the other isn't at the 8th mode that is vastly different I think it goes to show that there are many different players that play battlefield some of the open areas and large classic battlefield maps while others love the vehicle gameplay and some just pure infantry madness summer firestorm or there's a PR mode so you've got a selection of players that love the chaos of grind but others hate it for the exactly the same reason I think this could be a problem because it just goes to show that dice we've got a really hard time on their hands here to properly balance and cater for everyone it seems that in 2019 there is absolutely no one-size-fits-all when it comes to battlefield perhaps it's lost its identity along the way and finally one other notable piece of information came thanks to a Twitter video from drunk seed and here's a cool game designer on VF 5 the rolling animation when you land is something that not everyone is in favor of and I'm sure that it's got plenty of us killed at certain times while going forward in an upcoming update it's actually going to be a fully player controlled movement this means that it won't be tied to vaulting any longer you can fall and you're still going to take a hit when you land with the slowdown animation which will also lose some health or you can roll which will make you more vulnerable but it means that you won't lose any health the rolling animation seems to be changed as well with the camera now seemingly going around with the player although it did look a bit all the ating a bit mirrors edge maybe could be hit on this but it did seem a bit faster and smoother no word on when that will reach the game just yet but it's going to be interesting to see how this changes things I'm not sure if you know this but you can already avoid doing the rolling animation if you just simply don't use the vault so let's say you're near a railing that's high up or a window if you vault it will roll if it needs to when you hit the ground if you jump instead though assuming that you can depending on the situation then you avoid the combat role as it's tied to the vaulting system I have to admit though that I did enjoy playing with the LS 26 so give it a go if you like the LMGs in the game and remember that if you don't have time to unlock it you can always buy it with company coin in a week's time and that's all for today folks I hope you're all having a great weekend enjoy it while you can leave a like if you liked the video but dislike if you didn't subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one [Applause]