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Battlefield V Firestorm! (Solo Gameplay)

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Taking a look at the new Firestorm battle royale in Battlefield V. Playing solo this time around just to give you a look and feel for the game.

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hey we're doing pretty good I'm still trying to get used to the footsteps well they're to be honest it doesn't even sound like there really is any footsteps it's more just movement bass sound so if someone runs through water you kind of hear those split splashes you don't really hear the footsteps I wish I could play this whole game and just just with the hut off but you it's just physically impossible I think I'm hearing somebody was hearing somebody it's kind of weird you get you get much different feel when you're playing with the hut off but since when you pick up items they go in different slots I would but what just wouldn't be able to I wouldn't even know how much ammo I have look there's one in there for sure let's see if this guy's a car 98 got to pick up as much rifle ammo as I can it's weird you can only carry like it has a bunch of slots shoot oh he's gonna take my kill no way let me in there quick like that's it yeah I'll take some we can pack grenades yeah so what I was saying the you like it shows a bunch of slots where you can carry you know specific ammo such as shotgun pistol you can see in my inventory but you can't hold a maximum amount per slot it's just a mouse maximum amount of ammo in general you have to drop what you're not using I also really like this gun this was one of my favorite guns for multiplayer call myself in a vehicle oh no was it gonna is this drivable okay how it works damn this thing's fast I heard shots just over the speaks only whoa check even gets more kills come on get up there fire storms coming in I don't know where this guy is but I know there's somebody around me there was – there was two people fighting not too long ago there he is there he is see how adding the push no no I got it I thought that other guy was gonna take it oh no wait that's his loot okay now we chased the loot down the hill gotta get this rifle ammo video game please there we go armor plates things tend to be extremely rare especially in squads oh my god trying to share armor plates with squads is extremely tough can't wear see the guy salute money this looting system is it's something else I really hope that they they're working on a fixed part because this is really tough you're still peeking me you're a madman why would you do that damn he only had five shots of rifle and more armor plates though that was a very strange play but I'll take it free armor plates fortunately it can only carry a maximum of three doesn't matter how big your backpack is you can only carry up to three a little ways to go yeah I feel I feel really bad for console that looting process is probably gonna be terrible to precisely loot exactly what you need you have to be aiming directly at it that's all clustered together especially when it rolls down the hill my goodness game looks really good oh I'm getting used to the looting system or the inventory system rather it's pretty easy just click and then click to swap stuff around there's no dragging and dropping into the slot anymore like like previous games for other games like I said you can only carry three armor plates and then backpacks allow you to carry up to how many more slots I think it's like six six extra slots so you can swap stuff from your backpack into your your quick loadout or your quick use slots it's a little bit confusing off the start and then under pressure it's gonna take some time to get used to somebody's opening up the tank spot see if I can get there in time oh yeah I definitely of enough to take it out I think I know it takes like three three shots from us just wait oh he can't you can't get it out yet he needs to open up the second door I wonder if he knows that I don't think he knew that well now he does sniper ammo damn I'm looking for a car nine deep that's like blue or higher cuz the rarity depending on the rarity will depend on what attachments you have on it or what attachments come come with it so blue or higher comes with a scope unfortunately my car no indeed is only green I should get an alarm clock like that I'd get up every morning I most likely will not keep this for very long I don't find tanks to be all that useful player there well that's an air strike he's demolishing that house that's some good damage everything rolls down okay oh I also noticed in this game you can't stack meds so example like pub G or something you can just continuously use bandages and it'll keep stacking and it'll just it'll bring you back up to full right but in firestorm you have to wait until that bandage has been used for that med kit has been used before you can use another one I don't think he killed that guy did he maybe the airstrike got him I see you so Armour applies to the head then I think still screamin the heck you guys were right next to each other can't care anymore right blammo so care packets coming down over there god that's so painful it's got a good SMD everybody's laying prone it has turned into a 1v1 situation in an industrial part of town it's gonna be tough to find each other I'll most likely find me first and shoot at me I'm gonna hopefully dip for cover see I've been thinking about the tanks a little bit and I think they're good for squads but when it comes to solos you have to you have to sit still swap guns right to shoot and then it's only gonna take three rockets I think to kill the tank so I just I don't know I find it more useful to be in squads but then again it's kind of a trade-off because you have more players being able to shoot at your tank there's a care package here Supply Drop sniper ammo let me get up there get on these little ones [Applause] that's such a cool animation time to reposition you want to keep it guessing so we'll go behind favorite distance thought he'd be right there healing or something no way he's pushing where I was oh we nicked them too damaged [Applause] the far enough it's not there oh that was a good one got no armor anymore kind of want to push but I don't have a shotgun always pushing me hey we got him I didn't want to push him there either because I didn't have any more armor plates I had nothing to fall back on I like it firestorms pretty good besides the looting system Oh everything seems to be running free clean 14 kills not bad that's a solid game