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Battlefield V: Every Game of Conquest Ever

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This video summarises my experience with conquest, while playing Battlefield V. If you enjoyed this video, consider buying us a cuppa over on:

oh bloody mountains I I thought I told you to stay away from aircraft you're not a qualified pilot yeah maybe next time I'm traveling a tank commander no kindly leave that to the sort of prayer that won't immediately twat one of our tanks straight into a mine my god it's a v1 take cover Jesus and I thought gas was big in the last game yeah sorry about that first we right shall we yep I suppose so this is a conquest game we've got objectives to capture what you mean like meaningful strategic strong points that command superiority over the local area yes it's that Shack over there actually so but do not see him just catch that like five minutes ago welcome to conquest question is how do we take it back I was thinking we could tactically prone sneak our way over there yeah sorry are you putting on blue war paint I'm Scottish you're not Scottish and if you were you'd be wearing a kilt which to be fair would be a lot more accurate than mercy uniforms you see people knocking about in around here yeah speaking of which is that a regulation British Army weapon yeah yeah it's actually just unlocked it I'll try melee only that's just a lump of wood with a chain nailed to it least it's not cardboard hey hey we can't all play high graphics you know yeah besides this is actually better made the most original sense when will you buy a better graphics card no time for that let's take the objective hold it hold it sounds like an mg42 must be a an enemy machine gunner or one of ours Oh anyone who's reached rank 20 in support come to think of it either way first we proceed carefully you see viewers battlefield is the thinking man shooter a game where military cunning patience and teamwork matters this isn't call of duty money now take this your big German faster yes got him a kill yes and I load up with the sting gun yeah got a love progression medic sorry I said get the fuck no no I'm sorry I'm still not getting anything try it without the profanity oh I'm sorry or offend anyone would i well I'm pissing blood I overhear how about is it well I need surgery doctor yeah I was just gonna stick your this needly thing here Oh God Wow oh I feel amazing you know those three lifelines in my chest have all but completely healed up well that's what I'm here for or is it to try and get the best Cady possible and ignore all other aspects of team play I can never remember do you know yeah that is actually the first time that's ever happened to me really yep normally I'm just left to die now that is unusual yeah so we try and capture this objective then how do we do that well simple isn't it I mean we just stand here and wait and hope there's no enemies nearby oh well there's no chance of that is there all over it be but is it beat ours not anymore like checking that no that's just typical where's our team yep they're good I'm not falling for that again either when you think about it it really is quite unlikely Wow you know the Germans launching at a v1 rocket flying bomb a shed in rural France that two soldiers now they're far too busy plastering London yeah I don't suppose she faces falling a great channel on patreon