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Battlefield V – Before You Buy

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BFV (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest WW2 multiplayer shooter. It does some familiar things and some new things with mixed results. Let’s talk!
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and we're back with another episode of before you buy that show would give you some straight-up gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games releasing and today we're talking about battlefield 5 it's coming off of what feels like hot off the heels of battlefield 1 even though technically that was October 2016 here we are in 2018 with battlefield 5 set during world war ii and honestly it does feel like the sequel to battlefield 1 it doesn't totally reinvent the wheel so depending on what type of battlefield fan you are that's probably gonna mean a lot to you one way or the other now I'm not a battlefield expert on like meta game nuances and I see a lot of mixed early impressions out there so far but I'll say for myself personally I find it a lot of fun it feels somewhat incomplete and surprisingly glitchy and messy but I still have some fun with it and just a heads up as much as I wanted to get my hands on the PC version for our review copy we had Xbox one so all of this footage is captured between a base Xbox one and also a 1x it does feel pretty cool for a battlefield game to be back in World War 2 most notably thanks to what dice does with the maps and stuff they really do some incredible ship between Rotterdam and the weird mountain sides of Norway wide-open Africa campaign stuff and one called twisted steel that's like full of vegetation and it's mostly flat but it has this giant messed up bridge in the middle of it that everybody's fighting over and I know battlefield fans are picky and they want the biggest Maps possible some of these don't feel absolutely vast but they all seem to at least for me scratch that battlefield itch you know especially because you can blow shit up tanks can ram through buildings explosions can like slide the snow off of slanted rooftops wood breaks apart flies everywhere and a lot of maps feel like they really changed throughout a battle just thanks to all the collateral damage along with that I don't want to be the guy that says it feels like certain other previous games in the series specifically but I don't know also let's get the single-player round it away because I really don't know how I feel about it mostly disappointed I loved the hell out of battlefield ones small little single-player stories they were short and obviously flawed but I just found them interesting too fun to play through and just kind of charming and unique plus they were gorgeous but the war stories in battlefield five or okay I mean I don't know they feel more uninspired and there's a lot of stealth encouraged and and frankly that's not fun especially considering the AI is usually hilariously dumb like really bad I think it's all just because you sort of only get three big story focuses and and none of them totally feel like they have any big moments some incredibly beautiful scenery yeah but just never really had a lot of fun with him I had more fun with multiplayer and obviously that's expected but still I was expecting a little more from these diversions they try to emphasize characters but none of them grew on me and I can't really remember the characters from bf1 either but they didn't even really focus on building them up then at least as far as I can remember now there's also not as many vehicle sections which is a huge bummer about the intro sequence is really really impressive amazingly cool shit I actually replayed it twice but the biggest bummer of all is at the fourth war story you can play through is actually grayed out it's not even available until December 4th the same goes for combined-arms the game's spin on a cooperative mode that's not available for launch and it sounded kind of awesome on paper also tides of war it is also great out which is battlefields a way of adding playable content and following an actual war story throughout multiplayer that's essentially gonna work as free add-on content later on so we can't comment on that yet it just kind of sucks to see another thing grayed out on the main menu but tides of war is also gonna bring a bunch of new cosmetics and stuff like that which leads to something battlefield 5 does seem to get pretty right and that's progression while actual cosmetics don't feel super vast by any means actually working through and leveling up and earning does feel satisfying and and falls into a nice sweet spot of being challenging with a bunch of updated at a point boosting challenge is called assignments while still not feeling overly grindy or geared towards making you buy into microtransactions at least not yet really it's the more you play with certain things the better those things can get or over the more stuff you unlock for it and I like that loop but for gameplay changes you should know that classes have been shook up a bit once again to encourage and enforce real squad play of course you can play on your own and do fine but I hope you do like squads as I'll with a lot of brand new battlefield launches sometimes it's hard to get with a group who play their roles at first because no one really knows what the hell's going on but you can notice differences here and there and everyone seems divided the medic class feels downplayed because of the lame weapons they get and the fact that everyone can heal and revive pretty decently on the go of course medics can do it better but it still led to me never having one around when I wanted one spotting on the other hand has changed considerably to completely revolve around the sniper class with a spotter scope meaning they should in theory get their shit together and get moving and spotting more instead of camping I don't know how I feel about this change yet I think I kind of like the old ways of spotting better but of course that's just meant fortifications are fun as hell though it goes so nice with the destructible environments like everyone being able to build up little sandbag walls or barbed-wire fences lets you really actually feel like you're holding on to ground and it's a nice feature for certain game modes in particular now glitches and crashes are my biggest complaint though I've seen glitches in a lot of battlefield games but here they were the most distracting even still they never really changed the game or made me lose but they were just annoying what I did experience though were quite a few complete crashes which is insanely disappointing considering some matches as you know can take a long time and having a game crash on you in the middle is just as freakin rough to say the least I really really hope they iron out whatever seems to be going on for some users because I fall in that category but to end on a positive note the game looks and sounds damn good as you probably expect from a dice game I feel like a dumb nerd because I'd stop and like marvel at the visuals or scenery during a match and then just get my head blown off because I wasn't paying attention but I don't care the environments they crafted are pretty marvelous I freaking love a man but still overall it still leaves me feeling mixed on battlefield 5 it's more battlefield it's fun but some tweaks might earth the hardcore players it seems to fall just short of a ton of content that many might expect there's a little things missing here and there and the glitches can be annoying over time if it's supported like bf one it could be badass it's a lot of fun but I hope you weren't expecting them to reinvent the wheel like I said still there's a lot more questions to be answered in terms of just how the battlefield the community itself will embrace it things change over time the meta game is very important here so I can't really comment on everything I'm really curious to see how this all goes down but this is of course it before you buy you know how it goes by now I give you some pros some cons some personal opinion and now I definitely want to hear your personal opinion down in the comments are you anticipating battlefield 5 are you one of those people that's really angry about battlefield 5 have you been playing did you get in early do you have a pre-ordered are you happy about the return to World War two or do you just want modern times or maybe even the future again I'm one of those weird guys I don't know I want to hear whatever you guys are thinking about battlefield 5 down in the comments let's talk there if you enjoyed this video though clicking the like button helps us out a ton we really appreciate it and if you're new you consider subscribing because we put out videos every single day but as always thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next time you