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Battlefield 5: Squad Moments #1 (Battlefield V Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Squad Moments on Battlefield 5 Multiplayer.
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato HD60

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I just got straight right off the ground by airplane nice oh my god I got it I got it got it did you do yes I got to kill me Wow yes oh yeah second point I doing it yeah you just night that Wow don't worry about it Lina's the little guy just different here somewhere I've lost him pilots flying come in come on pick it oh you jammy devil oh jesus that looks really tight oh Jesus nope nope no no no guys so tight oh my god dice that was tighter than I expected Jesus oh my god we got good fling though really good fling the tank see me are they in the church again yep yeah [Applause] all in the courtyard courtyard around the church play bloody Thanks okay okay I'll take a quad feed don't worry about it I'll try and flank you on the left side baby we have a lot of teammates on the right I don't they're not this shit over there yeah they've got to be without the bones become it I think it is split there's something they can't get it alright he's got it alright let's go yeah bunch of random gonna charlie we gonna sing let's make it happen that's where I'm going I'm trying to get a bit yes oh my god I'd love to revive you dude but I really want to get out of this area I've gone straight upstairs right up there oh dude I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it I regret it I'm not gonna regret it oh my god I didn't regret it oh my god I need ammo badly I got five bullets by police who's gonna peek he's gonna be on their way oh that was the whisk renamed forever what was that all right we got one objective oh he did tell me if any way about sniper are you a medical fail yes I was trying to heal you I want aid watch his side all the guys in front of me oh I guys did you got him it's one minutes one more in the ditch he's spot on to me happy I don't see him there just let him wait hold on you got into nice we just need someone to arm it that's it he's arming alright he's dominant push up push up no there's a guy left side left side a week I'm on him that's a really weak be careful there's a tunnel over there and oh yeah I got dink on his face and its own oh yeah the tunnel was dead I lost him oh he good yeah that guy's too far away for life I just got tagged up by someone I'm gonna wear I was guy right front of me or the help oh my god Jeff will ride the back though he's gonna wait to move my pots got one I think to a walk top at the bridge where we left yeah yeah heavy up there you had a heavy up there come down oh these heels I need ammo I need every fit yep alright gonna flank it this time ophea that can steal no hope you didn't spawn on me Oh frag grenades get out of it that was all we need is be me one objective it's nice fun I'm gamer vibes I need ammo though I've only got a crappy little pistol Oh readygo weapon I can steal hold on did we're gonna go get it only way I could get her arm so you could get this and a little bit longer no no no no all they got it disarms dang there we go there we go there we go oh tub what's up ah man so many let's come to gun out thanks Playtex LOI re everywhere okay oh they're still there sir oh my good man before you is not very strong is it do you have it upgraded yeah I think so but just doesn't seem to thanks do anything honey jump over this way to the other captives right yeah thank you Tom you do enough fortifications [Applause] that's a little rare so many people who wanna me oh my god it is messy let's push push push she's got real oh my god I need to get some more points yeah where's the ammo I need that are you yeah thank you you got RPGs an infant over here nobody's home don't worry about it we got this that's some heels it's not let me drop heels what's not bad I gotta go sneekybeeky alright I'm getting the flank on here that's a tank of the backup damn it please don't see me please don't see me oh the tank knows I'm here you know they could be it's right the back of the bridge here so guy up top he's dead we got the tank though yeah my rope rotating go free oh look to revive yet tank coming towards uh yeah he's above us here I don't want to get that revival it is bad Oh someone here it's only a damn it I got dinked you more aggressive and skills to show I'm a fire I need to get out of that house a tanking yes tankless I can't even this guy remove it it's like I cashed out of that will help what's that bears people at the back and Martin yeah yeah yeah me he's weak I got some shots at all where is he it's 12 minutes to over there actually uh I think the health creek or dam oh wow yeah hold on hold on ah that slightly up here get out no I can't revive it you dead oh no oh that's not guy that's not guy that's a guy I know he is oh is it ouch I feel like it's dead body on the floor left at the bridge two guys on the river in front of us is tank in front of us two vehicles in front of us another rap bands what we doing oh we almost got Bravo almost sanctity here we go we go yeah we got it sweet today boys hold on huh yeah we got this don't worry about it you want to get your kid okay someone in the front here needs I really do somehow want someone just drop me some sweet all right I've nearly got enough for the v1 rocket okay I'm gonna push you got that most middle all right all right yeah all right let's go oh this could be a really good idea a really bad idea I don't know dose one of a this this might be really bad we will soon find a sniper see McDevitt's that was a bad idea