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Battlefield 5 Easter Eggs and Mysteries

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Battlefield V Easter Eggs are awesome but there are still plenty mysteries to be solved. Dolphins, dinosaurs, secret coded messages and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thank you for watching.

the Battlefield franchise has its fair share of Easter eggs from giant sharks to secret underground bunkers but battlefield 5 it seems hasn't shown its Ace of Spades just yet however there are several smaller Easter eggs and mysteries in this game that tantalize and tease bigger things so let's take a look at some of my favorite Easter eggs in battlefield 5 when you bash open the door in this game while sprinting through a noise will play usually it's a clutter or a smash but sometimes there's a rare chance an audio Easter egg will play instead I tested this earlier and uncovered some cool ones check this out the bowling alley yep that's real the startled cat the angry don't go anywhere near this thing cat the donkey the chickens I don't know what they were doing in there the piano drop and then this weird monkey dog sounding thing that I like this one there's a few that are quite rare but if you're super lucky you're here and don't think I'm not kidding listen out for it in the narvik single-player campaign there are three golden coins that you can interact with and pick up you can find them in hidden locations around the level in the final act if you collect all three this happens yes that was indeed a whale dropping up the sky and causing a massive explosion I'll bet you never thought you'd see that one did you it's most likely a reference to the self-conscious whale featured in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy or just a bit of a laugh either way top easter-egg that one next dinosaurs yes battlefield and dinosaurs just will not go away well in the Tivoli a campaign mission by the crashed plane here if you head over to the boxes you will find a tiny dinosaur toy I think that wants a t-rex shoot the Box to get a better look at it now you might recognize this from somewhere and you'd be correct it's the toy that the tank driver holds up at the start of the Thunder run emission all the way back in battlefield 3 I'm pretty sure that this guy featured in battlefield hardline too but that's not all I'll know something much bigger on the map devastation if you go into spectator mode and pan out all the way here you will see a giant dinosaur footprint complete with sharp claws and everything now that is a big chunk as if I've ever seen one is it a dinosaur though or Godzilla perhaps we will never know for sure you better watch out there's an animated skier up in the mountain on Narvik at certain points during a round of conquest the skier on the mountain here will take to the slope have a great time and eventually crash into the powder unlucky for summer look out up there from time to time and you might see them also on this map is another whale this one is a bit more believable though it's bloody massive mind you watch out doesn't gobble you down hole entirely possible it's even got a spout of water that you can see too impressive detail there are a pair of headphones perched on top of a rock on the hamada map you might recognize these if you followed along with the Morse code Easter eggs in battlefield 1 these however it seems don't do anything but if you look around and closer the rock that they're resting on you will find a runic message interesting and it translates to a memory of all you heroes who managed to decipher the messages that we sent well isn't that nice it's a message from dice to all of the dedicated Easter Egg hunters out there who search for the secrets within these games but that's not the only secret message on this map there's two more all involving somebody called Rob whether this is a current or ex-employee that worked on this level it's obvious that they wanted to be seen on the cliffs by the B point you'll find Rob brazier in black text and they love Hart hmm and then if you go way out to the edge of the map in spectator you'll find two Sun Loungers and a dice umbrella on the beach and it says I love dr. Rob written in the Sun was there some kind of in office romance going on here who knows it's adorable either way now you may have seen the evil gnome with the red hat at times on the map Eris it spawns in several locations but if you shoot it and break it it goes sicko mode its eyes turn red and it will haunt you forever and follow you around the map with a menacing laugh and a magic red mist disappearing act it's invincible too horrible but did you know that you can rebuild it if you shoot it when you leave the location that you destroyed art get your fortification tool out and it will turn into a trowel and then you can rebuild the gnome and if you do that he will leave you alone you're a lucky one and perhaps these tiny red houses here are where he lives maybe we've seen those in a bf one map too and talking of things we've seen in other battlefield games teddy bears are a recurring easter egg especially ones with heart sewn into them like this little dude here on twisted steel nice and fluffy but there is another teddy bear hiding on this level too that's ready for war all the way up on the bridge here in one of the cracks you'll find a combat bear complete with helmet and rifle that bear is ready to kill it doesn't do anything though just a watchful protector looking out for all teddy bear coin there's a couple of cool Easter eggs on the practice range too to start with here this is the friendly fire school if you interact with it it turns friendly fire on but it also makes a very ominous noise [Applause] so that's cool plus the noise that it makes just screams plantain program vibes at you the skull is an iconic part of that so perhaps we'll see the return of Kevin Simpson and the Phantom program in bf5 once more I'd love to see it happen there's a bad company Easter egg on the shooting range to the yellow smiley I'm sure that you'll all know what that is and recognize it but down to the left here in the same place what's this a suit of armor and a machine gun yep that is the Sentry kit that you could pick up in bf1 buried in the sand unfortunately you can't wear it in this game not yet anyways dice please do you ever look at these high quality tractors on a couple of the levels and think hmmm why they're that high quality I wish I could drive these things well at one point in the game's development apparently there was a possible Easter Egg where you could and you could live out your wildest dreams however in the final build of the game it was disabled at the last minute well you might be in luck because in firestorm coming soon the battle rail mode for the game will have drivable tractors in it finally you can become the agricultural warlord that you were meant to be and we're coming to the end here but one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in battlefield 5 are the black telephones on all of the maps in the game a rotary phone will spawn at one of five locations if you go up to it you can interact with it and the prompt moves around really slowly but complete it and nothing happens all you get is static and occasionally some surprised German voices asking hello what does it mean though is it an easter egg that's solvable now or an incomplete one we don't know for sure I'm sure that we'll find out soon though I have a feeling that this is going to be big and wrapping things up for today bf 1 and bf4 both had big shark Easter eggs in them to be discovered bf5 apparently does not however one of the dice developers Niklas a strand has been teasing that we might see some sort of creature soon and he tweeted that he's added his final addition to the game and he teased that it's an easter egg and to be careful in the deep end and that we're going to need a bigger boat that's it jaws reference so it could be another shark or perhaps something a bit different this time a giant crocodile or anaconda maybe only time will tell and that's all for today folks I hope you enjoyed this one a big shout out to all of the community members who have discovered some of these things and also the guys over at the battlefield Easter Egg discord and of course a big thanks to the dice developers and engineers who put these things these little secrets and easter eggs in their games for us to find it's just another layer of mystery that's really fun to dive into discover and explore and if you like this video give it a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one