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Battlefield 5 better visibility trick

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Battlefield V visibility is still a bit sketchy. This filter can actually make a difference. Check out the 1660Ti here: Thanks to SCAN and Nvidia for sponsoring this video.

even when standing up looking directly at me I mean it just really makes him stand out more and you see all that detail appear and the destruction there in the dark hey guys hope you're all doing well today we're doing a bit of a visibility experiment in bf5 you may have got a hint from the start there so Nvidia and scan sponsored this video and sent over one of their new 16:6 DTI graphics cards for me to test out this is a good choice if you're on a tight budget and still want excellent performance especially at 1080p on modern games cheering architecture small low profile too so if you were wanting a card to put together a mini ITX build or something like that this could be a good fit now I found out recently about this thing called NVIDIA freestyle and it's an overlay for games where if you're using an Nvidia card it will let you add certain effects in real time kind of like sweet effects if you know what that was now there's a few options here but on reddit someone mentioned that the detail effect might enable better visibility in bf5 interesting so we're gonna take a look at that in a second now one really cool thing about this graphics card is that it's got the envying card where video encoder on it and that means that you can use that to stream and game on the same PC and you're only gonna lose a tiny little bit of performance so if you download OBS go to settings and then output streaming you want to make sure that Nvidia and Bank h.264 new is selected here that's the new encoder I use a bitrate of 6,000 when I stream to twitch about 10,000 on youtube keyframe interval two mics quality high tick tick and zero and then two and that's going to give you a really nice looking stream and it's not really going to affect your gaming performance at all so it's a nice way to be able to play games and stream off one PC and you don't have to build like a complicated two PC stream set up or anything like that a little bit of overclocking downloaded EVGA x1 and I did a couple of benchmarks nothing too crazy got a plus 100 clock on the GPU core and a thousand on the memory whacked up the power and the temp sliders and it seems pretty stable so we're going to jump into some beer 5 now look at the performance and look at the difference that the filters thing makes so I'll see you there okay so I've joined a conquest server on devastation here because I feel like this is still one of the worst offenders for visibility so this is with nothing on at the moment but if I press all an f3 that will bring up the game filter and if we go to one add filter not lots of options here the one that I'm looking for is details oh my god off on off on wow that really gives you a lot more clarity doesn't it brightens up all those dark areas too it's almost like adding a custom curve to the game but if you want to look at the frames per second in the top right hand corner there I think it did actually drop the framerate a little bit so at the moment were on about 150 so if I turn it off 175 okay so I was losing maybe 20 25 FPS there with it on so if you want to monitor the performance of the 16 60 TI with this on that's up there in the top right hand corner playing at 1080p I'm gonna turn that back on show up and clarity HDR toning blum blum right you don't really want much of that HDR toning okay so that's really boost in the image a bit there I think you want that as high as possible really without washing out I'll do for now clarity that just softens the image a bit to go like 71 and then sharpen obviously that sharpens things we'll leave that like yeah a bit lower 75 percent so off on boo I mean wow okay that really made quite a big difference didn't it everything is just standing out a bit more now and I'm a yeah I mean let's just play we'll do a bit of live commentary and see if anyone eludes us let's go to the cinema I've got the Thompson ICU aap Myers Bobby they trigger me so much I mean it's just staring at me cool there's kill number one and you know what we're gonna push up here is that a tank that is a tank what are you doing there tank but this area here I think this is gonna be the real test really because it's one of the worst offenders people blend again right he's sticking out like a sore thumb there I see you see that was a good example I mean two people just put AP mice everywhere now is this what normal battlefield is like I haven't played in a while cuz I've just been playing firestorm but that guy out there I hope there's not just ap mines everywhere is that how it is tell me it's not like that check frags doing some visibility tests how does he know how does he know that maybe he's just taking a guess did he see me lying down I don't know anyway we're spawning back in the church I feel like there's a lot of enemies around here right and left oh no they've built I'm stuck in a glass cave of emotion what's with these bloody AP Minds everywhere did you do this who did this walk in then come on a day oh you hate that don't you why does that revive I'm okay with it that's it I'm sure it just saw a guy here yeah I did just adds a bit of clarity I think I'm go on a flank someone's gonna be watching this on their that was lucky I want to get up there so bad I hate that I can't I'll go this one said I asked the cheeky bit of headshots there am I being followed feel like I'm being followed I'm gonna cover that there it's chill there for a second lay on the back see if anyone runs past there's one there's two peek I'm going up there oh oh oh it's a no-no why why are they just everywhere now I don't like that at all what's happened a wise man once said sometimes you've got to go around to go through does that make any sense probably not but I'll show you what I meant right so we go around what's for the ammo box to go through there we go simple as that isn't they were skinning the game at the moment they're like turns you into a ghost as well like I've seen some clips of that I'm not I'm not about that life I don't know what skinny is though I don't like it no I definitely think people are standing out more you know I could just be placebo I heard him before I saw him how how did you die then it was at your hand and that's how you medic my friends that's how it's done oh this site sometimes red to be honest with you I don't know why I've put the iron sights on I usually don't the iron sights on the Thompson are terrible but bloody be ones everywhere real ads what is going on AAP mine yeah that's the matter everyone puts a B mines down everywhere that's how you played b f5 that's just what you do and be spied – enemy spied hey there's no there's no going prone on my watch I'm sorry that was rude ok now we go prone don't get me you don't really need to ABS much with this thing especially at these kind of ranges but hey you just hold bow spot like I say and if you actually just start seeing just going hey you get more accuracy hi jack I wonder if this is for a vid yes it is I I'm socially awkward sometimes I don't know what to say to people you tank hey tank hey tank can someone kill this tank this is a tank here there's a tank guys guys is it guys it's a tank guys was a design guys it's it's a big tank now someone was assault and we're to just like you know put some dynamite on em or can I get on him I'll just ride him for a bit why not hey tank tank tank there we go that's how you do it I hope to god that he wins okay one and that's bf5 hey dude I'm proud of you buddy dude great job really great job oh yeah you know he knows I mean what a legend oh my god this enemies look oh okay I'll go in with the tank that will be the way forward God's work here guys God's work that is oh man there's a lot of people here somewhere but the wet I was in trouble then I was being shot like 360 degrees there there it is game over I think it definitely helped improve visibility you know in certain areas where it was really dark people stood out more we're gonna do a test now bit of a Where's Wally all right okay so somewhere in this scene there's a player hiding I can't really see very clearly at the moment I mean I know where they are so I can I can see them but what I'm gonna do is turn it on again and then we'll see the difference now do you see him maybe he's up there cheeky off on you just gained some of that silhouette there someone's shooting at me that's rude okay we've got another scene here my friend once again is in this scene somewhere can you spot them I would have put the detail on and then we'll see there we go right there look at that I mean that's a big difference isn't it that's kind of crazy obviously if he was shooting at me stand out a bit more stand up please under even when standing up looking directly at me I mean it just really makes him stand out more and you see all that detail appear even the destruction there in the dark it's cool anyway a nice little side to side comparison there and that's all for today guys thank you so much for watching do let me know your thoughts down in the comments and also a big thanks to Nvidia and scam for sponsoring this video and if you want to learn more about the 1660 T I links are down in the description below with that said I'm gonna leave it there if you liked it give it a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one