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Bald Guy Wins PUBG! (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

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oh yeah that I mean average snicker oh here goes nothing all right we'll do military base landing right here who's gonna be a shitload of people land in there with me we'll see what happens I'm kind of hoping I just die right off the back I really want to be done I just I'm just so dead my attention span can't last this long but I will try my best not today that guy's definitely gonna get there first but not by much whole bunch of people then right here all right I'm gonna navigate away there's no way I'm not landing I'm gonna land in there with those guys gonna get down before me we'll just have to try it out our luck out here see what we can find pistol it's not all bad my crazy [Applause] what happened to my gun control there it just jumped everywhere guys just runnin bro forgot how much that my crew is he kicks when you don't have the stock and everything on it poor guy I don't know where he came from but I was that was not good there's a motorcycle out there I'm gonna grab yeah man I'm getting I'm getting tired Jess I just lost like two games in a row with no kiss I got it has got to be my last one I'm getting to that point where I'm just like not making good decisions any marks I'm just burning out I don't know how people do like 12-hour and 24-hour strings honestly after two or three hours of streaming I'm done if I stream for more than three hours it's like it's like what am i doing rich black is ready yeah no optics but it's fine they'll get him well still get him might take a while for them to get here then oh there's a guy I don't think he's coming over the bridge I think he's just looting I want to go get him I've been that mood doing some stupid what is that I thought that was his feet oh there is he's inside there no it's right in the corner there was a bad spot man I'm sorry I had to do that it just shouldn't have been there man you shouldn't have been there I didn't have much what is this that there its legs it's why is that there it looks like somebody wearing shorts it really does now this dish is shooting at me from somewhere over here got some hits on him retreated I don't want to run in there again that was lucky we got that one guy in there see on the bridge bed keep camping if camping and I'll go back to the bridge [Applause] I get this bike ready for a quick exit at that click of an exit hey is he gonna come over the bridge he just wants me to shoot it him oh my God if he really runs down this side of the bridge really why do you want to die it's probably it's cheating that was sad kind of sorry I did that sorry not sorry kind of thing he's like jumping up and down like sunny buddy here no I'm not gonna shoot at you when you're trying to bait me what the f 3 kills this is I mean this is much better than the past couple games we've had just getting rekt I know when I don't know about you guys but when I start getting tired after I'm like five six hours into a game I just start playing so stupid I just do the dumbest things I'm like yeah I've got a shotgun and he's got a scar I know I don't have a best route helmet but I'll just run up and try and jump shot him all bunch of time like I would never do that that's just how would I do that then I end up doing it know what I'm saying oh my God look at that safe zone I'm out it's so far away later browser Saurus have fun getting to the zone as that's pretty awesome a little little 360 or whatever the fuck it was right there welcome to camp at spot number two in my fucking house it comes get out of my house not a sniper rifle but that's okay just wanted him get out of my house there's a guy I'll play it's an easy kill yep another guy over there other easy kill I don't think to thank cover out here I'll just try and grab the high ground I think that's literally all I can do yep just the highest ground that it gets and it's moving fuck I need to get over there eight enemies left I'm gonna try and keep the high ground there's not someone camping on this rock I'll be surprised I'm surprised okay feel like I was looking at somebody over here nope he took quite a lot of shots with that SKS I should do some boosts but there's a dude he just went in the tunnel I'm the tunnel anymore got him I had to wait for that perfect headshot it kills this is turned into the best game of the night and it's the last one two enemies left grab a syringe there's a guy driving and there's a guy over there I never they are the guy over there is going to have to come this way I'm gonna have to go that way towards the guy in the car that just stopped I'm gonna keep the high ground Ciena there's his car don't see him though that's the problem give me this adrenaline syringe baby this is about to get intense I mean it's already intense but it's about to get more intense I don't want to start chucking grenades yet but I have a better idea of where they all are one of them's crawling around pretty sure about that oh there's only one left I didn't know he died chicken dinner for the last match I'm so glad I gotta felt like such a shitty player after losing all those matches oh man