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Bad Company 3 Leak & Why Battlefield V Was Rushed Theory

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hey guys level-cap here and today i've got a crazy theory now by now if you're really close to the battlefield new spectrum you've probably heard about the bad company 3 rumor this is completely unconcerned a while back that it included the next-gen PlayStation hardware and a bunch of games that we're launching with it and it was hard to give this leak too much credibility because we didn't have any way to confirm the details well now that they've actually released a bunch of the next-gen PlayStation hardware it's matching up pretty well with this leak information which makes many people think that the games announced that we're launching with this were actually accurate one of those games was bad company 3 on next-gen consoles and I assume it would also come out on PC now if this is real it's pretty exciting that the next game is bad company 3 myself and many other players would really enjoy playing another bad company game specifically just a modern military battlefield game would be awesome and I'd like to talk about that a bit more but first I want to talk about what I think happened between bad company 3 and battlefield 5 I have a theory that these games were both in production at the same time potentially with bad company 3 having started before battlefield 5 and at some point during the production process they switched release windows I'm not a hundred percent sure of this but based on information and rumor and history and explaining why battlefield 5 allegedly only had 18 months of production I think there's a pretty good reason behind this so you guys want to hear me out on this here we go way back in time before Battlefield 1 was released I know you're thinking like okay whoa how far back are we going here but hear me out there was a leaker by the name of Almighty Dec who released accurate info almost completely accurate infos like 95% accurate details specific details as to what the next battlefield game was going to be he got world war one thing right he got Maps he got units he got all these other things very very accurate about it and after the game was revealed to became clear that his leak his source was accurate there's no way he could have gotten all these details so spot-on so he gained a bit of credibility as a reliable leaker well fast forward several years and we come up to the reveal of the next Battlefield game which was going to be Battlefield 5 and he says he's got info on the next Battlefield game his source from before has given him the info he's gonna release it he does and he says it's bad company 3 and he's got some info and some cool details on it and of course this was very exciting information and I went digging around because you know I just wanted to find out is it true is it not true really I had no idea what the next game was but I was able to basically through people who knew people who knew people not figure out what the next game was but sort of asked some cleverly worded questions that led me to believe the next game was not bad company 3 and I got a bit of a hand slap from EA for trying to dig around and use sources for this and so I sort of backed off for the subject matter alone but I did make a video saying that I didn't think the rumor was true this time now Almighty Dec the leaker posted in another video saying that there was more to the story than just Bad Company 3 there's actually another game in the works that was a world war 2 themed game he released a bit more information about it on reddit some of this information was accurate some of it was inaccurate but for the most part I think he got the picture correct he got it clear if he just got the game's inaccurate in terms of what order they were releasing in and this could be an easy mistake especially if maybe EA had recently switched or decided to bump one of the games ahead of the other in terms of the production process especially if the developers think that they're making bad company 3 is in the next game and battlefield 5 is going to be the game after that that would have made a lot of sense in terms of a general production pipeline you just did world war 1 okay you don't want to overload people with historical warfare games then you go to Battlefield Bad Company 3 that's why said I predicted that the next game was gonna be modern combat because it made more sense to go modern military after a historical game just from a marketing just from a fan based aspect from what people wanted so I was very surprised when they did announced a world war 2 game next and the only reason I can think about why dice would do this as the as battlefield 5 clearly didn't have enough production time is that they had some deal maybe with Sony maybe with some of the next-gen console makers that wanted bad company 3 as a launch title or maybe they thought by company 3 was going to be the bigger game the more exciting game whatever it was they wanted that for the next big launch title and so some higher up at the company may have made the executive decision to switch the release timing of the game so that they can have bad company 3 for the launch of the next-gen console and push battlefield 5 ahead of that the main problem being of course that if battlefield 5 was originally slated to launch two years later than it actually did the game was way behind in production and based on some rumors I heard from developers is that at the battlefield 5 reveal the reason why that trailer was so underwhelming and didn't have lots of combat and show off all these different areas of the game is because they literally didn't have that area for any other areas of the game ready to show off nor did they have a clear picture of what the final game was gonna be like so they couldn't show things and they couldn't reveal things because they didn't have those things to reveal and ever since sort of hearing this information I've just been racking my brain as to why the heck they were so far behind in production they're an experienced company they know when they need to start games to get them out on time nothing makes sense except for the idea that maybe Bad Company 3 and battlefield 5 had their launch windows switched and that would make sense why they pushed a world war 2 game immediately after a world war 1 game why the world war 2 game was so far behind in production 18 months of production that doesn't make any sense at all it basically means that they started production after battlefield 1 was released like months after battlefield one was released and that is very irregular for dices production schedule or any other developer teams production schedule is that they're usually working on the sequel to their game before they launch the current game that's been pretty typical for most Battlefield games in the past and so to have this crazy irregular production schedule I've been trying to figure out why this happened I haven't had any sort of good information for it but now that there seems to be a pseudo credible rumor that the next-gen consoles are gonna launch with bad company 3 and that the initial Bad Company 3 rumor leaked from all-mighty DAC makes a bit more sense given the context of things it is entirely possible that the two games had their launch windows swapped now I could be wrong here both games could have been entirely behind in production and maybe battlefield 5 was further along in production maybe unforeseen things happen behind scenes that slowed down by company 3 and they had to delay it and so they had to quickly shift gears and get battlefield 5 in place and I'm not sure why they wouldn't want Battlefield 5 is a good launch title on a next-gen console maybe somebody developing the console or one of the the higher-ups that those companies just wanted bad company 3 is their launch title on that console who knows there's a billion reasons behind the scenes why this could have happened and I don't really have a clue as to what they were but that's my theory as to what happens between bad company 3 and battlefield 5 now what does this mean in the grand scheme of things well not a whole lot it might just shed some light on what actually happened behind scenes and why we got a game that was so behind in production which is very untypical from dice the good news of this might be that bad company 3 has been in production for a very long time and that the next battlefield game is going to have a huge amount of content a huge amount of polish and could be an amazing game and hopefully they haven't upset their current player base enough with the production was in battlefield 5 then enough people are going to be excited and come back and play this game as much as one company can upset their player base in community I honestly think that the quality of each idle speaks for itself in many ways and I think if bad company 3 is a great game then people will play it I have so many good memories of Bad Company 2 and for those of you who never played or don't remember the bad company games that well well they introduced destruction to the franchise which was really exciting and they had an insane amount of it there weren't any airplanes in the bad company games as far as I remember it was just helicopters which was pretty fun that combat felt a little bit more intimate but it would still had some large-scale maps it introduced rush and it was really focused on those game modes I had a lot of good maps as well so there were some great things about bag company – definitely dated by today's standards you couldn't go prone in bad company – which was a bit different so we'll see well see if they hold true to that for the next title but I doubt you can make a modern shooter these days without the pro nobility so we'll see ultimately what happens with it but I'm excited for any news on a new battlefield game but I'm still very excited to see what happens with the next content coming at the end of the year the Pacific content for battlefield 5 I think that could be a very big step up for the current battlefield game as always guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed let me know what you think about my theory let me know what you think about the Bad Company 3 rumors and I'll see you next time this is level-cap signing off