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Asmongold Watches "World of Warcraft Is A Scam"

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okay okay I got an idea we'll be an undead warrior and our backstory can be that we're at which mod hoping to get laid so we'll be fighting firm a lady's honor but we look like shit okay wow this look at all the customization uh there's a little bit too close to home Wow look at that look at those options didn't even need to get any loot crate's for that kind of customization crazy isn't it when do I start the rating someone give me a mount gesture bend over for me piggyback ride me you level twenty talk to me on your level one twenty get away from you moisty Mike get away from me peasants you on ironically level three scatter what's this like the mice you are go back to the sewer gutters fucking swine where's my level White Nights Oh starter edition accounts cannot invite characters all right time to upgrade hey look it's a blizzard employee I need to be a full-time while streamer I was no no don't trust me leaving this could be a hurt or hang out no girls allowed no twitch streamers allowed just us just us think about it I could be the next big it says him of World of Warcraft who's asthma all it takes is my mother's credit card no one's making any convincing arguments where's my hand to the king tell me not to rape and pillage this by now from Blizzard tell me don't do it microtransactions are too strong yeah you guys aren't gonna want to see this Oh rs God Oh no I did it what's going on here sweet God what if what have we done have we gone too far all the cards expired by the nine divine hit that may be a sign it's an old card this guy drags on content there's another card on here impressive if this one is not expired I'm buying it if it is expired I'm really impressed the Roses draped ah no close your eyes Oh your character boots you don't want to see what's been done okay here I wasn't expired it was a good card I bent it over and I fucked it in the ass with Blizzard the ultimate evil Oh No oh the court jesters are going wild what are these for tonight default dances goodbye my friends okay I'm going to the night lands with Khal Drogo what do you I just paid fifty dollars to upgrade my account you thieves haha by the seven hells I swear to God Blizzard what the fuck yeah okay I'm in any danger of having to wait to play World of Warcraft there's like 15 players left I think I'll be fine on zul jin sold to the highest bidder that was a five million dollar purchase Wow I'll meet you in the the gates of a score a score yeah I'd say it's my real world trading I think Blizzard couldn't care less about like literal crimes in their game as long as you're not doing an okay sign they probably don't care thanks for the resub frog lab okay I could be genuinely selling children through world of warcraft and blue so would probably be fine with it how am I still honest it's actually a guy I knew guys tell this story yeah you know what I'm gonna tell this story I've never told this before there's a guy I knew and he was like super super rich and he ran a website and he was in my Wow guild we hung out all the time and he had like a mansion he showed us the mansion etc and he posted a picture of himself on our guild website and we found out that this was him and he explained like yeah this is who I am etcetera well this guy and I think it was the this is the IRS or somebody they didn't necessarily get along very well so we lost our radar because he literally got arrested like I'll show you like this is no you really um let me see if I can find him there we go yep right here so Darius this guy right here um let's see learn more about what's this turn off your ad blocker fuck you I'm just gonna go to another website okay uh once okay uh do worry we'll just look at the cache version does that work III I'm not I'm not gonna do it dude like no dude I I don't want to fucking like are you really is they really gonna make me turn on my fucking ad blocker what the fuck is this garbage dude ah motherfucker okay incognito we know all right you know what should I do it or like I really want to show you guys this or I normally wouldn't but I will just for this okay um let's see here all right uh okay let me just refresh okay hopefully this should work okay yep all right all right we're good so basically this guy got arrested for like some kind of like bullshit in this case this is the guy that was in my guild and scroll down I'll show you guys this striking a deal over World of Warcraft Hogan became the first affiliate marketer in eBay the Shawn fuckin hand Club who's once hailed as a hero by Wired magazine and however Dunning is carved as fast and pontius personality where's there the two men got to know each other around 2003 because they moved in some more circles and basically they were talking about doing these illegal deals on Warcraft like straight up and they ended up arresting this guy and like he and I like we we hung out like all the time like this was my fucking boy and it was just sad to see him go like he was actually gonna pay somebody in the guild to level his character to 88 to 90 because he didn't want a level all the way up there yeah and we lost one of our Raiders because of this fucking bullshit I was mad using channels to run back deals yeah I don't know I just thought it was really funny I've never told that story before but yeah we genuinely fucking had this guy in our guild watched our Fang is not honorable it seems like a lie let me go back to the video here though third Rico where is he now he's in jail what the fuck that I spend $50 on if not to have a real account what did I buy what kind of scam did I fall for from Blizzard are you kidding me so wait this is still a starter account that I paid $50 for that's pretty funny actual Izzard can gargle my ass what the fuck did I buy this for so so I can buy a $50 DLC for a subscription I don't have why can you buy a $50 DLC on a starter account wait without I'm telling you that you need the $15 subscription to use oh my god I bought the battle for Azeroth standard edition oh my it says uh requirements doesn't it come with a month doesn't like BFA come with a month of gametime I'm pretty sure it does right no it doesn't why does it not that's so stupid that they don't do that they should give you a month of game time whenever you buy an expansion chin or game time it's a one bullet point god forbid you sell them together I suppose let's get a subscription I've heard great things about this world of warcraft I hear they can have 50 concurrent players at any one time in 2019 Tianna actually that's not true if you have 50 players in one place concurrently the server crashes and it has to do a restart so actual fake news there can you grab my credit card I'm sinning Dianna I need you at the siege on my wallet please my master of coin there was blizzards money I was just holding it for him thanks babe I'm never leaving this room again did I just get banned for by it Jesus we got someone with the scam ban him quick get about 65 dollars in the shitter is this what you wanted blizzard is this peak male performance oh yeah let's get it TC you wanna know the funny thing about this video is that he's probably getting more content out of not knowing you have to log out of the account and log back in in order for it to actually register the the bf a purchase he's probably getting more content out of that than he would have gotten out of BFA if he had actually figured it out in the first place so it turned out to actually be a big positive for him he TV chat mods journey begins here oh it is truly a twitch at White Knight Oh God sweet Jesus this was worth $65 alone you've outdone yourself with it I know I spent $65 on a new life that's true training if you don't mind between you and me I paid for this I don't know what the fuck I'm doing Oh huge chunk this was worth the price of admission alone I'm beating him with a fucking infinity stone this looks so bad is this the final boss of World of Warcraft is actually right now that's it that's the game that that's it that's the whole thing Wow it was like what was like one one firing part of that video I guess like oh yeah here we go as we go talks about how I used to scam people Wow look at that smile dude that's the smile with somebody who just stole somebody's shit dude like that you know if there's if I have if I'm talking about scamming somebody I'm smiling in the most genuinely genuine way possible like I just used to love doing them and