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Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #71

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Episode #71 of our Apex Legends WTF & funny moments series.
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I'm going to go and go for him he's let let him down okay you should try now there you go get and mo punch [Applause] Wow I just knocked home with the best grenade oh I killed a team [Applause] might be possible oh my god oh my god No available depending on your like your backpack I'm setting a portal there's a kill leader just another insect if you hasn't me need you recharge my shields this was the outcome mist has been a point hold on we got a look at this baby go fly all right you go stick them in the face no summer coupe that where I'll stop a bow round you already know that so Fresh Prince they are about to bring the show back this is a min kilo be dead cutter kilo yeah so long I'm about to bring robear call gotta say bitchy Musti mushed my Sibella brat the knowledge