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Apex Legends Wattson Guide (Tips & Tricks)

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Apex Legends Wattson Gameplay:
Apex Legends Season 2 starts off with Wattson who is the newest defensive legend in Apex Legends. So today, I put together a guide to show you how to best use here electric fence barrier, and just how strong her ultimate is. Wattson is a very unusual character what will definitely change up the meta of the game so I hope you enjoy these Tips & Tricks.

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hey guys drifter here today I've got a guide for you on the brand new legend in apex legends Watson this is gonna be a little different than some of the other guides you've seen for me before because it's gonna be much less numbers focused and much more focused on the character and the abilities and the tactical decisions you can call it an out depth or an in shallow if you want to but just instead of focusing on hard numbers I think abilities is much much more appropriate here it's more of a mini guide of sorts also Watson is a brand new character only been out for one day I'm sure that there is still quite a lot left to learn so it wouldn't surprise me if players come up with new tips tricks and tactics that I was not able to perfectly capture in this video I'll start off with talking about her not lack of passive fortified ability most of the tanks in the game got buffed to have an ability called fortified which causes them to take 10% or 15% less incoming damage because they have bigger hit boxes and they're tanky well Watson doesn't have that Watson is the only defence legend in the game that does not have the fortified ability so she takes normal incoming damage and I think it's cause while her hitbox is bigger it's not quite big enough to warrant that first of all today I want to talk about the electric barrier ability you just saw me use it really well on the gunship here in this tiny little hallway it is much more difficult to use but it does force enemies into bad situations where they're gonna take damage and my teammates can clean them up however it isn't enough to get the win and as you can see right there you can build your barrier off of other people's barriers I think the proper use of the barrier is what's gonna separate the good Watson's from the bad Watson's and there is a lot of potential in this ability you can do a lot of really interesting things with it but it takes very quick planning and lots and lots of micromanaging to make work basically you have four pylons that you can set down they come in charges kind of like what you know caustics three tanks you set them down as long as they can see each other they make a barrier I made a goofy one right there four people could easily slide on there so I'm gonna make a second one depending on the angle you can link them together or you can work on other pylons I just made kind of a dumb one here but what most people do is they set up these pylons in defensive areas like this and they wait for the storm to come and push people in camp but if nobody comes you've just kind of done nothing the barrier won't hurt you or your team but it will deal minor shield and health damage to enemies most importantly it temporarily stuns and disorients enemies a lot like the arc star so you get a lot of sort of mid combat disruption going on the polls have to have decent vision of each other or they won't connect and deal any damage this gameplay example right here is one where I tried to do pylons mid combat and it really didn't quite pan out I think that's the weakness of these as they are very difficult to set up mid fight I'm like trying to trap this guy for fun but I almost end up getting smoked because I'm screwing around with the pylons yeah they have to be able to see each other well interestingly they do go through doors like they go through doors just fine it is no problem whatsoever as a matter of fact the electricity damage will destroy the door which I found to be kind of interesting you can also pick up the pylons to restore your charges just like caustics ability so nothing really surprising there and most of the time I see Watson players putting up barriers at choke points waiting for people to get trapped and just kind of camping with them for me that gets kind of boring I don't really like doing that but sometimes it's necessary but also sometimes enemies never come or they just don't want to fight you anywhere near the barrier so you're not really fighting on your own terms anymore more common uses are putting them on the side of a door where they can't be shot easily but where they have to open the door and run through them to destroy them you can put them around zip lines which is exactly what I'm doing right here as a warning these kind of zip lines that are higher up sometimes players can hop over the pylons sometimes it's better to know which direction that the zip line will most likely push the player off of so you can put the pylons right where they get pushed into so they get zapped by the electric fence and for the door trick the best thing you can do is destroy the door so you can shoot them easily or just throw a few grenades and you'll clean them out as long as she doesn't have our ultimate there which of course destroys the grenades basically this is the ability that allows your team to camp this is the ability it will camp I could say this is your defensive ability this is the ability that allows your team to have a safe space to heal which is how I'm using it here in the cage and I'm also about to throw down my ultimate which is the perfect time to transition into talking about the ultimate because combined they give you sort of the ultimate safe space in this game I think that Watson has an absolutely amazing ultimate like seriously her ultimate is top tier its god tier it's one of the best Ultimates in the game and you're about to see why very soon in this clip when she brought her throws an ultimate at me the passive ability on this character does tie into her ultimate she gets a full alt charge off of just one ultimate accelerant so it's always nice to have one or two in your inventory in case you need to deploy or redeploy your altar move it and there it is destroying gibraltars ultimate because it's like a trophy system but we'll get to that but if you need to like you know go somewhere else or put down two of them or something you can do it relatively quickly and you don't have to wait for it to recharge which is awesome the ultimate does two things the number one thing you just saw is that it's kind of like a giant trophy system it will the ultimate will destroy any incoming projectiles over its deployment area it has a pretty big deployment area as well I'd say probably about a 10 meter radius circular in any direction around it which is it's large that's a really big safe space you can put a lot of triggered people in there inside that safe space you absolutely cannot be hit by enemy grenades from insulin if they throw it just outside maybe they'll roll close to the edge and you can take some Splash Damage but the ultimate will destroy any incoming grenades that's Ark stars that's thermite grenades that's regular grenades but it's also gonna take out gibraltars bombardment it's gonna take out bangalore's bombardment it's gonna take out a lot of stuff that just you just can't be hit by which is really really awesome in my opinion this is like call it like an mw3 trophy system on crack it just has unlimited charges and it'll stay there for a super-duper long time you can literally just senator a Gibraltar ultimate and take no damage which is awesome the only downside is that placing the ultimate down forces you to place it wisely and position wisely which I didn't really do here I positioned it downhill because they had the high ground and I figured that if down here is gonna be say unsafe and dangerous I'll make it a little bit less dangerous I'll make it a little bit more of a safe space so at least we can't grenade it but more likely what you need to do is put it on the high ground you need to hold the high ground you need to hold in bunkers you need to hold in a defensive position where it can't be broken easily more often than not when you just kind of slam it down on the ground which is what most of my you know examples are in this video it doesn't benefit you because enemies are just gonna move away they'll back off and force you to fight somewhere else they'll reposition outside of your zone of nonsense they'll just stop we are throwing grenades at you and push you which isn't very good but Watson's ultimate is overall very good it's probably the best thing in the game except for maybe Pathfinder zipline for getting your team out of sticky situation as a quick heads-up though it will break your grenades too you can't for your own grenades over it's like an ultimate trophy system it just blows up anything and it doesn't deal damage to enemies it won't push enemies back it won't you know I hurt their shields or stun them or anything so the example that I've got right here is where I'm trying to really use it defensively to hold this corner or bones is down and Ally struggling I just didn't want to get grenaded but it still doesn't give me the opportunity to revive her without being pushed people can just walk straight through them and hose you with no problems they can break the thing too it doesn't have that much health and instead just accept the fact that the shield recharge is giving you a tiny advantage at best maybe given this scenario it's a little bit better to give yourself more health through with your little band-aids than it is by popping single shield pots it's a little more efficient that way don't think that you're gonna be able to stand under that and just out trade enemies because you're healing because that's not gonna happen however having that tiny advantage on three teammates at once especially surrounded by defensive barriers can be quite nice that's still three advantages you have over the enemy team that they can't really counter very well if you're playing as Watson and you encounter an enemy Watson's ultimate it will charge your shields as well and this surprised me I didn't think that's how this would go but as long as you're near an enemy Watson ultimate as Watson you get free charge which is really nice unfortunately we won't charge your teammates though this I think it's kind of like caustics gas passive ability how like cost it can't be gassed by other caustics I think it's just something cute they put in the game you can and shoot and break the ultimate really quickly also I hope you enjoy my little my little bait here using the Wraith portals to bait people into getting stunned is just it's just glorious I have salutely love doing it it's kind of hard to set up though most people don't take the bait when you can shoot and break the ultimate pretty easy it doesn't have a whole lot of overall health or durability you can't use it for cover it's not the Lifeline package like I'm using for cover there it'll just get bill just get broken and be useless so in few in the future when you're doing this just put it somewhere where it can't be shot very easily just put it somewhere where it doesn't just be a little bit more cautious about it and and just protect your ultimate because that's gonna be your baby finally at the end of this episode I wanted to offer you my thoughts on Watson I was initially very negative on her after playing her for quite a lot yesterday and you know making my initial videos and I think that she is not a bad Legend now after I've played her for a long time but I do not think that she is is for me she can be fun to play she has a lot of fun abilities the ultimate gives you a very truly safe space those pylons have a lot of potential in the right hands however she is just the exact opposite of how I prefer to play this game and she's the opposite of how most PC players play this game I like being fast I like zip lines and grapple hooks I like speed boost I like portals I like jump pads I like pushing enemies I like getting in their faces with a shotgun I like being aggressive I really don't like sitting under Gibraltar shield I don't like waiting on people to Waddle into my caustic traps I don't really like you know a lot of the stuff on the defensive characters and Watson is no exception in that regard I don't like waiting I don't like holding a hill I don't like those kinds of strategies and as such I like do not like Watson that's a personal opinion that's why I'm putting at the end it's not a factual one if you like playing aggressive you're really not going to have a good time with this character if I wanted to camp hold hills and micromanage walls I would just go play fortnight instead of apex legends therefore I don't like Watson but I have mixed feelings about her I have mixed feelings about her being in this battle royale game as well because apex is a battle royale game is unique in how much it rewards aggression most battle royale games are about smart tactical play holding the hill protecting the building that sort of thing especially when you start getting into competitive if you look at like pub G competitive a fortnight competitive it's insanely campy apex isn't that apex is aggressive pushing fighting you know racking up kills that kind of thing adding Watson to the mix slows down the gameplay there's less pushing less fighting more positional kind of stuff and it moves Apex legends back closer toward being a survival game now if I were the developers I would say I don't know if this is necessary or not because you know it's kind of good that we have this aggressive game but maybe it's too aggressive maybe all the T TV boys and shrouds out there that are pushing people and just go into town on people are turning off casual players maybe apex has too high of a learning curve maybe we need a character to slow it down just a little bit and I think that's kind of what the developers were thinking I also think that Watson is gonna fit in really well in the console meta console players by their nature play more conservative and I don't even mean that in a bad way and I don't mean that they literally all-camp console aiming especially is not as robust as mouse and keyboard aim and you're not quite as able to pull off the same tricks that a high skill PC player will so you have to play smarter not only do you have to play smarter but you have to play more conservatively that's why caustic and Gibraltar work way better on console and I think especially Watson is gonna work way better on console console players are gonna use these pylons to set them up very very effectively to build little traps and to cheese unsuspecting enemies so it's gonna work really really well I also think that outside of console you're not gonna see a lot of Watson in casual matches after she's you know finally not in you but you will see a lot of her in the high e low ranked matches when you're doing like the diamond and the apex predator matches where it's make-or-break on getting those placement points I think you're gonna see people play her just for the ultimate because they want to create a safe space for their team and camp it out when the circle gets tight guys that is all for this video I hope that you enjoyed it I hope that you learned something useful if you did don't forget to Like favorite and subscribe and I'm gonna go ahead and just let the last a little bit of actual gameplay finish because these are just the clips that I had and I'll see you next time for some other guide drift her out or out the okay this guy's got me he chops Kasich