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hell you should work I did it again I said each up hello YouTube welcome back to more FX legends I'm playing with magic bananas for like an hour and a half oh thank you evil vice-president for the bits here have some lifeblood mmm there was to see me so why are you crying in the next room usually you're like leaving me to it yeah hello I see you I see you staring at me through the gap in my sound board and not same board same proofing what's the stuff called I'm blanking on the correct name you know it's there padding that you put on walls so that you have better soap turn this down a little bit that's curling up hello kitty send insulation me all right so I did my hair for this nothing wrong with looking good and the rad was gonna play his Mirage I didn't say that nobody would watch it I specifically said that it's something I'll go back to once I have nothing to play and there's nothing on the immediate future whereas right now we've got new EDF in a couple of weeks I don't specifically want to please mirage like every time it's just I happen to notice I didn't have a win on him and they did players them quite a lot sure yes EDF iron heavy rain what oh we got benched we got burns hard there by like two teams the mole I did not leave us with enough height to get safely over here can you explain your comment on to be I believe magic magic bananas I believed on Tom berry is talking about two bees ants which has a fan following because it's gigantic so clearly he did something I did because our teammate did manage to clear the extra gap let's all join everyone else covering in but I started early because we want to do a lot of generation zero so promptly in two matches alright I'm playing as a character that runs fast gotta get back in the main set use son of a bitch to be has assets in the right place hmm is more for icky or Batman miniature bat rips coming soon I was gonna record a new Batman battle report yesterday that was gonna record one today the reason I didn't record on either is because after that first stream of generation zero what I was leaning into the screen so much because I was getting into got a sore back afterwards and I don't want to try and bend over a miniature gaming table well it's still sore so maybe tomorrow I have the the Batman miniature gaming table set up for a game just ready to play I've got the 40k one set up ready to play I just want my back to be a little bit less sore it is a band you play nope no pennies well don't get me wrong if the apex legends Bentley appeared for like a third time I'd absolutely take it because I play often enough you know well thermal grenades I don't they don't go wrong you hear that when your spine punishes you for loving a game I know being old as a bitch right just the worst have a breakfast yeah there was a few sniper ones over there it's not like super sore today it's just that I know if I record like a three-hour about report it's gonna be much worse that's why I'm just given a couple of days but just kind of bad because I've noticed that the Batman gaming table which is just to my right it keeps on getting covered in Sora's hairs because she's moving her her winter coat I guess her hairs are everywhere and she spent a crap-ton the time in the office with me so the office is especially bad and that's not for lack of hoovering I guess I just wear him that man who stole my level 2 shield there's la Carque stars wait where's my Japan Anna's quite far away from us let's rent a controller anyone else again that I missed you know how it be people have been here hopefully they still because I'm bored in the Rings right there yeah thermal grenades not enough not thermal grenades it could still be here there's doors open over there too hashtag team Pathfinder there's also nothing wrong with that she's marking her territory with her fur no she's just doing dog things that's all it is they don't need to wonder coat anymore in the spring and she has a pretty fluffy dog her fluff category is pretty high I'm also gonna need to get used to hearing enemy sound with this new headset technically I should be hearing it bear but I may not be used to hearing it with more clarity you don't wanna go there's no one being in here or do they just not care for any of this stuff want her sorrow would react to me getting a job and not being in the house all day I imagine feared well she likes when I leave the house and don't take her with me Ches being outside but if I was away for any error ship that obviously be a problem but would hopefully try and Fandango just taking her to my mother's although if Maya is still alive then that would be an issue because Maya doesn't play nice with other dogs then Sora doesn't particularly either know that she like is aggressive towards them is just she doesn't like being around them hey you know maybe something else will strike it big for me if I don't even want to get back to like overwatch popularity levels cuz that was just too much but half that you're even a third of that would be fire although ideally on the twitch site not the the YouTube saved us I feel like if any website is gonna find some way to handle the article 13 stuff in a way that still tries to keep Europeans able to use their service it's more likely that twitch is gonna find some interim solution than YouTube because YouTube just like taking a sledgehammer to any problem in turn I think you still can't search by upload date they haven't turned that back on yet now they turn that off for a good reason but they seldom turn it back on if I try getting a full-time sponsor do you mean like a sugar daddy or oh you just went up to where Lee where's well good job thank you for distracting the magic news oh did you see all those damaged markers on me there oh I was playing so passable there wasn't in being attention they want a sugar daddy no I do not like a company that pays me to do a three-minute blurb during the stream antennae clay to our blurbs when I do a sponsor pony but no honestly like sponsorships take the transparency board as an example which bendy board works on a sliding scale I don't just mean like when you're doing the Bentley you get paid based on your current leadership I mean the price back you get offered is determined by your average to all bureaucrat so I get offered this isn't a real man for the record I'm making this number up see I get offered $100 to do a twitch Bernie if I had a thousand viewers I'd be offered ten times that if you do have an average Lee large your base it's harder to hit your minimum required which is a problem with it which bendy board that hopefully they're going to work on but it isn't a case of not having access to potential sponsors it's just we've got to get eyes and I have no idea how to get new viewership on Twitch or YouTube especially YouTube it's what market can i corner people who don't want a screaming person and don't mind an old person yammering I guess I'm average ly good at games I'm not especially good at anyone specifically I'm average ly funny but not that's not my focus I like a wide variety of genres of games so I can't even say like oh I really like soul/psyche games or I really like puzzle games I have an eclectic group of games that I like I'm not tied to specific genre definitely magic bananas option there is bear hurting yourself is basically oh you can do getting in with someone who has a viewership is the only plausible way I can see anything working today but everyone I know isn't affiliate and on that note I have access to twitch squads because all partners on twitch have access bad thing about twitch squads is affiliates can't use it so even if I'm just reaming the slate hawks or or ryedawg or someone who has affiliate I can't even use the squad thing to share viewership because they only have available to partners currently there is a good reason for the record it's not like screwing affiliates for no reason is because partners have I don't have the word at it but they have like favored processing on their streams like we have higher priority for better looking streams and the twitch like squad system uses that so for affiliates they can't but again that would be me helping other people that wouldn't necessarily be me doing anything to help myself if I knew another twitch partner then maybe sure it worked out so well last time let's do double heavy again sending out my decoy like Tetris I like Tetris I don't like Tetris 99 because I don't like competitive tetris but I love tetris just as a game like there can't be that many people who could go from liking Tetris to liking a battle royale to liking a survival game to liking an action game to liking a Souls like game there is an exceptionally eclectic mix of things to like now if I had a rooftop to show off of being like hey I play a variety of games I'm an adult so I don't scream I'm slightly Dara but very sarcastic a certain portion of people will be like yeah I could maybe watch that for a while but it's getting given that chance that's always been the problem that's not a new problem you can't believe this though your Tetris be our idea yes yes it is she is lying behind me and farting so that reminds me I finished reading it and I started reading one of the Warhammer 40k books about the death guard and the opening chapter is about a death guard ship recovering from an attack and one of the death guards finds a wounded nerdling which is like a little Nergal demon this adorable and wonderful and we can't afraid was in his arm and he apologizes to for being wounded and in response and giggles and farce on him and then like it just says I'm gonna assume that means you forgive me so I like that it's already got a sense of humor well because that is it's in the bathroom because I'm taking to reading a chapter when I'm in the bathroom it's it's cold like death silence or something silent something is to go like a bunch of the desperate terminators on the cover jumping on something I think that's a thing if anyone ever comes to my door well I have these headsets on I will not hear them all the goodies silence of the dams no it's not called that if you're made me when I go for a pee break between games I can check the title then I think Val and I was saying whether or not the party cakes embrace like a a little bit of humor varies widely depending on the author I'm still waiting for that more tarry and focused one that I got a sample chapter of that was very fun sorry if you'd think that that's mine it is not the game where I should just be like Chang to chat about like oh hello about my failing career because you're supposed to pay attention and recognize that sound effect [Applause] please team mates over there where's their rape she didn't do so well the lords of silence yes that's the one yeah they're pretty small paperback it was not called Silence of the farts also then I just say I'm a mature streamer now you have me talking about farts they also refer to every disease Naugles given them as a gift with like a capital G even though they don't seem like gifts sometimes 80% of like library books are serious all day every day Oh given of the death gardener galore by love via disease and strange kind of things like that maybe that gives them the chance to be a bit more eccentric I make this look good literally this hair is face me come on you see it did you use for gangrenous gangrenous rather has no word in my vocabulary very often if you mind don't take that as a recommendation yet because I've only read one chapter but the one chapter had a funny bit in it the problem I have with like what I know of the foreign key books is the obviously goal with exceptionally weird names I don't remember exceptionally weird names I have trouble remembering normal names actually I'm in the process of painting a miniature hang on and his name is Scribus wrench because it's kind of a pun of what he does ZZZ the death guard tally man most alive when rapidly approaching my death there's a an Ergo demon model called likes La Petite bio Piper it's a guy who plays a bagpipes thank native his own like innards there's a lot of a lot of people also where's our random gone we went where you wanted to go when there's two teams there I tried the Warner I pressed on the two enemies over there the psycho has big firing she's getting them no never mind she is nothing in fact getting low we should probably go try and help her if she's like actually standing I'm fighting I was expecting her to run and join us but she's got a murder boner and the murder boners gonna get her killed I'm surprised she didn't just DC I don't even have oh you don't have armory he was the sole survivor ah and he's got legendary armor I almost had him and that was with no armor as also thanks to your poison thingy though it wasn't paying attention to no I don't even think playing for a night we create like traffic cuz they pick legends is bigger than a pain fortnight note as you can probably tell by the number of players to join in each game with twitch or T TV in their name they're all desperately trying to gain part of that chunk of players that are into this game right now and that's the thing I don't want to go the overwatch true again where people come for one game and then get bored real quick and leave if I start playing something else I don't one tied them to the one game because I don't want to ever play just one game it's part of the nice thing about gaming is there such a huge dilemma right you have different things Thank You Lars icon welcome back as well for a total of two years allegedly with let's hear oneself the whirling will survive thank you crispy as well who I'm fairly sure use that twitch Prime the other day because then I give you a third touch baby name just like yesterday yeah you did I knew it I remembered something for once in vaio means I'd happily take advice that people knew worked but the only thing I ever comes back to is like some who meet someone bigger than you and siphon off part of their audience it's not a nice way to get popular see that or have something that goes viral and I don't even know going viral is the thing that can happen on Twitch unless you just have like a super funny clip I guess or an awesome clip there's not as like comes missus simplistic but that's not necessarily the right word but it's not as clear-cut on Twitch as is as I'm getting notice on YouTube who's on YouTube is just like well did you get a lot of views will probably work then I want this one to actually do go the distance why is the are 301 so rare I like it a lot and it's so rare I also just sent that hologram to his death get lucky or get boosted you know the problem with that I'll also comes back to I really dislike being handed something I like earning anything I have I think it was testing it yep all right boobs that is not fair when you say something like that you're you're insulting every female streamer who has made it legitimately every time I hear that line I just like you're a Britney Spears in my head if you like the gaming industry is curving off sharply I would agree with that yeah wasn't an me cuz I send it like a zip line but it was just as grandpa I feel like like playing games as entertainment is probably on the wane but that's just because of over saturation I don't think there's ever not going to be a desire for someone to watch someone else playing a computer game and being entertained by the process because even before like YouTube existed if you went to friends and they were playing a single-player game I've had people sit and watch me play single-player games when I was a kid much to my shrinky chagrin actually I remember playing through Xenosaga to Dennis I go 1 or 2 and my sister's ex-boyfriend – I despised like the look of the game and just sat and watch me play it for like two hours thank you I think YouTube wants to get away from the gaming side of things that's why it's also not doing particularly well in there they don't want to rely on the gaming industry because they know the hassles that come with it you have no idea how it works but you tweet the picture to me if you didn't I don't think you tweet at me I don't have a pop up you have to like at me the one I have is from Tom Brady mending their plane you're on that this is X in here what this is years ago still living at home you watch the video where a career but God basically told gaming channels are worthless and YouTube despise odd wait on YouTube despite getting more views yes I would say that is fair there was a sweet spot where YouTube started and brace gaming because people flock to YouTube for gaming shooting yet I have no idea who was shooting it I see something I want though do not be expecting a higher level of Apex play today because honestly I'm paying much more attention to chat and just thinking about stuff than playing the game definitely a lot of shooting going on about my sister older than me nope she is my younger sister oh you did hang on I know we're in the middle of a match and everything but I see a painted miniature that match it like even one see magic bananas invoice present oh he's got sloppy bio paper or wherever he's colorful the very model I was talking about with the hilarious name okay I just every tweeted sloppy file Piper the very idea I also need to get used to a median sites being toggle because in generation zero it's not I wasn't paying attention and he's all the way up there where the shootings happening oh he just grappled Upton II do you think the reason that no money X is playing affects Legends is because they can't afford to pay for we are he's aiming at somebody also he's not pinging them but he's definitely aiming at someone over at the fort I think he's going back to cocky yeah they're too bukkake you heard him well this is gonna be safe in the circle after next we could hold down this command center if you like poison up the outside I go through phases of one I want to place soul stuff as well that is a team coming this way they'll be coming up the shaft probably like the echo in Santa Fe do they always do that or is that just this new headset oh there's two teams seems like they may have snipers we don't have snipers not for lack of trying though you got a sniper and I guess you just you do what you got to do he's shooting bajalia behind that rock there I can't get line of sight with us and even if I could I need to scale the random walked in front of my grenade I don't know where it went the throwing arm to them over there in those pings there was two teams fighting down there so I don't know where anybody killed one team I don't know I also really enjoyed co-op I guess that's another niche I have I really like co-op goes and just because I don't have range I'm just trying to watch the wards up to see if I can catch a team towards asleep feels like they're in a better position oh no they shouldn't be in a better position it's just that we don't all have ranged I think there's a certain portion of people who don't particularly like co-op stuff they like to the adversarial stuff and there's more audience for adversarial games for sure I mean have any spare she wouldn't give you it's ranking left in here sweet-looking flatline I guess I could spawn from here any part of shield region and just want another shield there's another tier one down here here another race ship coming in somewhere a lot of open space they are very slowly me just making their way up to us yeah saw another one there skin closer oh they're right up here huh they're here oops oh clock there's another team down there that's fine they got say English thanks is only by coming up on us the next ring and that's positive result I'm sending out my decoy he's right below there there how did that miss him I'm not having a scoop on the stars Wow he's right on top of the bunker huh you may want to flee to the left site especially with a sniper on top of the damn bunker all vehicles friends aren't gaming oriented that is a shame jump then drop down the bank in the bank in here they might be moving in if they don't have anyone else harassing nope okay there's still fighting with another team oh he wants to go back up there I guess I don't have the range the world I'm in effective up there now you need shields I don't have any heals left well I have two syringes no Q later soon to be me okay I guess we're staying up here then even though he immediately brought down the team on the roof died team in here teammates in there with our throw grenades and if you have them teamate got raised [Applause] bamboozled heels at some heels I think the robot was cheating 45 I'm pressing the wrong button by accident oh good the random is spamming it wasn't even a wraith on their team I was about to throw myself into the orange enemy just to annoy the random because he was spamming so either or young with three consecutive long bull shots and don't break his shields I show up many add legendary shields and then shim enough to guarantee a break though but he show him as well then maybe is there a hack that gives young women a shield I can't like play my Randle's in this they aren't old just running gun a lot of them are but you get like weird eccentric ones every now and then last month and playing games we're having fun it's great too but I ever saw like serious love as well live [Applause] let's have fun friend let's play as Ben see we won't is there a bear trap there should not be on like a character it has bear traps I don't fear anything can you say the same this is awesome I'm the joke man sure copy that the other thing is sometimes there's just not new stuff that gets your attention either my attention or there's chat attention like I'd love to use tabletop simulator to play a bunch more Batman in 40k but there's just not enough interest they're signify that blue tent is a trap you know I can't think of any other employees the tracker so in his day job eases bear traps but not to trap bears to trap people it was dangerous game of all I'm not sure I agree there's a lot of viewers wanting old stuff although maybe our definitions of what class is as old stuff is different I don't have a huge interest in several games like when I went back to play like Alan Wake that's one of my favorite games so that was fun to go back and play that's not that old that's like what five six years old maybe a bit more than that tops but I don't think there'd be much interested me going back and playing like Super Mario World for instance our Mario 3 do you know I guess I'll let you have it I'll take that instead so from Hine 64 I want to be able to well I know this is like asking too much for what is already a dream job for most people I want to be able to play whatever I like and still have enough viewership to classify this as a job I had at one point with overwatch and that was when I was very into or watched I don't have a problem with playing a lot of that but I did still suck that it was overwatch or nothing for a lot of people well I imagine part of the problem as well is if you aren't like bashful with your opinions sooner or later you're gonna insult somebody's game equivalent of a white foot and they're gonna take issue and then just say I'm gonna find someone who does like my skin white food and you're not exactly hurtin for choice you find it weird to watch people for the game rather than the person's so do I the exception would be if I was just wanting to watch like a really good speedrun I guess because the speedrunners never talk I'm just watching to see like how did they do it you've heard dis Dragon's Dogma net oh there we go friend the way to lose valor hey I didn't I really liked Dragon's Dogma I just didn't like the expansion devotion again I can open a list those two went the other way I mean this isn't there's not a nice building and it should have definitely did that circle scan you know what I still will location for us check your Maps oh you didn't need to come over I was gonna come back after I scanned that fr always a smack dab the mid of the map now you're just gonna confuse him like who's he talking to no no one said anything maybe he's weird ten seconds close yeah we should probably Grandpa caustic is angry with us I'm going to the random because it's on the way to the circle anyway I don't even fit through oh you can't Simpson to you I was hearing Gregory was a suave waffle that's true well I guess we shouldn't really discuss like Dragon's Dogma story know that there's an anime of it coming to Netflix because presumably we'll just follow the story of the game your drops coming down in the direction the randoms heading in thank you for the mid takes one Chuck Pathfinder voice who wants to donate bits I did oh that's a rock he's pinged a rock there's someone on the rock that's what I'm using hey do that that person know it's a suspicious bush only we could all be as cheerful as pathfinders it is natural for Scottish people to be very dead our accent lends well to being Dever well if you get someone with a really thick Glaswegian accent then you get them really angry they could sound like they're speaking Swahili guess those buildings are empty that's on the far side of the hill that did not save me the time that I was expecting it to save me there will be a time saver get stuck on stairs but I'm level three ooh thank you oh look tick if you forget they're not called loot spiders shit they're not called loot spiders our spider bits boss hey nothing correct no why am i holding onto that I know why I was holding onto that I picked it up originally I was just gonna use it so I'd get my zip line faster and then forgot I had it and never used it have they sounds like they're fighting at this very moment jester I've deployed I hear the fighting that I can't see any of the bullet tracers oh yeah I can there she is someone lure and closer to us in the buildings just north just inside the circle I believe someone just zipped down keep me keep us covered I see shooting on the right but they're getting shot at by someone grenades one teams on the right one teams on the left under both can assure us annoyingly that would be the team on the right Oh at least they give away the position to the other team who is probably safe in the circle I sure guy you look with me to realize there's a Norwegian version of the glass region accent nice butit would I do believe some points are uninjured heard we back to lying right against the chair I'm sitting in again doesn't usually like send right behind me these days I'm sure I won't hear when she decides to move again nothing your kid says hi flick hello krispies kids whose name I've forgotten introducing your champion doughnut dough I'll be right up target over there cancel that but let's make a choice land here I don't think I've ever specifically landed at those buildings you know what it's obviously way too late but whatever I'm just curious what's there okay we can go somewhere else son kid be cream sounds slightly like loot we're not random go all random went to the ship and that's what I would expect to have fire happen no not donut hole either no chat you're thinking about itself after I just found it I didn't realize why it sounds bad because Krispy Kreme sounds like what a 15 year old uses internet for you have a see why don't you call me one of those mini donuts called if he just called many donuts many rings or something like that there's a specific name of a brand that I can't remember it is offhand Krispy Kreme is beat cream kidney cream okay that is branding yep I'll agree with that oh hey the random survived she grabbed the tr4 and left I thought she'd DC that wasn't paying attention as we've already established this is not a night for being dialed into the game less so people still fighting on the ship in fact there's two teams fighting and they're between us and the random they're fighting in the houses down there try to help her out and marking them but whether or not she does anything with information that's on her dual nets are a brand of tiny donut not the name I was thinking of I guess we should rendezvous avoid the buildings to our left and right because they've got folk fighting in them Oh eggs bone shucks message from air oh no I did read that one I forgot I did time out of the match to read it up soon though JPEG for what you find someone else that I'll fight with well nothing else I guess we can heal her she got one is just still fighting 50 meters away I'm playing as a chunky land but you know what even if they die wait no the disconnect they don't leave a death box right because I want to I want their tier 4 shield or tier 3 I mean do you later crispy immediately disconnect we came all this way for you immediately just used there's nothing wrong with heavier pecks legends looks it looks fine but I'm just generating zero just spoils you on a an awesome looking realistic sure there's people here I hear footsteps he just uses that plane somewhere into that house across the way from us or maybe they were leaving the house next ester I don't hear them that I'm even in the circle no we are good nothing Louise oh they're calling in the red ship up there I don't like all this sneaking around oh they just used the there there directly below us Anna oh it's two teams broke her armor she ran left don't know she's still there actually see huge shoot then she is running to the building next door okay don't worry they'll give us away still here that lady next door door opens killer thank you I accidentally made that happen our teammate is coming towards the door but they missed the jump no they're outside they're outside it's alkene running you should have raised me and there's anyone else would have had time but it was and it was all thing because I could hear him running is that suicide because lifeline killed lifeline they'd be even more confusing about it streamer mode on because then it just says character names although your teammates names are still the same is just that the kill feed is all so and soul character killed character casually coughing your lungs at right now do you have the sickness and already done with it hahaha I keep telling myself he wasn't the B tweet that tweet the other day I've seen it before I think it was maybe have a pool of nothing stolen wholesale from a that week it does the rounds every Szabo it's a picture but you see it on Twitter over and over oh no no it's not a picture cuz it's just rain it's a wife says to doctor is there any hope for my husband and then the doctor replies no he's down with the sickness wife require replies oh ha ha ha ha and then it's like dr. Pugh sermon shoulder yes oh wow because I can't destroy oh dear magic bananas called dragon rock it is a picture oh ok I've probably seen both versions then to see anybody sending out my decoy have I gone my kostik win yet yes not only that I got one with octant as well in the same session Christ I didn't take one so I guess all the way then they always leave that green streak when he's using that or did they change that burn me yeah it's not directly across the way it's in the keep system where pastor taking them out with a decoy your turn looks wonderful oh you got stuck in a tree though level three first they've given miss back they're probably go back for no or Nobu Mozambique's here although that last play session was definitely cursed with that being the only gun I could find you think that'd give me some kind of appreciation for it but it didn't did I pay the choux puffs she boss don't have a concept of currency they provide free labor for the people of Xandar Kent was the say what was the name of the world in failed NC ten I don't remember something good I don't believe there will be something good there but I think we should move towards circle my character lied to Spira that's the one yeah our Spira yeah hold on to that why not he just summer in on the far side as well cross his foul aren't ombre that are the ones to say it he is well ahead of us suppose that makes sense if he's playing as the fast character did you just use your health from Paxton instead of using your own I'm a decoy I was hearing was that you that was you that maybe okay gonna be really confusing to the random hearing you answer questions he can't hear or see enemies above enemies above an octane just shot past another end of the there's a different team that was getting hit there why did my iron sights stop the Birdland 3 was revealed two days ago I think what you meant to say is you just saw the borderlines 3 was revealed hey don't bother watching the teaser and might care once there's like gameplay real gameplay they're doing a reveal thing tonight know what got revealed two days ago the trailer was sent on the top of Reddit two days already to this I am so ready for this I am extremely ready for this are we ready Pisa is just another name for our trailer I'm not sure I want to give a prick like Randy Pitchford money those that probably won't play based on that I would very much like his company to go out of business we're not going to the supply ship sure loud and clear heard that many people went to the damn ship a lot a few of them course-corrected to the last second a friend is celebrating this by between cringy battleborn tweets I mean like when they thought they could compete with overwatch because that was good no no oh oh wait wait wait oh crap a scene that's like the worst of every world the building over where random just went has people in I'm just I was signaling just so he doesn't run in there and die that's a start no that's not a star as a star I don't have a gun I still don't have a gun that was just Amal I just need armored enemy footsteps outside so say to the building just came in here I hurt him bad I'm backing off cuz that normal he didn't have armor you're either for the record I'm not sure if he had a gun or not there's no body armor that from above that was a that was a shot from above right [Applause] there is a second staircase you know I just crit you for a hundred while you're not dead random DC just easy it's fine yes they tweet come at me brought over watching not so many words I do wonder about born like I feel like bow burn did not fail because of over watch I feel it failed because it's a terrible game but I am curious if it would have kept any kind of light dedicated fan base of overwatch then yes lunch I want to know why I didn't down someone with a hundred damage well I guess because it's cumulative no but everybody sets when you break their armor rate it goes back down to zero and starts counting up again unless you want show them not a good evening for games our teammates they've all been universally terrible I cannot wait to win this match friend but the heads of noxious humor had a terrible hug weird kind of genre mixing gameplay then quite gel there's the time in a place for Borderlands style humor and it's cold when you're younger than 25 or you're around your friends because when you're having a laugh with your friends your general level maturity drops by like 10 years give or take or if you're hammered yep I'm bored lines 2 is relatively well written had a had some clever jokes not just crappy ones and some Jack was a fun villain they ruined it with the pre-sequel but that was the writers fault for being awful actually they announced who's writing the story for Borderlands free three three oh hi I'm Jon Lester I wasn't paying attention which is the theme of the evening I want to throw us right into the swamp floor that's the way caustic you want to go all I just realize you're not playing as caustic but I could make you into Borderlands has one of the best quests ever are you talking about to shoot me in the face quest keep on finding heavy weapon heavy weapons in general full stop and I hate the heavy weapons in this they just the bullets do not go where the crosshair is and it infuriates me constantly that's why I love the light amber weapons because at least the bullets go where you're aiming should I make sure face yeah that's the one he got what he wanted to be fair does Romania miss elbows like the the Dean D like the LC whereas I remember but stallion remember how you found that seemingly random and not curious comment funny remember Jack kind of lent into it too hard and actually had a bot stallion and then they made him a boss say okay too cocky Thanks he wasn't a boss yes he was I remember him having a ball splash screen cuz then the Dean D do see whatever that was what was that even do it's that pre-sequel I don't even remember I presume somebody took the digital threat he was an NPC at my NPC you mean enemy yo you got a splash reveal yeah that's not quite the same thing then yeah me neither unless memes via the story to Borderlands 2 was actually pretty good pretty sequel not so much head but stowing items in a pooped out items so I think it we don't know who's writing the third one yet it's probably too early for them to be revealing that cuz I'm already out on it just because I don't want to give Randy Pitchford any money but if it's Anthony Burch that's me double oh never mind then you know that's the one pretension we're not pretentious egotistical explanation line of anglers is useful because I don't remember which hop is which so for her to say this one's the one for havoc Prowler etc that's the one that doesn't rub me the wrong way because that's perfectly fine they're shooting over in the pit that thing hurts play the rings already moving huh I could really use sniper school pitch if anyone has any heard that good communication of where this person's going if nothing else nope again they look at the bloodlust though they're getting a lot of the bloodlust though I can't see you you're shit hello shells okay people have been down here but I don't see anybody probably cuz they're fighting at the gauntlet pit thingy really though how maybe we can cut them off you know maybe they're doing it a little bit too much like they can't to say that they want to kill or search there's few things you enjoy more as the scent of hard rain on a tin roof that's a good scent I will give either you get that sound effect in generation zero a little bit I self dropshipping coming and what I want right off do share the dropship new leader that may not be his teammate that may be a different team that was just camping in the mall there's people right here there's so many grenades I don't know where anyone is no baby things will be nice alright let's switch over it's enough of this tonight