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Apex Legends is on Life Support

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Apex Legends is on life support right now because the game is getting very little new content. It has been three months since launch and we’ve gotten less than 5% of what every other game is offering. I really like Apex Legends and it makes me sad to see it dying.

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hey guys trips are here I'm back again to talk about content and apex legends because I believe that this game is still not getting the support that it deserves some respawn and that subsequently interest in the game is dwindling this is almost an objective fact you can objectively say that twitch views are down there's been quite a few articles about that YouTube views are significantly down subreddit posts are down and the amount of memes that I see about it on Twitter Instagram elsewhere are down they're just less people talking about playing and engaging with apex legends from every publicly available metric that I can look at and pretty much every type of content related to the game right now including the number of my friends that play is just on its way down and I wish that wasn't true because I adore this game I think apex Legends is a fantastic game I think it is the best new shooter since overwatch and for those of you that are watching for a long time you know how much I love over watching how much AI plays shooter games and right now apex Legends is surviving just it is continuing to exist as a mainstream game based on the fact that the core gameplay is really good the gunplay the movement the the abilities the map the the unique situations and all the things that you can do with apex legends is really good and that's what makes the game fun and that's what keeps me playing it even still three months later with no content but for the life of me I have no idea why respawn isn't adding content and at the moment I'd like to take any content because right now we are getting just about nothing like almost completely zero and I did see a tweet from one of the developers the other day talking I think it was an article with the respawn CEO talking about them wanting to do longer term cycles and less frequent bigger updates and not rushing content and not just flooding their games with skin and nonsense and not just adding guns and breaking the balance that they worked very hard on and the balances is very good in this game so kudos to them on that and they also talked about maintaining a healthy work-life balance compared to fortnight and Call of Duty's development cycles I know a lot of cod devs are like 60 plus hours a week and at Epic Games fortnight is so big and so popular and so crazy that most fortnight developers working 80-hour weeks just insane overtime to keep the support for the game up and normally I would you know I would say that's a good thing that you know you have a good work-life balance and that you don't want to rush updates because the game like fortnight breaks it's balanced all the time overwatch does the same thing pretty much every time to add a new character is broken but in the case of fortnight the changes can sometimes get exhaustive but respawn what the exact opposite direction and said you know what instead of changing our game people get tired of it we're just not gonna change it and let them get tired of it and since the game has launched which as of me recording this video has been about three months ago or one entire business quarter we have had one pink valentine Pathfinder skin – Valentine gunskins one new character one new weapon and a battle pass that unfortunately has very little desirable loot in it the battle paths like whole value thing wasn't bad or the grind wasn't bad but there's just like no skins or guns that are really worth unlocking there's almost nothing in the battle paths that people want so we've got a useless battle pass a couple of little Valentine's skins and a new gun and a new character and that's it there's there's nothing else there's no new modes there's no Maps there's no limited time event there's no story there's no voice lines there's no emotes there's no gun skins camos there's no finishers there's no there's not we're not even getting banners and stickers we're not even getting sprays and little like widgets and doodads that nobody cares about it's the same thing that we have now that when the game came out meanwhile take a look at call of duty call of duty has a brand new Alcatraz map for black out with a new mode we're dropping new specialist tons of new skins new weapons both for MP and blackout new modes and MP and blackout massive updates that change the balance of the game DLC packs new multiplayer maps operator weapons and blackout just tons of new content in general and I'm not playing Cod because the monetization problems but heavens they're adding new stuff right fortnight honestly changes so much that I can't keep track of it I played the new Thanos mode a little bit the other day which is hype by the way Thanos mode insanely fun and sane like a job they did on that but they've added that and like 10 other limited time modes done map changes and probably like 400 new skins that I could never hope to mention in this video take a look at Rainbow six siege this is a three year old game that should be dying off but it's still going strong because they're continuing to support it we've got a Valentine's event in April Fool's event we've got in-game events new operators new skins all sorts of fun stuff even an overwatch we're still doing new stuff new maps new skins support balancing patches now let's go back to apex and see what's going on yeah very little we've had a little bit of content here and there but it is maybe 5% of the nearest competitor every competing game right now is just cranking out content of some kind and I don't understand why we aren't at least getting new character skins or new gunskins character and gunskins are the easiest thing to make in all of gaming that's why so many games want to charge you $20 for these character skins because they'll make so much more money than the amount that they had to pay somebody to do that we're not even getting recolors we're not even getting League of Legends chroma packs we're not even getting texture changes right now think about how pissed off or desperate I am right now to be begging respawn for just gun recolors and just little retexture x' and things you can do in a few seconds and then just quickly QA it to make sure it doesn't crash the entire game with nothing and gaming in 2019 is not about releasing a multiplayer game and then ignoring it that is gone that died last year fortnight came out last year rose to prominence last year and it 100% broke the mold for gaming content even if you don't like fortnight you got to realize that it forced other gaming companies to keep up we have a competitive market and in competitive markets when one business makes a better product the other people have to get cheaper or compete on the same and they just decided to compete on the same and now every game is doing it like the games I just mentioned because that's how economics works releasing a multiplayer game now without creating content updates for it is like releasing a brand new streaming service and never adding anything new imagine if Disney released Disney Plus with all their exclusives and they were like alright we'll add new content in five years well who the heck's got to subscribe to that they need new stuff it's like releasing a car seat belts and air conditioners because it's too modern and too fancy it's just behind the times and when it comes to balance and new items etc I do believe that fortnight and call of duty are doing it best both of these two but more so with fortnight than Call of Duty having everything in the kitchen sink approach just throw it out there and see what sticks and they'll throw in new stuff all the time tons of new content new guns new like little gameplay mechanics new map areas new modes new something and even if that comes out broken or boring they're constantly updating it like if like if there's a patch that comes out it's not only unfair but isn't fun to play well next week it's probably just gonna get pulled in those games it'll be gone you don't have to worry about it you don't like this patch you don't like what's going on in Call of Duty right now in blackout you don't like the map and fortnight we'll just wait two weeks and come back and it'll be different you can move on with your life apex is the same essentially very little change has occurred here and my only guess right now my only logical reasoning that the only thing that makes sense to me is that respawn has completely cashed out on apex legends that it was an unexpected hit and they just took that money and said okay you know what we've got one hit under our belt we're gonna focus super hard on Star Wars Jedi fallen order now that game looks really fun I know that people they're working hard on it I know it takes a lot of work they're putting a whole lot of risk on this single-player only game that's supposed to be hype but I don't know why apex isn't getting any love giving all the love the Star Wars is the only thing that makes any sense to me which would be a shame because apex is a huge hit game and apex at one time a lot much less so now had a chance to take a big bite out of fortnight and blow up and did take a bite out a fortnight for a while and not just because they were paying ninja to stream it but because a lot of people were just playing it because they loved it but right now the game is fading out as much as I love playing this game and I'm still gonna get on and play it and stream it today probably I'm afraid that this game is not gonna die with a bang but with a whimper it's not gonna be a new game that comes out and blows apex out of the water it's gonna be apex just not changing and drowning and in the water that it's got I've guess content creators the ones that I know personally the one that art Apex creators are getting ready to move on to something different they're already planning other strategies me too I have to because player numbers and views are dropping and I think that if we had new content for the game a solos mode and no abilities mode new skins just put some new little city in the map and make it a strip club or just something stupid it gets people coming back because it's new and it's fun and I know that all of this negativity won't help it'll it'll just further drive people away from the game but as a player and as a fan I'm super frustrated and pissed off and I don't know what to do I just want my favorite game to get updates to get a new mode once a month to get support for the major glitches that are there still present in the game to get new skins because we're not getting those to get something going on in this game to keep fans and people coming back and playing because I want I want to be playing apex legends one year from now I like the game that much I want next March after the cod cycle after the Christmas hype after all that stuff for me to still be sitting down and playing apex legends but I'm afraid that it's gonna be like the same game with maybe one or two more characters and two guns and the map will look the same and there's no point playing that because I would just wasted a year of my life okay I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up here I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learned something I hope you got somebody at respawn watches it and cares and knows that I'm not just hating for stupid YouTube views but begging for change and we get some updates if you enjoyed don't forget to Like favorite and subscribe drift her out