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Commentary by @ZyoriTV @TrentPax

we get into game number one the conclusion of group beat well thankfully no one else has died on this entire map well we do nothing but tunnel vision the stop lane well there you go mid lane let's check in here ember spirit versus the shadow fiend and whoa it's a rotation that's hasted up Rubick they're gonna find the quick stir and that'll be a first blood drawn by majestic Dora having a fine time in this bottom lane though brew holding his own as you'd expect but jug is our last hit leader at the moment ahead of this event yeah they're holding the point right now Tommy of those though boxy in some trouble try to make it away this should be another kill from majestic nowhere to go Wow some think it's kind of cool too though is that Tyga playing inside that dire general kind of guaranteed that there were no stack setup like I was like how the wyvern was basically wasting her time as there is a bit of a go in the bottom Lane not several amount to anything we'll see how far Whisperer wants to chase insane yell but she fights at once Chris luck I did happen to see that though we're gonna jump back down bottom glimpse onto whisper maybe they can pull him back in and set up a kill me slash to follow up but I don't think it's gonna be enough jug with the spin battle do it back to Chris love that knows he is the DD rune trying to get tired or find out yeah whispers be a little bit careful here if you were to get netted right into a black hole Omni slash I'm gonna call that worth it here I think so mid lane what are they gonna find Chris locked pulled into static storm kinetic field combo Tyga's here has the black hole but no mana probably doesn't even need it Chris luck now on the run as coiba drops a remnant this shadow fiend is sustaining it Chris watch just blows him up quick bot takes a big-time tumble and gets tipped into the grave well it's hard not having boots while this pointer shadow fiend that still rests on top of the the net worth charity not too surprising really isn't a lot of this space created for this event he's got a hand too – all of a sudden and then he's also gonna try against off a kill here is insane yeah finally returned to his the or his there's damage and he slash not gonna do much against the war cry actually get some at a physician have God's strength on as well and it glimpse the spent back winner's curse will lock him in place to the spin no TP jug gonna be on the run and he will be brought down first couple dooms I'm looking do here top lane Chris luck on the run there's the black hole from Tyga but Hector's on his way here ons right into the black hole still saves his friend with the war cry and they actually make it back to the high ground until Madera shows up that'll be enough to secure the kill to omitting the blink dagger focusing on bringing support to the team I really like this a lot mid Chris Luck caught by the net some follow-up damages here there is a primal split but statics storm kinetic field does come out they want to turn onto the brew and maybe even the disrupter as he does get to stand up kisses nylons on the way does pop the war cry but can't close the gap on to the spin aura pardon me on to the doom instead they find the disrupter so insane eeeh will be the only man again now Madera just joined quick from the bottom lane but they have catapult to their glyph in their tower their glyph ting the wave and there's no glyph there for the dire so they actually dig the tower first who's gonna blink first is the question because guess what there are two ten-second PK bees coming to your high ground right now wow this they might be wishing they had that presence at the Dark Lord right about now on these structures but they might not need it they know the glyphs down they'll get it Tier three out of this now maybe even a fight quick buzz made his way back over there do not hear doom pops his BKB but winters curse comes out to cut right through it brewmaster he's gonna go down for sure let's lock the ulti on the door Oh Tyga's dead as well he does have a 5 act but might hold it alliance very low on resources here they make it finish the red barracks might not stay standing cardi trying to help out as best he can heck they're not gonna be able to retreat he's going to stay true to the cause and they will finish off the barracks with a black hole it'll connect on to and they're gonna grab one done hide down and now span on the run so tanky I don't know how easily they can bring him down but he will fall as he runs into this tier 3 Tower looking for the TP a bold maneuver that will not work Tiger what are you gonna do you're not moving Oh blink and they still catch him here there's the hex yeah they're gonna find him probably not even have a chance to use the BKB I mean he gets dropped no buyback available well there's no creeps in the middle lane they are pushing in the top though so they're not gonna river that range rush they want a secondary tier 3 and they're calling the bluff of mr. enigma here and there's no where's the quick sir he's with Hammond two minutes another tier 3 down hacks onto Medora there's no buyback on quite but if he gets killed here box he jumps in does drop the doom alt from Chris lock but doom back the other day onto coiba he's down boxy now gonna be in some trouble as well he does not have a buyback they will get the kill on whisper it looks like it'll be close but that last tick should finish him off and it does buy back for enigma now just gets the gold for it TP home from the Rubik he'll make it out but glimpse back they will grab the shadow fiend Chris luck gets brought down now majestic move into the pit and they're like oh you already softened him up for us okay scan from Alliance though they know exactly what's happening the problem is they kill this so much faster life is coming with the vision they're starting to move but can they get here in time roshan about 1,500 HP Boxey jumps it's gonna be close scythe is there it does go down to the tire blackhole but gets interrupted by the winch iron on point as Boxey falls static storm kinetic field flies but this is majestic all-day Medora on the run the shadow fiend gets pumped but I don't know if this juggles survived he did pick up the cheese so that'll help nice man to dodge on the folder toss with a stolen black home from Rubik it's gonna cost him his life as he dies in the blade fury quick ball in the back line as well this sven is sustaining for now but the magic damage is gonna be too much that's the aegis pop now brewmaster tanking this entire Omni slash will survive through it and now the sven is back the big boy is here and he is ready to swing that sword for a few more kills coiba outta mana another nice spin from Medora it does mitigate that stun and actually bring down the winter wyvern a choke play are you gonna have to back up they bite off more than they can chew they lost that Gauss ranks they popped it so it really to try and get the rose to lincoln's pop there you know once done shot somebody right but like these are both in towards the crit or anything either but dar is just charging forward box he misses the stomp gets lifted up by the rubic Chris luck does have a double damage rune on this might not be the fight Alliance want it take black hole from taiga but again interrupted this winter wyvern is on point and sven is just going to work the follow-up stun my Tyga's down and now Matar is in a lot of trouble he's gonna be on the run himself always try the black hole that ever if he can't catch him there is he's got it beautifully done by the rubic and that'll be a dead koi but three down on the side of Alliance two of them with buybacks but majestic are headed right for the Alliance base oh mercy majestic these guys know how to get inside their enemy's heads there is a glyph for Alliance both five acts use but it's still a 4v5 box he pops his bait BKB tries to make it back so Rubik doom on the coil is in trouble again it's a die back and spends not even gonna die from the doom from boxing Alliance in big trouble here they killed a winter wyvern but she's already done her job Chris block does go down in foxy somehow lives again majestic managed to Biff this high ground push and Alliance will halt they'll try to retreat whisper can be hard-pressed to survive this one but they actually don't want to commit in to spend the double damage rune has already been used and expired but all right we got the doom back up and he's in visitor now in the rubix we can play but aggressively there is award though he goes in box he jumps in but it's the juggernaut that takes the deulim and he's in big trouble black hole interrupted again this enigma just can't make it happen but now can majestic take it done i steals the black hole gives them a taste of their own medicine and secures the kill on the jug no buyback on the sidelines for two and now they're gonna dive into the tier 4s quick but dies again by back on the doom buy back on the Enigma but Alliance are running out again they're all chatting they are saying something that I don't understand but damn goodness this is a minor boys alone ourselves Moxie though he jumps back in does get a big stop it'll be to his death now Magus aren't imminent GG is called and it is majestic that take Game one in this best of three series very well done they make the maitus Sven work again taiga PMA positive mental attitude yeah I'm just I mean storm and timber together I'm curious how this is gonna work out for alliance don't really have great high ground Heroes they're going for their first kill here keeping the three heroes up here they really want this to succeed and coming up all their spells it looks like it should be a good kill toss into portions and it's a nice stun onto the timber he does have a timber chain to try and chase him down could actually still live here but he gets tossed again a close call now back to the mid again Chris luck he's gonna get caught tygo is hanging around they'll have another Auto Attack and he is down two kills in this mid lane one for Coit boat one for Tyga one thing's for sure this storm spirit is off to a great start so Game three not over yet but insane he is down Medora okay he's gonna live the splitter it does not connect here it has the zip level six everything room hey there it is reach in with a point in for Tech's they just want to cripple this OD they found the weak one and they are gonna make his game a living hell that's again regenerates oh-oh see ya later Fisher style points from quicker he's mad he's out for blood this game letting that region continue to roll no mom ate the two Tyga is on and he's dominating devastating is it I mean he can just timber over the Fisher perhaps he was worried about the pain or something but reinforcements coming now tower though might still go down boxy gets stunned up they might actually have the damage to do this timbersaw in trouble but quake was here gets put to sleep Tyga following up with a lot of AoE damage they get the kill on whisper first box he's still surviving through all of it and this is where majestic might need to cut their losses and find the retreat to down make it three and jug will just TP out yeah instead it's a smoke here from Alliance moving towards that mid lane and you doe me he's just a freebie yeah it's only a little five on the pain as well Tigers gonna be there to follow up now back up top looks like there's a dive on to the tower then we're going on to the Earthshaker this is their moment with the storms out here he's done a lot of damage and at least turns around on two and saniye dunk onto the timber saw this should finally be a kill trying to timber chain away but they've got it doesn't jump right away though just gets the boundary room now he's in a Shi a shin jeok will survive beans grip from the high ground connects onto the timber saw but gets interrupted as quick but goes in deep it takes most of his mana pool and now he might not have an exit strategy sips that bottle Tyga now the one taking a lot of damage is lash in the front lines gets brought down whisper just not tanky enough Chris luck does have level one in the ultimate trying to get off some right-clicks even if the timber doesn't have the aegis he basically wants like if he goes bloodstone and the storm ages but free kills speaking the bloodstone quick pick on to you know me everyone now in the mid lane there on the whisper all boxy taking a lot of magic damage here does not have too many reactive stacks quite yet and they could pick this up and say me it does have the false promise he'll drop at is the dunk comes out now quickly in the backline alliance with a lot of damage here they get Chris lock first they get done I second and now whisper trying to do as much damage as possible before going down but it seems that'll be inevitable here as he tries to one before is tier 1 tower 3 for nil Tigers isn't walking out oh they actually see the spin get used to go about this great block but even better toss and that jug is just gonna get destroyed definitely a miss play there and now coy but jumping all around the backline grabs the Bane he's out of mana but two for nil whole on aggression I like that don't try and go for a defensive item here to try and get something that might win you a teamfight yeah this is one of those high-risk high-reward type scenarios you're not gonna win this by playing it safe Chris Brown force to BKB turns tries to get off some of these right clicks that's your 9 second charge though and as you waited Trent they just disengage and now they head back in the blink it's a nice dunk kind of an only connects on the tiny actually doesn't do that much is now Alliance jump forward they'll finish off whisper Odie's gonna come out of his banishment and it'll be two down no buyback on the out world devourer Chuck its destroyed no buyback there as he picked up in the on the air this one's starting to feel like it could be over pretty soon got the medallion and it's still just slowly getting chunked away but they get it and they'll use the infest bomb long range zip already jumps right in on three they were not ready for this and majestic they'll be in this fight and perhaps in defeat as well because it seems imminent with three dead there it is the GG is called an alliance find some vengeance37 to seven an absolute Smackdown alright guys this is it it's game number three this this is pretty much it you know you're gonna play a half you win or lose this and I think he just got south as well they're from boxee box being like oh thanks for tanking all those spells let's get back at these guys are right now foxy playing some core shaker action here nine last hits KOICA finds the first blood up top on to whisper ain't often much difference because well guess what the courier is going true king of the courier he has respawned but up top whisper taking a lot of damage trying to dish it back out to encinia now he's gonna be on the run and a barrel of laughs will secure the kill whisper very low top though stunt on to the river yes indeed a lot of follow-up damage but will they be able to finish it off it's only a little five storm spirit but he should have enough here whisper smacking him with the flail but can't keep his Rubik alive hey we should actually go for another stun he's gonna clap out of this could go for the turn on the quake foot oh it's not enough with the crit multiple fights they're going back and forth with the upper spirits here quick foot goes down and say knee I'm gonna follow suit as Chris Locke looks for vengeance and he finds it that was a much-needed kill on the storm spirit though he's so fragile in this early stage and killing him just once or twice forcing trades rather than what we saw last game makes such a difference he's just middle of the pack instead of pulling away Oh lion up top you don't get the hex on the run well they might be able to turn this whisper comes in drops the clap they've got the follow-up questions Duns he's gonna try to finish off you told me he sidesteps but gets blown up by Medora as he now makes the rotation back on the other side storm stunned up again pounding rune picks it up on the way out now back to the other side do now finish off by Medora one of those items generally the earlier you get at the higher your chances of finding those pick offs it can be a snowball item for the morphling but a little bit risky if you don't find those kills Boyd gets deleted from the game so a pretty good reveal for the e blade absolutely and now without buyback tier 3 they're gonna swap back they'll find another brewmaster down two huge Ultimates on the sidelines no buybacks that wasn't even a team fight I mean that wasn't even a played and they just blew that guy up wait he didn't even eat blade oh my gosh that was just a void okay now they've got to back up they still have excess slam as well but he's only above 11 he's really trying to get level 12 here first they do lose coiba like a consensus on what objective they want when they use these cooldowns we're at that point in the game where they're gonna answer back so fast from Alliance you are making a good point with that stolen fissure Oh foxy jump or they're gonna walk back in underwhelming crow no indeed Bruce split now gets used Alliance might lose their vengeful spirit and they will but where's the rest of this fight gonna go now the Boxee getting very low as he tries to leap away coif low will grab the boy one for two so far Bruce split about to expire and he goes back into the panda forum coy but now taking a lot of damage just trying to zip back to safety and it looks like he'll make it Medora trying to press forward finishes off the Rubik now he grabs the lion and Medora is cleaning house does he know the cook is in the pit does not seem like it hidden a slight left anyway though so even if he did very classic oh he wants him he's going to admit you don't see ya nor should he I don't think he has too much to be afraid of I mean I guess they do have all their cool down so they could pop him but if they burn all that to get the aegis I think Alliance can just cripple the high ground looking at buybacks not a lot available for the radiant pretty much is just the rubic pretty low here well now pop that blademail steals the low HP alright see you later Chris luck 45 seconds on the sidelines straight up in the fountain they're just gonna smoke out trying to bait out their brewmaster here trying to find a side angle they can Ishi eight from bench pinging look with the vengers playing she knows what angle they're trying to make this attack good positioning from coit but also on the other side looking to counter initiate if they jump in they destroy Adame the catch is just too much now the primal split comes it'll start to repel Medora void looking for the chrono time walk not quite there he'll hold on to it for now starting to feel like it could be a wasted Bruce split though only about 25% duration left they might be able play up boxing here it depends of his team dish them they have that swap still so oh now they block out the brew coiba jumps back in chrono does connect on three but it's swapped out he's gonna survive Koya is still alive also Boxey perhaps in trouble gets off the dunk another swap in say Nia keeping his teammates up as they go back in Boyde with a huge time walk backwards mitigates so much damage they have gotten the aegis now and say Nia dies Tyga's gone down but Chris Locke will fall it's a better hole than I thought majestic might be able to muster but can they survive now this Matar is big and bad three-second silly bleep finger not enough boxy lives that one hurts another blade comes in and yet Domi's down nothing the line can do against that no buybacks on these three this should be a bottom lane of barracks my doubt alliance will stick around for more but this is pretty good damage in 26 minutes and again I spoke too soon boy he's hanging out at the tier fours and they drop it down so fast oh we got him Chris luck they catch him with the vortex and this ember is gonna be done for cursed crown oh nice yo okay he's still surviving it was pretty impressive she's gonna get out here TP home he's gonna be good very well done boxes like man I said wobbly I actually the shakers done virtually nothing like he's probably the least impactful hero on the side of the lines this game yeah I don't know if I can have a counter-argument to that hey stacked law damaged and lost spells for sure I just feel like you know he's having a rough time actually making sort of initiation yeah buyback now from the Rubik void up in about five seconds with his mid laner barracks going down quick glyph up in 30 just a sign of tenacity here from Majestics they try and hold onto this game initiation on whisper does use the primal split so they're gonna commit to this Hector comes in chronosphere ready holding it for now stun onto the willow boxy tanking so much damage right now but can they actually finish him off Badar is here with the BKB on chrono comes out they do find a kill on encinia and taiga but again can they kill these cores Modar is the one doing all the damage he'll isolate the lion brings him down there but now he's getting a little bit low himself waveform back defensively by back from the lion the rest of Alliance rejoining the fray nice dunk from boxy sets it up on Chris lock and now the brewmaster is out of options no split nowhere to go the bill that actually works because he just spend everything on it to the point where they just give up and he's like I could cool now that you've used everything and I just diving my morph I'll just jump on you the tank your shaker it wasn't the traditional kind it's