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A Genuine 900 IQ Play | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1123

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A Genuine 900 IQ Play | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1123
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ES_Jumpin And Jivin 2 – Martin Landh
ES_Modern Day Funk Fiesta 3 – Anders Bothén
ES_In The Pawnshop 2 – Martin Carlberg
ES_Psychedelic Balloons 2 – Martin Landh
ES_Salty Breeze 3 – Martin Gauffin

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but I believe we'll do it I do let's go for it you're small you're very small number three I love hearthstone this one is good this one is really good but we have to kill that this cackle is psychic I'll be good now I hope you're good because we can do it with this nice please don't have a that was so funny whoa [Applause] why not just by the pillar in that case oh it's two bombs so that's just a miss lethal because he had the yerba I know it is Li what okay I did know was two bombs left wait a second he played it I did not play anything and it hits me for fall okay fine how can we lose – Leroy shadows done and as I said the man shop is absolutely savage and just became a face wall at this time with just those two very lazy skin screen oh the one out of three bounced the one that Ewing did not want to see back in his hand Oh Mao's brutal and now I don't think there's anything he can even do releasing a kind of you know six hell's and just feeling totally fine because they don't have the ability to do those last points of damage you know eventually against decks that are able to fight back against you they can get there with the soul fires which is potentially now yeah what we're going to see here as long as one soul fire does not discard the awesomest oh hey yes buckaroo by golly yeah I mean if that's the way this match ends I'm not gonna lie all laugh a little bit like I don't want to pick my hair car mr. doesn't matter about the Bloods if you can just kill them anyway this will never would I predict Wow Robbie let's finish an HD screen here though alpha defend its chickens are gonna become a steady state to enjoy time for my nightly fete sauce will attend to only air bomb they are ones neck midday mommy stock Kazak thought I'm too shy sir yeah I hear cook Mike I lost the others passier finish Gaea nasty aftertaste allow back no shadow a paint self in words so he has to chain together 5 spells in order for this I believe he's able to do that but with the way those spells are chained together right now one of its certainly healing circle of healing will not kill off the tundra items kill its gonna keep looking for that spell he needs another zero cost I mean the deck is packed to the brim with them I mean he doesn't necessarily have to kill the ton Toronto he's just gonna keep that's a combo that could do it he can actually use the lazuli fuel scheme with the topsy turvy yeah that's right and that's that's the other piece of real gold that happens in this deck and look at how many cards August turn this is insane smell trendy ugh first by the way it's fine guys here comes the chef dobe no no no no no no no no no hey no wait you know how to play the game I'm getting firewood there you go I'm a fucking god I'm the fucking back to this game no puede pita latigo museu star we've ever seen nanana he he looked his tech toys he was like 29 cards in his like come back there so 900 settin up I think it is Jesus Christ bat me funky cat bitch fucker stick she can't tell up your ass oh Jesus Ross met them in town fun way but it's still educational let's have a look at some of the decklist kid no day is playing zoo which means you probably lose the series because you have zoo I will pin the best comment when this video is 15 hours old [Laughter]