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5 World of Warcraft Rages GONE TOO FAR!

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Some World of Warcraft players have gotten so mad, and freaked out! In this video I go over the 5 WoW rages gone too far!

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World of Warcraft can be a very frustrating game there are many situations that can make you pretty angry and Wow such as a really good piece of equipment dropping event someone else get set wiping on a raid boss when he should have beaten air however in the history of World of Warcraft has been in many situations where people have taken their wages and went too far some people that have played World of Warcraft have gotten so mad but they've actually broken some of their equipments and done more so in this video I'm going to be going over the top five World of Warcraft rages gone too far so let's get right into we're starting off at number five is grandma stops kids dream so this clip was taken from the days of mists of pandaria which if you think about it was quite a long time ago and this was in the days when twitch tocome was definitely in his budding stages and the whole idea of streaming was something new however in this clip a streamer and his arena partner are doing some 2d thoose and this guy gets so mad at this partner Betty kicks him from the group and he actually breaks his keyboard his grandma hears this and actually goes into his room and tells him to calm down and be quiet this whole situation is super embarrassing and it even gets to the stage where his grandma threatens to turn off his internet this kid was definitely being really toxic to his teammate and seeing his grandma come in and get mad at him is even more embarrassing some of that being said let's play the clip you're watching so go drink hopefully you can survive you're gonna drink okay what'd you expect me to do I have no wow all right you're so stupid just I've ever played with what grandma what you don't understand what my partner said he is so dumb he gets me mad he gets me mad I'm not a little baby don't don't don't pull man turn that off come on let's go to bed you're not you're fine let's go fast let's gonna sleep go sleep I'm playing with the Downton gonna sleep it's okay guys we just lost them Morse is because he let my pet died three number four kid loses mount so collecting mounts in World of Warcraft is something that is very important many people play the game just to collect super rare mounts in the game so needless to say getting mounts and Wow is something that people find very important there is a mounts Coover timeloss proto Drake which is something that is extremely rare and takes weeks of continuous farming to get there was a super low transfer you'll actually get this and if the correct NPC spawns you have to worry about other players not getting it before you an unfortunate for this kid someone else actually gets to the NPC and gets the drop before him he gets super mad and actually destroys his keyboard in the video description it says that someone actually stole the spout from him but to be honest I can't really say this is stealing since the other guy was in a better position and was the first one to it evil way this guy goes super mad though that being said let's play the clip stuff destined to do this a large drubbed you for you I have a challenge for you guys anyway we have five seconds to the way go around smash the like button and subscribe to the channel if you can do this within the next five seconds you will have the most amazing luck just the luckiest things will start happen to you though that being said let's get right back into the video number three Illidan wipe rage in for Burning Crusade Illidan wasn't a good guy in fact this was one of the hardest bosses in for Burning Crusade expansion the final boss of the black temple was Illidan and for many guilds it was a really hard challenge in this clip a guild pastor gets super mad with his guild because they failed to heal one of the tanks after the tank that didn't get healed dies he absolutely goes insane and cools off the raid nights when and where I can kind of understand how mad you can get when you're ready to make some stupid mistakes in an encounter but you should be able to beat but with that being said let's play the clip ice walk not feel bampi like we're not inhaling bampi over there guys weep if we don't kill a goddamn boss you know seriously and we fucked hail so good job pat yourself on the back you're supposed to be healing baby cuz didn't do your Bob we're done for the night you guys do not deserve to kill illidan you do not deserve to kill Illidan you can't do shit dad a goddamn fire take the ride Hill people whenever they deserve it you don't deserve to kill Illidan good night number two swarm rages so guys this is a classic World of Warcraft clip if you guys haven't seen it this is definitely something that is pretty funny to watch the Intel Extreme Masters is an eSport tournament and in 2008 IEM was hosting a World of Warcraft arena tournament two players from SK gaming are competing in it and one of the players called swarm absolutely goes insane I get super mad at his teammate for not being good it's hard to say if his rage is justified but what he does when is he actually walks away from his keyboard and computer while for game was still continuing this is extremely bad mannered and his teammate is absolutely freaking out when he sees what swarm actually leaves his computer chair during a tournament game so with that being said let's play the clip my god sit on it get on you're so dumb right now what were you doing [Applause] get on why don't you do them why would you toss anyways why would you stand up you must be lost anyways your dog had nothing stupid the Raging Bull and number one asks for sandwich so in this clip it looks like to guilt mates are actually falling out with each other I don't know what happened before this clip but it looks like a girl got extremely mad at this guy because he told her to make a sandwich she definitely took this in a bad way I was really mad at him I think if you're getting this mad you should definitely take a break from the game you should definitely step away from the computer and chill out especially at how mad this girl gets make us a litter see I don't catered you my man has never told me to go and make him sandwich see this is why he has and you have nothing he has respect and you don't know would you like but I'm not pleased so I don't understand why you guys think you could come off attacking people yeah dude I don't understand why me wasting my time right now talking tweet well you're a little boy with the of my Tara well guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed this video please leave a like down below that would mean be absolute world to me this is volte signing out