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5 Times Asmongold RAGED In World of Warcraft!

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There have been quite a few times #Asmongold got angry while playing WoW: BfA, here are his top 5 rage moments!

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yo what is up guys this is bhakti back again were Brandi world of warcraft video so asthma gold is the biggest World of Warcraft stream ever we have and he gets over 10,000 views every single stream so as you can imagine there's quite a lot of pressure when you playing World of Warcraft when there's so many people watching you play naturally there have been so moments when Osman gold has waged out pretty hard and gets pretty angry on stream and the lost clip on this list he rages so hard he does something very regrets so make sure you guys watch the full video if you want to see that but it's anyway guys let's get right into it number 5 – wolf sodapoppin sodapoppin he used to stream world of warcraft quite a lot back in the day he stole streams the game occasionally but he is more of a variety streamer and him and Asthma called are pretty good friends and these guys have quite a friendly rivalry with each other however that being said asthma gold and sodapoppin got in a jewel as no gold got really angry when he lost 4 jewel and the reason why he got so mad was because he believes that feral druids are pretty much impossible to beat if you're playing a warrior so as McGaw believes but there's pretty much no way he could have won the jewel and it was kind of unfair and because of that he really rages hard so with that being said let's roll the clip oh you're toast no I'm not you were you're a literally grilled cheese right how about them did he do that why is he run away I think he's scared oh come the dawn dude is this the end of oh is this the end of gold this is why this is why number 4 may frack swipe so if you guys have been playing battle for as wolf you guys may have noticed back mythrax is quite a hard boss a lots of pickup groups really struggled with this boss because of the mechanics feted the mounts one of the most significant mechanics in the MEF racks fight is the shadow orbs where if you step into it you get mind-controlled and he spawns lots of these orbs throughout the fights always affects one player but if another walks into it they also get mind-controlled to be honest mythrax is just a really hard fights and asthma go trying to be disposable of his guilt mates he actually gets really mad when he sees someone but gets mind-controlled and because of this the entire raid gets wiped so yeah let's just roll the clip which blind zips dump did the same goddamn thing wrong again who was it what to do stop sucking stop making mistakes just do it right look at you guys you're conqueror of naxxramas you have a server first title from Wrath of the Lich King you'll be immortal tie over from Rapid which game the chosen title and you can't handle I'm not running into a ball wake them up and play the game we've been here too goddamn long get it right number three one percent go home wipe so the final boss of Volterra is gone and varies quite a lot of coordination right you need to do if you want to take down this boss there are quite a few phases and there's the orb phase however as no gold and his guild gets very close to defeating this boss he actually got so close to defeating the boss that he wiped on 1% now obviously that is just going to be extremely frustrating because he gets so close to defeating em but you're just a little bit off and something that as McCall notices is that some of this raid gets hit by the gaze of Cahoon and the gaze of Cahoon is a spell that goon costs and you have to look away from Cahoon otherwise you get feared and if you don't turn your player away from Cahoon you get feared for 6 seconds and to be honest this is pretty easy to avoid all you have to do is just turn away when you get the notification but it's about to cost the spell and you can avoid getting feared however quite a lot of people in this raid group get hit by this fear and of course as no gold sees that and gets pretty angry about it and to be honest I kind of understand where he's coming from because if those players were paying attention and they didn't get feared there's a good chance they would have taken down that boss and they wouldn't have wiped out 1% because when you're at 1% all it takes is a few seconds of DPS and that guy will be taken down so with that being said let's roll the clip keep it up let's go where's my potion there's no potion what can I use no of course we use it during phase three that guy was a yeah of course we use it during phase three that's the soft and rage there's no enrage oi just sits there and does no mechanics and auto attacks the tanks of course we're not going to use heroism while he's afk do a res let's do it again one percent go again wake the fuck up and get it on the sixth fry not the seven number two spectrum Internet so guys I haven't heard of spectrum internet before but it turns out that asthma cold really doesn't like spectrum internet this is P for some reason wasn't working very well for asthma gold so he got really annoyed about it I think his internet was just lacking and he couldn't really play World of Warcraft as it is intended he was just liking a lot asthma gold got pretty annoyed about that and I can kind of understand where it's coming from because streaming World of Warcraft is actually his job so when you think about how annoying it is when your game starts lagging and your internet starts going bad it's pretty annoying when you're just playing World of Warcraft for fun but just imagine that this is your job to play World of Warcraft and stream it and your internet starts lagging that is just even more annoying however that being said for country but I live in my Internet is just really bad and and pretty much all the time when I'm playing World of Warcraft I'm lagging so you just have to kind of deal with it and don't get too mad but unfortunately asthma gold really flipped out about this in this clip he was really tempted to switch ISP but with that being said let's roll the clip let's do it we need one more person and we're gonna be ready okay sorry about that frame drop guys I don't know why that's happening okay I'm going into red I'm going into red why am I going into red just a second guys we're not gonna this we will not why am I going into red I'm so confused are we good or what what the fuck is going on God death he hate this is P goddamnit mother girl mother spectrum son of a god am i lagging still I'm so sick of this garbage Internet okay alright it should be better right this alright what at what did something it turned off this I'm restarting my computer I'll be back really apologize for that guys really really do and all the this everything should be fine yeah I mean this is I hate this um I'm actually mad why I'm actually mad right now when's Google Fiber its if this happens one more time I'm switching I I don't care like I thought that spectrum would fix there's no I I can't I can't put up with this so I'm really sorry about that happening okay I really am I don't know why it happened I'm that actually really made me mad I reset my router I reset my computer I reset my modem i reset everything number one for head desk guys this is the most insane rage but I've ever seen as Mogul dude this is actually kind of painful to watch so hearing the title of number one you can pretty much imagine what this is going to be he got so mad that he actually slammed his forehead onto his desk and as he can imagine that just will really hurt and especially with how hard he does it he slammed his forehead onto his desk and it actually left a mark on his forehead so yeah that just shows you that it was pretty painful what he did but it's kind of crazy but asthma cold actually got this angry but he did this and you can tell after he slams his head it's just like something that is hard to control when you get that mad you just do something really stupid and then you just for Greta and you can tell immediately for asthma Gould regretted doing this but yeah you should never get so mad that's a game where you actually start destroying your controller or your keyboard or whatever at that stage you should probably just walk away and take a break but anyway guys let's just roll the clip well guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed this video please leave a like down below and subscribe to the channel for more World of Warcraft videos this is volte signing out