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5 MELEE STRAT! – NIP vs Royal Never Give Up – DotaPIT Minor 2019 DOTA 2


I'm super excited five mail a draft versus OD and drow Ranger oh this is gonna be rough in the midlane right the experience is like experience gained is over and at the same time you don't have access to these nearby ancient camps so you don't have that as an optional farm at mid lane we talked about how we thought this was gonna be a difficult name for Setsu but whose bed and socks are actually taken down fly by two in the top lane try to keep pushing in a little bit more I guess they didn't see the sepia do you late too late fly by needs to be careful might get stuck in awkward positions that's it just gonna you know be a little cheeky throw out a slight 33 there's a nice hex followed up with the a toast the finger comes out it's not gonna do enough damage though the song coming out from when they look at this positioning this is beautiful as they just immediately go after that Oracle here trying to person down but not gonna be able to because he has his own falls problem so hammer over on the back line it's like coming in from Center they have the gym on the OD though it's gonna have to run himself out ace is just in the middle of a lot of bad things here and should be able to 33 now make it up comes a Segen they'll throw out a net those be able to throw out the chains and that's that for the ages yeah they lose the ages and the fight there and they lose the draw again a little bit of show a dominance right we talked much about the doom on the top lane OD again gonna try to run himself away 33 getting into position has a sandstorm well Nightstalker he's chasing after this line over on the back line knights fruit coming out here it comes mone though it's ghost deploys those illusions will be able to save up Sasha got that double damage over on set c1 I'm sure he'd love to chase someone with it that's a little high they'll turn back around land I'm taking a lot of damage here there's the song though coming out from monae they'll be able to reset this and go right back in against ETSU still just going right for it they'll throw out that he'll they're gonna try to go after the OT he drops the standardise Lions in for trouble they'd be able to take him down there's a finger though taking down off ooh and now the Benesch Minh they've got a chain stun December just right here 33 being very patient nice gusts coming out they'll find a kill yeah then you're messed up and treaty also surviving throughout that whole engagement breaking the part of fight apart in two different positions oh no that was the wrong move yes I guess he tried to blink in a war stop but the rest the team can't get in there that quickly I mean even if they get in like they just gonna die so let's see lion is gonna break that smoke though do they have the vision the pings they CA they want it oh look at the steering chains have done–for put the four step forwards gonna be able to keep a salive they'll follow up BKB getting picked by fly by us he's just gonna try to chase down this line they get since I'm trying to heal him up beautiful burrowstrike on his back and followed up with the epicenter it doesn't matter 33 oh wait they have the seed he's gonna be just fine though jump right back in again they've got their eyes on the knife stuck ooh let's take them down the BKB not gonna be able to do oh man just chased them down one by one that's smoke I don't think no no guys well there's no sleep no sleep plena he does man forget the doom off butt off ooh he's still alive and kicking war stomp gets used over on the sand King is just trying to chase down ace but he's just able to kite them so easily a triple kill coming out for him it just feels like I think they had it though I think like that rush fight was their snowball opportunity to just control the map and do everything right afterwards but everything they did afterwards was not right that's the problem I smoked though they make their way for it instantly Monay gonna go throw out in that beautiful burrowstrike coming out though no throw out the gush if they'll just keep chasing them down here Monet trying to just get a little bit further wants to grab a spit he's got the four stuff they'll take down Sox and now it's just a sagat's the world but he's doing so much damage can he get the skill oh he's gonna come right back they find that they want to fight him they need to just get this they're all cornered up into the side sets ooh you've got that though but they dropped them he's alive and they take him right Ken and now Night Stalker hanging out with 33 over in the trees there's still Fatih he's just whaling away here I mone but there's so much damage he pops that BKB they just need a little bit more right-click can they get it they'll find a fly by getting himself a double kill as 33 now is gonna kids held into place and they'll chase down the Oracle they should be able to chase down 33 to hit away you know they open a song though nice wraparound coming up from own a fly by getting into positions because it turned right back around again that silence BKB coming out from 33 though looks like they should be able to go in bursts down that Aegis as they chase after the Oracle they'll be no saves for you today and right back up again they're just whaling away over onto this drought she is toast flyby still looking for whatever he can gets gonna be able to slow down socks socks it oh the finger comes out of life second bacon off ooh and the rest of the sight of ninjas in pajamas the only one for them but thinking about it immediately they got bait it's so hard by a fool already you see them beeline over towards this Oracle they BKB is up and running though Lions gonna get chipped down immediately everybody's view cave user just glowing over here 33 is gonna try to get the epicenter up he's not gonna be able to do too much damage by back coming out though from the lion they'll turn around again the OD gets doomed up she is just muted held in place and he's just out of here Sam King also going to be taken up beautiful this lion some stick charges he needs a scuffle which i think is making its way to them smoke from behind if they see the Nagas if they managed to initiate on the lay first and pull them up thanks guys they scan they know that there's something up a solo straight pins up beautiful sleep from monae they pop that smoke they're going right on in Atlanta trying to decide who he wants to go on all the bkb's are popped as they're gonna just try to run themselves away the Oracle only one here that's probably in for trouble turn back around they've got that as I'm fly by and they're just chipping him away he does have like um there's gonna be the buyback coming out from the night stalkers gonna be scouted by that war than three tree should look to engage there we go hex the burn the finger this is one cool thing too it would be decent I'm not sure if they're gonna make their way over there or not you have the boots of travel picked up three of it ninjas travels hot the boots of travels are online first at Sioux Mara kind of jump right on in Oh Fattah he's trying to fight his way out he's hitting over onto off you but it's getting chipped down too fast I should get burned down by the remnant the teepee comes out and it looks like that up you Center coming through ace is gonna get taken down nice save Oh put the finger at the last second comes out and how 33 is gonna get taken down by Setsu Naga buybacks coming out though sadly Oh Lion bait it's dragging the creeps that's ooh who immediately ace Lotus orb has until their tops that BKB needs to get out in a hurry Sox ago scepter comes out they actually go when they try to save him up but it looks like the Oracle is gonna get taken down they don't have buyback the finger will come out this is not looking good for a ninjas although fought so just trying to whale away on them look at this damage coming out from this draw will force them back the song comes out from monae if they can find this kill this is huge yeah and they're gonna be able to go right on past getting its position nice head still a still alive here he is disarmed though they'll go they'll drop the hammer there's gonna be the buyback beautiful bro for the taking so much damage we'll find him behind the kill and Lana Monet tried to run himself out the blink coming out though from 33 as he's chasing down the nagas siren they're trying to keep him alive who's trying everything I'm trying baby but Monet is just just trying to juke into these trees 33s still hot I'm pursue blinks forward finds them over here but doesn't have anything to cancel it how food will can take that oh but there it is Monet they get off they get their gem back she still has the aegis on her there's still cheese on three three there's ages ondraw refresher on the Oh Delia let's make us right there I mean if you are orangey I don't believe you're gonna give up right now you still have weights literally his a royal never give up it's very easy for ya look at that they see their opening immediately set she's coming right back in they go for the song they managed to catch out three over in the corner of the bkb's come out immediately though as they try to run themselves a case on this other end they managed to get that save off from Oracle as they keep chasing they've got bad refresher to they'll be able to take down two now in four sets he tried to run himself away Naga they try to Guster up they're doing so much damage like coming out from a star able to take down Monet immediate by back coming out from this Naga siren let's talk about bata using tool it's very important to have travels right now on every single hero even the supports because it makes you able to buy back and join the fight again and now is going to just get lionized by Saxa and they've got those BK fees up and running here SATs e trying to do some more damage to have the doom over onto the OD they have the save though ac's trying to kite them left and right he's be able to push back that ever ever stand they've got the right deck as they turn back around lon I'm trying to run away not gonna be able to the song comes out though from this Naga siren she just needs to get out and the rapier yes GG they know that's usually right there off wood there's so many times throughout this game he tries to go win he warns up the uphill right and he gives the necessary vision for his team to jump on these right targets way to victory they have these stable lanes they also have the TA versus the lina matchup if you're playing on refraction of the TA but at the same time fact that he just hits you with the start of that follows up with a couple of hits and then you're a refresher doesn't really pasture yeah it's not looking too hot right now is 33 trying to run himself out but they'll be able to get the first blood you can make these aggressive movements even even though they have an X we justify this he'll open up with you following up with a burrowstrike they even use the liberar and that's it the dead terribly yeah better save the saurian think about defending with your one admit they're creeping in slowly but surely you're gonna use that ta as beat although they managed to find the sand king immediately I've got the Laguna blade they'll turn back around they've got the roar-off on the backside epicenter coming out from Lana trying to hide himself away here know who they've managed to find the kill on lanham can they find the columbato don't find it they still trying to get healed up 33 he actually gets under it up just could have taken down as the rest of ninjas just try to run them somes away but you know what you can't run from eclipse and they'll be able to get a double kill for sepsis now they're going on Peter those get spotted out by sight soon follow us and they just wow they just blow him up immediately Laguna blade coming out though they'll be able to get a cleanup kill on a Hunnam they'll turn around this night stockers not looking so great although they turned back again they have that eight toes will be a blend lights Drake ray over here onto the TA as such he tries to run himself out he's got the melt but they'll go they'll pop that Asians looks they're standing nearby Monet's gonna join in on the fight though nice lights tiger I immediately won't be able to hold that T into place but they're gonna lose Fattah they're gonna just keep on running over here yeah they don't have the glimpse for 10 more seconds so everyone else we've got a lot of stuff in their kit that's providing them a lot of information and we're just walking right into the base right now they're feeling that strong if that a toast yeah that's about to run himself away from Monet but he's hungry I get the glimpse back they just need a little bit more damage but they're not gonna be able to find it they go they use that notation a just immediately burst him down there's gonna be the roar getting used trying to just allow flyby to run himself away but that eight toe is gonna hold him into place we'll turn around light striker I gotta get used on him should be able to give him a couple clicks here he's pretty fast though can they find that final hit it's looking like maybe he's gonna be able to get himself away as they just keep chasing and the dragon slave comes in cleans them up with this like land I'm trying to TP himself out is he gonna make it in time no he dies if a little bit of scouting here they do have a ward we'll try to put some pressure on shock so they've got the toss one a chasing after this room would love to get that steel we hit the sandstorm skill coming right back again though as the rest of team they start to collapse I'm Sam King Llane them trying to get outs not going to be able to take the faithful to the face they chose gets used over here on off Fuu as they're trying to run everybody else out there's a BJP on TV he's getting chased down they'll drop that static start hoping that they can gets more damage chuckles that's it he's dishing it out can he find it yeah though find the kill on 33a s he's still there he's gonna be able to go help take down that ta mone trying to just keep himself out but they got the door and they're gonna turn it back around I'm very wealthy problem poor rng is this time around they don't really have any ways of dealing with that Oracle trap will pop he'll follow up with the Roar that they stole earlier follow us with their owner our but we'll be able to go get this save off over on to SATA we're gonna go Laguna to the face of they're gonna be able to take down this lifestealer fast enough nice burrowstrike coming through they get the steel to actually pop down over on Tabata LAN I'm trying to use this Fe Center they'll be able to take down off you in the backline socks is still giving chase and they'll be able to burn down theater they're still chasing after mone he's still alive after all this time 33 he wants this Hill so badly we'll be able to find it and to still stay alive but they'll follow up again the borough strikers I'm gonna get taken down ace now trapped in a static storm he's gonna try to fight his way out but he just absolutely can't stock so now only one alive they do have some traps down he's got his own traps as well as he's trying to run himself away but in comes Fatih he's gonna try to by bit more time that you will scepter coming out they'll be able to clean up though on the Beastmaster as now–had says just speeds himself away keeps him running over all of these traps but he is a speed demon you are not gonna be able to catch Fatih yeah yeah she's trying to get that glimpse back that's gonna be a triple kill that's a dive back off the smoke company we get themselves maybe a pickoff although anywhere near enough damage here decides that's he trying to just fight himself out the roar he's still gonna go though eat that cheese ace is just being held in two plays burrowstrike comes through mone putting out the damage now ace pops is vkb gets the sun drop over on two sets ooh it's gonna try to chase him down but he's separated from the rest of his team is we seal and I'm actually getting taken down glimpse right back in he doesn't have that pkp Monet is just gonna feast upon aces corpse just a little bit needs be carefully doesn't over commit here there's just but the roar comes out as managed land on to heroes it's gonna get used here by the TA it's gonna come right back up again the words gonna get used again as they managed to take down the Oracle they're chasing 33 all the way back actually they get the kill the radiant courier well this is all going down no items on it luckily yeah this is the this is the problem the next has the ages he just runs you down he chases you to the fountain and you can't really do anything about it if you try to stand up fight he's gonna kill you and sucks that has to be careful he has but you know he's out he's out 33 now also gonna get chase down pops a pkp light striker is gonna get used by Fatih try to do some chip damage over here onto the sanke but Monet he just doesn't care it's glimpse right back into that static start pontiff all taken down now ace he's got the beat can't be up and running he's just gonna run right back into that fountain you can't be out here not without the rest of his team that's Lena we'd all to buy back it's hard to tell right now it'd be an opening though Peter there's the R or R getting use will glimpse right back into that static storm there is no Oracle that they need to worry about although they have five back the bkb's getting popped now from 33 they'll be p.m. fest they try to run themselves out there coming out front land and they're gonna be able to kick turn back around ace trying to fight his way out there's so much damage they'll go they'll use bat save over on him gonna keep trying to heal him up Peter still trying but there's too much damage I think that he is just gonna pop here as Peter tries to run himself away he will get taken down snot to getting himself a triple kill that's I don't think they even need the rosh anymore they attempted to go uphill there versus the superior vision of rng game number three for our first today lizard first series instantly we're going into three games rotations coming around mid lane as he is gonna be brushing these towers then they're gonna try to jump on fly by top lane they've got the inks well up and running we'll be able to go rocket and ace gets himself a nice early kill still four of them the Tuesday's very tanky at the moment but let's see the line coming out immediately but they're kind of split up over on this back and fast enough to be able to get the middle there's gonna be the Rolling Thunder coming out from Lanham you're still chasing down the do so she's actually gonna take him down here the fake chased after this vengeful spirit – she will pop and now they've got their attention over to flyby he's not making it out alive subsea was thinking about going back in here 33 just continuously chasing after Lana they don't know the wyvern though this might be a good time to jump in opening up here so that's ooh silence gonna get thrown over on Fox's he's gonna try to get himself out Lana he's gonna be rolling up to the Thunder gets doomed up by 33 although 33 now stuck in the middle of a lot of people he's not gonna make it out so this is gonna be the diet like the positioning coming out I'm gonna be able to get themselves around already you're seeing Setsu make the rotation save you tear you signed up get the double doom off again over here on this Ember he's gonna get taken down and I think this vengeful spirits not Lawson's worth but they do use the stone gates they're putting a decent amount of damage back they'll be able to take out two heroes right and now they're gonna chase after ace ace he's gonna have to use that dagger get himself up to high ground though you think's well so he gets a little extra speed this is the proper play I believe but it's the fire pack they really don't want to give this up you KB just got picked up on the dk2 and 33 walks right into the pit there's to the stone case he gets to center stomp off but he's gonna get turned into stone somebody gets use on the back end though go get a winters curse off as well a little bit of stacking over marinelle Pengo gonna have to go pop that back in the pit 33 he's still alive but not for much longer he gets it now trying to run himself away aids duking around in a circle that's winter blahs gonna be able to get the kill pots and now running himself out he needs to be careful that sleight gonna be able to clean him up and now 33 is he gonna be able to get the scalloped Mondays look at Heredia darn good right now they'll be able to go take him down the hill coming out from winter wyvern sparing him a little bit longer Peter trying to run himself away and this to me is so tanky will eventually fall though sucks it gets himself a triple kill chains off yeah so don't be creepy though does have that shadow amulet we get a nice winters curse on the back here it's just gonna hold them into place not gonna allow the dudes gonna come forward they get the sole bind off – there's the swap coming out from the vengeful spirit but they do mopped in since and now it looks like Medusa I'm gonna have to fight her way out socks was gonna get taken down and she manages to turn the doom into stone 33 will fall the sadducees very tanky Medusa put her up as close to the tower let her hit it and just wait just wait for the tower to tile over wait for them to initiate and then you kill again you've got that vendor standing far back that's you ready to jump in if you didn't look at them they can't see you anything against us they get support they're like alright you can see the four of them behind just setting up perimeter eventually is in the front ready and waiting to swap out anyone facing problems look at her ghosts chipping away the dip board though if he KP comes out from flyby here she's gonna try to chase back this winter wyvern but we've got to fight on the backside as they kick the sole bind up over onto Setsu socks are actually gonna buy back all right now Lana I'm just rolling around mone still chasing after a seer sounds like they ate the cheese they just go right back in they have no fears right now again flyby he's got that AoE signs of ukp coming out from fauna though they'll be the mystic snake being thrown out there's a stone gaze again coming out from his deuces she's doomed up but she doesn't care she's dishing out damage she's got an agent she is one tanky snail as they chase down 33 and they just turned their attention right back those objectives you aren't gonna take it down and you don't have to we don't have them in Survivor all right very responsible of Monet I'm a little disappointed a little bit disappointed but at the same time very disciplined robbed him it's it's most likely the smarter thing to do as well it's definitely one more high if they don't we silence gonna use the BKB coming out from flyby there's to be the haunt my soul vine coming through here DK jumping forward is gonna be able to hold that ping oh and plays Lanham just walking himself right back over to the loving arms of his do says they turned around and they get a kill on 33 and look at all these snow balls flying around there's gonna be the rolling look at Monet he's just shredding through every one fadh2 trying to run himself out but she's not gonna give up they'll find the kill and they might be able to find a little bit more because they go they get the Swap up over here the GG gets called Royal never give up we'll take the first series of today