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come on Italian Italian Italian so yesterday was not a good day all right United lost we got smashed we ended up losing our game last night we had a win it to advance and we lost United lost we lost my pack look was ass and my allergies were terrible all right yeah let's forget about yesterday oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink and Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong Yong why didn't I take today off why basically I'm saying but life is terrible and that you are full-time lo oh wow wow they did drop the flashback it's not repeatable though chat it's not repeatable is it 85 overall to be fair is that expensive 70 chemistry not repeatable just a one-time thing brother interesting well I think I have to go look at my club and see which what I have 200k for a Dubya oh it's 200k yikes I don't think there's anyone that I really really want what would be the best way to get in my situation cuz like knowing that I have these already who would be the best one to get in my I'm trying to think who do I want I don't really know who I would uh who I would want Huntelaar oh my god I get Huntelaar I am gonna rage do not do chat you wanna get banned do you want to get bad don't even fucking say that bad imagine I get Huntelaar oh my god 84 Megan chick Minuten lank ruins club you white Amsterdam yeah can I swap the Tribune Nieman died on stop and can dope a sea warden which gave Raven Nieman died on stop and can wheezing in spring and wish Raven Warren's club you white Amsterdam I'm sorry can we get a translation of that I don't know what the but you just said brother Boop all right we got an oppa sold I'm gonna do all of this for a video but I have to open up some Champions League packs I'll only do two right now and then we'll uh we'll open up the we'll open up the the flash back pack right now actually Jack they give it the three months but I appreciate it Huntelaar stop man 82 fitting on this I'll take that I want to know who is gonna be Italian this is good let's go 85 pity we could throw him right into the the upgrade premium oh shit I'm gonna regret this here we go ready what a good way to start today's video with a flashback spc boom come on Italian Italian Italian yeah let's go I called it let's go holy smokes man did this is the only one that I did not complete and this is the one that I wanted let's go holy shit that was crazy damn bro that was sick so remember I don't know where I was when they dropped this debtor OC but I didn't get to complete it I think I might have been in Mexico I don't remember dude how is this card by the way 86 stamina 93 interceptions good balance this is pack number six 426 for mr. Wilson good luck walk out mr. Wilson 1998 we have a winner Brazil City em poo kasi beer oh that's actually good day Oh mr. Wilson I'll choose whatever pact you say in the chat that wasn't a walkout was it please give me something good all right then after this it's Nicky DJ centre-back Smalling ATT rated no comment 83 80 fo Portugal right mid Porto oh god that's terrible alright says number 4 not a walkout alright who do we have next over here we've got cocky hard I packed a bra in my flash backpack and can you open pack number 26 please let's go get in there Janice – 3 – Kate ah I'll take that though that's 83 isn't it 84 let's go I'll take it Hamzah 87 1 1 hams Spanish right back Oh carvajal is a walk out that's I mean listen it's good because we could throw them into the SBC but still at least be an 83 English left-wing Rossford well cea listen time out ei I appreciate that why do you give me all the United players today huh what do you what are you trying to say why are you giving me all the United but you just gave me an Arthur now you give me rash furred what are you trying to say huh Robbie fated with a 44 months my man legend thank you for the 17 months all right EA listen listen you need to relax all right you need to fucking relax all right you get you're giving me United player after United player after United like chill all right I get it we're out of the Champions League and we're in sixth we're trash I get it hey bud tough game yesterday how expensive was the flashback SBC sorry I missed it I don't work yes 85 rated let's go oh dude we're about to do a lot of these Champions League bags my flash back pack after witnessing some crazy shit in the city Spurs game I can finally open up my flash backpack Oh Kevin de Bruyne it with the croqueta that was dirty here we go first one to guess boom-boom I gotta be ready with my keyword what's the flag don't be Dutch Italian oh my god oh my god I've done two of these and both have been de Rossi on my main account and on this account what wow dude to flashback SBC PAC so far and both have been freakin dead Oh see good lord I've got 10 Champions League premium upgrade packs open up the good ones got to sell prime icon is he good I would rather use keno I'd rather use keynote petit then then got to so alright this is our third and final flashback pack the first the first one was on our main account that was the best because we got that ROC second one we got general see again I'm hoping I don't get general see for the third time that would suck I want to see the Mexican flag anything but Huntelaar would be good even slots on I would take a slots on our third and final flash backpack boom come on show me the Mexico flag come on ready be done that's not bad that's a good one right to dinner Oh sees a Naveed odd I don't remember how expensive II that was sticked to complete but I would say that's pretty good I mean it's better than Huntelaar 350 k pearl I've been really lucky on these today to Darrell sees and 1 V Dodd I think that would be it that's a good one again I mean that's a that's a playable card as well that is definitely a champions or a foot champs card if I do say so myself I think I'm a manic oh wow dude yeah this is definitely a really good card I think I'm a main account I threw him into an SPC cuz obviously I'm a main account I'm not gonna be using an 80 $90 we're going for the big boys on the on the main account but yeah this is a really good car to pull yeah