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23K Gold Plated Pikachu Pokemon Card Opening

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Today we open something a little different being a Burger King Exclusive item. The Limited Edition 23K Gold Plated Burger King Pikachu Pokemon Card (In simple terms A Gold Pokemon Card ) is a rare and pretty unique item I found on ebay and I thought I would show it to you!



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one two three uh oh oh this there's nothing there but a bit of blue tack well we're gonna need a four fellas it has finally arrived fresh from 1999 a package that I didn't even think was still existing but it says right here fragile do not break do not mess with the glass this thing cannot be broken or replaced ever so guys I know it's Monday I know everyone was looking forward to the Transformers massive giveaway and hashtag triple ml/min Monday but guys I actually have some pretty good news for everyone that didn't know about the giveaway it's like what that feel the massive transforming giveaway dude I'm giving away 10 the Transformers TCG boost boxes in Melbourne Monday I think like two weeks ago a link in the description below but I'm extending to giveaway by four days so I'll be doing something pretty crazy I'll be uploading in mel-min Monday this Friday on what is it November 2nd I'm gonna upload the episode on November 2nd so you have extra time to enter the giveaway it's gonna be absent saying I suggest you do I'll leave a link in description below the original mail Monday with all the rules and such mailman Monday is coming out on November 2nd aka a Friday I know it sounds crazy but I yeah I'm gonna extend the give way to give you guys even more chance to win those booster boxes so make sure you go check it out but guys I know it's Monday I know it's technically mail Monday and you guys are always craving a package or opening on the Monday I have something so insane that I cannot believe that I secured it ever since we reacted to our Pokemon cards being banned in America in 1999 we were having a look at the 23-karat gold Burger King promo cards they released now I'm gonna we're gonna watch a commercial gives heaps of context this is the commercial they ran for like two weeks then these items completely sold out like they sort of for two dollars each back then they so down two weeks and never stopped again alrighty buds are in everyone strap yourself in because we're going back in time fellas three two one let's go I just love the fact that the Burger King big kids meat has more of a great tasting food their kids live in the kids Millard edition gold plated Pokemon Trading Card to trade with their friends now when you buy a tasting value meal you can get a twenty three carat gold plated Pokemon Trading Card from come and catch them all holy Smokies okay I live where the winners are with that number one with that little tag I swear that's the same kid I had no bet you guys but then we go further up and oh my oh boys there's legitimately like six of them and they're two dollars each I got I don't think they even realize how sick these are could you imagine if they did this nowadays it would sell out in literally like two hours see yeah that's pretty much the yard then the practice of what this is if you still need more context this is from 1999 Burger King ran a promo with their big kid's meal and you could get this that's pretty much all you need if you need anything else just google it but I'm gonna get this open because I asked around nearly everyone on your all by poke ball contacts my old-school vintage free sailors no one had this in stock and then I found someone in Australia that was selling theirs and dude I could not believe my luck because these things are so hard to come by let alone sealed in the box never touched usually everyone's open oh there it is there it is there it is look at this look at this get the bubble wrap off holy smokes we have don't focus my face focus on this a pikachu gold 23-karat gold pokemon card horrible right here then on the back of got all six of them you're let's go to the unboxing table and unbox this bad boy I cannot believe it I can't believe we even just holding this right now this is insane so fellas this is it right here this is the limited edition 23 gold plated trading card that they released with the big kids meal I can't get over that there's actually a big kid's meal but I thought if we're gonna get one either has to be the Charizard which is that one right there or the Pikachu they're the two worst ones I've already got the Mewtwo back there and believe not meters actually one of the more common ones like he doesn't sell for as much on eBay Pikachu and I think Pikachu is impossible to find so I was like if I can get that I really want that I'm sure that you can find that he goes for like a hundred fifty bucks so I can't believe I got this either I can't believe I even found in the box the original box I don't know why but when I first unbox it on the channel I throw away everything else like I am box one back I don't know maybe for four and a half years ago but I threw all the packaging and stuff out this one right here is still sued with everything and I'm gonna keep it with everything but put the portable on display so let's get whole lease I cannot believe this right now so that's the oh you get a well look at this if they can't wood inside so it doesn't like your I don't know what does it crumpled up in the post I love that this was only two dollars that makes no sense to me the food itself nowadays would be more than two dollars let alone getting this sword guys in 2018 we are about to open up a 1999 23-karat gold plated Burger King oh I don't believe in it scissors do I just like we just rip it out like that oh okay get around it you imagining doing this is like the original Burger King joy very fun fact where I live in Adelaide Australia Burger King doesn't even exist Burger King doesn't even exist in Australia period it's called Hungry Jack's here alright get this out put this packaging to the side and look at the shine that is never ever ever been touched by anyone but the factory before like that fingerprint that fingerprint is legitimately from 1999 oh it smells like 1999 air and now it's got my old lips all over I'm insane I know I'm sorry I really freaked out over vintage stuff you guys too look at this I love that it stands up by itself – alright alright so there it is the mirror ball you can see my reflection a yarn um this looks crazy I think we're just gonna do it though I think I'm just gonna pop it open and reveal the golden Pokemon card you ready here we go three two Oh boys it's better in person look at this I can't even capture this all dude let me get this oh my gosh it's got everything let me put put oh god don't die don't die let me put this to the side that is the 23-karat gold I'm gonna get that out of its our packaging in just a second so that pops open but we also get let me get this up close the certificate of authenticity PR Pokemon special edition 23 karat gold-plated trading card number 25 Pikachu officially licensed by Nintendo and then it's got the Chairman's signature keep this but this is what makes it so expensive on the resale swing around this point one special edition 23-karat gold trading card has been produced to the highest standards of Nintendo America fingerprints and exposure to weather will cause this superb finish to tarnish bump bumper 1999 America I love that all this is like shiny gold as well your Isle we've got we've done it boys this could be the best unboxing I've done in recent history us I swear this is insane so this is the twenty three carat gold um Pikachu card you guys can see the full out sort of text right there of the logo swing around Mouse Pokemon when several of these pokemon gather their electricity could build and cause lightning storms evolution it's got Pikachu – right you PT – doesn't even exist back then let's get this out oh gosh it's pretty not smart whatever I don't care it's already bit of like a weird sticky tape mark there yo holy mother duck it looks even better this shine is unreal this is 23-karat gold I'm touching right now this is this is like one of the only full golden Pokemon cards holy I feel like we should get the other ones in compare I want to get them you too Mewtwo Jie let me do that I'm gonna get the other three off the shelf this is insert I can't believe this you literally just witnessed an unboxing of that I can't believe I just did that either it's actually pretty sad cuz these are pretty dusty are gonna say but at least the pokemon gold card inside isn't dusty I mean she haven't opened these in a while so maybe someone robbed me taken all the gold cards we'll find out right now so this is the first one I grabbed let's focus this one up I wonder what's inside of these I know one of them's mutual that's about it Oh Jigglypuff but he's broken yeah that's the thing that's the thing um these things pop out actually so the props they stand in they can sort of pop out and I don't know why maybe you just want to stare it without the props but this one right here and also the top of that pocket ball was heavier than when it stands so when so like when you have the point all standing up like this or it can fall over quite easily because for some reason it's a lot heavier up here than down there it's pretty weird but close that one so it doesn't fall over but here we got this certificate of authenticity it's the Jigglypuff look at that number 39 and then right here the bad boy himself a lot of these have been sent to being a mailman Monday but here we go that's the Jigglypuff one look at that that is some serious gold isn't it like just protruding out of the card insane all right what's this one say balloon Pokemon when it's huge I slide up it sings mysteriously soothing melody that lulls the enemies to sleep you can remember this is a Burger King like throw in it's one of those like what is nowadays a cheap plastic toy this is what that was all right put your clip off to the side what's the next one it's open this bad boy all this one's like a bit bus service to the side oh it's me too fantastic this one yeah all of the props have been fallen over we got the stiff again so we've got the Mewtwo number 150 this is the last Pokemon in their decks or 151 if you include him you look at yes this is the one I think a lot of people want to look at oh I have such a cool color I want to get the monel I look i legit want to collect them all I wonder what's left after this whoever look at the finder one tho yo the back looks even better doesn't it put that one back in its protective casing right there put that one to the side and then the final one what do you reckon is gonna be less buster open it is none of I think this is the original one I originally opened when I did my first unboxing in the channel and I wanted it's in mint condition so um didn't have to go through any postage this has just been sitting in my bedroom for like four and a half years holy well so we got the official licensing and everything Poliwhirl number 61 yeah Oh looks so good then the Poliwhirl himself I've kept such good condition to this oh look at this it's even still tightly like sealed off oh I love the artwork in the back so you can see the splash mark all around in Pokemon logo turn around the splash I love this so much the tadpole Pokemon so like in an ideal world I guess I think they want you to trade so it end up something like I can't even bleep it it would just touch these I guess kids do back in the day so like give me the playground hey you want my he said so cool do I Poli whoa yeah sure trade it for a Jigglypuff all right and then you trade oh my look at this I can't want to get them all out don't you be yeah fellas dude that epic like this scene right here is how I'm gonna end the video with four 23-karat gold pokemon cards leave the con the con section ploy guys what do you think in this video are you freaking out as much as me inside oh my gosh I cannot honestly believe that I thought this is the best thing in the whole entire world so yeah leave it on the go section for you guys what do you think but moist will have an absolutely fantastic day smash the thumbs up button because this video is so sick and stay tuned to bellman Monday on Friday we're announce all the transformers when it is as well make sure you enter that competition but I'd yeah Mosu have fantastic day and keep on gaming I'll see you then guys uncover the camera up with a Shh about mom holding to my valuable stuff so – ching